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Sanhita Bhargva

Ground Floor Plan

ESIC Hospital is a government project with a total built-up area of around 30556.38 ESIC Peenya is a Model for all the ESIC hospitals in Bangalore . • The building has been registered with IGBC and has received a silver coin certificate. • As per the Energy Modeling report , use of Double glazing, Boxing and External shading devices like FRC latticed screen have been used. • Provision of STP has been done to ensure that that waste water is treated and used for irrigation and Flushing.

First Floor Plan

Second Floor Plan

The proposed extension of the existing ESIC Model Hospital and establishment of a medical college is administered by Employees’ State Insurance Corporation ( ESIC ) which was established under the ESI Act, 1948. Total Built-up Area – 1,42,842.91 sq. mtr. (43,187.56 sq. mtr. – existing area retained + 99,655.35 sq. mtr. – proposed area ) The existing ESIC Model Hospital which was established in 1968 and needs to be up-graded and also to be retrofitted to make the structure earth quake resistance. Further, it was felt that ESIC should have enough doctors and paramedical staff on their own so as to extend the best facilities. Hence current project is envisaged for the extension and up-gradation of the existing ESIC Model hospital at Rajaji Nagar with the establishment of a medical college at a cost of Rs. 10 millions

Ground Floor Plan

Ground Floor Plan

First Floor Plan

Convention Center at Rajgiri was a government funded project. The total land area for the project is -8 acres, Built up area- 10,000 The project was proposed in a very rural setting and it was important to follow the traditional architecture of the town. The project was inaugurated by the chief minister of Bihar in 2012 and currently stands as an landmark building in the Town.

Seminar Building Floor Plan

The project was about reshaping the Vishvamitri river front and develops it with multidisciplinary approach integrating dimensions of planning, urban design architecture as well as contextually relevant design which was responsive to: Socio cultural Political culture Administrative Economic context. A patch of the river was selected as the site considering the area connected thru the river and accordingly were divided in different functional zone.

 Refreshment zone: exhibitions, viewing gallery.  Sacred zone: temples, Ghats and spaces for meditation and religious talks.  Commercial zone: food courts, handicrafts shops, other shops etc.  Public zone: amphitheater and viewing deck having a visual connection with the former zones.

Civic Plaza At Vadodra ďƒ˜the site is located at bank of river Vishvamitri hence the building is designed considering the view provided by the river . ďƒ˜the site is slightly contoured and the contours are utilized as part of landscape in the building. ďƒ˜the building would be utilized as centre for Business ,Conferences ,Seminars and also as an public utility center with the facilities like City shopping center ,Restaurant ,Exhibitions hall etc.

Civic Plaza At Vadodra ďƒ˜The building has enough parking space for the visitors and also a refreshment area with landscapes and food courts. ďƒ˜Amphitheater is placed at the back side in order to view the river. ďƒ˜The building is functionally divided into commercial, refreshment and business zones.

 There is a lake in Wadhvana where tourist comes during the winter seasons for bird watching and photography.  The project was to provide proper accommodations for the tourist and which should also provide an employment to the local people and the earned capital would be utilized for the development of the village.  The sloping roof as well as long corridor kind of verandahs shows the basic building form followed in the village.  Also large courtyards and green space is an important feature of the building spaces.

“BIONOMICS is used in relation to biome which means biological organisms. Bionomics can be defined as the science that studies the interaction among living organisms and the relationship between them and its environment.”

 The project BIONOMIC CENTER at DANG is proposed by Gujarat forest department und the project called ‘ECO-DEVELOPMENT PROJECT’: at ‘DANGS’.  This Bionomic center would be built and managed with the help of academic institution, NGO’S and Government agencies.

 Focus on ecology and ecosystems of Dang and create awareness amongst the local community.  Develop benchmark database for ecosystems of Gujarat and thereafter undertake continuous monitoring and trend analysis by research activities.  To create public awareness and understanding about nature and natural system with a view to promote conservation and wise use of nature.  To create awareness amongst the farmers to have a better quality of crops and how increase the production of the same.

ďƒ˜The building internal spaces are like the old village school buildings or office buildings with long corridors with an open courtyard in the center. ďƒ˜Copious amount of natural light is obtained thru the central courtyard spaces. ďƒ˜The is designed considering the old form of office buildings in a village.











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