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The Book of: Fashion Statements Throughout The Ages

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Timeline of fashion styles Past 1900‟s 1910



1930‟s: Beginning of the Swing youth‟s era in Germany




1960’s: The beginning of the hippie’s era 1970

1970’s: The beginning of the hip hop era





2000’s: The beginning of the Tecktonik movement

Swing Movement Heil Swin


HJs by day Swing Kids by

It don‟t mean a thing if you ain‟t got that swing


Introduction: The rebellious movement of the swing kids began with the rise of Hitler in 1933. The Swing Kids („Swingjugend‟ in German) defined themselves as living a lifestyle of lazying around, going to parties and having fun, which was portrayed through their Americanstyle clothes. The rebellious movement was based on swing music, music which Hitler and the Nazi detested and thought as „negro‟, „Jewish‟ and „sexually perverted‟. Young Germans who listened to this genre of music risked their own lives, and the lives of their family members, like Peter does in the 1993 film “Swing Kids” directed by Thomas Carter.

Explanation The Swing youthâ€&#x;s fashion has very many parts in order to dress up like a follower of the movement. Firstly, one has to wear a long coat that reaches below your knees, these coats are made from wool or wool-mohair blend. Inside the coat, a vest is worn, which is made of the same textile. The two parts of clothing should contrast in color in order to look better. Under the, vest is a white collarshirt made of cotton or linen, the neck-tie is then tied across the collar-shirt and voila! Almost done! A scarf of any type will make a swing follower look more fashionable, thus many followers wore scarves. The neck-tie and vest should contrast in color with the collar-shirt, and a white shirt is worn most of the times. Usually, black trousers are worn, but sometimes khaki pants are worn as well with the numerous clothes these followers wear, with the trousers a classic non-buckle belt is preferable. The color of the shoes must match the color of the trousers in order to look your best, and patent leather court shoes are worn at all times. The clothes that the swing youth wore expressed freedom from Hitlerâ€&#x;s fascist regime, the coats, long hair, vest, long coats and scarves, opposed Hitlerâ€&#x;s ideology of a German society. He believed dressing up like the Americans was a disgrace and thus the fashion was illegal. German citizens who wore as a swing youth was captured and sent to a prison camp. Dressing up like a swing youth, was dangerous but it expressed freedom from a certain restriction.

The Hippy Movement Carry on, love is com ing. Love is coming to us all

Make Love, Not War

Imagine no possessions, I wonder if you can, No need for greed or hunger, A brotherhood of man. Imagine all the people Sharing all the world.

Introduction The hippie culture was more than just a group of people advocating peace and freedom. It later became a lifestyle that the hippies lived from day to night. There were numerous hippie followers all over the world, even though some were motivated to become hippies themselves, there were some who found themselves in the movement although they were not passionate about what they lived for, including vegetarianism, longhaired men, and flamboyant clothes.

Explanation The hippy fashion is composed of natural and loose -fit clothing with flamboyant designs of flower and nature, this represented freedom from war and racism. A typical follower of the hippy movement would wear a loose fit v-neck shirt or a tie-dye shirt, both made of cotton or linen, with bell-bottom pants made of denim, cotton or linen. When trying to dress up like a hippy, the more flamboyant or flowery the clothes, the better. A casual footwear item, such as a sandal is usually chosen to wear among hippy followers. Some followers wear vests or scarfs around their waists to make their clothes look more loose and relaxed. Accessories such as long necklaces with a peace sign or necklaces made of opium beads were popular among the hippies because the necklaces directly stated the needs of the followers, ’peace.’ The movement’s aim is to spread the love and to love one another, this concept is important as this fashion statement is what crafts the fashion of the followers. Long, droopy clothes with flower symbols, very long hair, and sandals and headbands, are all what society deemed out of the norm especially for men, but this also represented freedom in choice of clothing, relaxation, and no worries.

I want kids of this generation to see that everything is cool, that there's some kind of unity in hip-hop.

In the hip-hop community, it's about how real are you, or how strong can you be.

Hip-hop is supposed to uplift and create, to educate people on a larger level and to make a change.

Introduction Hip Hop originated from a Jamaican dj known as Kool Herc, around the early 70’s. Hip Hop is a lifestyle that has its own language, fashion, music and mind set which evolves day after day. Hip Hop has a direct response to an older generation’s rejection of the values and needs of young people. The driving force behind all of the Hip Hop movement was people’s desire to be seen and heard. Hip Hop’s fashion style originates from AfricanAmerican youth in New York, Los Angeles, Chicago, Philadelphia, San Francisco Bay Area, Detroit, Memphis, Atlanta, Jersey City, and Miami. Each city contributed to the Hip Hop style, as it is seen today. The fashion itself complements the expressions and attitudes of Hip Hop culture. The Hip Hop fashion has changed significantly throughout the years and today the Hip Hop style is an important part of the popular fashion for all ethnicities.

Explanation Hip Hop, is one the most renown fashion, music, lifestyle, cultural movement in the world. The movement is quite young compared to other rebellious fashion movements, but this movement has quickly found popularity among the youth. The Hip Hop movement was first founded to express one’s thoughts, freedom of speech and opposition of racism. A typical Hip hopper wears a hoody made from cotton of any design, but usually of a design which is flashy. Inside the hoody a t-shirt is worn, the color of the t-shirt should contrast the color of the hoody. A baggy pants made of denim is worn almost all the time among hip hoppers, the baggy pants originated from prisons, in which prisoners couldn’t wear belts and their pants would sag. The baggy pants are supposed to be a reminiscence of the prisons, and now pants are intentionally sagged by followers of the movement. Nike high dunks or high tops are the most popularly worn footwear at the moment, but other shoes such as adidas high tops are a good choice with the other clothing items. Large buckled belts are popular, as well as shades. NewEra 59fifty caps are popular among the hip hop culture, but the hip hop culture has a different way of wearing the caps. A spandex is worn under the hat and the NewEra cap is worn at a 45 degree. Blingblings are not compulsory, but it makes a good accessory item. The ways hip hoppers wear their clothes express the ideology of the originators of this movement, the way clothes are worn by the followers are really distinct, to show uniqueness through different ways of wearing clothes, power through jewellery worn in their fashion and memories through distinct wearing such as the baggy pants.

When you're young, you dance to tell your parents 'I'm a free man!

We won't go in the sector of sex or weapons or drugs or alcohol

Tecktonik has some very positive values which are to make parties, the respect of oneself, the dance, the fashion‌ energy‌ it's important for us to work on that.

Introduction: Tecktonik is an electro dance and fashion style, which originated in the middle-class southern suburbs of Paris in the first decade of the twenty-first century. This dance is now an important type of movement which has turned into a national dance of France, the first one since the Can-Can. Tecktonik originated from a group of runaways who wanted to express freedom and created this new and distinctive dance. The routine mainly consists of arm movements. Tecktonik dancers usually wear skinny jeans and fluorescent T-shirts with accessories such as bracelets, gloves, and armbands. The hairstyles are distinctive: they have hairstyles that are similar to a Mohican, except the sides and front are short; their hair is fixed upwards using gel or wax. The name tecktonik derives from a mix-style of music of techno and electronic music, thus tecktonik. The name is a registered trademark. Barouzdin, one of the creators of tecktonik paid a fair bit of money to secure the name Tecktonik, so random people cannot organise parties named “Tecktonik�.

Explanation The Tecktonik movement, which is a fairly recent fashion movement, shows the importance is respect in one another and in fashion. The movement expresses freedom from parents. The fashion of the technoelectronic movement is special, because it is a fashion style that some may deem gay, but is actually perfectly fine. A typical tecktonik follower wears a simple flashy T-shirt, a v-neck hoody or even a sleeveless flashy shirt. These shirts and hoodys are made of cotton or linen, the top wears are combined with skinny jeans made of denim, the jeans can be of any color, including red, blue, purple., etc. a casual vans or low converse are worn with the jeans because the shoes are light. Fluorescent clothing is a main point of this fashion and having fluorescent clothing would be best with this movement. An armband made of cotton is always worn in the youth culture, sometimes two or three armbands are worn. Face paintings are popular among this group, as well as make up on men, the most popular face painting is the star drawn on the left eye of the dancer. Hairstyles are very new in this movement, a mix of Mohican and scratches are seen in this movement. In simple words, the sideburns , and the sides of you heads are shaved so there is only some hair left, but the front and back of the hair is kept long and then lifted up using a waxing gel. The fashion statement of this group is expressed by the freedom of choosing different colored clothes especially fluorescent clothing, which is a fairly new color of clothing people started to wear.

What I Think...

Fashion is not just about clothes it is an expression of one’s emotions and thoughts. To take away one’s freedom of wearing what they want to wear is like taking a person’s emotion, the rebellious movements found in this art portfolio are significant, because the members of the group showed how through fashion one can fight opposing ideologies how the groups fought for their freedom to wear clothes they wanted to wear. In my opinion, rebellious movements of the past have been a major influence in today’s fashion, and in how I wear clothes as well. Sometimes I wear similar to how hip hoppers wear their clothes, sometimes I wear loose clothes as the hippies did in the 1970’s. The clothes I wear everyday seems like a mix of many different styles and cultures, which I have not known of, but now I know about

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Fashion Statements Throughout History  

Rebellious Fashion Movements

Fashion Statements Throughout History  

Rebellious Fashion Movements