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SaniTronics aims with its activities on the needs of people for hygienic toilet facilities outside their own living environment. SaniTronics is a Dutch company specialised in the design, construction, placement and maintainance of hygienic and environmentally friendly toilets for the (semi) public use. Our inspiration for this complex process is inspired from the start until the end by the reality of the given location and its surroundings. Our partners in this process, the core question and the wishes of our final end users are our starting point, over and over again. The best comfort possible for all people combined with a natural way of fitting in our hygenic toilet facilities in their final environment, are and will be our foremost goal. Our main target is to deliver the best quality of construction possible and to put this into the given landscape and surroundings as desired by our clients. This we do not do only within the European Community. Worldwide we deliver hygenic toilet facilities of the best quality possible. All toilet units are completely by build ourselves according to the wishes of our customers. Obviously we construct, deliver and place all units in accordance with the local and/or regional requirements and current regulations. Even if this given process differs from country to country or world continent. Out of our commencement and expertise we want to be involved from the start and stay that way until the very end. Only by acting in this way we’re capable of delivering our exceptional high standard products in the best possible way to our clients in the realm of Europe and the rest of the world. SaniTronics is striving to offer a societal component. And this we’d like to do in a virtuous way. As it is we’re aware of the fact that public sanitation is playing an important role in all (semi-)public space. We therefore choose to deliberate with all partners involved for the most beautiful and best product possible. With respect for the environment and for all future users. A toilet unit that arises if not dissolves in its landscape or public space there where it will be located. A sanitation amenity that is in the forefront technically and ecologically concerning its water use, the use of electricity, ecological cleaning products, etc. The used materials are consisting as much as possible out of the re-usable types. The central thought here is that production, the use and maintenance of our toilet units imply as less damage as possible to the environment. The expertise we’re offering is broad and at the same time goes deep. The applied materials are picked and chosen by ourselves and we judge these on their quality and sustainability. Our toilet units are developed innovatively and they are not common on the in- and outside. The applicable techniques are not always visible. These are completely to the service of the final end user. At the same time the significance of our client weighs in, the maintenance costs need to be crystal clear and as low as possible and remain that way. Maintenance and oversight occurs partially on distance and partially on the spot. Herewith a professional policy is essential. With an eye directed on innovation and progressive techniques we make sure that our qualified engineers learn whenever this is necessary. Our people are aware of this fact and do their work as such. This applies for the production, the logistics, the placing on location and the maintenance afterwards. In the process chain from a concept to the end use we steer on quality, charisma, sustainabilty and cost control. The final starting-point will always be a clean and nice toilet experience, over and over again. SaniTronics is your dedicated partner for whom the customer wishes are commanding. Our clients are all over the world. All assignments wether they are big or small are always welcomed with love and passion. Our attitude is this: for a better world start with yourself, Sanitronics wants to offer everybody in the world a clean toilet, always and everywhere. Visit our website and follow SaniTronics through our online channels via,,, and SaniTronics.

Mission Statement ENG SaniTronics International  
Mission Statement ENG SaniTronics International  

SaniTronics aims with its activities on the needs of people for hygienic toilet facilities outside their own living environment. SaniTronics...