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Endangered Blue Whales By Sang

Blue Whale A blue whale is a fish but is in the mammalia class. At 30 meters (98 ft) in length and 180 metric tons or more in weight, it is the largest animal existed. The blue whale’s body color is usually blue-ish gray. This animal is one of the largest and heaviest animal ever lived animal ever lived. It is even heavier than the biggest dinosaur, Argentinosaurus which was 99 metric tons

Where It Lives Blue whales are present in almost all the oceans. However, they are mainly spotted in the southern hemisphere. They prefer to stay in the deep waters and sometimes in the coastal waters.

Food/ Diet Blue whales are carnivores, although they only eat very tiny things, it eats small fish and krill. Their favorite food is krill, or shrimp like euphausiids. A blue whale may consume up to 5.5 - 6.4 metric tons of food per day during the summer feeding season.


The blue whale’s population is decreased by many things. For example humans hunting whales, polluted water, etc. Since it is the largest animal on the planet, there are other threats such as bumping into sharp rocks in the sea, running out of food, etc. Some times blue whales float to dry land and suffocate because it cant move back into the sea. Blue whales doesn’t have many predators due to its size, power, and speed. Its only predators are humans, great white shark and killer whales which do attack and wound them but the whales dont die straight away.

What is happening to blue whales Peolple are catching whales to put in museums, to eat, to sell, etc. This causes the population of the blue whales to decrease by alot. If humans continue doing this action, this world wont have any blue whales left and will be extinct. People are selling blue whale meats for expensive price.

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Blue Whale  
Blue Whale  

Please help the whales