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IM//UR Orion of Kap Bambino by Christel Escosa //


PHILOSOPHY IM//UR is a website with a blog mentality. It is a showcase for all kinds of creativity.

•We scout and get involved in all that is happening in contemporary emerging art/music/fashion and pop culture on an international scale. We cut the edge instead of just standing on it. •We aim to express opinion freely, to support creativity that we find inspiring and to get a deeper insight on the people that it comes from. •“I Am, You Are” therefore the inclusive We Are, is reflective of this. We are all looking for something whether we know it or not; be it the newest sound, the newest fashion, the next experience, the newest direction that our lives can take. IM // UR is an exploration of all those things and the people who are actively doing so.

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What we do is a type of anthropology that not only documents the zeitgeist, but helps to define it.

CONTENT We post exclusive content including interviews and photoshoots, mp3 releases, lookbooks and images from all creative genres. We organise our content under the following main headings of: • Music • Art • Fashion • ETC.

• We//R\\ Listening • We//R\\ Wearing • We//R\\ Watching • We//R\\ Going • We//R\\ Reading

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We also feature on the left hand side of the website 5 categories that are the highlights of what we come across and really want to support, called:

READERS IM//UR is for people who are interested in

discovering new things; whether as a creator or a simple observer. • From students to scenesters • Homebodies to party people • From music fans, fashion heads & art snobs • Wanna-bes and gonna-bes • Bands, artists, photographers, DJs, • Designers, directors and industry folk.

They are influential and are looked to by their peers for the word up on what’s next. WHERE: IM//UR is an international affair coming out of London, UK and Sao Paulo, Brazil; but it is a globally roaming entity that is interested in the latest emerging from all corners of the world.

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Our readers are ahead of the curve in all aspects of their lives, trendsetters who seek out the newest and best in what they do.

READERSHIP & STATISTICS We went live in late March 2009 and we’ve already been acknowledged by established blog heavyweights as one of the best new blogs to rise this year. We’re currently enjoying an average of 700 unique visits per day, with 19,000 page views a month, and it’s growing. The break down of visitors internationally: South America: 45% USA: 20% UK: 10%

Australia: 5% Canada: 4% France: 4% Other: 6%

If you are interested in advertising or working with us to utilize our mad skillzzz, readership and extensive international contact list, please get in touch.

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Germany: 6%

IM//A\\PARTY We aim to bring the freshest talent to the coolest crowds with IMYOUARE.COM and I M//A\\PARTY. The aim of I M//A\\PARTY is to open the South American channel for international acts on the music scene. We are making I M//A\\PARTY a more regular occurrence with some of the best upcoming international acts being brought over to play in Sao Paulo, Brazil as well as parties & events in other cities around the world. So far we’ve put on:

...with more events and parties in the works. If you’d like to get involved with IM//A\\PARTY as a media partner, advertiser or otherwise please email

photo by Marcelo Fubah for IM//UR

#1: YELLE, Grand Marnier and TEPR #2: The Synth Pop Edition - BAG RAIDERS, The Twelves, Boss In Drama ft GORKY (Bonde do Role) #3: The GOLDEN FILTER, Stop Play Moon, Gil Barbara and Database



Christel Escosa (UK) & Raphael Caffarena (Brazil)

• Christel is an Australian raised and now London based freelance fashion/music/art and culture writer. She can be found interviewing, Djing and partying in various cities around the world; she was previously music and online editor of cult publication Amelia’s Magazine (both online and in print) and online editor and in charge of promotions for ‘Sup Magazine. • Raphael is a music journalist from Sao Paulo and currently writes for major Brazilian music trend portal He also previously maintained popular music blog and is regularly seen interviewing, partying and DJing with the coolest acts to stop by in Brazil.


Christel Escosa (London) Email: Mobile: +44 7514 045 040 Skype: christelescosa

Raphael Caffarena (Sao Paulo) Email: Mobile: +55 1181 325 330 Skype: raphael.caffarena

DETAILS WEB (URLs clickable)

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