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How to be Good at Farmville: A Guide Knowing how to be good at Farmville, is knowing what you want to achieve in the long run. If you want to get the most out of the Farmville experience- be it cash, a fancy looking farm, or fast leveling up, you need to what to concentrate on doing at the right stages of the game. Farmville has plenty of fun features and items you can buy for your virtual farm, but spending your coins unwisely on random features, can hinder your progress dramatically. In the early stages of the game, it is important to carry out actions based on leveling up, rather than accumulating cash. The higher your level is, the greater the choice you have of crops to grow, and the bigger your farm can be. Growing cash crops should only be done at level 20, when you can buy tomato seeds. The cash you earn from crops can used for purchasing more XP. Avoid spending money on equipment that isn't strictly necessary at a particular stage of the game. For instance, tractors are expensive and aren't needed until you have large tracts of land with crops. Getting more neighbors has its benefits, especially in the early stages of the game. If you want to know how to be good at Farmville, you can't go wrong with using the knowledge your friends acquire from playing the game. Invite all your Facebook friends to the Farmville game, since each successful invite earns you a ribbon. Ribbons can be exchanged for cash and in turn, XP. Besides the benefit of accumulating ribbons, neighbors can help you out when you need it. You can also help out your neighbors and earn ribbons for doing so. See which tasks you need to do to earn more ribbons. Even small ribbons add up over time and can be used to purchase unique items later on in the game. Take note of which seeds bring you good cash returns, and which ones earn you XP. In Farmville, there is usually a trade-off. Crops seldom earn you good XP and money at the same time. Consider how often you actually play Farmville. The time it takes for plants to grow and be ready for harvest, should match your log-in times to Farmville. If you only have limited opportunities to log into Farmville, make sure that you don't plant crops that grow too fast: they will simply whither during the long gaps between sessions. Withered crops do not earn you the maximum amount on your seed investment. Farmville uses a lot of eye-candy. Do not spend your cash and coins on useless decorations for your farm. Only do so if the action earns you a ribbon. Immediately sell the decorations and fancy buildings once the ribbon has been earned, and use that land space for crops. Speaking of land space, try to utilize every bit of it on your farm. If there are awkward areas of land that cannot be used for crop cultivation, plant trees, or put animals there; basically make sure that all your land is providing you with income. Keep expanding your farm size, whenever possible. More land means more possible profit. A good guide on how to be good at Farmville is just a click away! Want to know what all the best Farmville players know? To get the best tips and techniques, you need to take a look at Farmville Secrets! Order your copy by clicking here:

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