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The atheist persons have rights too Santiago Huertas Gracia Communicative competences 1 Culture vs. Religion 1005 PROBLEM STATEMENT Atheist persons. Before we have to say what is an atheist? An atheist is a person that does not have anything on what believe the atheists do not pray, neither go to the church, the only thing in what atheist persons believe is in their selves. An atheist always respect other religions, the atheist most of the times is respectful and decent with religious persons, all the persons have to quit the stereotype that atheist persons are form evil and that they kill cats in sacrifice of devil that is a thinking about them, if you want that an atheist respect you why you do not respect him? GENERAL OBJECTIVE Analyze and discover how fell an atheist when the people criticizes their thinking and if the critics motivate him to become religious or if motivate the religious person to become atheist. SPECIFIC OBJECTIVES 1. To explain what is the atheist thinking about the religious person that is believer and become atheist. 2. To analyze why or what is the motivation of a person that want to become atheist 3. To argument wich are the reasons of the people to think that atheists are evil

JUSTIFICATION PROBLEM Why the persons stop believing in god or religion, and they become atheist? Maybe it can be because the people feel without God support or maybe it can be because you feel that all the things are starting to get against you. For other part we are going to start talking about the important things, some atheist says that you born atheist but the other ones say that you does not born atheist you have to become atheist because all the persons can become atheist when they want. But what is been atheist? That you are an atheist mean a lot of things for example do not pray neither go to the church and stop making a lot of things that you always do. People the religious one thinks that their belief in God is not that vague, confused, indefinite feeling which compels one to suppose a principal religion, that they are wrong if you believe in god you believe in all you have known perfect world but that is not true. God when one believes in him as you and I do, im poses then on man on duty towards the society of which he makes a part you admit it, do you not? Then follow and analyze with me this society of who and how is it composed at the same time, of strong and weak, conquerors and conquered, oppressors and oppressed, masters and slaves of citizens and bondmen or subjects disinterred and slaved considered as tools and laughing stocks. It is in these sense friends that I say to you “I believe in God” Being atheist is nto always something good or something that bring a benefit as atheist you have to receive a lot of critics just because other persons do not have your same thinking for example you are an atheist you go on the street and you look a friend that you have not seen since school and you start talking about a lot of things in one point of the conversation he says to you if you believe in something you say yes “ I believe in myself I’m an atheist “ in that moment your friend says you a lot of things like why you are atheist are you crazy? You feel bad with yourself and you start thinking if that you become catholic is an option, just because a “friend” criticizes you

RESULT EXPECTATION To conclude it can be a concrete reason to become atheist that someone critic her or his feelings? The people have to think what they are going to say before. Persons have to be more respectful about the other thinkings or religions, the feeling of God do not support you because too many bad things had happen to you is fake god Is going to be always with you. But the people do not understand that and that is why the Catholics become atheist. BIBLIOGRAPHY

ensayo sobre el ateismo  

is an essay about atheism topic: culture vs religion

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