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000AIU COURSE: Creative Writing

Assignment: Creative Writing



Table of Contents 1. Quotations on Writing


2. Introduction


3. Writers Tools Pen and Paper


4. Amateur Writers


5. Topics


6. Difficulty when one cant write anything


7. Noting down things


8. Characterization


9. Naming your Character


10.Setting your Scene




12.Dialogue Writing


13.28 Creative Starters that can lead to an Interesting Story


14. Personal write up


15. Conclusion





Quotations on Writing 1. Either write something worth reading or do something worth writing. ~ Ben Franklin 2. What is written without effort is in general read without pleasure. ~ Samuel Johnson 3. On plenty of days the writer can write three or four pages, and on plenty of other days he concludes he must throw them away. ~ Annie Dillard 4. Substitute "damn" every time you're inclined to write "very;" your editor will delete it and the writing will be just as it should be. ~ Mark Twain 5. I was working on the proof of one of my poems all the morning, and took out a comma. In the afternoon I put it back again. ~ Oscar Wilde 6. If you don't have the time to read, you don't have the time or the tools to write. ~ Stephen King The above words quoted by some prolific writes summarizes how delicate an art writing is and how it should be treated.

Introduction A lot many people argue that writing is an inherited art, but most of the writers disagree saying that writing is a discipline that should be practiced religiously. Professions like business, craftsmanship, and medical science only do not need practice, studies and growth every day. Writers too need to enhance their skills by updating umpteen aspects related to their profession at all times. Illustration being a writer needs to build on to their vocabulary, concreteness, abstractness and all that required to make a convincing story all the time.

Writer’s Tools – Pen and Paper1 1

Goldberg.N (1986) shares similar views on writers Tool’s- Pen and Paper.


Innumerable writers buying the fanciest, decorative and expensive pens and notepads become extremely cautious while using it. They want to express freely; they want to write freely but what if the note pad or the pen gets spoilt. Words should flow freely; therefore while buying notepad and pens one should not buy expensive stuff. This note pad is the best note pad ever I should use it carefully. Its too expensive a pen, I should use it properly. An amateur writer often gets involved in a vicious circle like this. A writer should not be cautious of his tools because they are expensive and fancy but because they are his tools. Just like cobblers possessions are different kinds of knives, hammers, nails, pincers, shoe brushes, shoe lasts shoe polish, threads of different colours, needles, adhesive and scissors, a Writers possession is his pen and paper. A writer should indeed be cautious while buying his pen and paper. While buying a pen he should not involve in the ultra luxurious Mont Blanc, Swarovski, Cartier and also should not also go for the ink pens that need refill time and again and get too messy. Instead he/ she should purchase a ball pen that is cheap convenient and has a right flow. On the other hand while buying a note pad one should buy something that is easily carriable and can fit anywhere. A notepad at all times should not be so bulky that it suppresses your own weight. Lot many writers are quite specific about the paper they use. For example2, Roald Dahl wrote all his books on American yellow legal pads, imported directly from New York.

Amateur Writers3 Writers are not born. Their experience and practice make them a writer. It’s, not like Shakespeare, Byron, Tennyson and Wordsworth just stepped out of their cradles and became writers. Instead in order to become the popular writers they religiously practiced the profession and enhanced their knowledge by various means like meeting up with all the writers, inventing new words that added to the rich lexis of language, discovering different styles like sonnets. Wordsworth gave so much importance to nature that people not only felt deeply involved but also realized the importance of trees, lakes, ponds etc. 2

[Dahl.R stated, (2007) “Roald Dahl wrote all his books on American yellow legal pads, imported directly from New York.”] 3

Goldberg N (1986) shares similar views on Amateur Writers.


Henceforth every writer who is young should not tremble if they cant get their words right or get no words at all ever after spending long tiring hours. They should just stick to writing by practicing it as a daily custom to get the best results.

Topics4 There are times when one sees a beautiful country or meet a lovely person and want to jot down their experience. Myth being one should pen down the experience immediately where in reality one should never pen down the experience immediately. The previously mentioned statement is true because when one fully involved into something they might not be able to express the real feelings and do justice to their writing. For example if one meet a boy and fall in love with him. They will not be able to say more than I love him. I adore him immediately. Another parallel example would be I just travelled to Austria and loved the polished people there. Also, I went to Budapest and loved the whole partying culture there but if I start noting down the experience immediately all I will put in the paper is. I love the polished people in Vienna. The partying culture in Budapest is breathtaking. So I prefer to give this travel of mine a little space, letting it come to my memory in installments and then probably writing a stirring travelogue.

Difficulty when one can’t write anything5 One must have witnessed a scenario at some time in life where he/she wants to write but just cant think of a topic. Everyone comes through these mind blockages. A simple solution to which is one should note down a fascinating topic or a quote as and when they come across it and work on the same when they just can’t think of what to write.

Noting down things6

4 Goldberg N (1986) shares similar views on Topics. 5 Goldberg N (1986) shares similar views on Difficulty when one can’t write anything. 6 Goldberg N (1986) shares similar views on Noting down things.


Its pertinent to note down stuff that one think is captivating in a handy book that a writer should always carry with them. For example, I came across some beautiful things that I noted

Quote7 If you have tears, prepare to shed them now. You all do know this mantle. I remember The first time ever Caesar put it on. 'Twas on a summer’s evening in his tent, That day he overcame the Nervii.

Word8 Debagonisation

First line from Famous Books9 It is a truth universally acknowledged, that a single man in possession of a good fortune must be in want of a wife. I might not have used these the above mentioned quotes, one liner and word, but who knows in the future when the time is right, and the space is correct I might just use it somewhere in my writing.

Important Ingredients of Creative writing

Characterization10 Characterization is one of the most critical components of fictional writing. During the process, of characterization a writer literally has to flesh out a character. He has to give his characters bones, mass, blood and oxygen in 7

[Shakespeare. W (1599) stated, “If you have tears, prepare to shed them now. You all do know this mantle. I remember, The first time ever Caesar put it on.’ Twas on a summer’s evening in his tent, That day he overcame the Nervii.” 8

[Crystal.D (2006) stated, Debagonisation.”]


[Austen.D (1813) stated, “It is a truth universally acknowledged, that a single man in possession of a good fortune, must be in want of a wife.”] 10

[Basnet.B (2005) creative writing student, British council, Nepal, shared different views regarding Characterization.]


order to make him alive to his readers. Because a writer is giving birth to a character, has to know everything about him. Characterization can get convenient with the help of the intelligible character sketch given below Characters name: Nickname: Sex: Age: Looks: Hair: Dress: Body type: Face (any outstanding features) Education: Vocation/Occupation: Status and money: Marital status: Relationships: Family ethnicity: Diction, accent: Habits, mannerisms: Favorite places: Possessions: Recreation and hobbies: Obsessions: Religion/beliefs: Politics: Ambitions: Fears: Character flaws: Character strengths: Pets: Taste in books, music, etc. Food preferences: Astrological sign Talents: Handwriting: 7


Naming your Character11 While naming ones child a parent might go wrong as they don't know how the child is going to turn out to be., However, there is no excuse for a writer getting the characters name not right as he has to know the character that he has created better than his spouse or siblings. Naming your character can get convenient practicing easy tasks like the one given below now and then.

Exercise Name the following characters, keeping in mind that you can plant, within a name a clue to their role in your fiction. A petty white-collar thief who slowly and calculatingly robs his boss over several years. A typical Indian girl who is not only very pretty but also very down to earth. A girl who look hot but is extremely wicked A grandmother who just won a million rupees The owner of a fast-food restaurant who is always trying to ‘chat up’ his young female employees.



Veronica Pearl Tony

Setting your Scene12 One certainly cannot have dessert without sugar similarly a story without setting too seems incomplete. Setting gives a story a sense of time and place. Even if, you add something as basic as “mid of June on a stormy night”, it adds sense to your story. 11

[Basnet.B (2005) creative writing student, British council, Nepal, shared different views regarding Naming your Character.] 12

[Basnet.B (2005) creative writing student, British council, Nepal, shared different views regarding Setting your Scene.]


Things to take care of while setting your scene 1. ‘White room syndrome’ happens when the story has no mention of time or place, whether the story is indoors or outdoors. Such a state should be avoided at all costs. 2. Less is more. Too much description can get monotonous for readers and also it might interfere with the movement of the story. 3. Being concrete at all times is suggested illustration being if you know the dog is Labrador why use the word dog for him. The type of dog your characters neighbor walks with every morning says something about the owner. 4. Mangolia, palm, or pine, sounds much better than a tree as it reveals climate. 5. Readers aren’t stupid so one can avoid explaining too much. For example, if someone is watching a movie one can avoid mentioning switching on the TV; switching on the DVD player as the majority is acquainted with the procedure. 6. Daffodils and chrysanthemums reveal season. 7. If you are mentioning a book with tattered pages or a gun that was buried ever since ages it should have some significance. You must not mention stuff just for the sake of it. 8. Avoid sameness in your scene. Don’t open all your scenes at an icecream parlor or a beauty salon. Make your characters visit different places. 9. You should research places thoroughly before you mention them in your story so that you can convince the readers that you have visited the particular place. 10.Avoid clichés in your story. Don’t describe girls wearing checked skirts and boots. There is more to Paris than Eiffel tower, and London isn’t always gray and foggy. There are some truly intriguing buildings out there.


Setting your scene can get convenient practicing easy tasks like the one given below.

Exercise Create a setting for one of the following characters and furnish that character through observation of the setting. The place can be any kind of locale-house, a specific room in a house, outdoors or indoors, an office, a cell even a bed. The description must incorporate enough characteristic things so that the reader can visualize the absentee dweller accurately. Try to avoid stereotypes. A cocktail waitress down on her luck A former movie star who still thinks she is famous An unsuccessful painter A blind person A paraplegic A high school senior about the drop out A member of lunatic fringe political group A supermarket checkout woman who just won the state lottery A social climber A paranoid person A foster child A fugitive form the law

Beginnings13 Beginning is hugely powerful while writing a novel. A lot many readers decide whether they want to continue the book seeing the beginning and mostly all authors give plenty of time deciding what their novels beginning will be. There are several ways a writer can develop his narrative with

1. Beginning with a Dialogue Quote





[Basnet.B (2005) creative writing student, British council, Nepal, shared different views regarding Beginnings.] 10


“When your mama was Katherine the geek, my Dunn dreamlets,” papa would say, “ she made the nipping off of noggins such a crystal mystery that the hens themselves yearned towards her, waltzing around her, hypnotized with longing.”

Geek Love


2. Beginning with a Description of a Person Quotation Somewhere in la Mancha, in a place whose name I do not care to remember, a gentleman lived not long ago, one of those who has a lance and ancient shield on a shelf and keeps a skinny nag and a greyhound for racing.

Author Miguel de Cervantes (trans. Edith Grossman)

Title Year Don Quixote 1605

3. Beginning with a Generalization Quotation 1 My mother believed you could be anything you wanted to be in America

Author Amy Tan

Title Two Kinds

Year 1989

4. Beginning with a child Narrator Quotation When I was in third

Author Ellen

Title Year Victory Over 1984 11

grade I knew a boy who Gilchrist had to have fourteen shots in the stomach as a result of squirrel bite.


5. Beginning with a Narrative Summary Quotation Author An unfortunate Graham circumstances in my life Greene has just recalled to mind a Dr. Crombie and the conversations, I use to hold with him when I was young. He was the school doctor until the eccentricity of his ideas became general know.

Title Doctor Crombie


Several other methods to begin your novel would be 1. 2. 3. 4.

Beginning with several characters but no dialogue Beginning with a setting and only one character Beginning with a reminiscent narrator Beginning by establishing a point of view

Dialogue Writing14 Dialogue writing is an essential ingredient in writing that adds spice to the story. It can be extremely tricky to write dialogues, as we don’t pen down what we talk normally as dialogues as it can be extremely tedious and monotonous to the readers.

What does dialogues do to our narratives? 1. Shows what the character thinking 2. An economical way to define/reveal a character by the way he or she speaks - accent, vocabulary, idioms - sometimes telling us more about a character than his actions do 14

[Basnet.B (2005) creative writing student, British council, Nepal, shared different views regarding Dialogue writing.]


3. 4. 5. 6.

Provides an opportunity to use common idioms Provides tension-emotion Advancement of the story/plot more quickly than discourse The way a character talks –vocabulary, tone, style and sense of give the writer an opportunity to let the viewers know exactly what he wants them to know.

Exercise Record several different TV shows. Some choices include: sitcom, news, drama, talk show, infomercial, sporting event etc.) Write down a transcript using just the dialogue and peoples name. If you don’t know the names, just use a description such as announcer or read headed woman. You can also transcribe two shows of the same genre, using one show you like and one you dislike. Compare dialogue between fiction and non -fiction you recorded. Look for such things as greetings descriptions of physical actions, complete sentences, slang, and verbal tricks. (Such as like, you know, uhhh, well, etc.). Compare how these dialogue crutches change according to the show format and quality.

28 Creative Starters that can lead to an Interesting Story 1. This is my fathers/mothers job. 2. Reasons why people lie. 3. These are the reasons why I don’t go to church. 4. I just can’t seem to get along with anyone. 5. I wish that I could… 6. The things that get me upset. 7. What I think about gambling. 8. I very much dislike…,because… 9. My life as a citizen of a new country 10.I have a disability. 11.What I would do if I were rich 12.The things that bug me. 13.My experience at the hospital. 14.The proudest moment of my life. 15.Why I like animals. 16.My favorite music group. 17.Qualities that I look for in a friend. 18.My accomplishments 19.The biggest mess that I ever got myself into. 13

20.My least favorite subject. 21.The meaning of “freedom”. 22.I believe in god 23.I watch too much television. 24.I like cars. 25.The greatest summer ever. 26.This is my school. 27.I get scared when. 28.Reasons why people argue.

After reading plenty on creative writing, I thought of contributing something towards the field too. Following is a story I wrote as an example of the same.

Why do MOMENTS turn into FLASH BACK? “A number of you will become prizewinning, some of you won’t even make a penny, a few of you will get hitched, some of you will run off with your boyfriends, but you will still be my kids, my children, my Mgdian’s” that’s what Rajmata told us in our send-off Speech. Rajmata’s words echoed unmarked in my psyche while I was howling and hugging my black Benetton tee. How I wish I could get back to school. Pune, my present seemed like this gargantuan dingy toilet, without lights, my future like a lizard taking continuous circles on the ceiling and then there was a helpless me so scared of the lizard, so scared of my unknown future. Why are my nerves elongating recalling the belated, bitter goodbye? Why is the farewell still spanking its glad and gloomy bits on my nous? Lazily adjusting the car seat, I started scrutinizing the unconstructed almost cemented suburbs of Pune contrasting it with delightful variations of Jaipur. Simple things about life seemed to be changing. I was eating wada pau and chai instead of the regular raj kachori and the famous M.I road lassi that I preferred.

What is the FRIENDS?








Are Tinka and Rhea jittery about joining college or have they swallowed doom with calm strength and constancy, unlike me. I am alone, and they are together. In school, we were always a gang facing the whole lot, as one. They were still together standing up for each other and me on my own. Is it this thought that's killing me? Tinka and I tossing down our first tequila shot. Rhea slipping a card and a goodbye gift in my bag pack. School was so much more convenient than college was going to be. Should those reminiscences I invested twelve years of my life in be as convenient as letting a bygone go? Why do moments turn into flash back? In school we forever favored watching these teen age high school and colleges flicks where there was grand gathering, girls wearing skimpiest dresses, boys carrying the coolest gadgets, hot cheer leading squad doing crazy gymnastics stunts, sexy premises, most stylish and funky cars in the parking lot, handsome juvenile professors with breathtaking accent and a few scholarly nerds always doing the accepted students homework.

Just the NIGHT before I was to ATTEND COLLEGE I kept going to the toilet every five min out of nervousness. I was so tensed about what I would wear, how the crowd in college was going to be, would I be popular enough for nerds to do my practical’s. In a nutshell would I fit in? I earnestly endeavored, but these thoughts kept escaping all night giving me sleep only in parts.

In my case, ADMISSION





Schoolgirls of all sorts, sophisticated or with specks were set to shell out any amount to get to Fergusson College. Sweating and bribing didn’t help, so sorry they couldn’t click. While they toiled in the sun, I was going gaga shopping singlet’s and shorts. My entrance as even as dad sitting on an upholstered couch and scribbling a mere 645 US$ to the international cell. I am a foreigner born with a silver spoon in my mouth. Common! I don’t classify myself in the category of commoners who smolder their skin from dawn to dusk just to surrender a goddamn receipt.


My PREPARATION. Courtesy my dear cousin, who I call XTCY Starting with not having a gadget, I started pleading XTCY a day in advance to give me her cell phone. Common! I didn’t want to be one of those girls who go to a telephone booth to make every single call. XTCY with green colour lenses and legs like roasted chicken has been the most wild, adventurous, gossipy and charitable cousin to me. Somehow thrilled; I now had a Panasonic-2250, which I had put on charging. I also checked my wallet twice for having sufficient cash. Left with only one dilemma that kept me hanging, even through forty winks, what would I wear? I re-revised my wardrobe incalculable times in my sleep. I left my crumbled bed at 5:00 am even when my lecture starts at 7:30 am. Sports being my sort I finally decided on wearing a pair of comfortable Nike pajamas, sleeveless Adidas t-shirt and Puma slippers.

FIRST look of FERGUSSON COLLEGE As I stepped out of the auto and saw Fergusson College for the first time, I froze. I was encircled with terror. A weird world of morbid horrors knocked my guts. Serene, quiet yet so serious and studious. I felt every edifice had an exaggerated anecdote wanting to be unwrapped. I paced the corridors to comprehend; my college was full of attractive young woman, with just countable no of eye-catching boy’s. With no map, I walked up to an almost uncle looking lad “Excuse me, where is the English department?” I questioned rather hesitantly “Dharti ke uppar” he volunteered with the most disgusting smirk Was he a clerk or a student? I didn’t know ignoring was a graphic I excelled in until this one, but I knew if I stood there a second more, I would turn barbaric and blood thirsty. Really, who talked like this? Wish I knew some dominant abuses which I could whack on his face., If he were a clerk I would understand but if he is a student then gosh! Where was I? Not having time to think about the former I hurried to my lecture for which I was already late.


My FIRST LECTURE Incomplete signboards eventually made me reach my first lecture. Damn! Could anything on the globe be as dreary as sprinting? I was twenty-three minutes late; however I thought my lecturer would be an invigorating young professor who won’t pay much heed to my being late. So I walked inside not taking permission and rapidly there was a roar instructing me to get out. He embarrassed me in front of the entire class yelling in the most abrupt accent for not having manners, dressing in an out of ordinary manner. God if this is a how English professor talk, seriously where was I? I apologized so that at least I could enter. The class was undersized and congested not having any of the elaborate facilities I had anticipated. A lot of seats were vacant. In a jiffy, I knew the crowd sucked. In my entire class, there were three average looking girls, two civilized looking boys and just one hot looking boy with a seat empty on one of his side. A smile hit my face as I saw that empty seat. Jackpot! God assuredly does listen to you. I grabbed my luck and that seat in no time. My dad always says opportunity hits your door only once. So in reality I was sealed with this guy. I agree, He was drop dead gorgeous, but something made me hate him, right away. Possibly because he was giving someone else more attention or probably his gaze was making me realize that my tomboy vogue was taking me nowhere. I still can’t come back with that one

This is what happens when whom you find HOT, finds someone else HOT Suddenly his sugary smile looked satanic, his crimson maw looked violent, and his gaze looked kind of probing. He was sticking to this tall and voluptuous girl. She was wearing too much makeup and a cleavageshowing blouse unlike me. We categorized girls like her as sluts back in school not because they are hot, but because they seem so easily available. Honestly, His gaze gave me the creeps. I despised him, and I detested the institution. The only thing that I couldn't comprehended was, he was with her and gazing at me all the time, why? Hands on her and eyes on me why? Did I hate him so much because I was getting less attention than her?


HATE and DISGUST in the AIR My dreams were turning into nightmares. I hated him. I hated the seminary. What was wrong with me? Was it a not so accepted disease in which you detest the whole lot as you see your dreams getting dusted. I kept stealing a look at my watch for the never-ending lecture. I couldn’t sit there a minute more. If XTCY, my elder cousin, approved I would certainly go on a forty day medical break. God! Why is my first day of college like this? I started marching towards the reception as soon as the bell rang to inquire about the health check up for the foreign student’s. While walking towards the reception, I saw the parking full of Scooty’s and Maruti 800 highly contrasting the stylish and funky cars I once imagined. Two stout female office staff with heavy paunch finally zoomed to my sight while I was waiting outside the reception since past half an hour playing rattle snake on my phone. “Ma’am I wanted to know about the gymkhana and the ID card?” I inquired “Talk in Marathi?” she grumbled “I don’t know Marathi? I am an outstation…foreign student actually” I sighed She literally bullied me saying, “what foreign student, foreign students you are doing, first go learn Marathi and only then will I talk to you” I wanted to get over with the college formality, so I kept requesting her to listen to me, in a way I was being dreadfully pushy. During the whole conversation, she was meddling with some papers and hadn’t yet looked at my face. Finally, she gave up “now don’t talk too much and go stand in line” How could foreign students be dumped in the line? Weren’t they the privileged ones? When I the foreign students, was to be dumped in the damn queue, why did the woman bullshit so much? I hated the place, even more. I had to survive here for three years. I was a hostage, only for three years …three years, damn!


Anyway behind me was the loser, I said, was gorgeous and in front of me is this black guy, blacker than black Gross! What the hell did he think he was doing? Disgusting! How desperate? He was shagging! My first day in college is this laid up legend, worse, I am the spectator. Out of shock I turned around and unknowingly kept gazing at Gorgeous loser. “What happened?” He asked casually settling the papers in his file “Why does it matter to you?” I yelled with all my voice And now he tilted his attention from the file to me and spoke in a remarkably soft voice nearly contrasting my shout “You look concerned” I looked down and then looked up directly into his eyes and mumbled in a muffled voice “I am sorry! Concerned about someone shagging, are you crazy?” “You don’t need to be sorry” God! Boys can stoop to any extent to make girls feel sad or snigger at their susceptibility. I hate to admit, but with the revolt I was turning into, I was finally enjoying the first thing. I was kind of enjoying this whole fight and retorted this time with more confidence “Listen if you know grammar, you know, sorry is an expression; you say when you can’t hear someone” “Forget grammar, it’s time to stop getting shocked and accept Fergusson college for what it is” he advised Similar to each schoolgirl I too held a fantasy just that it’s fractured now. Once upon a time OK, it’s not another Cinderella story, just...

FLASH BACK.. Hostel writing in my diary one forty at hours of darkness Dear diary I wish a cherub turns her magical stick. I get freedom, fame and a long file of fans following me in college. I am no angel, and I want no prince. I want a demon with the right deportment. Boys with slithering muscle disgust me … yuck!! God I know, I haven’t been the finest girl, but, please make me date a boy who looks hot, plays soccer, bullies the sports 19

car at a high-speed. Wow! Someone who can electrify me, as I am damn difficult to amaze. My dream spell broke as my warden no less than a baddie paraded in her white nightie, announcing with her twisted mouth, to switch off the lights. It got fractured then, and it’s fractured yet again on my first day of college. I almost forgot Four years, but I haven’t forgotten my fantasy still. I can never get my dream guy in Pune. No one can fit that place, not the uncle, not the nigger and certainly not the Gorgeous Loser. Really, what a vegetable this Gorgeous Asshole was? Why did god abuse look on him? Dream guy, you must be kidding me. Pune is full of these shady uncles, Forget friends; I can’t even make acquaintances here. Even when I joined the school all my dreams that ma had created were shattered just like this on the first day, but I didn’t give up that day. I settled, survived and fought back. I realize the academy was ghastly and if not all nerves some certainly wanted to fight and not give up. I always wanted to be a runaway bride, but certainly not a runaway undergraduate.

EATING alone SUCKS Finally by the end of the day, I was starving. All the wrath had scoffed the grocery, in the indoors of my structure. For the first time, I was going to eat a meal independently, but there is an opening for everything, so I compromised eating alone on hunger. I toddled around just about the college and saw my department students sitting parallel Fergusson College, in this situate called Savera. I started walking fast seeing the loser and the slut in the same situate. They must be discussing some position, for all I care. I strolled further; I considered calling Tinka, but realized that would just make me suffer more. I just knew if I called her, I would talk less and cry more. Thinking of the same, I marched further, now only focused on my craving. Towards the end of the lane, I pierced this place, called Peppinos. I just went and sat there. I didn’t know what to order and how to order. I just knew that this was the place I would want to have my first unaccompanied meal at.

Conclusion Firstly, in my creative writing assignment I understood what it is, in the form of introduction. Secondly, I went deeper into aspects like writer’s tools, amateur writers, topics, and difficulty when you can’t write 20

anything, noting down things. Thirdly, I comprehended indispensable ingredients of creative writing like beginning, dialogue writing, characterization and setting of scenes. Fourthly, I made a list of some terrifically stimulating topics to write on. Lastly I wrote story-keeping creative writing in mind, which I enjoyed a lot

Bibliography  Dahl.R- Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, United States, Penguin, Putnam Inc., 1964.  Crystal.D- Words Words Words United States, Oxford University Press Inc., 2007.  Goldberg.N- Writing Down the Bones-Boston & LondonShambhala, 1986.  Lamott A. - Bird by Bird: Some instructions on writing and life, United States, First Anchor Books Edition, 1995.  Morley D.- The cambrige Introduction to Creative Writing ,UK, Cambridge University Press, 2007.


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