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Sani Resort Sani Green


Sani Resort Sani Green

Welcome to the Sani Sustainability Report A luxurious landscape stretching across fragrant pine forests, golden sands and crystal clear waters, Sani Resort is home to five multiple-awarded 5-star hotels recognised around the globe by leading travel organizations. Sani Resort is situated in a thousand-acre reserve, with five luxury hotels and a marina are against a backdrop of natural beauty. The company prises itself for offering an unparalleled holiday experience to its guests with the outmost respect for nature and the people living within and around the area. The Sani Green programme, as the comprehensive sustainability programme at Sani is called, focuses on three pillars: (a) sustainable hotel operations, (b) protection and enhancement of local biodiversity, and (c) local community support, human capital development and Corporate Social Responsibility. Throughout the years, our programme initiatives have been certified with leading environmental certification programmes and labels, such as ISO 14001, Travelife GOLD, Green Key and the Blue Flag. As you will see in the pages of this report, in 2017 the company honed in specifically on areas such as water conservation, waste reduction and single plastic use reduction, as well as aiming to further improve sustainability indicators across all other areas. Guest participation in the company’s sustainability programmes continued to grow. The Sani company also increased its outreach to the most vulnerable, supporting hospitals, charities, schools and other local organizations, while also maintaining long-term partnerships with NGOs on projects such as the Sani wetlands conservation project. We invite you to peruse this report and hope you will enjoy learning more about our Sani Green work.

Sani Resort Sani Green

Sani Green Three pillars make up the main Sani Green objectives, coupled with a well-defined set of policies, initiatives and measurable targets for each. A. Sustainable Hotel Operations B. Protection and Enhancement of Local Biodiversity C. Local Community Support and Human Capital Development

2016: 2016: Certified Certified Sustainability Sustainability 2017 Our Sustainability Credentials

The The company’s company’s sustainability sustainability programmes programmes are are constantly constantly monitored monitored byby external, external, independent independent parties, parties, annually annually garnering garnering these these prestigious prestigious awards. awards.

Sani Resort’s sustainability programme is monitored by external, independent organisations, annually being awarded these prestigious certifications.

Awards and Certifications • Travelife Gold • Green Key • Blue Flag • ISO14001 Environmental Management System certified by TUV Austria

Sample Sample awards awards and and certifications certifications anti-clockwise anti-clockwise toptop leftleft to to right: right: Travelife Travelife Gold, Gold, The The Green Green Key, Key, The The Blue Blue Flag, Flag, ISO14001 ISO14001 Environmental Environmental Management Management System System certified certified byby TUV TUV Austria. Austria.

Sani Green At a glance

HOTEL OPERATIONS • Energy consumption was reduced by 4.7% compared to 2016 • Recycling rate reached almost 50% in 2017 • More than 1.000.000 kg of materials has been recycled in the last 3 years.

LOCAL BIODIVERSITY • The Sani Wetlands Project: a strategic partnership with the Hellenic Ornithological Society to preserve the wetlands and create an eco-tourism destination continues

LOCAL COMMUNITY SUPPORT AND HUMAN CAPITAL DEVELOPMENT • Community, Health & Safety and Equal Opportunities Employee Policy in place

• Forest Protection initiatives

• 71% of staff Greek, 80% of that local 6,500 hours of staff training offered

• Single use plastic items have been reduced by another 15% since 2016 and more than 70% since 2013 (baseline year)

• Sani Animal Rescue programme helped 24 animals (cats and dogs), with two finding a home abroad through the programme

• Eco Day Festival open to over 20,000 guests and local residents

• Water consumption reduced by 36% compared to 2016 per guest night

• Complimentary eco-guide tours with over 2800 guests participating increased by 20% since 2016

• Local and domestic products used remain over 56% in 2017

• Key regional benefactor supporting local schools, charities and associations • The Sani company supports more than 18 local and national organizations from schools and charities to NGOs working with refugees • Company local organisation support highlights include the creation of a children trauma unit at the Halkidiki General Hospital and renovating a children refugee centre in Thessaloniki

A. Sustainable Hotel Operations

Energy and Carbon Management Energy use KPIs are monitored carefully across the resort to reduce the company’s contribution to climate change. Monthly reports are distributed internally to evaluate performance and priority areas. State of the art energy technologies were used in the refurbishment of Sani Club to minimise the hotel’s carbon footprint.

19,10 kg CO2e/ guest night* Our carbon equivalent in kilograms per guest night in 2017.

-4.7% Total energy consumption has reduced by 4.7% per guest night compared to 2016 as a result of staff training and efficient use of equipment .

A. Sustainable Hotel Operations

Water and Water Waste Management Large water savings were achieved in 2017, with water use reduced by over a third through the extension of the recycled water network. Water consumption in 2017 reduced by 36% compared to 2016 per guest night.

Recycled water is used for all peripheral gardens respecting Greek and EU legislation requirements

36% reduction of water consumption per guest night in 2017 compared to 2016

A. Sustainable Hotel Operations

Waste Management Sani Resort has further improved on its strong performance in waste management, having overcome the absence of municipality recycling services to reach results, placing the company as a leader and global best practice case study in hotel waste management.

Single p reduc lastic items ed by anoth er since since



and m

70%ore than



ne yea



320 tonnes

2,5 hours

Plastic Βag ΒΑΝ

Total waste recycling rate, starting from 17% in 2013. *Recycled input materials used percentage

Total recycling waste from Sani Resort compared to 227tn in 2015. *Recycled input materials total weight

of extensive employee sustainability training per employee, including training on waste management procedures

The resort has banned single use plastic bags in all owned operations and suppliers are encouraged to use reusable, paper or other bags

A. Sustainable Hotel Operations

Our local suppliers • The Sani company continues to work closely with local producers and farms. Local and Greek products in 2017 made up 56% of the total. • The Eco Day Festival aims to highlight some of the best local producers and products, giving clients the opportunity to taste the unique local produce. • All suppliers are evaluated and screened with ISO 22000 and sustainability standards.

A. Sustainable Hotel Operations

Key targets and action plan for 2018 for Sani Green Sustainability aspect

Target and action assessment of 2017 performance

Target for 2018

Action Plan

Energy management

Energy per guest night has reduced

Reduce energy consumption by 2%

Energy assessment in line with ISO

by 4.7% compared to 2016

Water management

Waste water management

Water per guest night has reduced

50001 and ISO 14001 requirements Â

by 36% compared to 2016

Reduce water consumption by another 2% by installing water restrictors where necessary

Conduct water risk assessment and evaluate results

Extension of the recycled water network

Increase wastewater sampling

Continuous monitoring of wastewater results


Waste management

30% increase of recycled total

Increase recycling rate by another 3%

Increase staff training. Waste mapping and plastic audit for all Sani hotels

Increase local suppliers by another 3%

Evaluate more local suppliers

Deliver 3 hrs of sustainability training per staff member

Deliver trainings during induction and on-the-job trainings

weight compared to 2017


Maintained the Greek & Local supply rate up to 56%

 Sustainability training

Delivered 2.5 hrs of sustainability training per person

B. Protection and Enhancement of Local Biodiversity

Sani Green: Getting Guests Involved Sani Resort places great emphasis in getting guests to be a part of the sustainability experience. Be it from choosing local produce on the menus or attending complimentary eco trips, there is a vast array of experiences to be a part of. The Sani Wetlands book is placed in all rooms, showcasing the Sani Wetlands wildlife, as well as birdwatching routes. Hermes the Black-Winged Stilt, a children’s fairy tale story, is available in selected rooms and for purchase, with proceeds donated to local conservation partners. Complimentary guided nature trips are offered with a resident eco-guide (such as bird-watching, bee keeping, hiking, biking and farm trips).

B. Protection and Enhancement of Local Biodiversity

The Sani Eco Day Festival The weekly Sani Eco Day festival, a pop up event dedicated to the environment and the local community, takes place every Sunday in the summer months. It gives guests and local residents the opportunity to sample local produce and customs, meet producers and local artists, and take part in eco workshops.

B. Protection and Enhancement of Local Biodiversity



Bird Species

on Education

can be found in the Sani Wetlands, a public 110-hectare area featuring over half of bird species present across Greece. The area was abandoned, littered and unknown prior to its adoption by Sani. In a seven-year strategic partnership with Birdlife International’s local arm, the Hellenic Ornithological Society (HOS), the vulnerable habitat’s species are being documented a.nd protection measures put in place.

Over 1700 people visited the HOS kiosk at the Sani marina Over 800 kids took part in educational workshops More than 500 people have been informed about the Sani Wetlands during the British Birdwatching fair in Oakham UK

B. Protection and Enhancement of Local Biodiversity


24 Stray



cats and dogs


participate in Sani educational eco programmes about local flora and fauna in the Mini and Teen Clubs

were rehomed as part of the Sani Animal Rescue programme through a partnership with local charity Halkidiki Animal Rescue.

growth in the Sani Excursion programme since 2016

9.74/10 guest satisfaction on sustainability compared to 9,70 in 2016 and 9,66 in 2015

C. Local Community Support and Human Capital Development Sani Resort is dedicated to supporting the local community and building further on human capital development. Total greeks employed shows a significant increase over the past years.

6.500 hrs of training offered

71% of Sani staff is Greek

80% of Greek staff is local

20.000 guests

A wide range of internal and third party sustainability, health & safety and hygiene audits conducted in 2017 in order to ensure the health, safety and the welfare of guests, employees and all third parties involved in resort operations.

The Sani Eco Day Festival is open to 20.000 guests and local residents, showcasing local customs, organic and local products, as well as local cultural associations.

Equal opportunities and health and safety policies are in place, creating a safe environment with satisfied employees

C. Local Community Support and Human Capital Development

Sani Resort Environmental Policy

Employee And Community Policy

Sani Resort strives to offer a high standard of holiday services that exceed customer expectations whilst respecting the environment and people. The administration and hotel staff commit to the continuous improvement and sustainable performance of all hotels as part of the Sani S.A. group’s greater sustainability policy. For this purpose, ongoing environmental initiatives are implemented under the umbrella name “Sani Green”, which encompasses every environmental initiative and activity developed by the Sani S.A. group. Furthermore, an environmental management system has been established and is maintained at the hotels in conformance with the requirements of the ISO 14001:2004 standards.

SANI RESORT is committed to monitoring how its operations impact the local and business community and is striving to make a positive contribution, constantly investing in human capital and supporting the local Halkidiki community.

The Sani Resort management team is committed to meeting required legal and environmental requirements and to continuously improving its environmental performance in the following areas: ∙ Protection and enhancement of local biodiversity; ∙ Reduction of energy and resource use; ∙ Increase of renewable energy use; ∙ Reduction of water usage; ∙ Reduction of waste; ∙ Reduction of the use of chemicals; ∙ Environmental supply chain management; ∙ Increase of environmental awareness among all employees, guests as well as residents of the local community. The management team regularly reviews this environmental policy, reassessing and setting new goals, as well as ensuring their communication.

The company’s community policy includes the following values. Employees ∙ We value our staff and treat them fairly and with respect, ensuring that no one is discriminated against, irrespective of age, sex, gender, ethnicity, religion, culture or disability. ∙ We take staff development seriously and provide training to support our employees in their roles from their induction and throughout their careers at our hotel. ∙ We comply with all applicable employee laws and regulations in our country. We are continually training our staff on our sustainability commitments and health and safety issues, so that they understand the role they play in delivering our objectives and targets. ∙ We offer our employees a safe and healthy environment. All our hotels strictly follow national and international laws and best practices. Local community ∙ Wherever possible, we buy our food and beverage products from local and Greek businesses and closely monitor and aim to improve the percentage of local and Greek products. ∙ We are committed to maintaining a close relationship with our local community, ensuring that any concerns about our business operations are addressed collaboratively. ∙ We make donations to support local organizations and initiatives. Child protection We are committed to respecting and promoting children rights, as prescribed by applicable legislation and Greek charity ‘The Smile of the Child.

C. Local Community Support and Human Capital Development

Sani Resort supports the local community through a range of partnerships and programmes In 2017 Sani Company worked with "Pediatric Trauma Care“ charity to offer medical equipment for a child trauma wing created at the General Hospital of Halkidiki. The company also worked with the Bodossaki Foundation to renovate a refugee hostel in Thessaloniki, which temporarily houses unaccompanied refugee children while awaiting to be reunited with their family. Other organisations assisted, include local schools, food banks and environmental organisations

Some of the organisations Sani Resort supported in 2017: Arcturos Arsis Bodossaki Foundation Christian Mission Thessaloniki Diazoma Cultural Charity Desmos Charity Fokies Youth Football Team Fokies elementary and high school Food Bank of Nea Moudania Food Bank of Kriopigi

Thessaloniki Fire Fighters Restoration project Friends of the Poor Polygyros Halkidiki Animal Rescue Hellenic Ornithological Society Pedtrauma Potidea Special Needs School 2nd Nursery School of N. Moudania Social Grocery Store of Thessaloniki

About the report • The information and data covers Sani Resort hotel activities • The information used is for the financial year 2017 (April 2017 – October 2017), which is the period the resort is operational) • Carbon emissions include Scope I for the above period • The pictures in the report are copyright of Sani Resort Sani Resort and Sani Green are trademarks property of Sani SA • The report or part of the report cannot be published or used without the official license of Sani Resort

Annual sustainability report 2017  
Annual sustainability report 2017