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Popcorn was manufactured for thousands of years by the ancient Indians of America, who found a kind of maize capable of swelling when heated. This property explains the special structure of the grain in which the droplet is starch containing water. When heated, the water boils, the steam blows the shell opens and grain, increasing in volume. [Source -] Nutritional starchy corn tissue, called the endosperm has a hard shell on the outside, inside - soft content. It is bound water. When the grain is heated to about 200 ° C, the water changes its aggregate state from liquid to gaseous state. Steam appears at this stage. In the form of steam, water occupies a much larger volume: under normal conditions of milliliters of fluid is roughly 1.6 liters of steam. Usually already boils water at 100 ° C, but under pressure, it remains in a liquid state, despite increasing temperature. At about 200 ° C dense shell grains can no longer withstand the pressure of water. It bursts, and starch softened under the action of heat and pressure, expands rapidly in the developing foam structure is then cooled and solidifies.

Unsolved corn kernels for popcorn can be purchased in grocery stores. Popcorn are not suitable conventional grain because they are either too dry or too soft, so the water boils up can not create the desired pressure. When damaged, water can also go through the holes. Popcorn sprinkled with sugar, caramelizing or salted. In the United States and South America, as a rule, use salted popcorn, which added more often, flavor (for example, use butter flavor), in addition, distributed and caramelized popcorn. Normal for German popcorn, on the contrary, is almost unknown in the United States, but in recent years has spread sweet-salty version «Kettle corn». For many people, popcorn is a prerequisite for a liking campaign in the movie theaters. [Source not specified 168 days] Almost every theater has a stand selling popcorn. Meanwhile, retail food trade offers ready popcorn in different versions of packages. There are bags in the form of tubes, which are also often sold at fairs, small and large plastic bucket with a tight-fitting lid, which can then be consumed for other purposes. For young children there are plastic toys, parts of which are filled with popcorn, popcorn, this is usually tinted with food coloring and more finely ground. Popcorn was first found in the American continent. [1] When was first cooked popcorn - is not known, but most definitely the natives west coast of America were eating and used as decorations, when Christopher Columbus arrived to them in 1492. In addition, it is known that

there had popcorn religious significance. In form of maize was determined to reveal the future (similar to guessing on the molten lead from the Romans). When excavations were also found exploded corn kernels 4000 years of age, of which concluded that popcorn in ancient times was part of the diet of Indians. For the manufacture of popcorn is only a special kind of corn - namely exploding. Of conventional maize, used mainly for the production of starch or for animal feeding, it is very difficult if not impossible to make popcorn. Do exploding corn there although very thin, but it is much harder and a little glassy shell than in conventional maize. After cooking popcorn on the final product often remain adherent of this shell. Do exploding corn very high yield. Handful gives her a big bowl of popcorn.

Popcorn, swollen without fat, partially used instead of foam balls as filler for packets forwarded to prevent the goods from damage during transport. After delivery, this popcorn can be used as fodder for livestock, birds, or go to the compost.

How can you use popcorn machines for batches at home  
How can you use popcorn machines for batches at home  

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