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Home Remedy :1#  Vitamin A. If your nails are brittle or dry ,it may be due to a deficiency of vitamin A.  Dairy products such as milk and cheese are good sources of vitamin, as are spinach, sweet potatoes and carrots.

Home Remedy :2#  Vitamin B12  Vitamin b-12 is another element of healthy nail growth.  If you are deficient in vitamin B-12 it can lead to anaemia, which is a serious condition where individuals do not have enough red blood cells to circulate oxygen and essential nutrients throughout the body to important organs.

Home Remedy :3#  Folic Acid Folic acid is yet anther piece of the puzzle. If you have a deficiency of folic acid your nail will be thinner and more brittle.  Leafy green vegetables, sunflower seeds and peas are all good sources of folic acid.

Home Remedy :1#  Calcium.  You may know calcium inessential for healthy bones. It is also essential if you wish to have strong nails .Dairy products such as milk and cheese are good sources of calcium.  If you do not consume dairy products, you can drink almond milk or take a calcium supplement.

Home Remedy :4#  Zinc.  If you are seeing a large number of white spots on your finger nails, it may be because you have a zinc deficiency.  A Zinc deficiency can also cause your nails to grow more slowly ,and can make them thinner and more brittle.  Foods such as eggs pumpkin, fish and other types of meat contain zinc, as do fortified whole grain products.

Home Remedy :5#  Protein.  Nails are literally made of protein as they are made of keratin (a protein).That is why protein is necessary for healthy nails.  Meats and dairy products are great sources of protein. If you do not eat meat or dairy products, you can get protein from legumes, nuts and soy products.

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