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No matter who you are or what you need — education, sporting and worship events; meetings, seminars and presentations; gigs at parties, small clubs or coffee houses — Fender’s new Passport™ systems bring you the best in sound, style, convenience and cost.

PRO sound

Compact system

Quick and easy setup

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Passport 500 PRO

The eight-channel Passport 500 PRO is the new flagship Passport system. The 500 model has always had the most power and the best clarity; now it also has a port that lets you record your performance in CD-quality wav format straight to a USB flash drive (wav and mp3 file playback), sub-out jack for an external powered sub woofer, lighter weight (a full nine pounds lighter than the earlier PD-500 model), smaller physical dimensions and a redesigned speaker system that features a 10” woofer and a compression driver for improved volume and clarity.

•USB flash drive connectivity for record/playback of audio files and performance. •Output for an external powered sub-woofer. •Reduced dimensions and weight. •Redesigned speaker system with 10” woofer and improved clarity. •New studio-quality digital reverb.

300 PRO

•Output for an external powered sub-woofer. •Reduced dimensions and weight. •Redesigned speaker system with 8” woofer and improved clarity. •New studio-quality digital reverb.

150 PRO

•Reduced weight. •Two stereo channels, up from one on the earlier Passport 150 system. •Improved speaker voicing. •New studio-quality digital reverb.

Passport Executive Amazing sound. Amazing convenience. Any time and any place you need clear, convenient and easily portable sound, the Passport Executive system is right for you. Crystal-clear sound. Compact. Convenient. The new Passport Executive is the ultimate portable sound system for the mobile presenter on the go; ideal for meetings, seminars, tours, presentations and so many other uses—any situation where you need to raise your voice without raising the roof. About the size of a small briefcase, it’s easy to use, easy to move and easy to set up, all of which make it easy to like as the perfect solution to all of your smallgroup audio support needs. The Passport Executive makes your voice heard with 100 watts of clear stereo sound through state-of-the-art NXT flatpanel speaker technology, all in a slim, lightweight design that slips easily into its included laptop-style form-fitted travel bag.

• 16-channel UHF wireless belt pack/headset system. • Mic input (balanced XLR and 1/4”) for connecting an optional wired mic. • Line in (stereo 3.5mm) for easy connection to an mp3 player or similar device. • Line out (stereo 3.5mm) for easy connection to a recording device. • Bass boost. • Slim design: 15.5” x 11.8” x 4.5”. • Lightweight design: 7.6 pounds. • Travel bag. Š 2009 FMIC. All rights reserved.

Fender passport  

Passport je mini razglas namjenjen za prezentacije, animatore, govore, razne edukacije, sastanke, seminare, manje svirke. Malih je dimenzi...

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