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Hair Transplant Step by Step Hair transplant is often seen as a hope to the persons who are suffering from hair loss. There are several causes for hair loss but the commonest cause is androgenic alopecia. With the advancements in the technique of hair transplant over a period of time it is really possible to get the natural look with the permanent results at very affordable cost. Although conceptually Hair transplant is a simple procedure but it requires indepth knowledge and good experience to achieve the desired result. It is always better that before going for Hair transplant one should know the steps and the overview about the procedure broadly, as this will make the understanding about the procedure easy.

Here are some of the important steps about the hair transplant procedure: Step 1: First visit to the clinic or doctor This includes checking of clinical history, scalp examination and deciding whether hair transplant is required or not and whether the patient is a candidate for surgery or not. Doctor may prescribe certain blood tests to find out the possible cause of hair loss. Once it has been decided that hair transplant is to be done then planning of the surgery and marking are done on the area and shown to the patient. Step 2: Surgery Day, Final Counseling Hairline is once again marked and shown to the patient after final counseling. After taking written inform consent patient is given some pre medications to make the patient relax and alleviate anxiety. Step 3: Procedure Room After changing into the OT cloths, patient is taken in the procedure room and local anesthesia is infiltrated in the scalp to make it numb. Massaging the area while giving the local anesthesia may help in reducing the discomfort. As whole procedure takes some time so patient may watch T.V. , listen to music or read something while procedure is going on. Step 4: Making recipient site Recipient sites are created on the area keeping in mind the density required, angulation of the natural existing hair and the direction of the existing hair. Step 5: Graft Extraction Process Generally, there are two types of methods of hair transplant. 1. FUE 2. FUT FUE involves extraction of the individual hair follicles from the donor area using micro punches and FUT involves extraction of a skin strip containing the hair

follicles. In FUT, the resultant wound is then closed with sutures; hence it leaves a linear scar. This skin strip is then dissected into individual grafts.

The follicles extracted are either directly placed or they are kept in the holding solution until their placement. Step 6: Graft Placement Process Grafts are placed in the recipient site very delicately so as not to compromise the viability of the follicles. Step 7: Completion When procedure completed, the surgeon place the antiseptic bandage over the scalp is done. Certain post-operative instructions are given to the patient.

The whole process till the result takes time and one need to exercise patience. Generally it takes around 8 to 10 months for the desired results but it may extend up to 12 months depending on patient to patient. Once the result comes, there is no need to do any additional care for the transplanted hairs. These are some of the basic and important steps which may be helpful in getting the full overview of hair transplant surgery.

Hair transplant Step by Step  
Hair transplant Step by Step  

Hair transplant is a procedure of various surgical methods which includes various techniques like FUE and FUT to cure baldness. Baldness is...