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Greek yogurt is made easily at home with a strainer. There are also yogurt makers like Dash which have inbuilt strainers or Euro Cuisine GY50. You can see more at .

The yogurt maker consists of a plastic tube in which a jar is immersed. Here you put the basis for yogurt and the only thing you need to add to it is water. In the outer tube, pour hot water and this leaves you one night stand, so the yogurt can do its job and the next day you have one liter of fresh yogurt. This should of course you just chilling in the fridge because of lukewarm yogurt is one happy. The base consists of milk and a good source of lactic acid bacteria and is available in various flavors. My preference is for the natural greek yogurt. In Strawberry, mango and coconut sugar is incorporated and I always eat my yogurt without sugar. The yogurt is nice and thick and very creamy taste. Although I was a bit skeptical, I am very surprised about the taste. It tastes fresh, even after a few days in the refrigerator. There are no preservatives added, so the yogurt is pure nature. Serve with a scoop granola and fruit and a good base for recipes. I made a raita as well. Raita is a spicy yogurt which is often eaten with spicy curries. It tastes fresh. Ingredients for the raita 4 tbsp of Greek Yogurt 1 tsp cumin Half a cucumber grated and drained

Pinch of salt 2 tbsp pomegranate seeds Preparation For the raita, mix all ingredients together. Serve with curry and flat bread. I recently bought a yogurt maker. It's one of seven small jars. I have 1 tbsp yogurt made in each jar and then filled with milk. But my yogurt is limp. I do not know what I did wrong? The yogurt maker was supposed to worry about 10am. I have to leave in it because it was so limp longer. After more than 18h it was still limp. I have a few pots stirred because I thought maybe something would eels, but I notice no difference.

How to prepare greek yogurt in a maker  

Greek yogurt with the help of a maker from Dash or Euro Cuisine or Cuisinart is easy and fast. Check about them in this article from http://...

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