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How to dress like a hip-hopper 27 April 2010

Volume 1, Issue 1

Hip Hop Hip Hop originated from a Jamaican dj known as Kool Herc, around the early 70’s. Hip Hop is a lifestyle that has its own language, fashion, music and mind set which evolves day after day. Hip Hop has a direct response to an older generation’s rejection of the values and needs of young people. The driving force behind all of the Hip Hop movement was people’s desire to be seen and heard. Hip Hop’s fashion style originates from African-American youth in New York, Los Angeles, Chicago, Philadelphia, San Francisco Bay Area, Detroit, Memphis, Atlanta, Jersey City, and Miami. Each city contributed to the Hip Hop style, as it is seen today. The fashion itself complements the expressions and attitudes of Hip Hop culture. The

Hip Hop fashion has changed significantly throughout the years and today the Hip Hop style is an important part of the popular fashion for all ethnicities. The hip hop movement has expanded throughout the world and can be seen in many different movies, books, music, etc. DJ Kool Herc, the father of Hip Hop In South Korea, artists such as Epik High, Dynamic Duo, and LeeSsang are dominating the music industry and making hip hop a favorite genre. Movies such as ‘Street is Watching’ and ‘State Property’ are examples of famous hip hop movies which influenced many non-followers of hip hop into one of them. Knowing how to dress like a hip hopper, is a must! Hip hop is a style that has been around for a Early Hip Hop in the 1970’s long time that is still being loved!

Leeson #1: The Tops The Hip Hoppers nowadays wear T-shirts, jumpers, formal jackets or something similar. Flashy shirts and printed t-shirts are in style today! Compared to today’s hip hop fashion The fashion looks very different from how it was thirty years ago. In the 1980’s Hip Hoppers wore brightly colored

name-brand leather and sheepskin bomb jackets, The 1980’s Hip Hop fashion is still important, because it is one of the elements of ‘old school hip hop’ and the old school style is also a good choice! Pharrell and Snoop Dog, wearing billionaire boy’s club’s clothes.

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How to dress like hip-hoppers

Lesson #2: The Hoodys Many Hip Hoppers wear hoodies and they are a big part of the Hip Hop fashion. Hoodys make a good choice too! A basic hoody worn by a Hip Hopper

The hoodys have evolved greatly from the beginning of Hip Hop and has changed until today.

Many Hip Hop artists such as Nelly and Fifty Cent wears the hoodys in music videos and sometimes in live concerts. An example of the new style of hoody, the zip-up hoody.

The hoody has changed from normal hoodys to zip-up hoodys that are worn today. I want kids

Lesson #3: The Bottoms

of this

Hip Hoppers wear baggy jeans when wearing casual hip hop outfits. But, Hip Hoppers sometimes wear formal pants when the person is wearing a formal jacket. The main form of bottoms hip hoppers wear are jeans. Remember to sag them, they are baggy jeans!

generation to see that everything is cool, that there's some kind of unity in hip-hop -Missy Elliot

Examples of baggy jeans worn by hip hoppers. The picture on the right is an example of sagging your jeans. (dropping jeans below the waist).

Lesson #4: The Shoes The shoes are an important part of the Hip Hop fashion. Nike Air force 1, Nike High-tops, Puma High-tops, and Reebok High-tops, And1, BBC, and Bape are popular choices of Hip Hop followers. Currently, Nike is the top choice, especially the air force 1s!

(Photos are described in clockwise): Nike Air force 1, Nike High-tops, and Puma High-tops.

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Volume 1, Issue 1

Lesson #5: Bling-blings and hats Bling-bling is a hip hop term for jewelry worn by hip hoppers, The term came from the sound of light hitting silver and diamonds. The bling-blings include earrings, necklaces and grills. Earrings worn by hip hoppers usually made of large pieces of diamonds or of the similar gem. Most men have piercings on their left ear, not the right! (This is important!) But some hip hoppers have ears pierced in both of their ears. Necklaces usually are large pieces of gold or silver with symbols such as the dollar sign. This is an important accessory as well, a hip hopper never goes out without one!

fit on the teeth like braces, the grills are usually made of gold and pieces of diamond. Pricy accessory but, good to have one to wear often. Hip hoppers usually wear 59fifty hats, these hats are important. Although the hats originated as baseball hats., many hip hop icons such as 50 cent, Eminem, Pharell, Lil’ Wayne, Soulja Boy and others wear these hats during concerts, in music videos or in their daily life. This piece of accessory is important and must not be forgotten! The four caps above are examples of NewEra 59fifty style hats. There are many different designs , each with its own unique style the NewEra 59fifty caps are a good choice for dressing up as a hip hopper.

Grills are accessories used to

Lesson #6: Putting it all together The final step to dress as all hip hop icons do, is to put all the 5 steps together. Remember to match the colors though, colors mean a lot in clothing.

the jean would be put in the high-top when worn so, people can see the high-top itself, instead of the high-top being covered by the jeans.

The casual style, a style which many hip hoppers casually wear consists of Airforce 1s, baggy jeans. Long shirt (or hoody) and a NewEra 59fifty hat. Adding bling-blings to this is not compulsory but would look much better.

Bling-blings are applicable for all the styles of clothings put together and by adding the extra bling-blings, you would look more hip hop!

Tracksuits are also a good choice, especially the adidas tracksuits, which is worn by many artists such as Missy Elliot. High –tops look good with straight-fit jeans and a flashy t -shirt or hoody. The ends of

(Photos explained fin clockwise format): The first photo is a hip hop group called 1TYM (one time), dressed in the old school fashion. (Bomb jackets, baggy jeans, hats and airforce 1s. The second photo is an hip hop artist named ‘Teddy’ This is a casual hip hop style: hoody, baggy jeans, ariforce 1s and NewEra 59fifty cap. The final image shows the same casual style, in which the person is wearing a flashy shirt, baggy jeans, earrings and a NewEra 59fifty hat.

Volume 1, Issue 1

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About the author Sang Hwa Lee was born in 1993, first son of Youn Hee Lim and Young Su Lee. Sang Hwa Lee, has had an interest in fashion and media ever since he was a little kid,. He began to take interest in the fashion industry when he was in middle school, of course the first of which he took interest in was hip hop. The hip hop movement has influenced the author a lot, he likes to dress like a hip hopper, when he is hanging out with his friends.

This issue on ‘How to dress like a hip-hopper’ is based on Sang Hwa’s experiences in dressing like a hip-hopper.


How to dress like a Hip-Hopper


How to dress like a Hip-Hopper