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Tips to follow while adding a payment gateway to your E-Commerce Every business or online store needs to integrate a good payment system which facilitates seamless online transaction. It allows your customers to choose whichever mode of payment fascinates them. Using cheques and cash is often time consuming and a lengthy process and with digitization coming into picture, every customer is encouraging cashless transaction. People are more comfortable in paying via debit/ credit cards etc. If your business is not equipped with a featured payment gateway then, you are certainly diverting the customer flow towards your competitor’s business website. Hence, its time you should start the process of getting a modern payment gateway.

For choosing the best amongst them, follow the below mentioned tips: Choose on the basis of your needs The efficacy of payment gateway integration should well satisfy all your business needs. Some payment gateways charge on the number of financial transaction your business make while others have a fixed monthly fee. You should choose the one which best suit your business. If your business is global then, your payment gateway must accept international card like Visa and Master Card along with debit and credit cards.

A good payment gateway provides numerous payment options. It gives its customers uttermost flexibility to choose the mode of payment thereby, increasing your sales.

Research In order to benefit your business, you have to ensure you choose the right payment gateway. A good payment gateway will give you all fee details and have a fully transparent operating mode. It will not have any hidden charges. Some payment gateways have hidden charges and would aim at drawing the most money out of your wallet. Hence, you should compare the fee structure of some major payment gateways and then, choose wisely.

Look for Payment and Customer-Friendly Features The best payment gateways provide great set of features that contribute towards higher success

rates of transactions and also provide for greater customer satisfaction. In order to maintain the highest payment success rates, they offer you ‘Smart Routing’ and ‘Auto Retry’ features. The payment gateway should also provide you SSL security and should comply with the PCI: DSS standards.

Tips to follow while adding a payment gateway  
Tips to follow while adding a payment gateway