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STEP #1 Highlight : Ingredients:  One ripe banana  3 tablespoons granulated sugar  Âź teaspoon pure vanilla. How to:  mash ingredients together with a fork into a chunky goop. Don't over-mash or it will become too thin. If you want a banana scrub for your face, reserve some of the banana and mash it separately without sugar. Leave for 15 minutes and wash with cold water. Result: This Homemade remedy help to shine body.

STEP #2 Highlight : Ingredients:  1/2 cup coconut oil  1/2 cup brown sugar  1/2 teaspoon vanilla How to:  Coconut oil is subtly fragrant and slightly miraculous. Mix ingredients together. Rub on skin while in the shower, massage, and rinse. Result:  This remedy a moisturizer, and can practically double as dessert.

STEP #3 Highlight : Ingredients:  Sugar Jojoba or olive oil . How to: Blend a bit jojoba or olive oil with caster sugar also known as superfine sugar; you can also make your own by putting regular granulated sugar in the food processor for a minute.  And a touch of peppermint or vanilla extract. Place some of the paste on your lips, massage and lick off. Result:  Finally this remedy help to face growth.

STEP #5 Highlight : Ingredients:  Tomato  Sugar How to:  Where everyone must have sparkling hands and smooth skin.  Another one from Glue & Glitter.  This one is amazing It employs a slice of tomato as a buffer, along with all the nutrients as well.

Result:  Use for this remedy best result for your body.

STEP #5 Highlight : Ingredients:  1/2 cup sea salt  1/2 cup oil of your choice- jojoba, almond, olive.  1 teaspoon citrus zest - lemon, lime, orange, grapefruit or a mix. How to:  Mix ingredients together. Rub on skin while in the shower (avoiding eyes) and rinse off.  This will wake you up, great for the morning shower Result:  This remedy will helps to your natural skin.

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