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Smoking cigars is both a lifestyle and a hobby. Unlike cigarette smoking, it’s not an addiction or a private affair. You can smoke cigar both to ward off your boredom and tiredness and also as a social activity. AS I have mentioned a o e it’s like a ho a d si ilar to fi e i es, igars also have their aro a a d perso a . If ou are e to s oki g igars, ou would be surprised to know that most the people, who smoke cigars, do ’t like cigarette-smoking.

However, not everybody is made for cigars. Some people like them a d so e do ’t. It’s agai a atter of prefere e. Smoking cigars reflects the development of finer taste in life. That’s pro a l the reaso people sometimes start smoking cigars at a later stage in life; say when they are in their 50s or 60s, whereas, most of the cigarette smokers are teens.

Have you seen a billboard or a magazine ad, in which a teenager is shown smoking a cigar? It’s because teenagers mostly are attracted towards cigarettes and very few among them understand the finer taste associated with cigars. You can choose a cigar according to your mood and occasion. Cigar smoking is also associated with socializing and enjoying the quiet moments of your life.

Imagine, you are sitting on a Willys jeep near a beach in the e e i g. You’re all tired and want to enjoy these precious moments of life watching the setting sun. You lit up a properly chosen cigar and feel the bliss. Gurkha Cigars are available in different aromas, tastes, personas, and colors, etc.

As far as conversation is concerned, cigars can be the best topic, when you are sitting with our frie ds. You’ll get e i sights a out arious ra ds a d types. If you want to start it, first learn about different cigars and try smoking one or two. If you like the substance and feel that your body is okay with the new product, you can go ahead. If you feel giddiness or something which ou’re ot o forta le ith, etter ou should avoid it. Ho e er, it’s ellk o that igars are ’t as har ful as igarettes are. Smoking cigars relaxes your body and makes you feel good, especially after a hectic day at work. Open up a late bottled vintage and light up a luxury cigar such as Gurkha cigars and enjoy the sea breeze.

Why Gurkha cigars? Sourced from the Cibao Valley of the Dominican Republic, Gurkha cigars are known for the finest tobacco it’s ade of. It’s a Handmade cigar, which is very popular among users. It has a rich and creamy flavor, thanks to its wrapper made of premium stuff. The quality of its wrapper is considered to be better than Cuban cigars as the period for hi h it’s fermented is many months more than the latter. The filler is also Sourced from plants grown from premium Cuban seeds.

Gurkha cigars are a symbol of luxury and passion, because they are made of a sweet tobacco sourced fro e oti ood. It’s a i tage produ t a d is ge erall considered to have a touch of emotional warmth. These cigars have a great appeal. Simply smoke it while walking in your porch or courtyard and it will spoil you with luxury. Most of the Gurkha cigars are Cognac-infused and hence they bring you The finest taste and flavor. According to the manufacturers of Gurkha cigars, producing them is like finely blending business a d art. It’s a lu ur product a d that’s h they are not packaged in ordinary cigar boxes.

Varieties of Gurkha cigars The makers of Gurkha cigars are actually passionate about cigars and other finer tastes of life such as luxury and premium watches. According to him, passion is not related to afforda ilit . If ou’re passionate about something, ou’ll start olle ti g it lo g before you can actually afford it. For a cigar hobbyist, cigar is a tuall a olle tor’s ite .

Mike Cigars offer a verity of luxury Gurkha cigars and some of these are: • • • • • • • •

Gurkha Avenger G5 Gurkha Cellar Reserve Gurkha Evil Gurkha Ghost Gurkha Grand Reserve Gurkha Heritage Gurkha Intruder Gurkha Legend

• • • • • • • •

Gurkha Ninja Gurkha Prize Fighter Gurkha Red Witch Gurkha Rogue Gurkha Samplers Gurkha Spec Ops Gurkha Warlord Gurkha Wicked Indie

If you want to know more about these cigars, you can visit Mike’s Cigar’s e site. However, with the passage of ti e, ou’re going to learn more about cigars and then ou’ll e a le to uild your own collection based on your preferred cigars. Gurkha is the result of dedicated R&D and association with producing luxury items.

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Passions, Life and Luxury With Gurkha Cigar  

Smoking cigars is both a lifestyle and a hobby. Gurkha cigars are a symbol of luxury and passion, because they are made of a sweet tobacco s...

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