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Benefits of Piping Design course for Engineers In simple language, piping is a network for the flow of fluids from one location to another. Specialization in piping can be of 2 types- designing and engineering. A piping engineer specializes in applied physics and chemistry whereas a piping designer specializes in fabrication, construction, operation and maintenance of the piping network. Getting a specialization in piping design is always a plus one for mechanical, petroleum and chemical engineers. The pre-requisites for understanding the subject are1.









Descriptive Geometry


General CAD

Engineers learn all of this during their mechanical, petroleum and chemical engineering courses. Therefore, in short, these become the pre- requisites for the same. Although there are various colleges that offer these courses, but if after your engineering, you want to get specialized in piping designing while continuing your job then an online course is a suitable and may be the best option. The advantages of an online course are that it requires lesser time, as you do not have to go to classes for attending the course; you can sit anywhere and learn, be it home, office, cafĂŠ or any other place you are comfortable at. We at have brought you a full-fledged course and certification, where you can not only learn but as well as get certified too. A comprehensive course provides systematic development of skills and knowledge

of Piping Design Engineer in line with international standards. This course covers the design of process piping systems including process engineering, pipe stress analysis, detailed engineering etc. It also provides two ( 2 ) design projects per ASME B 31.3 and B31.1. It is more concentrated on manual design calculation of piping sizing, pressure integrity , pipe stress analysis , pipe support ,pump calculation and as well as software CAESAR – II including piping isometric ,process flow diagram (PFD) ,piping & instrumentation diagram (P&ID), equipment layout ,piping arrangement , selection of material etc. and Submission of Process Piping Design Course Project Report as per ASME B31. As discussed above, the certification is included in the course, therefore the criteria for the same are1.

Theory Examination


Oral examination


Submission of design project for process piping.

70% is the minimum passing criteria for all the three. Once you are done with the examination, you then become a certified piping design professional with your certification valid in more than 18 countries all over the world.

Benefits of piping design course for engineers  

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