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DEAR LMC FRIENDS, The slogan “My World” stands for the feeling of well-being that should accompany you on all your travels, because with an LMC caravan or motorhome you always have your “own beautiful world” on board. To make sure this is – and stays – true, we continuously develop all aspects of our vehicles and are not satisfied until we’ve achieved the very best. With our perfect heating and ventilation systems, for example, you are always one step ahead. And our leading position in the weight-optimised production of motorhomes offers you possibilities which you will only find with LMC. From design to production, we work with our staff to develop German vehicles for you which meet the highest standards. See for yourself on the following pages the many advantages of our new products and be inspired for your own personal holiday dreams.

Best wishes,

Markus Winter, Managing director

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Ulrich Schoppmann, Managing director

IntrodUctIon And contEntS

2- 3

trAdItIon And vAlUES

4- 7


8- 9

MAxIMUM AddItIonAl loAd

10 - 11


12 - 13

WIntEr ExpErtISE

14 - 15

ExplorEr I

16 - 23

crUISEr t

24 - 31

BrEEzEr v

32 - 35


36 - 41


42 - 43

lAyoUt ovErvIEW

44 - 45

KItcHEn optIonS


BAtHrooM optIonS


BEd optIonS

48 - 49


50 - 51

Ulrich Stephan, Sales / Marketing Judith H端semann, Marketing Ulrich Schoppmann, Managing director Markus Winter, Managing director IntrodUctIon And contEntS 2 / 3

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s a s e u l a v t a We tre y e h t e s u a c binding be s u d n i b t a are wh together.

110248 LMC_B_Kat_GB_2012_RM.indd LMC_B_Katalog_D_2012_RM.indd4-54-5

trAdItIon And vAlUES


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HIStory … the “Falter” and the “Knospe”– a company that can look back over such a legendary past is well positioned for the future. At the start of the 1950s, the designer Heinrich Austermann laid the foundations of lMc by designing and building two legendary caravans. this was the start of a success story – and it went from strength to strength from then on, always with the aim of “offering the perfect holiday experience.” In 1986, a new era began for lMc with the construction of the first “liberty” motorhome, leading many fans across the world and reaching a new highpoint with our current motorhome range.



the legendary Knospe

Mass production of the first caravans

Up to 1974


rapid increase in orders for the lord and Münsterland series

A view of the recently expanded furniture workshop



construction of the first liberty motorhomes

Winterproof with 100% genuine wood and the only manufacturers with a separate shower in a generous washroom – the lMc outrider was way ahead of its competitors

110248 LMC_B_Kat_GB_2012_RM.indd LMC_B_Katalog_D_2012_RM.indd6-76-7

Investment in 2007

Investment in 2008

Water jet cutting equipment

roof cutting equipment

Investment in 2009

Investment in 2010

restructuring of production

chamfering equipment

Investment in 2011

Hail-protection roofs

todAy … With the passion of our predecessors and the technology of the future, we continue today to bear the name of the “Sassenberg ideas factory”, with plenty of great ideas, innovations and – of course – are always striving to achieve the best possible results. We are now the market leader in lightweight construction, are known for well thought out winter readiness and offer features as standard which no other company does. And by discovering caravanning’s feminine side, we’ve made the world a little bit more beautiful, sensuous and irresistible.

trAdItIon And vAlUES


09.08.2011 19:24:20 Uhr 03.08.11 13:38

Bernhard Knollmeier (production manager)

tEAMWorK “MAdE In GErMAny“ our philosophy can be easily summed up as: we want your holiday to be a complete success, from the first moment to the last. this requires having our finger on the pulse, making full use of technical possibilities and always being one step ahead of everyone else. that we are able to do all this is thanks primarily to our staff in Sassenberg, northwestern Germany, who give their expertise, skilled craftsmanship and ideas to the lMc brand, which are what makes it unique. We are therefore proud to describe our vehicles as “Made in Germany”, a designation which speaks for itself in terms of quality. It all started with our visions of “perfect harmony of design, function and quality”, and those who know our current motorhome range know what perfection feels like.

8 / 9 QUAlIty

110248 LMC_B_Kat_GB_2012_RM.indd LMC_B_Katalog_D_2012_RM.indd8-98-9

09.08.2011 19:24:20 Uhr 03.08.11 13:38

WItH US, yoUr HolIdAy Won’t BE WEIGHEd doWn

Staying under the magic limit of 3.5 tonnes when fully laden makes life and your holiday even easier. Special driving licences, speed limits, higher road tolls, access restrictions – none of these apply when you opt for the 3.5 tonne class. thanks to high tech production, expert staff and extensive testing, lMc is able to offer you a range of motorhomes which achieve minimum weight and maximum loading capacity. And we are the world’s first manufacturer to provide individual certification of this when delivering each new vehicle.

10 / 11 MAxIMUM AddItIonAl loAd tHroUGH InnovAtIvE MAtErIAlS

110248 LMC_B_Kat_GB_2012_RM.indd LMC_B_Katalog_D_2012_RM.indd10-11 10-11

Innovative honeycomb panel

Sandwich structure with expanded polystyrene insert

Modern construction technology

09.08.2011 19:24:20 Uhr 03.08.11 13:39

there’s one passenger that’s always with you in your lMc – the guarantee that everything’s been done to ensure your safety and full driving comfort. the superior feeling of driving an lMc is noticed for the first time not when you’re on the road but rather as soon as you start loading the vehicle.

WE rEGUlAtE BAlAncE – At tHE HIGHESt lEvEl Everyone’s familiar with the situation – as the loading is increased, motorhomes sink down on their rear axle. this is undesirable not only in terms of appearance but also because it has an adverse impacton how the vehicles drives, in particular when starting. In addition, the rear overhang can become a problem with bumps or slopes. It also simply doesn’t feel good when the vehicle slopes down at the back. With the Alc – Al-Ko level controller – all of this is now history. this is a fully automatic system which is used in place of the motorhome’s standard wheel shock absorbers and always maintains the optimal level at the rear axle, without any additional energy required – and does so independently for each side of the vehicle. As the only manufacturers with the Al-Kolevels adjustment (Alc) and the maintenance-free rear axle, our cruiser t and Explorer I models set new standards in travelling comfort, driving dynamics and driving safety.

Scan the Qr code and receive important product information from the Al-Ko manufacturer.

12 / 13 Al-Ko

110248 LMC_B_Kat_GB_2012_RM.indd LMC_B_Katalog_D_2012_RM.indd12-13 12-13

AMc low frame chassis

kg kg

tilting of vehicle when laden

kg kg piston cross-section

Automatic level control

09.08.2011 19:24:20 Uhr 03.08.11 13:39

When you think about it, summer is just a break in the winter. or is it the other way round? Either way, we at lMc think it’s high time you can use a motorhome 365 days a year without compromise, and so we offer you a well-designed insulation system, custom-made heating and ventilation and extra storage space for all your winter sports equipment. Enjoy spontaneous freedom 365 days a year, whenever and wherever you like – choose the market leader in winter-readiness.

HolIdAy WHEn And WHErE yoU lIKE

14 / 15 WIntEr ExpErtISE

110248 LMC_B_Kat_GB_2012_RM.indd LMC_B_Katalog_D_2012_RM.indd14-15 14-15

Well-designed back Doordacht ventilatieventilation concept achter system de (standard) meubels (standaard)

Sandwich construcSandwichbouw met tion styrofoam-inlay with styrofoam filling(optioneel) (optional) 1





Underfloor Vloerverwarming heating (optional) (optie) Floor covering 1.1.Vloerbedekking 2.2.Aluminimum heat conductors aluminium warmtegeleiders 3. Insulation 3. Warmte-isolatie 4. Heating pipe 4. Verwarmingsbuis




Insulation box isobox 1. Hot water tank 1. Vers-/afvalwatertank 2. 2. Insulation isolatie Warm air circulation 3.3.Warmeluchtcirculatie

Duocomfort inclusief duocomfort Secumotion with en iJs-ex met weergave Secumotion op afstand and (optie) Eis-Ex with remote display (optional)

Multifunctionele Multi-functiondubbele double vloer floor (Standaard (Exceptbehalve BreezerBreezer A series) a)

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t a l h t a i f r f e u t t a s m e l h t e s e o o d m t ó a h ¿C W s y l a l n a u u t s c a a h c f e o h e n d á a t s m e e r e a u q s l m e a dred ? o ñ e u s n e e d lvoacoakciloiknee?s

explorer Ii 717 G Explorer g 16 / 17

110248 LMC_B_Kat_GB_2012_RM.indd LMC_B_Katalog_D_2012_RM.indd16-17 16-17

09.08.2011 19:24:21 Uhr 03.08.11 13:39

360掳 interior view of all vehicles available at Explorer I 675 G 路 Upholstery Alaska

110248 LMC_B_Kat_GB_2012_RM.indd LMC_B_Katalog_D_2012_RM.indd18-19 18-19

In All HonESty WE cAn tEll yoU tHAt It’S tHE MoSt BEAUtIFUl WE’vE EvEr HAd Harmonious colours, refined patterns and soft surfaces – our designers have worked hard to create an interior for you with fine woods, elegant lines and the most beautiful fabrics, which provides everything you could want. Feel for yourself.

pictures include optional extras partially subject to surcharge!

Explorer I 675 G · Upholstery Alaska

18 / 19

09.08.2011 19:24:21 Uhr 03.08.11 13:39

While the innovative lightweight construction makes everything look easy, for once we’ve made it hard for you – the choice between four unique upholstery styles in the Explorer I. Whether you go for Sambia with fashionable earth tones or one of the other attractive styles. So, ladies and gentlemen, please take your seats, sit back and enjoy the view!

110248 LMC_B_Kat_GB_2012_RM.indd LMC_B_Katalog_D_2012_RM.indd20-21 20-21

Explorer I 655 路 Upholstery Alaska

pictures include optional extras partially subject to surcharge!

20 / 21

09.08.2011 19:24:21 Uhr 03.08.11 13:39


110248 LMC_B_Kat_GB_2012_RM.indd LMC_B_Katalog_D_2012_RM.indd22-23 22-23

So that’s the external values. But when it comes to the inside, it’s easy to recognise our passion for perfect construction and optimal use of storage space in the Explorer I – and to experience it at first hand. the result: plenty of generous storage space behind tasteful surfaces and attractive, comfortable upholstery you’ll always be happy to relax on. lMc has never offered so few reasons to ever leave the vehicle!

optional extra: upper cabinets instead of fold-down bed

Explorer I 720 G

Explorer I 720 G · Upholstery violetta pictures include optional extras partially subject to surcharge!

22 / 23

09.08.2011 19:24:21 Uhr 03.08.11 13:39

110248 LMC_B_Kat_GB_2012_RM.indd LMC_B_Katalog_D_2012_RM.indd24-25 24-25

o t g n i r p s What words k n i h t u o 책 y m i n d w he n of holid책ays?

cruiser t 721 G 24 / 25

09.08.2011 19:24:21 Uhr 03.08.11 13:40

360掳 interior view of all vehicles available at cruiser t 731 路 Upholstery Sambia pictures include optional extras partially subject to surcharge!

110248 LMC_B_Kat_GB_2012_RM.indd LMC_B_Katalog_D_2012_RM.indd26-27 26-27

cruiser t 721 · Upholstery violetta

MAxIMUM loAdInG cApAcIty, lEvEl control And dUocoMFort proBABly ArEn’t tHE FIrSt WordS tHAt SprInG to MInd But you don’t have to worry about them, because those clever people at lMc have already built all of these practical things into your motorhome. you just enjoy the tasteful interior, practical refinements and every single minute of your holiday. 26 / 27

09.08.2011 19:24:21 Uhr 03.08.11 13:40

luckily, when we build a motorhome, we don’t start with a blank sheet of paper but rather build on almost 60 years of experience in the construction of motorhomes and caravans. Along with plenty of practical experience and a large dose of passion for caravanning, we put all of our technical skill and good German design into every model. our motto is: the more harmonious the interior, the more beautiful your holiday.

110248 LMC_B_Kat_GB_2012_RM.indd LMC_B_Katalog_D_2012_RM.indd28-29 28-29

cruiser t 731 G 路 Upholstery Sambia

pictures include optional extras partially subject to surcharge!

28 / 29

09.08.2011 19:24:21 Uhr 03.08.11 13:40

110248 LMC_B_Kat_GB_2012_RM.indd LMC_B_Katalog_D_2012_RM.indd30-31 30-31

cruiser t 721 G

We can’t influence whether you can or want to cook. But if you want to, we’ve made it possible. Everything within arm’s reach and yet nothing left out – plenty of home kitchens could learn something from the cruiser t. Easily conjure up the specialities of your holiday region or your favourites from home. optimised storage space and the tried and tested fittings make it possible. Bon appétit!

pictures include optional extras partially subject to surcharge!

30 / 31

09.08.2011 19:24:21 Uhr 03.08.11 13:40

e h t d n i f u o y How do y a d i l o h l u f i t u a e b t s o m s ’ world spots?

Breezer v 643 G (pop-up roof option) 32 / 33

110248 LMC_B_Kat_GB_2012_RM.indd LMC_B_Katalog_D_2012_RM.indd32-33 32-33

pictures include optional extras partially subject to surcharge!

09.08.2011 19:24:22 Uhr 03.08.11 13:40

360째 interior view of all vehicles available at For more information on our kitchen options, please see page 46

110248 LMC_B_Kat_GB_2012_RM.indd LMC_B_Katalog_D_2012_RM.indd34-35 34-35

It’S EASy: AlWAyS HEAd For tHE SUn! If we were to ask our lMc motorcaravanners about the most beautiful places in the world, we’d be sure to get too many different answers to count. there are simply so many beautiful places in the world, and your lMc Breezer v reliably accompanies you everywhere. Simply take that turning, let yourself drift, get to know new people and simply enjoy life wherever you end å Breezer up. And vmbecause har att erbjuda we know önskar exactly Dig enwhat underbar our Breezer semester. has to offer, we simply wish you a beautiful holiday.

pictures include optional extras partially subject to surcharge!

Breezer v 643 G · Upholstery Isabella

34 / 35

09.08.2011 19:24:22 Uhr 03.08.11 13:40

110248 LMC_B_Kat_GB_2012_RM.indd LMC_B_Katalog_D_2012_RM.indd36-37 36-37

e r u s a e m u H ow d o yo n u f h c u m w ho ? s i g n i n n a v cara

Breezer A 694 G 36 / 37

09.08.2011 19:24:22 Uhr 03.08.11 13:40

360掳 interior view of all vehicles available at Breezer A 693 G 路 Upholstery Isabella pictures include optional extras partially subject to surcharge!

110248 LMC_B_Kat_GB_2012_RM.indd LMC_B_Katalog_D_2012_RM.indd38-39 38-39

Breezer A 694 G · Upholstery Montana

WE prEFEr to MEASUrE It In “HAppy MoMEntS pEr MInUtE” But “breathtaking views per day” or “culinary delights per region” are other good options. We‘ve custom-made our Breezer A for the special moments on your travels. not only do the impressive driving characteristics provide a feeling of safety, but the interior also offers far more than other motorhomes in this category. 38 / 39

09.08.2011 19:24:22 Uhr 03.08.11 13:41

110248 LMC_B_Kat_GB_2012_RM.indd LMC_B_Katalog_D_2012_RM.indd40-41 40-41

Breezer A 693 G · Upholstery Isabella (Folding alcove bed series)

Breezer A 693 G · Upholstery Isabella (Folding alcove bed series)

no compromises – that was our Breezer A right from the start, when it was nothing more than a concept in our designers’ minds. this theory was turned into practice, making ideas into reality. the result is a compact bundle of energy, which offers everything you want to have with you on an unforgettable journey around the globe. With the Breezer A, enjoy your own oasis of calm in the world’s most beautiful landscapes.

Breezer A 693 G pictures include optional extras partially subject to surcharge!

40 / 41

09.08.2011 19:24:22 Uhr 03.08.11 13:41


And noW GEt cloSE to US ...


leather deluxe


Sambia / violetta / Alaska / optional: leather deluxe

Sambia / violetta / Alaska / optional: leather deluxe

Isabella / Montana / optional: leather

Isabella / Montana

110248 LMC_B_Kat_GB_2012_RM.indd LMC_B_Katalog_D_2012_RM.indd42-43 42-43



… and we mean that literally. the natural landscapes slowly pass by the window, while your own personal surroundings stay constant. It’s therefore worth paying great attention to them. And our designers have worked hard to ensure that the interior of each vehicle is an individual masterpiece. Fine fabrics in harmonious colours, which are both stylish and timeless – have fun choosing!


MAtErIAlS 42 / 43

09.08.2011 19:24:22 Uhr 03.08.11 13:41

grupo de area Seating asientos

espacio de Storage almacenamiento/ space / cuparmarios


110248 LMC_B_Kat_GB_2012_RM.indd LMC_B_Katalog_D_2012_RM.indd44-45 44-45

explorer i 635 G

explorer i 655

explorer i 665

explorer i 675 G

Cruiser T 592

Cruiser T 662

Cruiser T 673

Cruiser T 674 G

Breezer V 633 G

Breezer V 643 G

Breezer a 582 G

Breezer a 663 G

Breezer a 693 G

Breezer a 694 G

Mesa table

armario cupboard

armario cupboard

sobre mueble above furniture

armario cupboard

bajo mueble below furniture

cama Bed

esquema sin layout without garaje garagecon and with cama baja low bed

without e and with

explorer i 675

explorer i 717 G

explorer i 720 G

explorer i 720

Cruiser T 721 G

Cruiser T 721

Cruiser T 731 G

Cruiser T 731

esquema con layout with garaje cama garageyand with alta high bed

explorer i 730

Because of the amount of models, sketches and equipment possibilities we can unfortunately not describe all models in detail in the context of this catalogue. therefore please note that all descriptions are approximate and that any special equipment may not be listed for all models and series. All data was correct at the time going to press but is subject to change. We reserve the right to change any technical details in construction and equipment, deviations in the colour at any time. Further technical data and details can be taken from our current price list. An annual examination by the lMc specialist dealer provided, grants additionally a water ingress warranty of five years to lMc.

Breezer a 698 G

cama Bed

explorer i 730 G

Ba単os Bathroom

cocina Kitchen

tV tv

refrigerador Fridge de 103 103 litrel

refrigerador Fullelevado height fridge

opcional, 190 optional, 190 llitre

refrigerador Fridge

bajo mueble, under furniture, 103 litre l 103

DiStriBUcioneS lAyoUt ovErvIEW 44 / 45

11.08.2011 14:03:36 Uhr 03.08.11 13:41

KItcHEn optIonS dependent on layout

Standard kitchen Each vehicle has as standard large kitchen worktop with sink, hob and free surfaces. the fridge is then positioned under the hob. In some models, two further options are available if you prefer.

Option 1: Kitchen with 190 litre large fridge If you’d like a 190 litre fridge in your kitchen, this can be included instead of the additional work surface between the sink and the hob.

Option 2: Kitchen with second wardrobe For all those who would like more space for an additional wardrobe, it is possible to install a further eye-level wardrobe. this takes the place of the additional work surface. the fridge is then placed under the hob. 46 KItcHEn optIonS

110248 LMC_B_Kat_GB_2012_RM.indd LMC_B_Katalog_D_2012_RM.indd46-47 46-47

BAtHrooM optIonS dependent on layout

Bathroom in the middle of vehicle For those who value a spacious sleeping and seating area, the bathroom in the middle of vehicle is a good choice, allowing optimal use of all areas.

Large bathroom this provides a spacious and comfortable private area, because the bathroom door also serves as a divider with the living area, creating a larger bathroom area with freedom to move around. the shower and Wc are opposite each other in separate rooms.

Rear bathroom If you’d like an open and spacious living and kitchen area in the middle of your vehicle, you should opt for a layout with a rear bathroom. pictures include optional extras partially subject to surcharge!

BAtHrooM optIonS 47

09.08.2011 19:24:23 Uhr 03.08.11 13:41

BEd optIonS dependent on layout

Single beds: two single beds opposite each other with access in the middle and a bedside table between them offer restful sleep without being too far apart. When required they can be quickly transformed into a comfortable double bed.

Queen-sized bed: In an easily accessible position which can be approached from both sides, take up a regal position in the middle of the room and enjoy extra-large sleeping comfort fit for a king! pictures include optional extras partially subject to surcharge!

110248 LMC_B_Kat_GB_2012_RM.indd LMC_B_Katalog_D_2012_RM.indd48-49 48-49

Fold-out bed: When required, the fold-out bed can be used, which floats just above the cab. the comfortable fold-out bed is integrated almost invisibly under the roof of your motorhome.

Alcove bed: this offers room for two persons and has lots of comfortable head space (+ 60 mm).

Lengthways double bed: Aligned with the direction of travel, this comfortable double bed is accessed from the foot end.

Crossways double bed: this comfortable double bed extends across the full width of the vehicle, and is accessed from the living area side. BEd optIonS 48 / 49

09.08.2011 19:24:23 Uhr 03.08.11 13:42

I’d love to sometimes buy fresh fish and cook it myself, but I don’t dare because I’m worried about the fish smell getting into the whole interior of the motorhome. Do I need to worry? you can cook all seafood delicacies – with fresh garlic too if you wish. the highperformance extractor hood prevents any unpleasant odours spreading from the kitchen to the rest of the motorhome. Have fun and bon appétit!

Even on holiday I want to feel safe. Do I need to take any special precautions? For us your security stands in first place, therefore all our vehicles have ABS, driver airbags, a widened rear axle, control panel and the all-important smoke detector. Available extras include ESp ESp, day headlights and passenger airbags.

How much weight can a rear garage actually bear? I’m thinking of my scooter. All vehicles with an Al Al-K -Ko o chassis offer you the chance to load 250 kg in the rear garage. this means there is plenty of capacity to carry both your scooter and other holiday equipment.

110248 LMC_B_Kat_GB_2012_RM.indd LMC_B_Katalog_D_2012_RM.indd50-51 50-51

We often have to get up because we have forgotten to turn of the light over the seating area. Are there any technical possibilities to avoid this? With the LMC multifunction switch, you can easily turn the light on and off from your bed.

I am not used to dealing with gas and fire in the motorhome it always makes me nervous. What do I need to bear in mind? Nothing. With the electric ignition, you are guaranteed to be at no risk. Pressing on the gas hob’s button and simultaneously turning the control knob means that an electric spark is produced automatically and the gas flow will start. This removes the need to go to the trouble of igniting the flame using a lighter or matches. A safety mechanism prevents gas flowing when there is no flame.

MAKE THE END OF THIS CATALOGUE INTO THE START OF A NEW FRIENDSHIP! We look forward to seeing you at your local LMC dealer.

Pictures include optional extras partially subject to surcharge!


10.08.2011 9:26:3413:36 Uhr 03.08.11 110248

, y a d i l o h s i h t n o f “As I set of t u o b a d e r i p s n i I am already my next trip.”

LMC Caravan GmbH & Co. KG Rudolf-Diesel-Straße 4 · 48336 Sassenberg Phone + 49 25 83 /27-0 · Fax + 49 25 83 /27-138 ·

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