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Portfolio 2018 S A N J A N A


About Me


I’m Sanjana Kalra, a 3rd year Industrial Design student at ISD Rubika, India.

My drive : My progress over the years and my love and passion towards

my work, which keeps me enthused to the task at hand.

I describe myself as a foodie, sedulous worker, a classy and minimal designer. an ambivert and a person with a curious mind.



Antiquity Corkscrew

Living Room-Visualization

Unnati - Digital McKinsey (UX)

An Insider`s Out (UI)

Bentley GT Speed Rim

Phantoms Dark Soul Watch



Antiquity Wine Corkscrew Fusion 360


1 week


Research Understanding existing products, mechanisms used, positives and negatives of each product

Mechanism used


Form Exploration


Final Design

User Scenario

Twist to cut coil

Slide down to hold the bottle

Pull lever up to insert coil in cork Push lever down to pull out the cork


Tech Pack & Materials Stainless steel Silicone

Bronze Stainless steel Stainless steel Stainless steel

Tech pack

Stainless steel Stainless steel (type 304) Silicone

Clear acrylic

Stainless steel

|8 All dimensions are in mm


| 10

Living Room Visualization Downloaded Model


1 week

| 11

Render Passes

AO pass + Depth pass

| 12

| 13

Bentley GT Speed Rim Alias


1 week

| 14

Sharp Model

Building base surface curves

Intersect Model

Revolving at 72 degrees

Building basic curve network

Adding fillets

| 15

Clay Model

| 16

Final Render

| 17

“Some people flaunt their wealth, others flaunt their taste.�

| 18

Phantoms Dark Soul Watch Alias


1 week

| 19

Sharp Model + Clay Renders I started with modeling the base shape, then progressed onwards onto modeling the details. After which I took clay renders to effectively understand the lighting

| 20

| 21

Dark Soul

Create your own legacy

| 22

Unnati - Digital McKinsey (UX) Team Project

1 month

| 23

Unnati - Digital McKinsey (UX) Brief : Use digital money to empower the unbanked

Our solution: Unnati A digital money platform which provides financial access to all by building on the trust that communities have within them.

Our product: Cards: A Grahak Card (A card for the customer) and A Vyapar Card (A card for the businesses) App: For businesses and the microfinance institutes Brocheure: An Advertisement for the locals, where They can see the Cards they will be given, There are instructions and rules regarding the Card A map with the focal points, as to where the customer can use the Card, Where they can collect and deposit money.

| 24

The Process - Analysis + Concept

grahak ग्राहक

Pay using the card

The shopkeepers

y, p


Ethnographic research


Pune, India

th e



pu rd




e th

















19% i.e. 1.348 billion of the total population in India is unbanked. Analysis


Path Peedhi person (Microfinance)

User pain points and insights

Cleaning lady, 45

Farmer, 57

Shopkeeper, 41

Path Peedhi, 37 Microfinance

“I end up spending everything I earn, because I can’t keep track of my expenses”

“Every time the harvest is bad I end up taking a loan to pay my employees”

“Whenever a customer isn’t carrying enough money, we open a tab for them, which is tough to maintain.“

“They (the unbanked) are willing to work with me rather than the banks because they trust me and I can relate to them better”


The safe /a box: where money is currently stored



The card: a safer mode of saving money

The organization has a locally well known head, who has a select few employees working under him.

Our concept revolves around the Path Peedhi (local term). In broader layman terms we shall refer to them as Microfinance organizations.

His employees go door to door collecting savings to form a communal pool for giving out loans.

We have used his expertise and resources to facilitate Unnati. | 25

Local shops

The Process - Scenario

Maya had trouble saving and managing her money initially

After which she was acquainted to Unnati Vegetable carts

Focal point set up every 5 km in the community where the card can be recharged. Each one of them are assigned their specific area to travel at the end of the working day or incase of any financial emergency.

Front End

She was also able to check her balance whenever required.

She found her life getting simpler, so she decided to continue depositing her money at the focal point each time she received her salary. With this Unnati had acquired a loyal patron.

Back End

After the day ends the micro finance employee takes all the cash collected and visits the shops under his purview. Where she started using her card for all her expenses

He scans the business card of the He then deducts the balance from the shopkeeper to check balance and know card and pays the shopkeeper in cash. how much to pay the shopkeeper at the Then he continues onto the next shop end of the working day.

And after a few months of updating her transaction book, she noticed a slight increase in her monthly savings.

| 26

Conclusion Value proposition for all stakeholders



Asset control

Ease of transaction

Increase in cash flow


Increase in customers

Provide more loans


Ease of transaction

Scope for a new value from digital money, in a new sector: the unbanked in India

Over the years, Unnati spreads across India, both with the unbanked and banked (to bridge the gap between them). As the trust with the system increases, so does their financial inclusion.

| 27

An Insider`s Out (UI) Indesign

2 weeks

| 28

Landing Page

| 29

Page Layouts

| 30


| 31

Final Layouts


Marker Render

| 33


| 34

Menu Card

| 35

Daily UI Challenge Calculator

| 36

Daily UI Challenge Website Page Layout

| 37

Vray Render The Pentrio A knockdown storage unit for men

| 38

Vray Render

| 39


| 40

Looking forward to working with you for 6 months to help me help you bring diversity in designs.

Sanjana Kalra

Industrial Designer



Design Skills Adobe Photoshop Adobe Illustrator Adobe Indesign Adobe Premiere Pro Autodesk Maya Autodesk Alias Autodesk Fusion 360 Solidworks Vray Keyshot Sketching Marker Rendering Workshop- Wood work, foam UI/UX Research Ideation Conceptualisation


Managerial Skills


Communication Time Management Problem Solving Leadership Decision Making

ISD Rubika, India (Digital Design) - 2014-current Amity University (BBA), distance learning - 2013-2017 Nowrosjee Wadia College (High School), Pune - 2011-2013 St.Mary’s Scool (Secondary School), Pune

Languages Experience, Masterclass and Achievements Jaquar, Bathroom Fittings - 1 month RnD department

Mahindra Pininfarina - Long Project Valerie Ralliere - Art History Masterclass Ranjit Dhaiya - Street Art Masterclass Dr. Ramesh Pudale - Fusion 360 Masterclass Kishore Tikale - GM Alias Masterclass Design Now Jam, Milan - 2nd Runner Up

English - Fluent Hindi - Fluent Punjabi - Mother tongue German - Basic Marathi - Basic

Hobbies & Interests Photography Oil painting Baking Traveling Trying new cuisines | 41

Looking forward to connect with you soon!

(+91) 9823720960

Portfolio 2018  

A compilation of my design journey so far.

Portfolio 2018  

A compilation of my design journey so far.