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Sangam India Skits Written by: Krishnakanth Chiravuri, Srikanth Chiravuri, Vidhi Makanji, Neil Mithal, and Abhiram Gunturi.

Skit 1: The Giving of A Rakhi Narrator: The day of Rakhi is approaching. Swati, a young girl of 8 years, has been looking forward to this day for many weeks. She and her elder brother are very close to one another, and she loves him very much. She wishes to buy him a rakhi, but she does not have any money of her own. She does not wish to trouble her parents for money, as she wants this to be her gift. Swati: (Talking to herself on stage) What will I do? I do not have any money to buy a rakhi for Vijay anna. I really want to buy him a rakhi. (She ponders for a while before she comes up with an idea.) Aha! I have a great idea. I will sell my doll and use that money to buy a rakhi. Narrator: With that sweet thought in mind, Swati set out to the marketplace to sell her doll and to buy a rakhi. Shopkeeper: Good afternoon beta. Swati: Namaste Mr.Krishnamurthi. Shopkeeper: What can I help you with today? Swati: Well, I want to buy a rakhi for my anna, but I don’t have the money to buy one. I was hoping to sell my favorite doll. Shopkeeper: Are you sure you really want to sell your favorite doll? I’m sure if you asked your parents to help you out they would. Swati: But Mr. Krishnamurthi, I want this to be a gift for my anna from just me. Shopkeeper: Hmmm, I see. Well, if you’re really sure that you want to do this then I will be happy to give you a rakhi in exchange for your doll. (Shopkeeper goes to help other customers) Swati: (Reaches for the doll)(Talking to herself on stage) Do I really want to give up my favorite doll? Maybe I can give away one of my other dolls in exchange for anna’s rakhi. But, if I get the other doll I won’t have enough money to buy anna’s favorite shiny, blue rakhi. I guess I should sacrifice my favorite doll so that anna can get his favorite rakhi. (Swati exchanges her favorite doll for her anna’s favorite rakhi and starts to walk home.) Copyright © 2008-2009 Sangam India. All rights reserved

Swati: (Walks in the door and sees her brother watching the cricket game.) ANNA ANNA LOOK WHAT I GOT FOR YOU!! It’s your favorite rakhi, come let me tie it for you. Vijay: Oh thank you Swati. The rakhi looks amazing. I love you. (Swati happily ties the rakhi for her brother.) Narrator: Swati learned the importance of sacrifice by giving up her favorite doll for her anna’s happiness.

Skit 2: Humility Narrator: Vishnu was a smart boy of 11 years. He did very well in school and became very proud and arrogant of his intelligence. Let us see what happens as a result of this. Teacher: Okay students. I will now give you some practice problems which you must finish before class ends. If you do not finish, you will receive a bad grade. If you finish early, you may help your classmates. Narrator: The teacher had given very hard problems, and very few students were able to finish early. All of those who finished early tried to help their classmates. All except Vishnu. Several of his friends asked him for help, but he just made fun of them. Meanwhile, his best friend Keshav is struggling, and he decides to ask Vishnu for help. Keshav: Hey, Vishnu can you help me on this problem? I do not understand it. Vishnu: Hahaha. That is the easiest problem Keshav. If you cannot do that one, then I cannot help you. Haha. Narrator: After saying this, Vishnu goes to sleep even though he knows that many of his friends need help finishing the problems. All of his friends are angry with him for his attitude and try to finish the problems on their own. Later after school, Vishnu catches up with his friends. Vishnu: Hey guys! Wait up for me. (His friends look back at him and keep walking.) Why didn’t you wait up for me, guys? (None of his friends answer him, and they all keep walking.) Hello?? Are you all not talking to me now? Vivek: What do you expect Vishnu? All you did today was make fun of us. Sandeep: All we wanted was your help. All the other friends: Yeah Vishnu: That’s not true. That’s not true, is it Keshav?

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Keshav: Yes, that is absolutely true Vishnu. You were completely arrogant and selfish today. All we wanted was your help. And how did you respond? You made fun of each one of us. Now you expect us to be your friends? No, Vishnu. Not until you change your attitude. I hope you learn your lesson. (All of his friends leave, and Vishnu is left alone.) Narrator: After this, Vishnu goes to ask his parents. (Vishnu enters his house) Shiva (Vishnu’s Dad): Hello Vishnu. Did you do well in school today? Vishnu: Yes. Uma (Vishnu’s Mom): That’s great!! Shiva: You are saying that you did well, but you look upset. Did something happen? Vishnu: Since I understood the lesson, my friends came to me for help. However, instead of helping them, I made fun of them for not understanding. Shiva: It sounds like you thought that you were too good for your friends. Uma: What your dad is talking about is humility. You must never be arrogant or too proud of your deeds. You must never brag about your abilities. How do you think your friends felt when you made fun of them? You do not like to be made fun of do you? Why then would you make fun of your friends, Vishnu? That is very wrong. Do you understand? Vishnu: I understand. I’m very sorry. Uma: We are not the ones that you insulted, Vishnu. You must go apologize with sincerity to your friends. Vishnu: Do you think they will forgive me? Will they talk to me again? Shiva: Well Vishnu, that is up to them. What you did was very wrong. Tomorrow, go to your friends and apologize to them. Hopefully, they will forgive you. Uma: But that is only the first step. Next time they ask for help, give it willingly. You must always help others, Vishnu. Vishnu: Okay. Thanks, Mom and Dad Narrator: The next day at school Vishnu sees his friends before school on the cricket field. Vishnu decides to follows his parents’ advice. Vishnu: Hello guys. (No one responds.) I know what I did yesterday was not correct. I am sincerely sorry for my actions.

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Keshav: We will only be your friend on one condition. You must promise to be humble, and you must not treat those who know less than you badly. Vishnu: Yes, I promise to be humble in the future. Keshav: Okay, then let us put this behind us and play some cricket before school starts. Everyone: Yeah!!

Skit 3: Determination/Perseverance/Dedication Narrator: A little girl named Saraswati lives in a poor neighborhood across the street from a very renowned doctor’s house. One day on his way to the market, he sees a doctor treating his patients. Saraswati: (In the market, she observes the doctor for some time.) Wow! What great service this man is doing. His life’s work is to help other people. What higher calling can there be? (She buys what he needs from the market and then goes home.) Lakshmi: (Upon Saraswati’s arrival) Saraswati, what took you so long? Were you dawdling at the candy shop again? Saraswati: No, mom. Today, I saw one of the most amazing things. Lakshmi: (Confused) You saw an amazing thing in the market? Saraswati: Yes! I saw a man performing service. But this was no ordinary service. His whole life is filled with service. Shyam (Saraswati’s Dad just walks in): What are you talking about, Saraswati? Saraswati: Dad, the man that I was talking about he is a doctor. He was taking care of his patients near the marketplace, and I couldn’t help but watch him. It was amazing. I want to be just like him. Do you think I can do it? Shyam and Lakshmi: Of course you can do it. Bangaru, you can do whatever you put your mind to. (Then, Saraswati runs to her room ecstatic with the hope of new opportunities.)

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Narrator: The next day is Saraswati’s first day of school. Ms. Gupta: Hello class. My name is Ms. Gupta. Please introduce yourself and tell us what you would like to be when you grow up. Shekar: My name is Shekar. When I grow up, I guess I will be an engineer like my mom. Chandu: My name is Chandu. I’m not sure what I want to be Devi: My name is Devi. I’m not sure what I want to be either. Saraswati: My name is Saraswati. I want to be a doctor, a great doctor who always cares for her patients with love. Narrator: After school, Saraswati gets onto the same auto that she always rides in. Saraswati has known this auto driver, Raj, almost all her life because they’re from the same neighborhood. Raj: So Saraswati what did you do in school today? Saraswati: We introduced ourselves to the class and the teacher and told everyone what we want to be when we grow up. Raj: So what do you want to be when you grow up? Saraswati: I want to be the most caring and compassionate doctor in the world. Raj: Hahaha. You want to be a doctor? Saraswati: Of course Raj: You must work very hard for a long time. Even top students have a tough time in medical school. Saraswati: But I know that I can do it. Raj: Whatever you say, Saraswati. We are at your house. Narrator: Later Saraswati is lying in her bed, thinking about whether she can really become a doctor. The next morning before going to school she voices her concerns to her parents. Saraswati: Mom, Dad, do you both really think that I can become a doctor? Lakshmi: Of course you can. You can do anything you set your mind to. Who said you can’t do it?

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Saraswati: Raj, the man whose auto I ride in, laughed at me when I told him that I wanted to become a doctor. He said that I have no chance of succeeding. Lakshmi: Saraswati, you must understand. There will always be people who will tell you that you cannot do something. You must not listen to them. As long as you believe in yourself and are determined to achieve your goal, nothing can stop you. Also Saraswati, know that both your Dad and I believe in you completely. We know that you will achieve great things. Shyam: Your Mom is absolutely right. As long as you work hard and persevere, you will definitely achieve your goals. Do you understand, Saraswati? Saraswati: Yes, I think so. Narrator: Saraswati learned that determination and perseverance can help anyone achieve any goal no matter the obstacle.

Skit 4: Non-Violence Narrator: Karthik is a boy in his teens. He has just recently moved, and he is very excited by the prospect of going to a new school. However, his experience at the new school does not turn out as he had expected it to. Karthik: Wow! This school is amazing. I think I’m going to have a fun time here. (Karthik enters the classroom, and the teacher introduces him.) Teacher: Everyone, this is a new student to our school. His name is Karthik. Say hi to him. All Students: Hi, Karthik. (Karthik takes his seat) Narrator: Karthik sits right next to the class bully, Rajiv. Karthik minds his own business and tries to focus in class. However, Rajiv keeps disturbing him. (Rajiv throws a small paper ball at Karthik) Karthik: Please, stop throwing things at me. Teacher: Karthik, pay attention. Don’t talk while I am teaching. Karthik: Yes, Ms. Chandra. But Rajiv keeps disturbing me. Teacher: Rajiv, leave Karthik alone. Copyright © 2008-2009 Sangam India. All rights reserved

Rajiv: Yes, Ms. Chandra. Rajiv (whispers): You think that will help you? (Rajiv throws another paper ball at Karthik. This continues until Karthik gets very angry and yells out.) Karthik (In a loud voice): Stop throwing things at me!! (All the students look at Karthik because they are surprised by the outburst.) Teacher: Okay, Karthik that is it. Sit outside until you can remain in class calmly. Karthik: But Ms. Chandra it is Rajiv’s fault. He was throwing things at me. Teacher: Karthik, I saw only you misbehaving. Go outside now! Narrator: Karthik sits outside for the rest of the class and goes through the rest of school in a dejected mood. He is disappointed by his experiences in the first day. Sathya (Dad): Hello Karthik. How was the first day of school? Karthik: Not good Maya(Mom): Why? What happened? Karthik: Someone in my class was bothering me, and I ended up getting kicked out of class. Sathya: What did you do? Karthik: Rajiv was the one bothering me, and I asked him to stop, politely. He kept on going, and then finally I screamed at him while the teacher was talking. The teacher kicked me out of the class because of that. Maya: Rajiv, when someone is bothering you, you must never lash out at them. Stay calm and don’t get angry. I f someone bothers you, just ignore them. Raja: Okay, mom. I will try that tomorrow morning. Narrator: The next day, Karthik goes to school with what his mom said in mind. Rajiv: So Karthik, did you have fun outside in the classroom yesterday? (Karthik doesn’t reply) Rajiv: Did you go and cry to your parents last night? Teacher: Rajiv don’t talk while I’m talking! Rajiv: Yes mam. (Rajiv throws a ball of paper at Karthik just as the teacher turns around)

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Teacher: Who threw that ball of paper? Rajiv, it was you wasn’t it? You have been bothering Karthik ever since he got here. Go outside. And tomorrow you will sit next to me.

Skit 5: Peace Narrator: Arjun and Sita are brother and sister. They argue a lot and have a hard time resolving any dispute in a peaceful manner. Here they are in the midst of another argument. Arjun: No, it’s my tennis racquet. Dad bought it for me on my birthday. I don’t want you to touching it. Sita: I don’t see your name on it. Besides, I just want to hit a few balls. Arjun: No!! You always want everything that I have. I am not going to let you play with my racquet. No way! Gopal (Dad): Both of you, stop arguing. This is ridiculous behavior. Sita, you cannot play with everything that your brother has. And Arjun you must learn to share at least some of your belongings with Sita. She is your younger sister. You have to be more responsible and more mature. Now both of you go to your rooms! Narrator: Sita goes to her room which she shares with her older sister Radha and talks to her about her fight with Arjun. Arjun, still feeling rebellious and angry, sneaks outside. Sita: Can you believe Arjun, Radha? He would not even let me touch his tennis racquet. He’s so mean sometimes. Radha: Sita, you know that it is not only his fault. Sometimes you bother Arjun when he is by himself. You want everything that he has. Sometimes you provoke him into these huge fights. Sita: Yeah, I guess. Radha: You have to learn to leave Arjun alone sometimes. I don’t think you like fighting with him all the time do you? He is your brother; both of you should be friends. Try to find some hobbies of your own. That way you won’t always ask to play with Arjun or with his things. So, what will you do next time you want to use something of Arjun’s? Sita: I’ll ask politely, and if he says no, then I will not argue with him about it. Radha: Good. That’s sounds much better. Narrator: Meanwhile, Arjun is walking outside and he notices several different people fighting. Boy 1: You always get the first sip of the soda!! Boy 2: That’s cause I’m the older brother. Boy 1: Give it to me; I want it! Boy 2: No it’s mine. Copyright © 2008-2009 Sangam India. All rights reserved

(The boys pull of the bottle of soda and finally the bottle falls on the ground and it breaks leaving no soda of either) Shop Customer: Useless fellow! I got two kg of eggplant but you charged me for 4 kg. Shop Owner: It is not my fault sir; You told me that you got four kgs of eggplant. Shop Customer: You think I am a liar? I know what I said. Shop Owner: I know what you said too. Why would I lie!?! Shop Customer: You wanted to cheat me; that’s why. Arjun: Wow. I can’t believe people can argue about such petty things. Narrator: Arjun was surprised by how violently the people had treated each other. He did not want to treat his sister like that. (At Home) Sita: Arjun, can I please play with your racquet, if you are not using it? Arjun: Of course, Sita. Here, I will teach you some techniques that I learned. Narrator: Arjun and Sita go off and play happily. From then on, they both tried to think of peaceful solutions to any disputes that they had.

Skit 6: Right Action Narrator: Rahul, a shopkeeper in a local market, has a small candy stand. From this small business, Rahul makes just enough money to support his family. He is man of great character for he always tries to do the right thing. One day in the market Sathyam: Hey Rahul, can you give me 2 Cadbury chocolates please? They are for my son and daughter. Rahul: Of course Sathyam. That will be 40 rupees. Sathyam gives the money and takes the candy. Rahul waits patiently for his next customer. Customer 2: Hello. Rahul: Hello, sir. What may I interest you in today? Customer 2: Umm. How about 3 Five-Stars? Rahul: Of course. That is 55 rupees sir. Copyright © 2008-2009 Sangam India. All rights reserved

Customer 3: Hello. How are you today? I’m in a hurry! Rahul: I am doing well, sir. Thank you for asking. What would you like? We sell an assortment of candy. Customer 3: What is the most popular children amongst children? I want to take some candy home for my son. It is his birthday today, and I’m late for his party in the park. Rahul: Well, most kids buy Cadbury chocolates. Customer 3: Okay. I will have 2 Cadbury chocolates. Rahul: Well, that will be 40 rupees. Customer 3: Okay, Here’s the 40 rupees. Thank you friend. (Customer 3 calls an auto and leaves in haste, and Rahul realizes that the man had given him 400 rupees instead of 40 rupees.) Rahul: Oh my gosh! That gentleman gave me much more money than was needed. Gopal can you please watch the store while I go and give the money back to that man? Rahul (to himself): I must go to the park and give back the extra money he gave me. Narrator: Rahul walked for several miles before he was able to find the man. Rahul: Where is that man? O there he is! Sir! Sir! I am the shop keeper whom you bought the candy from. Customer 3: Oh, hello again. Is there a problem? Rahul: Yes. You bought 2 bars of Cadbury chocolate. Customer 3: Yes? Rahul: Well, you gave 400 rupees; you owed me only 40 rupees. Here’s the rest of your change. Customer 3: You walked all the way here just to give me back some money. Thank you so much! Can I give you some sort of reward? Rahul: No! Of course not. I was just doing my duty. Customer 3: Yes. How about this? I will come to your shop tomorrow and pick up some candy bars. Take the 400 rupees as a sort of advanced payment. Rahul: Okay. But I have your word that you will come to pick up the candy right? Customer 3: Yes of course. I will definitely come. Narrator: Rahul never thought about taking the 400 rupees from that man. Instead, he dutifully returned the money in full and did not even desire a reward. He only took the money when the man gave him full assurance that he would pick up the candy the next day. In this way, Rahul stayed true to his morals.

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Skit 7: Honesty (Students sitting around after school) Narrator: The kids have been working hard on their semester exams and start to talk about how complicated school has become. Krishnakanth: Gosh guys, I can’t remember the last time I got to play cricket with my friends. Srikanth: Yeah man, I know what you mean. We’re always studying for these exams… Abhiram: …And they only seem to be getting harder. Honestly, I don’t even think studying helps. Neil: You’re totally right. I don’t think I’m going to study at all for our next exam. Who’s with me? Krishnakanth, Srikanth, and Abhiram: I am!! Krishnakanth: Come on guys, let’s go play cricket. (Guys leave to go play cricket.) (Amita and Vidhi walk out of the classroom.) Vidhi: Amita, I don’t know what I’m going to do anymore. Last night I studied for six hours, and I feel like I didn’t know a single thing on that test. Amita: Maybe we should study together. We might be able to get a lot more done and understand it a lot better. Vidhi: Okay Amita, that’s a great idea. (Amita and Vidhi head over to Amita’s house to study for their biology exam.) (Scene changes to the biology classroom) (the boys are frantic as they try to look at their notes) Krishnakanth: Why did we play cricket instead of studying for our exam? Abhiram: I’m not sure. I wish we had studied. I can’t even remember all the body systems. Srikanth: Now what will we do? We will definitely fail now. Neil: Oh my gosh, this is all my fault. I never should have convinced you guys to not study. Krishnakanth: (leans in to the other boys and speaks in a furtive voice) I have an idea. You all must promise not to tell anyone. Neil: We won’t tell anyone. Tell us your idea. Abhiram: Please tell us. We don’t want to fail.

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Krishnakanth: We can keep our notes with us and hide them. Then when we don’t know an answer, we can look at our notes and figure it out. Abhiram: That’s a good idea. Let’s do it. Narrator: The kids sit down to take their exam. The four boys keep their notes with them and use them all through the exam. All of a sudden, the teacher comes to Neil’s desk and notices some papers underneath his chair. The teacher bends down to pick up the papers and sees that they are the biology notes. Teacher: NEIL, what is this?? Neil: (stammers and hesitates) uhh ma’am, see these are uhh Teacher: Yes Neil, keep going. Are you cheating on the exam? Neil: No. Teacher: What are these notes doing here? Neil: I didn’t put them there. I don’t know how they got there. Teacher: (sees the other kids’ notes as well) Krishnakanth! Abhiram! Srikanth! Why do you have notes out as well. (all four look scared and worried) Srikanth: I’m sorry madam. I’m really sorry. We didn’t study for our exam so we decided to cheat by using our notes. Please don’t punish us. Please. Teacher: Boys do you realize that this is a form of lying. You should have taken the time to learn the material like Amita and Vidhi did. If you hadn’t studied, you should have been honest with yourselves and me, and accepted that you would do poorly on the exam. If you had been honest with me, and told me that you hadn’t studied, I might have been able to postpone the exam. But, since you boys chose to lie, I must punish you. You will all receive a bad grade on your exam. I hope this teaches you all a lesson. Abhiram: We’re very sorry madam. We understand what we did was wrong and we promise to never cheat again. Narrator: The boys learned their lesson that day. They all learned that cheating is also a form of lying, and one should never lie or cheat to get ahead. They realized that the consequences of lying are greater than those of telling the truth. From that day on, the boys tried their best to be as honest as they could.

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Skit 8: Respect Narrator: It is the first day of school and Ram and Krishna are going to their first class. They walk in, and notice that there is new teacher , Mr. Subramanian. The brothers go into the class and see the other children throwing things at their teacher. The teacher tries to calm the other students down but none of them listen. Krishna: (to Rama) What are all of our friends doing? Why are they being mean to the teacher instead of helping him? Rama: I don’t know. Maybe we should try and stop them. (Krishna and Rama try to stop a few students from throwing paper airplanes at the teacher and running around the room frantically.) Student 1: (Laughs at Krishna and Rama) What are you both doing? Why are you being such chickens? Student 2: Come on. Join in the fun. You won’t get in trouble, because the teacher is too scared. Come on. (Hands Rama and Krishna paper and books to throw) Narrator: Not wanting to be picked on themselves, Krishna and Rama join their friends in throwing things at the teacher and running around. (In the meanwhile, Krishna and Rama start throwing paper and other things at the teacher, while running around.) (Scene changes to Krishna and Rama’s House) Krishna: Amma Amma, today we had a new teacher for math. His name is Mr. Subramanian. Mother: Did you boys help your new teacher get settled and let him know that you will help him with anything? Rama: (Hesitantly, while looking down) Well, see we actually… Mother: What is the matter? What happened at school? Rama: (In an excited tone) The other kids were throwing things at him, and being mean. We tried to stop them , but they wouldn’t listen. Krishna: So then we joined them. They made us do it. We really didn’t want to amma. (Krishna and Rama’s father walk into the kitchen.) Father: What’s the matter? Why do you all look so tense? Mother: Well, Krishna and Rama were just telling me about their first day of school. Father: Oh that’s right. Did you boys have a good day? Rama and Krishna: Yes father, we had a good first day. We have a new teacher in math. Mother: Why don’t you boys tell your father what happened at school. Copyright © 2008-2009 Sangam India. All rights reserved

Krishna: The other kids were being mean to the teacher and we joined them. Father: I think the boys need to learn about respect. (The boys and their father sit down on the sofa) Boys, in our culture we show respect to those who are older than us. Rama: Father, what exactly does respect mean? Father: Respect means being kind to someone. It means admiring, showing regard, and consideration for other people. For example, you both show respect to your grandparents by greeting them properly. Krishna: Oh, I understand now father. So, we shouldn’t be mean to our teacher. Rama: Instead, we should teach the other kids to be respectful and help our teacher. Father: You shouldn’t be afraid of showing respect to others. You should always do what you feel is right, without regard to what other people say. Mother: So, what will you boys do tomorrow when you go to school? Rama and Krishna: We will respect our teacher, and try to make the other kids do the same. (scene change – next day. Back at school) Narrator: The boys return to school the next day, and find the classroom in the same situation as it was the day before. Rama: Krishna, lets try to implement what our parents taught us and be respectful. Krishna: Yes, Rama. Lets go. (Krishna and Rama walk into the classroom and go to their friend, Gaurav) Rama: Gaurav, why don’t you stop throwing things at Mr. Subramanian. Gaurav: Why should I? Krishna: Don’t you remember your first day of school here? People were making fun of you and not respecting your feelings. How did you feel then? Gaurav: (Utterly ashamed of his behavior) You’re right. I should respect the teacher’s feelings, since I know how it feels to be made fun of. Narrator: Rama and Krishna, along with the help of Gaurav stop their other classmates from disrespecting their teacher. (Show the boys stopping the other classmates) The teacher thanks the two boys for their kindness and respect. Mr. Subramanian: Rama, Krishna, thank you so much for stopping all the other kids from misbehaving and helping them learn how to be respectful. (Teacher stands with students and smiles.)

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Skit 9: Self Confidence Narrator: Radhika was a girl in school. She worked very hard, but she lacked self confidence. Radhika: Mom, I am very worried about this biology test. Mom: Radhika, you studied several hours for this test, right? Why are you so worried? Radhika: Mom, you do not know how hard these tests are. They are impossible!! Mom: Now you are just exaggerating, Radhika. Radhika (hurried): The bus is here. I have to go to school. Bye mom! Narrator: Radhika worried on the entire trip to the school, and by the time she got to class, she was convinced that she would fail. In addition to this, several of her classmates make fun of her because she had failed the previous test. Radhika: O my goodness! I am going to fail this test. What am I going to do? Teacher: Okay, everyone get ready for your test. (Teacher starts to pass out the tests.) Srinivas: Hey Radhika! Are you going to fail this test too? Hahaha Abhishek: Yeah, Radhika. There is no way you are going to pass this test. (Several students point and laugh at Radhika, and Radhika starts crying.) Narrator: Radhika did not do well on the test and went home completely dejected. When she got home, she went to her mom and told her what had happened. Radhika: Mom, I did so bad on today’s test. I don’t understand. Mom: Radhika, when I asked you why you were so worried this morning, you said that the tests are impossibly difficult. But there are no such tests like that. What you are lacking is self-confidence. You have to believe in yourself and believe that you can perform well on the test. If you focus on the negative thoughts, the result will also be negative. You must always work hard and be positive and have selfconfidence. Do this, and you will succeed. Do you understand, Radhika? Radhika: Yes, Mom, but what do I do when others make fun of me? Mom: Don’t think about what they say. They do not control your grades. Think positively and focus on the test. You will be fine. Narrator: For the next test, Radhika studied very hard, but she also thought positively.

Radhika: Mom, I think I will do well on today’s test. Mom: That is the spirit dear. Now remember don’t think about what others say. Believe in yourself, and think positively. You will do great. Copyright © 2008-2009 Sangam India. All rights reserved

Radhika: Thanks Mom. O, the bus is here. Wish me good luck! Mom: Good luck, Radhika! Narrator: Radhika went to school in high spirits and prepared herself mentally for the test. When she arrived in school, her classmates once again started to tease her. Srinivas: Hey, there is Radhika. How are you going to do on this test Radhika? Radhika: I think I will do better. Abhishek: No, you are not. You are going to fail just like the last two times. Radhika: No, I don’t think I will fail. I think I understand the concepts, and I think I can do well. Srinivas: Whatever. I guess we will see. Radhika: Yes, we will. Narrator: The students take the test, and Radhika thinks positively throughout it. She ends up with a 97 on the test and is very happy about it. Here, Radhika believed in herself and used that confidence to succeed on her test. In the future, she always tried her best to be optimistic and confident.

Skit 10: Responsibility Scene 1 Father: Alright children I am leaving for work, I will see you later this evening. Mother: Kids come here for a moment. Jai: Yes Mother Sai: Mother please hurry, we want to play with our friends. Mother: Ok Jai, Sai, and Nirmala I have to go to the market this morning and I will not be able to perform the pooja and offer prasadam to the lord. Will you three together offer prasadam while I am gone? All 3: Ok mother we will. Mother: Before I leave I want to tell you that doing this is the same as thanking him for everything you have and is a sign of gratitude. Sai: (Eager to play with his friends) Ok mother we promise we will. Copyright Š 2008-2009 Sangam India. All rights reserved

Mother: Alright kids please do no let me down. I will see you later. Scene 2 Sai: Jai lets go and play with our friends. Jai: Ok brother let us go. Amar: Guys what took so long? Jai: Our mother asked us to offer prasadam to the lord. Sameer: So what did you guys offer to the alter? Sai: Nothing we just left Sameer. Sachin: But guys that’s not right. You promised your mother you would and it is your responsibility to offer prasadam. Jai: Yeah but she will be home shortly, and she will be able to do it then. I don’t see what is so important. Nirmala (From a distance): Brothers it is almost lunch come home. Scene 3 Nirmala (Speaking to herself): Mother asked us to offer prasadam to the lord and said it was important to show our gratitude towards the lord. (The boys come in) Nirmala: Jai, Sai come here. Mother said we had to do the pooja and offer prasadam. She gave us a responsibility which we have to fulfill. Sai: But sister we want to play with our friends. Nirmala: But the reason you are able to play with you friends is because of the lord, so come on brothers let us be thankful and show some gratitude towards the lord and offer this delicious dish mother cooked for him. Jai: Yes Sai. Nirmala is right. Let use take a few minutes to show the lord our appreciation. Sai: Yes both of you are right Copyright © 2008-2009 Sangam India. All rights reserved

Sai: Come Nirmala bring the delicious dish mother cooked for prasadam please.

Narrator: The three siblings offered the prasadam to the lord at the alter and completed the pooja their mother requested them to do. When their mother came home they told her how they solved the dilemma. She said she was proud of them and was glad that they learned about responsibility.

Copyright Š 2008-2009 Sangam India. All rights reserved


The Sangam India Skits. Written by: Krishnakanth Chiravuri, Srikanth Chiravuri, Vidhi Makanji, Neil Mithal, and Abhiram Gunturi