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February 20, 2012

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An in-depth look at human trafficking Check out our staff blog at

Sex slavery on the rise across the world By COURTNEY MOUTON San Jacinto Times

One day fades into another as we all seem to fall into our own habitual routines. The people we meet, the jobs we do, the places we go all intertwine into this messy thing we call life. But the thought crosses your mind, are we missing something? Human trafficking is defined as obtaining a person by means of force, fraud or coercion for the purpose of a commercial sex act or labor services. Sadly, the United States has the largest sex tourism industry in the world. Houston with its many economical ports and close by borders has become the Human Trafficking Capital for the United States. I-10, a highway that most Houstonians travel on frequently is said to be a major corridor by which human trafficking victims reach their destinations across our city. Not only is Human Trafficking the second largest criminal industry in the world, it’s the fastest growing. 17,500 foreign nationals are trafficked into the United States each year. Experts estimate that 200,000 children in just the United States are at high risk to be exploited to human trafficking each year. Hitting home for many fathers, Statistics from the Texas Sex Trafficking Obliteration Project show that 80 percent of individuals subject to get forced into trafficking are women and young girls between the ages of 11 and 13. “Few activities are as brutal and damaging to people as prostitution. Field research in nine countries concluded that 60 to 75 percent of women in prostitution were raped, 70 to 90 percent were physically assaulted and 68 percent met the criteria for posttraumatic stress disorder in the same range as treatment-seeking veterans and victims of state-organized torture,” Stated the U.S. Department of the state, Trafficking in persons report. A whopping Twenty-five percent of all Human Trafficking happens in Texas alone. Many are promised a good job in another country, kidnapped by traffickers, sold into the industry by parents, boyfriends and even husbands completely unaware of what they’re about to be subject to; a complete loss of all personal and physical freedoms.Victims not only face daily abuse but many physical and SEE TRAFFICKING on Page 6

MTV Made an appearance at San Jac Central in talent search MCT Campus

By VANESSA PINA San Jacinto Times

Vanessa Pina/San Jacinto Times

Students lined up for MTV at Central campus, hoping to make it.

On Feb. 8 students sat anxiously outside of room 210 in the Student Center at the Central Campus for a once in a life time opportunity to impress producers of MTV’s show Made to grant the wish of making their dream come true. Students gathered a little before noon in order to be one of the first to audition. Only 60 numbers were given out but that didn’t stop many from waiting for hours, hoping to get their turn that would give them the chance to get closer to their dream. Made is one of MTV’s hit shows, where a teen is chosen to fulfill a goal/dream. This takes place with-

An all campus look at events By JANETH CERVANTES San Jacinto Times

We’ve all seen a small table or a whole festival with food and fun activities while walking around campus. These activities are helpful and ease the stress of the day. They are sometimes announced either on the school’s website or posters around campus. For those who don’t check the website often or notice these posters, here are a few events that will take that stress away and make a long day a little more tolerable. Each San Jacinto campus has different events happening this upcoming month. North Campus is very busy this month with many programs which will increase the knowledge of staff and students. On Thursday evenings and Friday mornings, Professor Steve Lorenz will be hosting a series of Bird Watching activities. On Thursdays from 5-6 p.m. Professor Lorenz will meet students by the Student Center N 12.125 and Fridays from 8-10 am


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in front of the fountain at the student center. Also, The Fourth Annual African American Read-in will be taking place in The Monument Room. The event will take place on Wednesday Feb. 22nd from 11:00am-Noon and free Soul Food will be served to those who attend. For more information contact Sandra Curry. That same week, The Symposium on Gerontology-Geriatrics Awareness and Education will be held in the Fine Arts Center of the North Campus. From 8am-3:30pm presentations from several San Jacinto College professors and keynote speaker Robert Rouse, director of the Texas Consortium Geriatric Education Center at the Huffington Center on Aging, will take place. The conference is for professionals and students who would like to gain knowledge on how to deal with aging family members. San Jacinto’s Central campus is home to many Student Life clubs and also has some fun upcoming SEE EVENTS on Page 6

in a course of several weeks by the help of their “made coach”, usually someone who is experienced in the field that they are interested. Every student waited with the same potential and passion to announce the unique goal that they have been keeping in the back of their mind.. “Ever since I was a little girl I wanted to do this; it’s something that has always been there but I’ve been too shy”, said Kaitlyn Hughes who wants to be made into a country singer. Geovanny Martinez whose major is criminal justice said, “I want to be made into an actor, I’ve taken acting classes and I would like to meet Dwayne Johnson.” Also choosing the acting field, Bailee Gonzalez whose major is to be a pastry chef said “I want to be an actress like Megan Fox.”

“I want to be made into an MMA fighter” said David Robertson who has been practicing martial arts since he was six years old. For Candy Trejo who’s is studying psychology she wants to be made into a public speaker for domestic violence awareness; she decided this after her sister was murdered last September. MTV’s Made arrived at San Jacinto in search to change a student’s life by helping them accomplish a long time dream, other than their goals and education. In the audition students were required to introduce themselves to a webcam followed by an interview with producers explaining what they hoped to be made into, how it is important to them and why. Once a student is chosen MTV will contact them with the news.

Edith Manzanares/San Jacinto Times

North greets welcome center North Campus has a new welcome center.


San Jacitno Times

San Jacinto College North has come a long way, since September 1961. With only 870 students at the Central campus, it rapidly grew into three campuses and five extension centers. It has served the citizens of East Harris County, Texas, for more than 50 years. Surrounded now by a caring community and students who thirst for knowledge, San Jacinto College North has opened its doors to many. Enrollment at the North campus has increased each year, bringing forth positive changes to the campus. With the increase of students each year, the North campus continues to welcome former, new, and current students each day. Students have walked through the campus many

times, looking for Enrollment Services, Financial Aid, and Testing Center in one building, then looking for the Counseling Center and Business Office in another building. Sometimes it was a small problem walking back and forth between the buildings, especially during the start and end of a semester, trying to speak to a counselor for career guidance, and then walking to the next building to speak with Enrollment advisors for registration or schedule changes. On rainy days, students would wait downstairs at the student center for the rain to slow down, to walk over to the Administration building for Enrollment Services, testing, or financial aid. Not only has the student body grown in size, but the North campus has grown facility wise as well. It is with great pride and excitement to announce that San Jacinto College North has added a new buildSEE NORTH on Page 6


February 20, 2012 San Jacinto Times • Page 2

Fantasy football reaches D&D status for jocks By NICHOLAS PAGE San Jacinto Times

In the wake of Super Bowl XLVI many of us are left with fat guts, headaches, and if you’re a Patriots fan, crushing disappointment; however, the Super Bowl signifies more than the closing of yet another season of America’s most popular sport. It kicks off the hiatus of a widely popular and even more beloved virtual competition that is taking the country by storm. The modern football fan goes beyond watching weekly games, commentary wrap-up and reading magazines. In addition to these extra curricular activities there is a universe for one to immerse themselves in. It is a universe where the fan can finally capitalize on the years of coach bashing and self-laudation. That universe is Fantasy Football. Fantasy Football is a virtual, interactive competition where the fan is given control of a customized team made up of actual players whose statistics determine scoring regardless of NFL team affiliation. The original concept for this multi-player game was developed by Oakland Raiders Limited Partner, Wilfred Winkenbach, former Raiders PR Manager, Bill Tunnel, and a former reporter named Scotty Stirling. Eight people participated in the first team draft, which was held in Winkenbach's home in 1963. This hobby boasts an unsurprisingly large following considering how popular gaming has become in modern culture. In the past, a gamer was perceived to be the person you shove in their locker

between classes. Today, the cute girl next door knows more about gaming than you do. The Composition professor that bores you to tears three days a week has a gamer score that triples yours. Although most may not consider it so, participating in Fantasy Football is indeed gaming and can be classified as a Massively Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game or MMORPG. An MMORPG is defined as a genre of role-playing games in which large numbers of players interact with one another in a virtual game world. Fantasy Football certainly fits into that category. Those of us who are either casual spectators or do not watch football may not understand the complexities of the game. Like the players of today's most popular MMORPGs, Fantasy Football participants spend hours online researching and managing their team or teams. A considerable amount of knowledge for each player in your roster, as well as your opponent’s players is required to successfully compete. Each competitor must meticulously structure their team and hope that their players perform favorably in reality. Although official statistics are reliable, chance is still a variable and weighs in on the excitement factor. As if that were not enough, many leagues put money at stake, which results in greater competition and excitement. One competitor, who has been participating in Fantasy Football for seven years, was quoted saying, “I don’t always win but the competition is what keeps me coming back.” This competitor also engages in multiple leagues with each team containing a different lineup of players. Fantasy Football is predominantly a male arena but the amount of female participants is growing. According to the,

Renters beware: Do your homework By CATY CHRISTY San Jacinto Times

My fiancé and I leased a new apartment back in August 2011. We were so excited to move into a place without bothersome management and acceptable maintenance. We thought this new place was just what we needed. It seemed to be a really nice place. The tenants we spoke to loved it. What, with only one level, new units, a large front yard, and pristine conditions, it was supposed to be amazing, right? Boy, were we so wrong. We should have noticed something was up from the beginning, but we were just tired of looking. This place seemed to be everything we wanted. So we applied for the apartment. My application was perfect. Not a dark spot to be seen. However, I had no paycheck stubs. I’m not a hugely responsible person so I never saved them. But that was okay because the landperson had a solution. We were told they had a form I could get my boss to fill out with my payment and employment information and sign. When I brought the form back, the landperson said it was done incorrectly. So I said I could get my boss to print out my paycheck stubs and it wouldn’t be a big deal. She said that was fine and that she would also send a new form to my boss. Whichever was done first was what we would use. A few days later my check stubs were printed. I brought them in and they were accepted. Later on that day I received a phone call from an assistant saying there was a problem. “I can’t send these paycheck stubs to our boss because we already told (the boss) you get paid cash under the table,” she said. “If we give her these now it will look like we are trying to get around the system.” The landperson proceeded to fill out a new form with false information and sign my boss’ signature on it. And so, the problems began. We had one dog. Sometime within the very beginning of September we got another dog, A few weeks later I received a phone call saying that we were being accused of having threee unauthorized pets in the apartment. At that point in time, our first dog was already on the lease agreement and we were paying a monthly fee for him. The new dog was not, so it was understandable. Sometime within that week we got documentation from my fiancé’s doctor saying the second dog was a Service Animal. She was over the weight limit for dogs in our apartment, but as she is a Service Animal, she’s acceptable by law. There was no other dog in our house. So October rolled around. I came home one day to find a lease violation posted inside my door. It said I had three unauthorized pets in my apartment. By this time, we were irked, but not enraged. Not yet anyway. A week or so after the violation was delivered; a friend of mine went to walk the dogs for me. When he came back in the house he told me a very interesting piece of news. One of the maintenance workers was posted up on his

San Jacinto Times San Jacinto College Student Publications

CIRCULATION Cristal Calvillo


ADVISER Fred Faour

lawn mower staring into one of the windows, watching us. For what seemed like a while, things were quiet. We thought the worst was over. We weren't even concerned when a notice was posted on our front door informing residents that management would be entering the units starting Nov. 7. The apartment was untidy so we cleaned up a bit, but there were no other worries. The night before the inspections started however, life took a turn. While driving down Red Bluff Rd I almost hit a dog. He was a sweet pit bull, about 2-years old. So my fiancé and I picked him up, took him home, and nursed him back to health. The next morning we took the dog to a vet to get him checked out, then to a shelter to see if they would take him in. While we were out, management came into the apartment and found a few trash bags and clothes on the floor. Apparently, this was “unsanitary” according to the lease contract. The next day she came back to show us unauthorized pictures she'd taken of our dogs in the washroom and accused us of animal cruelty. She told us we had until that Friday to clean up or she would call animal control, and evict us for unsanitary conditions. One day later the manager came in again to deliver a lease violation for having garbage on the porch. She charged us $100 to pick up a box full of cigarette butts and a miniature greenhouse with my fiancé’s bonsai tree growing inside. The harassment went on and on for the next few weeks. I've come home to find no one at my house with my front door wide open and my dogs running amok on the grounds. Management has absolutely no problem entering my home and leaving the door open when they leave. It's happened at least three times since I've lived there. By this point I was fed up. My fiancé and I decided to contact the company in charge the apartments. The day that I got a response from them; management delivered me an eviction notice saying I had to be out by midnight the next day. That night my fiancé and I were away from the apartment between 6:30p.m. and 9 p.m. During that time period the manager, the assistant, and the maintenance man let themselves in and snooped around through my apartment. I came home to find cabinets, drawers, blinds, curtains, boxes, anything thinkable, wide open and rifled through. Later that night the manager admitted this to a resident, who then told us. Management has history of harassing tenants. Plenty of previous residents have come up to testify. Even current residents have to deal with it. The bad news is this story is still being written. Nothing has let up. Use my experience as a guideline. Always get the facts, resident testimonies, and reviews before you rent. Also, record everything - every conversation you ever have with anyone involved in management. Without evidence, it's your word against theirs. EDITORS

Michael Deats, Maria Chavez



SOUTH CAMPUS EDITORS Vanessa Pina, Lori Brown NORTH CAMPUS EDITORS Edith Manzanales, Steven Tallas


Brandon Hurley, Stephen Valdez


MUSIC EDITOR Lindsay Floyd

David Gellar, the director of Fantasy Sports at Yahoo, estimated that women make up 12 percent of the top fantasy sites’ players. So watch out guys, the possibility of a woman defeating you is imminent. With the understanding that Fantasy Football is a role-playing game the similarities between the sports sensation and the cult fantasy game Dungeons & Dragons, commonly referred to as D&D, are interesting. Each competitor plays the role of an owner for his or her team as a D&D player plays the role of the character they create. The team owner must manage their lineup and player’s statistics as a D&D player must be aware of their character’s attributes. In Fantasy Football there is a Commissioner who oversees the league and approves of trades and waivers. In D&D there is a Dungeon Master, or DM, who is responsible for creating and maintaining the rules of the playable universe. Also, keep in mind that Fantasy Football was first played in Winkenbach’s house with seven other men. That sounds very much like a group of friends spending a Saturday night in their parent’s basement playing D&D. The difference is that the stigma attached to playing D&D does not apply to competitors in Fantasy Football. Why is it more socially acceptable to play fantasy sports than it is to play the thirty-eight year old D&D? Accessible at virtually any time from relatively any place through the Internet and use of mobile apps, Fantasy Football has a vast reach. With the passing of each football season the fantasy sport’s following grows and it is safe to assume that it will continue to do so for the foreseeable future.

Photoshop uproar no longer a big deal By MIRANDA JENKINS San Jacinto Times

The United Kingdom has begun taking a stand against the use of Photoshop in ad campaigns. A make-up advertisement, featuring Christie Turlington has been banned from reappearing as it did not meet the UK’s advertising standards, according to The model’s face was digitally altered to have immaculate and pore free skin, which quite frankly a consumer could not achieve without the use of Photoshop. I applaud the UK for taking a stand against the many abuses of digital enhancement currently being used in today’s media, yet at the same time I feel as if the use of Photoshop is no longer the biggest worry women’s body images are facing. The negative impact the media can have on a woman’s body image has been an intensely popular topic over the past few years. A person can find hundreds of studies, as well as thousands of term papers written each semester on the subject. Quite frankly the thesis has been beaten into the ground already. I have no doubts at all that the use of digital imaging has contributed to lowering the self esteem of many girls and women, but I do not believe the negative effects are as prevalent as they once were. Throughout the past few years it has been instilled in me that photographs taken for magazines are enhanced. They are not real. This information has become engrained through various ways. For one thing I grew up having been told so by many women on TV who angrily sound off about the unachievable body ideal the media is placing on women. I was made to watch videos in class, which let us view a woman’s photograph being retouched to further emphasize the point that Photoshop was bad. Yet, the most significant reason my self esteem is not linked to an airbrushed photograph I find in a magazine is because I witnessed the use of digital altering happening among my friends. Everybody has that one particular friend on Facebook who looks absolutely nothing like his or her profile picture. The friend positions themselves slightly forward, so that they look skinnier, and tilts to a half-turn, being sure to use their best side. Then they use an airbrushing tool to wipe away any slight imperfection, as well as add color effects and adjust the contrast. They may look amazing on Facebook, but I can promise you they do not look like that in real life. And thanks to Facebook many people realize that now. The use of Photoshop and airbrushing are no longer tools inclusive only to celebrities and ad executives. Anyone with a computer, cell phone, or camera now has access to it. This is what makes digital enhancement less detrimental as it was once thought to be. Too many people know about it, and are using it, to be fooled by it. Now that your friends on Facebook can edit their own pictures, it becomes much easier to notice the difference digital effects can have on a photograph. As digital enhancement technology grows it will most likely continue to reach the hands of more and more people. The more exposure photo enhancing programs are able to receive the better, because it allows young girls and women the ability to learn the tricks behind Photoshop and can help to open their eyes to the deception of it all.

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February 20, 2012 San Jacinto Times • Page 3

Month-long history lesson is not enough By ASHLEY COLLINS San Jacinto Times

Black History shouldn’t pertain only to African Americans. Though our ancestors sacrificed themselves by putting their lives at risk in order for our generation to have rights, it should also include the rest of America. “We should emphasize not Negro history, but the Negro in history. What we need is not a history of selected races or nations. But the history of the world void of national bias, race hate, and religious prejudice”- Carter Woodson During this month, we always see the same historical attributes such as the infamous Rosa Parks story, Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. documentary, Malcolm X, and the list goes on. Not to make light of these contributions that have changed our history, but we also need to take an account on the bigger picture as to why this time in history is extraordinary. These leaders made the way for change, but are we still keeping hope alive for the next generation? In this day and age, we have accepted multiple denominations, religions, political references, and sexualities. We have forgotten where we came from and from whom we came. Don’t get me wrong, I believe America has grown tremendously over the years compared to the 1960’s but there is always room for change. We currently have an African American president who has changed America’s history and began a new chapter for our history to come for the next generation. Black history should not be celebrated in one month; it should be celebrated every day. We as Americans have lost sight of the true meaning of freedom. This history should merely be a reflection of all races that have overcome oppression, long suffering, and hardship. According to, “Americans have recognized black history annually since 1926, first as "Negro History Week" and later as " Black History Month.” This movement embarked an evolution that will continue for years to come. In our ancient history, according to

Martin Luther King is a big part of Black History Month., “Slavery has existed in various forms throughout most of recorded history, and Africa has not been an exception. In fact, slavery was practiced all over Africa: in many areas there were large scale slave societies, while in others there were slave owning societies.” You may have thought that slavery was established in Africa but actually it originated in ancient Egypt. Have you ever heard the term, ‘Indentured Servants?’ This structure was used by the Pharaohs’’ order to enslave those that either owed a debt to him, sold themselves to escape poverty, or to build a temple in his honor as a “God.” “In ancient Egypt and Nubia slavery existed but it was not a dominant fixture. Slavery in Egypt took many forms; from household and pastoral (for farming), to military,

MCT Campus

states This practice has been around for thousands of years but people weren’t discriminated against because of the color of their skin, it was based on their class that was inherited by the parents. Because white America had an issue with the skin color of African Americans it created racism which also justified their feeling of being a more superior people. This created a mental disillusion that would forever scar and curse every generation of African descent. When slaves were freed after the civil war in 1865, some didn’t even know until months or practically years later that they were free. Others decided to stay under the abuse of their “Masters” because they had nowhere else to go and they also felt so inferior to white Americans they still held on

to the slave mentality they harbored on to for generations. The reason that this is so important is because if we look beyond, slavery, discrimination, mental abuse, pain and injustice, we realize this has been going on for thousands of years to every ethnicity that exists. Those particular hardships that were endured by the number of generations before us are not to be taken lightly but are to be a stepping stool for this generation to realize that we need to be more appreciative and let go of the victim mindset that our ancestors once had. Black history was used as a tool and a guide of how to not treat each other, to be accepting to cultures and ethnicities, and most importantly love one another. Maybe you think it’s a coincidence that Valentine’s Day is also celebrated in the month of Black history but it’s not. We are to love one another as Christ loves us. Through all of the trials and tribulations that the protestors, war veterans, evangelist, revolutionists, teachers, students, presidents, etc… It all goes back to love, forgiveness, and self-freedom. As a proud African American woman today, my ancestors were built on strong Christian roots just as this nation was built upon. They believed God would deliver them out of slavery just as the Israelites were freed many years ago in ancient Egypt. There is no coincidence that this same vicious cycle continues to evolve as the years increase. This monotonous cycle of generations who are willing to make a difference and want their voice to be heard; the only difference is we have stronger individuals that were born to lead with a more positive mindset and a less victimizing mentality. It’s not a bad thing to be proud of that, it doesn’t make us arrogant or boastful but humble and honored that our ancestors would pave the way for us to succeed more in life than they could ever imagine. So the next time you celebrate Black history, celebrate all history because every generation and ethnicity has suffered and sacrificed many things to gain freedom, integrity, and equality. Who are we to judge or discriminate against race, belief, or gender? We need to speak life into each other and accept change because it always works out for the better. Remember, don’t wait until next February to celebrate. Start now. -Much love. Many Blessings. Great Favor. -Dr. Richard Heard

Which cell carrier should you choose? It depends By JENNY RAMOS San Jacinto Times

Ten years ago, American citizens had trouble determining if they want to put a cell phone bill on their budget. Surprisingly, it is now no problem making the decision about paying for a cell phone bill each month. In fact, it is completely out of the question. Even for Americans with low budgets, paying a $200 phone bill may be a complaint, but is still done each month. A customer will turn away from the small section of flip phones that were once popular, and now grasp at the shiny touch screened phones. Lighting up every customer’s eyes, the web becomes addicting at their hands, and not just in front of a gigantic computer screen. The issue on the question about tacking on a cell phone bill to the budget each month is no longer relevant. The question now is: which cell phone carrier should you go to? There are several cell phone companies to choose from in the U.S. today. Corporate companies, authorized resellers, etc., make their money continuously on customers each day. Customers are easily reeled by a sales consultant as soon as the power button of the iPhone is turned on. What truly matters is, were they reeled by the correct cell phone carrier? The four main cell phone carriers have their own way of selling to people: TMobile, Sprint, AT&T, and Verizon. Customers walk into stores everyday, immediately telling the salesman they are “just looking”. Their decision is based primarily off of what benefits them the best; however, many believe the “cheaper” route is the way to go. While your money is being saved each month with a cheaper bill, make sure to choose a carrier that saves your sanity as well. “You need a cell phone provider who offers the widest selection of features and avoids hidden charges and costs” ( It is better to choose a carrier with not only well-priced plans, but also more options. All in all, it truly depends on the lifestyle of the customer.

T-Mobile provides excellent plans that are unbeatable out of the four cell phone companies. Their $49.99 a month for two lines deal has been the most advertised. Turning the heads of many American citizens, this plan has been asked about continuously. While they may not have the best cellular coverage for calling and data, their prices and excellent customer service drive their business. “I have never had an issue with the prices on my bill,” said Quiryat Bautista, a local from Pasadena, TX who has been a loyal customer for ten years, “T-Mobile has always given me great prices.” Unlimited data on the iPhone will always be a popular demand, and that is exactly what Sprint has. Unlike Verizon and AT&T, unlimited data is still advertised by Sprint. Although they do not have the strongest coverage, customers accept it and enjoy the unlimited usage on their Apple product. Customers who desire to purchase the iPhone often request to have “unlimited everything” for a decent cost. As a result, Sprint is

proud to say they are “the only National carrier with truly unlimited data” ( at a fair price. Some people travel all over the world for jobs or family, while others stay at their residence. Travelers prefer AT&T due to the outstanding global coverage that the company provides. In the U.S. alone, 97% of the country has AT&T coverage. Traveling customers find this feature a great convenience and use it to their advantage. On top of that, AT&T recently introduced their 4G LTE speeds as well, which can be up to 10 times faster than 3G speeds. Due to the speeds just being introduced, they are not yet available in many cities of the U.S. as Verizon’s 4G LTE speeds are. Many smartphone users feel this is a great disadvantage; however, their speeds will continue to grow throughout the year of 2012. Verizon is known for their quality in signal, and have the least amount of dropped calls. To avoid frustration, customers generally choose Verizon in order to cut the dropped calls out of their daily cell

Jenny Ramos/San Jacinto Times

phone conversations. The only issue is, Verizon does not provide as much talk coverage as AT&T does . A customer must do their research to make sure what they do and where they spend most of their time at will give them the coverage they rely on. And although AT&T’s voice coverage is stronger, Verizon provides more coverage for their 4G LTE speeds. Currently, Verizon customers are provided with easier access for higher data speeds to their smartphones. Some customers who don’t live in an area with AT&T’s 4G LTE coverage have a strong desire for that speed, and choose Verizon to immediately use it. There is quite a selection between the four cell phone carriers to decide on. They each have a unique feature about them that all depends on what is most suitable for the customer. Whether it is AT&T’s global coverage or T-Mobile’s unbeatable plans, in the end, it is all up to what is most suitable for your lifestyle.


February 20, 2012 San Jacinto Times • Page 4

200 year mark for legendary writer Charles Dickens By EDITH MANZANARES San Jacinto Times

A worldwide birthday is celebrated throughout this entire month for a beloved and iconic author whom wrote 15 novels. A few examples are Great Expectations, Tale of Two Cities, David Copperfield, Oliver Twist and A Christmas Carol. Special events are to take place around the world, celebrating the 200th birthday of a fascinating literary force of nature. On Feb. 7, 1812, Charles Dickens was born. Dickens, who loved to perform, continues to fascinate and inspire people from around the world. He was an interesting character on many fronts, but the most interesting was the way he helped make himself an enduring writer. Dickens is most famously known for his novel, A Christmas Carol, which changed the way the holiday is celebrated. No other writer has inspired more movies, TV and stage adaptations as Dickens’ has. With more than 320 movies in dramas, musicals and cartoons, this brilliant author has inspired them all. Dickens, born outside of Portsmouth, England, was fully conscious of what he wrote. As a writer, he was hard working, and most of his ideas came to him immediately. As a reformer, he never lost his

interest in prisons, orphanages and institutions for the insane. Through both comic and dark touches, his 15 major novels, from A Christmas Carol to David Copperfield, sympathized with the poor, and were big hits. Dickens cultivated a grand loyal audience, and to this day, people from around the world continue to be inspired by his reading, taking time to bring back to life Dickens greatest novels. 200 years later, in honor of Dickens memory, San Jacinto North campus will sponsor a project titled, “What the Dickens” all month long. Faculty from the English, Philosophy, History, Psychology, Mental health, and Economics departments have gathered together to work and develop a shared reading of the novel Hard Times. “This novel describes a nation whose educational system emphasizes rote learning with no critical thinking and whose economy divides citizens into

H&M moves to internet By TIFFANY SEXTON San Jacinto Times

“Houston… we have a problem. There has been a stampede. People of all ages are being trampled, and the police cannot seem to get it under control. We might have to close and take the loss to regroup and try again next week.” Affordable prices, but not just any affordable prices, designer fashion at affordable prices, can make people go a little crazy. One statement already has the excitement oozing out of everyone. People of all ages have been waiting for this for a long time. It is official H&M is coming to Houston, Texas. Two words, Jimmy Choo, and for one second every girl in America’s heart stopped. “In 2009 Jimmy Choo collaborated with retailer H&M to create a lower-priced line of its famous shoes. No shoe costs more than $300. The shoes were available at H&M stores in 200 cities around the world including New York City and London,” confirmed by Daily News Staff Writer Catey Hill. Could you imagine wearing the same brand of shoes Sarah Jessica Parker’s character wore on Sex and the City? What about wearing the same brand of shoes that Sandra Bullock and Kirsten Dunst wore on the red carpet? That would be a dream come true. Some people ask why H&M is so popular. Well one of H&M’s main goals is to make fashion affordable for men, women, teenagers, and children. They have been known to team up with world famous designers to come up with ways to make it reasonably priced for the average American. “H&M offers yearly designer collaborations which targets those who love top brands such as Stella McCartney and Sonia Rykie, but can't afford to buy them. Such as myself. Take H&M×Lanvin as an example. Lanvin’s clothes range from $1000 to well over $3000. However, the H&M×Lanvin collection ranged from $30 to $200. The same went for their collaborations with Karl Lagerfeld and Viktor and Rolf,” stated by the fashion blogger Dress with Courage, Elissa. Although H&M does team up with top designers like Jimmy Choo, Sonia Rykie, and Karl Lagerfeld their clothes tend to fly off the shelves extremely fast, which makes it difficult for everyone to get a

designer item. “Like many of H&M’s other fashion lines done in collaboration with famous designers like Karl Lagerfeld, Roberto Cavalli and Stella McCartney, the Jimmy Choo line sold out in no time at all. And that left quite a few fashionistas without the Jimmy Choos they so desired,” stated by Daily News Staff Writer Catey Hill. Because H&MxDesigner lines sell out so quickly you would think H&M would allow you to purchase their clothes online. Well your dreams are coming true. H&M will start allowing online shopping in the United States in the spring of 2012, confirmed by Forbes Contributor Lydia Dishman. H&M not only sells dressy clothes and shoes, but they also sell casual clothes and shoes, accessories and make up. It is comparable to the store Forever 21 only more affordable. “Misty Magliolo says H&M is a lot like her other favorite store, Forever 21, only less expensive. ’I like a lot of the stores that have similar styles, but I think their prices are going to be a lot better. They are going to stay very busy,’ Magliolo predicted.” according to blogger Jeff Ehling. H&M not only has great prices but they have also proved their love for the environment and the wildlife as well. H&M does not test their cosmetic products on animals, and they do not use real fur. But if they do use leather it is only the animals that are being bred for meat production. They also make their clothes out of 100% organic cotton, which is better for the environment. H&M also makes a conscious effort to make sure there is no child labor going on in the factories that make their clothes or the factories that they buy their clothes from. These are all facts of the store that can be found on their website at Throughout all of this knowledge you learn to not only be excited for the great prices but also for the knowledge that there are still some companies out there trying to make an effort on changing people’s lives and the environment. H&M will be coming to Baybrook Mall in the spring of 2012, which will occupy 19,000 square feet of the mall, and it will also be coming to the Willowbrook Mall, although the date for that store has not been released, according to blogger Jeff Ehling.

Gas prices a rising trend By VICTOR ARAIZA San Jacinto Times

It’s a track that sounds overplayed and definitely one that we would hope ended soon but unfortunately that whole gas prices issue is still around and it only continues to grow. As if you didn’t spend enough on Valentine’s Day gifts, there’s another expense you have to worry about this month. That’s because gas prices in Texas increased by at least 12 cents at the beginning of February. It doesn’t seem like gas prices are going to lower anytime soon. In fact many analysts foresee record peaks this year in prices. The highest price for a gallon of gas the city of Houston has seen was at $3.94 in mid-2008. Crude oil peaked at almost $146 per barrel at the time, according to’s Houston Energy Industry writer Rex Knepp. As the cost per barrel increases so do our gas prices and it’s in part for a number of reasons. A big reason overseas is the ongoing tension between European countries and Iran. Closer to home, gaso-

line prices continue to rise as a result of closure and reduced operations of several refineries, according to Bloomberg News. If gas money is an issue for you this month then brace yourself because analysts are expecting prices to cross the $4.00 per gallon mark this summer. As of last Wed., Feb. 15, the lowest price in the San Jacinto Central campus area, $3.27 per gallon, could be found at Jack's Fuel Depot on 5912 Red Bluff Rd & Olson Ln. while the highest price for regular unleaded, $3.59 per gallon, was at the Chevron on 6150 Spencer Hwy near Space Center Blvd. is arguably the best source for up to date prices in your area and it even simpler with their Gas App for your smart phone. Not to mention they hold a draw every Sunday to give away a $250 gas card, so if you’re looking for some extra gas money it wouldn’t hurt you to enter. In this economy it’s hard enough to manage expenses when you have school, rent, and other bills to worry about. Unfortunately it looks like gasoline is only going to be an increasing priority on our budget.

Unleaded Gasoline Average Prices by Houston Last Week Two Weeks Ago One Month Ago One Year Ago

3.433 3.402 3.204 2.958


3.478 3.454 3.347 3.136

rich and poor, ensuring that the rich have the best chance for developing wealth while the poor struggle in factories with little hope for a change in their situation,” English professor Dr. Karen Hattaway stated. If anyone agrees, this also sounds familiar to anyone living in the 20th century. On February 29, the North Campus will host a wedding reception for the character Miss Havisham. She is the ghostly, revengeful woman in Great Expectations who was deserted at her wedding and who has been wearing her bridal gown, sitting beside her table of rotted refreshments for Google Images 20 years. The interesting part about all of this is that the culinary team will partner up with everyone participating in this fascinating event, and will create a very old wedding cake, and provide other related wedding goodies. Speech and debate students will also take on

speaking roles of characters Pip and Estella, and Dr. Lorena Horton will enact Miss Havisham’s character. On April 3, there will be “CD and Tea”, a partnership of culinary, speech, and debate students, including members of the participating departments and their students to share a cup of Victorian tea. Throughout this entire month, there will also be popcorn and Dickens film events for students to watch the filmed versions of his novels. San Jac students, you are all greatly encouraged to attend. Mark your calendars, and prepare to celebrate this memorable birthday. It will be an unforgettable experience bringing to life one of Dickens great novels and watching it play out right before your eyes. To readers new to Dickens, it is personally recommended that you read the first 14 chapters of David Copperfield, it’s about the story of a boy told by himself, about love, loss, cruelty, and courage. It will definitely lure you into reading more of his novels. Although Dickens is no longer with us, his memory and reading lives on. He is a legacy not forgotten, and an inspiration to many. Charles Dickens, we wish you a Happy Birthday.

Still Walking among us By STEPHEN VALDEZ San Jacinto Times

Zombies, man they creep me out. They just keep coming at you. Chop a leg off? No problem they’ll just crawl after you. How about an arm? Nope, that isn’t enough either. They’ll just chomp away at you with one arm. Nothing short of severe brain trauma or the actual loss of their head will stop a zombie. What would it be like to live in a world infested with zombies? The return of the TV series The Walking Dead shines some light on what that might be like. Heads up, if you haven’t seen the show there are some spoilers coming. Back on topic, the show starts off with everyone reeling from the events of the mid-season finale. The group on the farm is grieving after seeing their loved ones in zombie form, and getting massacred after Shane set them free. Most notably, Sophia and Herschel’s wife and stepson are among the dead. The show continues to pick up where it left off, with an awesome drama packed beginning that would eventually lead to a whole lot of story building. The Walking Dead has a pretty interesting story, and it was showcased in this episode, but does it always necessary to have some long drawn out dialogue? It always seems like the writers seem to think we’re dumb and there is a need for them to spell out the story for us. This leads to some pretty bland moments throughout the episode. The entire episode, just like the entire first half of the season is all about building up drama and tension. The Walking Dead does a fairly good job at that, it just takes way too long to get it done. There were a few good moments when the dialogue wasn’t all that bad. Herschel and Rick’s conversation in a town bar after Herschel relapsed into drinking after having been sober since Maggie’s birth. This broken down and defeated Herschel, led to some interesting conversation and events unfolding. The most dramatic moments, as usual, come in the last 15 to 20 minutes of the episode. Lori, in a shout out to stereotypes, goes searching for Rick and Glen, gets lost, runs over a walker while not paying attention to the road, and flips her car. There’s no way that’s good for a pregnant woman. Meanwhile, we’re introduced to two new characters from Philadelphia, Scrawny Tony, who happens to be a pretty big guy, and Dave. There was some good dialogue as we learned their story, and

Google Images

they all but begged Rick and Herschel to let them on the farm. One more half-new character comes up during the scene at the bar. A survival oriented Rick, no longer trying to be good and helpful at all costs. Instead of trying to figure some way to help the strangers, he consistently turns down their pleas for help, eventually leading to him shooting both Dave and Scrawny Tony. This brings up one of the new points of interest. Previously the only real danger in the post zombie apocalypse had been zombies. Dave and Scrawny Tony were a different kind of danger. Another thing to notice goes all the way back to the beginning of the episode. As Rick stares down at the lifeless body of Sophia, I noticed that there weren’t any signs of her being attacked by a zombie. Apparently, the comic that the series is based off of addresses this, but I’m too lazy to read that. The most disheartening part of the show has been an issue all season. The show is about survival in a zombified world, yet there aren’t very many zombies. The only zombies we saw appeared in the first five minutes of the episode, and that was it. The newly appointed executive producer, Glen Mazzara, promised fans that there would be more zombies in the show’s spinoff The Talking Dead. The episode wasn’t bad and definitely shows promise for the rest of the season. It remains to be seen as whether the new staff of the series will pick up the pace, or if it will continue at a slow shuffle much like the zombie characters it portrays.

Around Campus

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• Junta del club de sociologia, 7 a.m., N2.219 • Junta del club de la sociedad WEBB, 1 p.m., N7.108 • Junta del club de Anime, 2:30 p.m., N9.133

• Sociology Club Meeting, 7 a.m., N2.219 • Webb Society Club Meeting, 1 p.m., N7.108 • Anime Club Meeting, 2:30 p.m., N9.133

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• Junta del club de Robotica, 1 p.m., N2.108

• Robotics Club Meeting, 1 p.m., N2.108

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Lunes, Febrero 20

• Junta del club de psycologia, 12:50 p.m., C3.204

Martes, Febrero 21 • Celebracion de Mardi Gras, 11 a.,m., centro estudi antil. • Junta de GSA, 2:30 p.m.m., C3.204

Miercoles, Febrero 22 • Junta de la sociedad de Anime, 1 p.m., C20.253-255

Jueves, Febrero 23 • No hay actividades

Viernes, Febrero 24 • Junta de la asociacion del govierno estudiantil, 11:30 a.m., C1.155 • Junta de Phi Theta kappa, 10:30 a.m., C1.230

Sabado, Febrero 25

•Junta del club de artes marciales, 10 a.m., C18.117

Domingo, Febrero 26 •No hay actividades

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•Junta del club de psicologia, 12:50 p.m., C3.211


Lunes, Febrero 20

•Junta del club de Tennis, 3:30 p.m., Tennis Courts •Junta del club de artes marciales, 8:30 p.m., S21.141

Martes, Febrero 21

•Junta de TIES, 11:30 a.m., S12.141 •Junta de la asociacion del gobierno estudiantil , 1:30 p.m., S11.228 •Gremio de Juegos, 3:30 p.m., S8.1062 •Junta del club de pre-medicina, 5 p.m., S7.128 •Junta de escritores, 6 p.m., S9.200

Miercoles, Febrero 22

•Junta de Phi Beta Lambda, 2:30 p.m., S8.2014 •Junta de la sociedad WEBB, 2:30 p.m., S7.156 •Junta del club de filosofia, 2:45 p.m., S7.100

Jueves, Febrero 23

•Gremio de Juegos, 3:30 p.m., S8.1062

Viernes, Febrero 24

•unta de los artes marciales mixtos, 9 a.m., S21.105

Sabado, Febrero 25 •No hay actividades

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•Junta del club de tennis, 3:30 p.m., Canchas de tenis •Junta de los artes marciales mixtos, 8:30 p.m., S21.120


• No Scheduled Activities

Lauren Motley/San Jacinto Times

Mardi Gras brings beads Beads, booze and more are all part of the Mardi Gras experience in Galveston.

By LAUREN MOTLEY San Jacinto Times

“Show me your ta-tas”, a question for every female to lift up her shirt to bless the man so he will toss her the bright colorful beads she is wanting. The wait is over, Mardi Gras has come to town. Mardi Gras is normally associated with New Orleans, LA but we can celebrate just south of us in Galveston, TX. This year Galveston hosted their 101th year of Mardi Gras consisting of 24 concerts 24 parades 19 balcony parties and 5 elegant masked balls. The party really happens on the strand were you will see thousand of people having a good time, and getting beads. Where did Mardi Gras come from; how did it become just one big party. Ancient Romans are said to have started Mardi Gras by honoring their god of fertility Lupercus by feasting, drinking, and dancing such things that happen at Mardi Gras today. Later the Christian church made the celebration an attempt to satiate the desires of the flesh prior to the abstinence observed during the lent season. With this how did Mardi Gras become known for the female nudity that happens every year, is that what is considered the desires of the flesh? The holiday that is considered a Christian holiday has become

“NO food or drinks allowed in the open lab area! LEAVE YOUR ITEMS HERE!” This is a sign that has a very strict significance to it. A sign that many people don’t take too seriously because they think they can get away with it. Many people pass it up intentionally or innocently, but they are still attacked by the staff for their mistakes. Lurking like vultures seeking their prey, the staff has a keen eye for any perpetrators. Have you ever wondered why there is so much hostility that takes place in the computer lab when you leave your water bottle out, even though it’s closed tight? Why, do you ask, do I have to put my closed chip bag away when I haven’t even considered opening it? This situation has happened to myself and other students so many times that it has come to the point where agitation has taken over. Sometimes I bring a water bottle and a bag of chips in just to get on their nerves and the second I sit down, they come for the attack! “Excuse me, can you please put that away in your bag?” As if I have enough space in there to begin with. I obey them anyway. Not only does that knock off my concentration, it makes me angry that a closed water bottle next to my computer or a bag of candy can get on their nerves. Although they bring discomfort and bother your concentration, there is a reason why the staff takes action. Concerned, I decided to ask a staff worker in the computer lab why they react the way they do when a student decides to violate the rules in the computer lab; Her answers made me think twice. Since I was more concerned about the water bottles being on the counter, I asked her why they come to either take that up or ask for it to be put

• Math & Engineering Club Meeting, 12:22 p.m., C1.142 • Psychology Club Meeting, 12:50 p.m., C3.211

not so Christianly. “For me, lifting my shirt at Mardi Gras to get beads was exciting, I have crossed it off my bucket list” said Amber, a Mardi Gras participant. The flashing of the breast actually started back in the 18th century New Orleans when the floats were actually horse drawn wagons. The people on the floats would throw favors to bystanders such as cups, flowers, flags, and beads. Ladies who wanted the favors would yell out “throw me something mister.” Now knowing how the male brain works, we know they always want something in return if they give a female a favor so “show me your tatas” became the saying from then on. This has never truly become a Mardi Gras tradition like the masked balls but it is something it is known for, good or bad. The police even turn their heads away on this weekend to let people have their adult fun even though it is illegal under the indecent exposure law. Ladies and Gentlemen, this sounds like a good opportunity.

Tuesday, February 21

Mardi Gras is way more than just women flashing their breast. It is a time to celebrate and have a good time with people around you. Dress up, drink, get beads but always do it responsibly because there is a tomorrow that you have to wake up to whether you like it or not.

Sunday, February 26

No food, no drink signs By KARINA ARGUETA San Jacinto Times

Monday, February 20

away. “The floors are really hollow,” she explained, “if the water spills, it can mess the whole system up. There are wires that are running underneath the floor so, one drop and the whole computer system will [get] damage.” “ What if the water bottle is closed tight?” I asked. “People are still going to open it sometime right? In case they do not completely close it afterwards, they may drop it”, she said. She told me a story that one time a young lady was ordered to take her water bottle outside and she got upset and demanded that the staff was racist!

We can’t take the risk of ruining the whole system. If we do, everything you were working on will be erased or even damaged. When asked about the snacks, she seemed pretty upset about the topic. “Snacks are messy! We get ants and rats also if we are not careful. We don’t want a pest problem!” She also brought up another ignorant act us students are guilty of. Talking on the cell phone. “Talking on the phone while inside the computer lab is disturbing! Cell phone problems are the most common in the lab.” I asked her about the students who talk even though they don’t expect a phone call and she told me that talking was ok; it’s just that they don’t want people to be obnoxiously loud. Even though my opinions stay strong about being able to leave a closed bag or a closed water bottle on the counter, obeying the rules does make it easy for them and easy for you too. If you don’t want your concentration to be knocked off, or if you don’t want them to ruin your day, eat and drink before walking in the computer lab. Also READ and RESPECT the sign before you walk in! And if you didn’t get it the first couple of times, I’ll write it for you again. “NO food or drinks allowed in the open lab area! LEAVE YOUR ITEMS HERE!”

• Student Life Mardi Gras Celebration, 11 a.m., Student Center • Gay Straight Alliance Meeting, 2:30 p.m., C3.204

Wednesday, February 22 • Anime Society Meeting, 1 p.m., C20.253-255

Thursday, February 23 • No Scheduled Activities

Friday, February 24 • Student Government Association Meeting, 11:30 a.m., C1.155 • Phi Theta Kappa Meeting, 10:30 a.m., C1.230

Saturday, February 25 • Martial Arts Club Meeting, 10 a.m., C18.117

• No Scheduled Activities

Monday, February 27 • Math & Engineering Club Meeting, 12:22 p.m., C1.142 • Psychology Club Meeting, 12:50 p.m., C3.211


Monday, February 20

• Tennis Club Meeting, 3:30 p.m., Tennis Courts • Mixed Martial Arts Meeting, 8:30 p.m., S21.120

Tuesday, February 21 • Student Bible Fellowship, 11:30 a.m., S11.109 • TIES Meeting, 11:30 a.m., S12.141 • Student Government Association Meeting, 1:30 p.m., S11.228 • Game Enterprises Guild, 3:30 p.m., S8.1062 • 17 & Under Tennis Club Meeting, 3:30 p.m., Tennis Courts • Pre Med Club Meeting, 5 p.m., S7.128 • Writer’s Block Meeting, 6 p.m., S9.200

Wednesday, February 22 • Phi Beta Lambda Meeting, 2:30 p.m., S8.2014 • Walter Prescott Webb Society Meeting, 2:30 p.m., S7.156 • Philosophy Club Meeting, 2:45 p.m., S7.100

Thursday, February 23 • Game Enterprises Guild, 3:30 p.m., S8.1062

Friday, February 24 • Mixed Martial Arts Meeting, 9 a.m., S21.105

Saturday, February 25 • No Scheduled Activities

Sunday, February 26 • No Scheduled Activities

Monday, February 27 • Tennis Club Meeting, 3:30 p.m., Tennis Courts • Mixed Martial Arts Meeting, 8:30 p.m., S21.120

Jumps, etc.

Trafficking Continued from Page 1

psychological pains. Anything from drug and alcohol addictions, to rape, sexually transmitted diseases and forms of traumatic bonding causing victims to feel attached to their offenders through fear as well as a gratitude for being allowed to live. Trafficking can take place in plain daylight. “Sex trafficking operations can be found in highly-visible venues such as street prostitution, as well as underground systems such as closed-brothels that can operate out of residential homes. Sex trafficking also takes place in a variety of public locations such as massage parlors, spas, strip clubs, and other fronts for prostitution. Victims may start of dancing or stripping in the club and then be coerced into situations of prostitution and pornography,” said Tstop According to the “Slavery-Not For Sale” campaign There are more than 30 thousand slaves in the world today, more than at any other point in human history. Help the fight against Human Trafficking by visiting


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-ing to the school, the Welcome Center. The construction and completion of the Welcome Center started last year, slowly turning into a modern, state of the art building. Located right on Wallisville and Uvalde Rd, it definitely cannot be missed. The Welcome Center is convenient now to all students, taking the fact that financial aid, business office, enrollment services, counseling department, testing center, and career and employment services are all under the same roof. No more walking back and forth. The welcome center is a two story building, and is quite the view. As soon as you walk in, Enrollment Services is located on the left hand side, right across from the Information desk on the right hand side. The first day the facility was officially used was December 19, and excitement filled the air as students walked into the building. Counseling and career services are located next to each other on the right hand side of the building, and financial aid and business services are located on the left side right to next to each other. The second floor is all of testing center, making it easy for students to find. It is now February, students have walked through this building as well as visitors, and it has been a great convenience for them under one roof. February 21 marks the Grand Opening celebration that will be held in honor of the Welcome Center. About 150 community members have been invited to the grand opening and are expected to attend. Retired President Dr. Charles Grant has been invited to speak at the grand opening and Dr. Ron Pierce, retired Vice President of Student Services, has also been invited. San Jacinto College North has a unique partnership with the three local ISD’s in the community, Channelview, Galena Park, and Sheldon. Representatives from all three districts are expected to attend, as well as elected leaders who partner with San Jac for projects are expected to attend. Refreshments will be provided from North campus’s outstanding Culinary Arts program as well as a Jazz Quartet from one of San Jac’s incredible music program. It will be a memorable day, recognizing everyone who put forth the effort to make this building happen. From the contributing of the community, to the construction of hard workers, down to the faculty, staff, and students, everyone played a part and made it possible. The Welcome Center truly is a welcoming center for anyone and everyone.


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San Jac Central’s First Year Experience provides academic and social programs for first year San Jacinto students. The FYE will be hosting several workshops for first year students on different subjects. On February 21st there will be a note-taking workshop, a time management workshop on March 6th, and for those who need some tips on how to study, there will be a workshop on March 20th. The FYE will also be hosting a Pre Spring Break party on March 5th. On April 2nd, FYE’s Easter Egg Hunt will begin and on April 12th the Licorice Day/Snack Attack will be sure to fill everyone’s sweet tooth. San Jac Central is home to many clubs who meet weekly. On Mondays, the Math & Engineering Club meet from 12:22pm-1:22pm on the 3rd floor of the Frels Building. Also on Mondays, the Psychology club meets from 12:50pm-1:50pm. Tuesdays, the Gay Straight Alliance meets from 2:30pm-3:30pm in C3 room 204. Wednesdays, the Anime Society meets from 2:00pm-6:00pm in C3 room 104. Finally on Fridays, the Student Government Association meets from 11:30am-1:00pm in the Interactive Learning Center in room 155. San Jac Central also hosts activities to celebrate holidays. This month, Student Life will be hosting a Mardi Gras Celebration. Activities will be taking place in the Newton Student Center from 11:00am1:00pm on Tuesday the 21st. Students can also enjoy seeing fellow students show off their skills in San Jac’s competition, San Jac’s Got Talent. The competition will be taking place on Wednesday the 29th of February from 11:30am2:00pm. Both teachers and students can join in and compete but must sign up by February 27th at the Student Learning Center. There will be prizes for 1st, 2nd, and 3rd places. Competition will be tough because San Jac students surely have talent. South Campus is also home to clubs who meet weekly. There are currently three weekly clubs running in February. If learning to defend yourself interests you, the MMA club is hosted on Mondays from 8:30 pm in room S21.120 and Fridays at 9:00am in room S21.105. The tennis club meets on Mondays at 3:30pm at the tennis courts. On Tuesdays, the Game Enterprises Guild meets in room S8.1062 at 3:30pm and on Thursdays at the same time and same place. On Tuesday February the 21st, San Jac South’s Student Bible Fellowship will meet in the game room at 11:30am. The 17 & Under Tennis Club will meet at the tennis courts at 3:30 pm and the Pre Med Club will meet in room S7.128 at 5:00pm. The next day, Wednesday the 22nd, San Jac South’s History Club, The Walter Prescott Webb Society, will meet in room S7.156 at 2:30pm and the Philosophy Club will meet in room S7.100 at 2:45pm. So whether your schedule didn’t work out or there are huge time gaps between classes or just want to learn to do something new, every San Jac campus hosts something fun and interesting to keep their students busy. Instead of just wasting precious time at the computer lab on Facebook or just sitting around waiting for the next class to start, why not spend that time having fun while learning more about clubs and organizations each San Jac campus has to offer?

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Poet Laureate visits SJC By LORI BROWN San Jacinto Times

represent poetry and literary arts for a year and for the rest of my life. Once you are in the club, you are always in the club. People don’t pay too She stood before the crowd, her sweet voice much attention to the year you are appointed. If punctuated by a broad smile and razor sharp wit. the involvement of past recipients is any indicaIn a black blazer adorned with a “Don’t Mess tion, I will be busy for a long while.” To those who may think they have distaste for with Texas Poets” pin, Texas Poet Laureate 2012 Jan Seale began her presentation at the San poetry, Seale urges them to consider forms they Jacinto Junior College Central Campus last already enjoy such as songwriting and rap Tuesday with a poem dripping thickly of Texana music. Even slogans like “Don’t Mess with Texas”, “Click it or Ticket”, and “No Texts, No and maple syrup. Wrecks” are “This poem is forms of poetry, called ‘Eating Seale says. Texas’,” she When it announced as she comes to went on to detail Seale’s work, the painstakingly however, it is humorous efforts difficult to of creating the imagine anyone perfect Texascould dislike shaped waffle. poetry. Complete with Through her problematic strong storymountains over telling ability Waco, a sinking and colorful panhandle and a imagery, she pesky Rio transforms the Grande that drips medium into an into Mexico, inarguably Seale described enjoyable art her journey with form. delicious hilarity. In a particuWith that, her larly poignant already attentive poem, audience was “Boomerang”, hooked and read aloud durready to be maging her presenically transported tation, she through a world enveloped her where blackbirds audience in the and parrots perch world of a on wires, mother anxMexican celebraiously anticitions involve colpating the orful ephemeral arrival of her art, and church son on a plane bells rhythmicalfrom Australia. ly compete along With lines like the peaceful “I’m bringing riverbanks of Tuesday to tiny Texas towns. you, Mom” and According to “Sometimes it’s Seale, her love so easy to for poetry dates believe in back to early childhood. Lori Brown/San Jacinto Times God,” Seale’s Thinking back, 2012 Poet Laureate Jan Seale reads her latest children’s work leaves her she said, “I have book “A Family for Schuster” to Madeline Brown, a first readers wanting more. never found any- grader from Friendswood. The humor thing else that infused in many makes me happier. I started very early when I could barely read and write. In fact, I remember of her poems doesn’t hurt either. “I think wit is very serious,” Seale said. “It has a tremendous not being able to write poems down but saying function in our society. I often love being with them aloud and holding my hand over my ear kids, young people, even junior high kids, occaas if it were a seashell that I was catching the sionally, because of the explosion of wit.” sound in.” Seale ended her presentation with a poem from Speaking of the form which she wrote exclusively until age 40, Seale added, “A poem has to her latest volume of poetry, “Nape”, which celebe rather intense and thoughtful and rhythmic in brates what she writes is a “much neglected some way…all poems are connected with the organ” and a “touch key of love.” When asked what words of wisdom she has for soul, the life of the spirit.” Though she considers poetry her “first lan- budding poets, Seale advised, “to not think of guage,” Seale also admits to being a genre how the work will be received. That is not your jumper. Across the board, her creative output is job. Write your poems, get with others and have undeniably impressive. With seven volumes of that correspondence between solitary work and poetry, two books of short fiction, three books of group work.” non-fiction and nine children’s books to her To join a local writing group for poetry and other credit, Seale has also been featured in such genres, San Jac students are encouraged to check notable arenas as The Yale Review, Texas out the Bay Area Writers League at bayareawritMonthly, The Chicago Tribune, and National Additionally, the Creative Writing club meets every Tuesday from 11:30-12pm in Public Radio. With her current post as Texas Poet Laureate, the Writing Center in the East Classroom Seale has the duty to further poetry and make Building on San Jacinto Junior College’s Central people aware of the role poetry already plays in campus. To learn more about Jan Seale and where to their everyday lives. Of this honor, she says, “It means I will go and purchase her work, visit

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February 20, 2012 San Jacinto Times • Page 7

Kemah’s dancing fountains make for a big splash By DENNIS TAGUE II San Jacinto Times

The laughter and screams of kids, and kids at heart, penetrate the very core of your body as you wander around the 42-acre waterside amusement park that is the Kemah Boardwalk. You see restaurants of all kinds, friendly people offering to sell me their wares. You have just spent over 100 dollars trying to win that big teddy bear for your significant other. You have ridden all of the rides, including the fantastic wooden rollercoaster, the Boardwalk Bullet, with its 96-foot drop. Then as you enter the plaza, you see it. The Pièce de résistance, the thing you had been waiting for: the dancing fountains. This water wonderland shoots up geyser like streams of cool refreshing water that is sure to make any person forget about the dry, hot Texas weather. As you are cooling yourself down, you look to

your left, and take a gander at most horrific thing that you’ve ever laid eyes on. You see small children everywhere. Small children that have not yet been “potty trained” running through the fountain that you feel a lot less cooled of and a lot more dirty. You leave the day thinking that you have just swum in a giant toilet. Have all these children contaminated your favorite part of your stay at the Kemah Boardwalk? Or did they really contaminate anything at all? I have found the answer, to clear the air once and for all about the sanitation of the dancing fountain. The fountain is regulated much like a swimming pool,” said Mark Kane, regional director for the Kemah Boardwalk and Galveston Island Pleasure Pier, “we know the health department standards, and uphold them.” The Boardwalk uses a diatomaceous earth filter systems, much like most public pool systems use. It is a safe, nontoxic, and destroys intestinal parasites


Opportunities abound By KARINA ARGUETA San Jacinto Times

If you are attending San Jacinto South campus, here are some upcoming events you should be aware of for this week of February. On Tuesday, February 21 there will be an SGA meeting at 1:30pm, in room S11.228. The SGA meeting is for all the different societies, groups and activity groups from the campus that get together to talk about the different events that are going on in school. It is an interesting meeting to go to, to be able to catch up with what is new in school and what is going on. Also if you are interested in joining one of the societies or groups from the school, this is a good meeting to go to. Another meeting taking place on Tuesday, February 21 is the Writer’s Block meeting at 6:00pm in room S9.200. A Game Enterprises Guild meeting will take place in room S8.1062 at 3:30pm on February 21 as well so you can be prepared for that. On Wednesday February 22, Phi Beta Lambda will be meeting in room S8.2014 at 2:30pm. If

you are not familiar with this society, Phi Beta Lambda is defined as The Future Business Leaders of America. If you are majoring in business and are interested in being involved with this society, go ahead and make plans to attend the meeting. There will be a Webb Society meeting for all of you who are interested in History at 2:30pm in Room S7.156 on February 22 as well. On the 23rd of February, a College-wide Faculty/Staff Development day will be taking place therefore there will be no classes held day and evening! There will also be another Game Enterprises Guild meeting taking place this day at 3:30pm in Room S8.1062. On February 24th and 27th a mixed martial arts meeting will be taking place. On the 24th, the meeting will be in room S21.105 at 9:00am and on the 27th, the meeting will be in room S21.120 at 8:30pm. If you attend San Jacinto South, and if you are interested in any of the societies mentioned, go ahead and join. You never know what you could learn when joining one.

by physically injuring them. DE filters are not harmful to humans or animals, and is a natural way to kill parasites without chemicals. The DE filter system is backwashed once a week or as needed. Another measure that is used to ensure safe and sanitary fountain, is liquid chlorine and an automatic chlorinator. The health department requires that a water feature of this sort to be regulated at 1.0-3.0 parts per million (ppm) chlorine level. The fountain is kept at 3.0 ppm or a little below, as a standard for the maintenance department at the Boardwalk. When chlorine mixes with water, it disassociates into two components: hypochlorous acid (HOCL) and hydrochloric acid (HCL). The hypochlorous acid cuts through the cell walls of microorganisms and attacks enzymes in the cells

The automatic chlorinator uses a small electric pump, which is set to deliver more or less chlorine, as needed through the return plumbing.

The maintenance department, to ensure water quality, tests the water daily. The marine biologists, who are employed by the Aquarium Restaurant, also check the water quality daily. A third party team comes out quarterly to test the water quality as well, and the Galveston County Health Department returns annually to check that the water is up to their standards. If by some chance, human waste or blood contaminates the fountain, it is shut down immediately. The fountain is then drained, cleaned, and sanitized along with the surface area. It will not open again until the fountain has been “shocked”, and the chlorine level returns to 3.0 ppm. Mark Kane, the maintenance department, and the rest of the Kemah Boardwalk team is there to make sure that you not only have a fun and enjoyable visit, but also a safe and sanitary visit.

Actor, singer remembered By JENNY RAMOS San Jacinto Times

She was known as one of the most influential singers in the history of music. Fans loved her powerful singing voice as her albums sold millions of copies. Breaking the record of the most American music awards, she became a legend. Not only did she gain audiences by her singing skills, she also acted alongside Oscar-winning actor Kevin Costner, turning the heads of millions. This singer inspired many, including some of the singers we listen to, such as Grammy-award winner Jennifer Hudson, “I admire her style, her look, and above all else, her voice and technique” ( Although her life was cut short at just 48 years old, Whitney Elizabeth Houston’s impact to others will always remain alive. On Saturday, February 11, 2012, Whitney Houston was found lifeless in her Beverly Hills, CA hotel room bathtub. After failed attempts of CPR by paramedics, she was pronounced dead at 3:55 PM. It was not confirmed on what the primary cause of death was; however, authorities did discover various prescription bottles in the room. Photos were taken of the meal and “included both beer and champagne” “creating speculation that a mixture of drugs and alcohol could have contributed to her death” ( That following day, Sunday, February 12, 2012, an autopsy was done on the body for the results to discover what happened to Whitney. Yet, it is still too early to say what truly happened.

Until the toxicology report is completely done, which could take weeks, the detailed death of Whitney Houston cannot be distributed. Houston’s body was released Monday to her family, where she first began to sing at her church group in Newark, New Jersey. She then was driven to a New Jersey funeral home where fans made their farewell and goodbyes to the woman who forever touched their lives. Whitney lived a short but full life; her singing voice will always be remembered and sung by loving fans. That following day on Sunday, February 12, 2012, the Grammy Awards ceremony involved Whitney Houston, even if she was not there physically. Singer Jennifer Hudson sang “I Will Always Love You”, Houston’s song that made history as the best selling single by a female artist. During the award ceremony, many celebrities paid tribute to the singer in some way. Singers such as Billy Ray Cyrus talked about the impact Houston gave, “She really was the soundtrack of a lot of emotions and the different moments that we've all went through over these last 25 years” ( Jennifer Lopez, devastated about her untimely death said, “She was kind of the pinnacle of a voice of our time and our generation. It’s just so sad” ( Houston’s death will continue to have an impact on the world as we remember the power of her vocals. “You have to admit that she gave her songs her all,” says Alisa Hemker, a local from Cypress, TX. Much like her fellow musicians that passed on, Whitney Houston will undoubtedly leave an indelible mark on the music world.

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February 20, 2012 San Jacinto Times • Page 8

Coffee, libraries mix it up as North Campus changes By STEVEN TALLAS San Jacinto Times

The idea is to change, change, change, and it all starts with a coffee shop. On the grounds of the north campus San Jacinto College holds students rushing in and out of class. Producing their best work out of a sleepless night of individual studying, many caffeine-addicted students are demanding to get out of the norm. Along with the San Jacinto College expanding, Vice President of Learning, Dr. Richard Bailey, and his fellow colleagues have thought of a new way to increase student success—to encourage students to have group studies; but now there is talk that students will have access to, not one, not two, but three coffee shops within the campus. However, the newest location will be in the library, which may be starting a steadily increasing debate. Along with a two-hundred ninety-five million dollar bond issue that former chancellor, Dr. Litterman, and the community voted on, the head of the north campus San Jacinto College made it an obligation to think big. This sparked many ideas to refurbish the college and find new ways to enhance the student’s college experience and learning capabilities. One result of this bond was the idea of placing a coffee shop in the library to give students an “at home” experience while they study. In the library they will have what Dr. Bailey and his colleagues’ call a “Learning Commence”, which is an area where students know they can go and get help. Get help in their tutoring, in their research, get help in finding sources to learn, and find people to assist

them. Dr. Bailey explains, “If the library is a place where people want to go, and it’s also a place where they can learn, you see how it helps our overall mission of student success. It gets them there and it provides them the resources for them to be successful. So really, student success is driving this whole set of changes. Dr. Bailey and his colleagues not only want to build a coffee shop, but they also want to build more study rooms in the library. In a solid 12 by 12 square foot room, with a table, a white bored, markers, a group of 6 students and their steaming, black coffee in hand, students will have the ability to finally get out of the norm and socially engage with each other. Looking at the Barnes and Nobel analogy, people have been able to drink coffee and shop for books with no problem since the 1970’s. Though, the theory here is not to be exactly like Starbucks, but has a similar relation to the franchise. William Sheppard, San Jacinto College student, points out, “Sometimes they (Starbucks) will close down and you’ll still have people here at night, because of night classes…so [having a new coffee shop] will be relatively refreshing.” Dr. Bailey says there is no concern on taking Starbucks out of the student lounge, nor is there any concern about replacing the coffee that is offered in the café, but in theory, students will have access to have coffee at three different places on campus. Each individual place will have different marketing plans and a different target audience. Also not yet to be affected are the student jobs. Dr. Bailey suggest that, instead of hiring more stu-

dents, simply because there’s not enough funding, they plan to equally divide the already hired employees from Starbucks, the café, and the library, and others to take over the newest coffee shop. When The San Jacinto Times asked the supervisor of the north campus Starbucks on what he thought of the idea of having a coffee shop in the library he said that he rather not comment. Even though this coffee shop may have the potential to become a student and college success, many students and faculty are standing up for their belief that this will create more problems than overall help. Director of library services, Jan Crenshaw, admits, “I really don’t want it here.” Crossing her arms, and shaking her head at the thought of a coffee shop being located in the library, Crenshaw, who has begun her library training back in the 1960s and is a former student-success GUST teacher, explains that this change may harm the student’s education and overall hurt the library’s reputation. Some concerns of having food or drinks in library are that it may cause bugs and small rodents to invade, or the coffee can spill onto the newest $850.00 book that the library ordered and dramatically decrease its price value, or the fresh smell suddenly gets drained away by the stained smell of coffee. Issues like these are important when it comes to managing a library. Along with those issues, Crenshaw explains, “Serious students don’t need distractive learning. They demand peace and quiet.” Currently there is a greater demand in indi-

vidual study rooms. Without that peace and quiet that the library once offered may cause some students to repulse and left searching for another place to study. What the library can offer means a lot when it comes to Crenshaw as she explains, “I feel like the world is full of noise and pollution right now and that’s something unique we can offer if we just do our traditional (quite library) thing.” This is coming from the lady that hung a sign up as her first year as a librarian that read, “NO SILENCE.” Swearing she wouldn’t settle for the norm, Crenshaw laughed at the irony that she now wears sensible shoes, spectacles, and loving the quietness of the library. Taylor Krustchinsky, San Jacitno College student, feels that the coffee shop is pointless. “If they were to do anything they should build another food place that changes up everything on the menu every day rather than fatty foods and fries every day at the grill,” she said. Staying one step ahead of Krustchinsky, San Jacinto College north campus has already planned to focus on building the Welcome Center, a three story health science and nursing building, and maybe in the near future they will rebuild their welding and auto-body type programs. As for the coffee shop though, we may be looking forward to a terrible spill.

Crenshaw explains, “From 9:00 am to noon every day there is no room for anybody else to sit. Every computer is full, so attracting more [people] will just cause them to have to leave because they are not going to have to get to a computer.”

San Jacinto Times Staff picks of the week



Fashion pic of the week Edith Manzanares Campus: attends North & Central Major: Communications Hobbies: Piano, singing, writing, and road trips

Are you ready for this time of year? Of course you are. The time has come to make plans with friends or family to go the Houston Rodeo. Get ready for the concerts, the carnival, bull riding and of course taking out the cowboy/girl attire. If you’re having trouble figuring out what you will wear, don’t have any worries. Manzanares is wearing an excellent example for all you girls who are going to the Rodeo Nothing is more original than wearing a red plaid shirt to the rodeo. Mazanares also chose these comfortable skinny jeans that appear like original blue jeans. These jeans are great for girls since they are easy to find at any store and they will compliment every girl’s body, although I’m not so sure about you boys out there. Don’t forget your boots and belt to complete your look for the rodeo. Manzanares preferred brown colored boots and matching belt. Every look will be great even if you decide you want to wear a dress or skirt. But of course you know you can’t go wrong if you decide you want more original cowgirl apparel like Manzanares chose. Finding the perfect outfit for the rodeo is always fun, so round up your friends for some rodeo shopping. Cause everyone knows that with boots, chaps, and cowboy hats… nothing else matters. Hey San Jac students! Ever wanted to see your name or picture on the newspaper? Well, now is your chance. Each week we will pick one out of many photos to be on the “San Jacinto Times”. The pictures will be taken of our current students each week who are wearing the latest trends or season styles. We will also describe a little about your outfit and why it was chosen. How to participate you ask? It’s easy, just being yourself, if you stand out you’ll see me and my camera at any San Jac campus looking for you. All you have to do is answer a couple of questions about your apparel so your picture and description can be printed here for the “Pic of the Week”. So San Jac, whether you dress up or dress down, be on the lookout, the next person might be you. Don’t see me around campus and want to participate? Take a picture at any SJC of your seasons’ outfit and send it in to: only from your San Jac e-mail. Tell me what you consider your style to be and why you chose that outfit. Don’t forget to mention your first and last name, age, hobbies, major, and also include the campus you attend.


The Woman in Black: B+ By MICHAEL DEATS San Jacinto Times

The Woman in Black has had a decent run in theaters by now, and if you haven’t seen it, then you most definitely should. It stars former child actor turned star Daniel Radcliffe, who you might remember from seven or eight little films about wizards and stuff. Well those films aren’t so little now, and if you haven’t seen them, you must! Because in Daniel Radcliffe’s first big break from the Harry Potter franchise he is going to need every ounce of wizard training you can muster. Also do remember to bring your wands; after all you can’t cast magic without one.

Protego, the shield charm could have saved countless lives. The overall concept of the movie was very poor, but that didn’t stop our now scar-less hero from producing a very fine acting job. All in all, this movie lit up my imagination and drove me to consider, is this movie the next great cult classic? With wands in hand, and a healthy fascination for all things Potter, we can try our hardest to save our beleaguered hero.

Warning: Spoiler alert.

Musically inclined

Lori Brown/San Jacinto Times

Members of the internationally acclaimed Bernard Woma Ensemble perform for San Jacinto College students in honor of Black History Month.

The first troublesome encounter Danny boy endures is a locked door baring entry to a mysterious room. If he brought his wizard training over with him he could have simply cast Alohomora to unlock the door and alleviate the center of his vexation. We go on to notice him being disliked by the locals, and at times even hazed or hassled. Well with your trusty wand in hand a quick flick of the wrist Stupify or Petrificus Totalus would have those ornery locals kept at bay. For the particularly violent townsfolk, a well-placed Septumsimpra would eviscerate the competition. Another major aspect of the movie is the focus on the local children dying violently, and solving the mystery of what’s driving them to kill themselves. It’s a major focal point for the movie and Dan-the-man is practically helpless when it comes to saving them. But if all you Harry fans remember correctly, there is a spell for this occasion.

Goggle Images

Daniel Radcliffe moves on from harry potter


San Jacinto Times Spring 2012 Issue 13 was published February 20, 2012.

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