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VEG CHINESE BHEL RECIPE We are the most delicious recipe in India. Chinese bhel is an Indian twist recipe. It is a part of almost every Indian street food/ chaat menu. Crispy noodles tossed with some fresh veggie and sauces leads to quick bhel recipe. check out on this dish

Afghani Chaap is delicious is one of the food recipes just like Afghani soya chaap. In this recipe afghani Chaap is cooked just like afghani soya chaap but made on tava instead of the tandoor. So you can make tandoori soya chaap with the same recipe.

Paneer sizzler recipe, Checkout how to make paneer sizzler. We are the deliciouse recipe of Paneer sizzler and check out more delicious recipe

Chilly Garlic Noodles is a delicious Asian recipe made fresh noodles, strong flavors of chilli and very spicy and very quick recipe

In a karahi, heat 1 tsp oil and add the crushed garlic and red chillies. Add both the capsicums and saute. Now add the blanched vegetables. Add salt & pepper to taste and keep cooking on medium flame for next five minutes

Guidelines. Blend ground zucchini and potatoes with slashed green onion. Pour beaten egg and salt. Include flour and consolidate them all well. Warmth oil and leave 1 tsp of the blend in hot oil. Sear in oil for not exactly a moment, until brilliant. Take them on a paper towel and serve warm beat with hacked parsley.

Cut cabbage roughly and sprinkle salt, mix it nicely, keep aside till it leaves the water. Drain excess water and rinse it and dry it with a kitchen towel. Now add green onion, leaves, carrots and mix nicely. In a mixie jar churn all dressing ingredients and put on vegetables and mix nicely. Transfer to a jar and keep overnight Sprinkle some sesame seeds on top and serve.

Dahi kabab Recipe is solid salted scrumptious Kababs made utilizing two primary fixings hung curd/yogurt and paneer alongside a variety of flavors

Lehsuni Methi is delicious and Quick recipe in North Indian Recipe. Lehsuni Methi, excellent healthy side for any meal. Lehsuni Methi is prepared with fenugreek leaves and split yellow dal.

Ingredients 0.75 Corn tortillas (cook them lightly & keep aside) 0.5 dsp Onions (chopped) 0.5 dsp Tomato (chopped) 0.5 dsp Mushrooms (chopped) 0.25 Green Chilies(chopped) 0.25 tsp Chilly Paste 0.25 dsp Tomato ketchup 0.13 dsp Oregano 0.5 dsp Baby corn (chopped) 0.25 cup Beans or rajma paste 0.5 tsp Worcestershire 0.5 dsp Yellow, Red & Green Capsicum 0.5 dsp Oil

0.13 tsp Garlic paste 0.5 tsp Vinegar 0.13 tsp salt 0.06 tsp Pepper 0.25 cup Milk 1 tsp (make a paste with little milk)Corn flour Salt 0.06 tsp Mustard Powder 0.13 tsp Capsico 0.25 dsp Cheese spread 0.25 dsp herbs Cream

Figure out how to make SOUR CREAM at home utilizing our simple well-ordered guidelines, SOUR CREAM plans, and how-to guides!

Soak the almonds for 4-5 hours and peel Grind the almonds with milk coarsely.Heat Âź cup of ghee in a heavy bottom pan and cook on slow fire.Now add sugar and keep on stirring continuously. It should not stick to the bottom



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