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To Our Families and Friends, Who Make Our Learning Community Possible


LETTE R from the H EA D OF SCHOOL Dear Friends, We did it. I know, there’s a risk of hubris in that statement, and I am wellaware of countless ways in which we did not realize—in some cases did not even get to pursue—our highest hopes for the 2019–2020 school year. But today, as I write and as you read, let’s claim a moment to celebrate what we did, how we brought values to life with extraordinary generosity. During the time of COVID-19, in the middle of a pandemic, we faced hurdles in the way of meeting our operating But today, as I write and as costs and cleared them with Annual you read, let’s claim a moment Fund gifts that allowed us to meet our budgeted goal and fund widespread to celebrate what we did, how technology upgrades required for us we brought values to life with to transition to Friends@Home mode. In the middle of a pandemic, we extraordinary generosity. created an Emergency Relief Fund with generous contributions from our families, enabling us to extend additional aid for Friends families facing pandemic-related hardships. And in the middle of a pandemic, when we considered hitting the pause button on our Friends Forward Capital Campaign designed to create an endowment for our school, we instead met and exceeded our $5M goal, enabling us to look to a more secure and stable future for our entire Friends community with funds that can be used toward faculty salaries, innovating our academic program, facilities upgrades, and more. How? Why? I can’t help but think that values provide the answer. And none more than that of Community. At Friends we consider that value through lenses of opportunity and responsibility; we ask not only what we want, but also what would serve best the community as a whole. On behalf of my colleagues, trustees, and the students with whom we are privileged to work, I am deeply grateful for your extraordinary support during this extraordinary year. Thinking SFFS,

Mike Hanas Head of School



Dear Friends, As we write this, the 2019–2020 academic year feels like a lifetime ago. The Board, clerked by Shabnam Koirala-Azad and H. Michael Feldman, launched into that school year laser-focused on advancing the vision for SFFS as outlined in our Strategic Direction, with the Friends Forward campaign being a focal point of the work. An in-depth analysis of the previous year’s climate survey by the Board’s Equity & Inclusion Committee led to the Vision for Equity and Inclusion at SFFS, highlighted in the pages of this report. The pathways outlined in our Strategic Direction—1) ensuring a robust and innovative educational experience, 2) deepening our commitment to an engaged and inclusive community, and 3) creating financial sustainability rooted in stewardship and inclusion—not only prepared us for the crises of the past year but in some ways deepened and confirmed our commitment “toward a more caring and just society.” SFFS made clear its continued commitment to a robust progressive education grounded in Quaker values by creating a flexible virtual program to serve students and faculty while we were sheltering in place. The beloved Blue Party fundraiser for Adjustable Tuition pivoted to an online format and included an Emergency Relief Fund, and the Board approved additional Adjustable Tuition expenditures to help our families who have been significantly impacted by the pandemic stay at the school whenever possible. The pandemic, economic turmoil, and social unrest of the last many months have underscored the unique value of our school’s mission. We are grateful to the leadership, the faculty and staff, and the parent community for navigating the disruptions with so much grace, generosity of spirit, and resilience. It has been inspiring to be part of a community that—especially in a time of adversity—can uphold and practice the Quaker values of integrity, community, and stewardship. We extend our deepest thanks to each of you for your ongoing commitment and the countless ways you support the school.

Maureen McAvoy and Kelly McKane Co-Clerks of the Board of Trustees


2019–2020 BY THE NUMBERS # of SFFS Faculty and Staff

88 # of Zip Codes Represented

Adjustable Tuition Budget

$3.07M Total Raised by the Annual Fund

33 # of Different High Schools Attended by SFFS Alumni

55 # of Annual Fund Parent Volunteers


$973,436 Percentage of Students of Color

57% Annual Fund Gift Range


Total # of Students

438 Percentage of Students with Adjustable Tuition

28% Total Raised for Emergency Relief Fund

$267,940 # of Annual Fund Donors

706 5

V I S ION F OR E QUIT Y A ND INCL U SION by the SFFS Board of Trustees Committee for Equity and Inclusion In the pages of this report, we are excited to share the Vision for Equity and Inclusion, developed last spring by the members of our Equity and Inclusion Committee as we seek to evolve SFFS into a more diverse and equitable institution. Thank you to the committee for sharing this beautiful vision with us here. The San Francisco Friends School is committed to employing a framework of cultural humility in order to bridge historically persistent disparities of race, class, gender, and other intersecting facets of individual and collective identities, in order to create a school community that seeks to: 1) Nurture diversities and feelings of belonging through: •


Recruitment and retention of students, families, professional community, administration, and the Board of Trustees, with defined metrics for success for SFFS


A shared language by which we can have difficult conversations conducive to fostering a sense of belonging for all A culture that pays attention to and mitigates ways in which socio-economic disparities show up in everyday experiences

2) Engage in continuous learning of concepts related to “bridging” and “belonging” through: •

More opportunities to understand and apply principles of cultural humility Understanding the experience of students, faculty, and administrators of color in the school community Understanding how systems of privilege can play out in everyday experiences Utilizing radical imagination for new ways of “bridging” and “belonging” to foster an equity mindset

3) Foster a culture and climate of belonging through: • • • • •

Clear channels of communication for E&I concerns and ideas, including identifying personnel who can effectively address them Defining and assessing what it means to experience a “safe space” and how it is felt at SFFS for all constituents Drawing on our Quaker Values to practice ongoing reflection of experience at SFFS Encouraging the sharing of multiple and varied lived experiences and histories A commitment to recognizing and addressing basic needs of all students



Revenue & Expenses 2019–2020 Each year, the Board of Trustees carefully balances the fiscal and programmatic needs of the school, while attending to the vitality of our Quaker values, faculty and staff, and school community. Our operating budget reflects our school’s priorities and culture, and we are proud to lead the way among Bay Area schools in our adjustable tuition and Friends Community Scholars programs. As a young school, without the benefit of the larger endowments of older peer schools, we depend on the philanthropic support of our community to sustain our programs and strategic priorities. This generosity, along with careful stewardship, has placed us in a strong financial position. * Please note that the Revenue chart below does not reflect restricted funds raised for the Emergency Relief Fund and the Friends Forward capital campaign.



Other Income $485,533

Fundraising $1,045,688

Faculty & Staff $9,614,195

17.6% Adjustable Tuition / FCS $3,064,827



T otal I ncome : $16,841,024

A nnual E xpenses : $17,389,232

91% Tuition & Fees $15,309,803




General 4.1% & Administration $709,114 Educational Programming $683,578

8.6% 3.9%

Debt Service $1,491,112

Facilities $1,826,406


Building Toward a Brighter Future We were incredibly fortunate for the many acts of generosity shown to Friends in 2019–2020. From the Annual Fund to the Emergency Relief Fund to the Friends Forward campaign, members of the SFFS community supported our work in gifts large and small. Each gift is a catalyst for new ideas and new possibilities, and allows students from all different backgrounds access to an outstanding educational experience. We are tremendously grateful for the gifts from parents, faculty and staff, trustees, alumni, grandparents, and friends that strengthen every aspect of our school and nourish our bright future.

Annual Fund The Friends Annual Fund is, as always, a community effort and the cornerstone of our fundraising program. As the school’s largest source of non-tuition income, the Annual Fund ensures that SFFS can sustain a breadth of programs beyond what tuition alone can provide. In 2019-2020, gifts to the Annual Fund totaled $973,436. Annual Fund Giving by Gift Size | # of Donations | Amount Received* ≥ $15K $10K – $14,999 $5K – $9,999 $3K – $4,999 $1K – $2,999

12 7 54

$236,000 $73,000 $302,941

22 113

$500 – $999


< $500


$82,136 $166,320 $33,603 $51,853

* Does not include matching gifts.


Coming Together in Community Community is central to the culture at Friends, and our development efforts aim to honor and reflect this. Last fall, our community celebrated Booktopia, a fundraiser to support the library collection at Friends as well as our beloved Birthday Books program, raising $1,000. As the spring unfolded, our plans for the Blue Party shifted to consider what was possible, and more importantly, what was necessary. Our traditional silent auction moved fully online, and we launched the Emergency Relief Fund to support our community with expanded adjustable tuition, additional tech devices for online learning, gift cards to ensure food security, and more. In true Friends fashion, our community rallied around this call, raising nearly $340,000 for adjustable tuition and the Emergency Relief Fund.

Friends Forward In the Spring of 2019, the SFFS Board of Trustees made the thoughtful decision to launch a $5 million campaign to create an unrestricted endowment for SFFS. This campaign, called Friends Forward, was envisioned as a means to propel our school to a place of greater security and opportunity. Endowed funds, saved today and invested for the future, are critical to strengthening our long-term financial position, providing us greater flexibility and constancy through the generation of income every year, and enabling us to remain competitive with more established peer schools that benefit from the inclusion of endowment income every year in their operating budgets. Originally planned as a two to three-year campaign, Friends Forward met with early and strong support, closing in on our goal by the Spring of 2020. Although the trajectory of Friends Forward was altered by the implications of the pandemic, we are incredibly fortunate that the pandemic did not dampen the enthusiasm for this campaign for Friends. By the close of our fiscal year on June 30, 2020, we recorded $5,149,500 in pledges from our community. Through extraordinary generosity, this endowment will help fortify our program and community, enhancing the experience of every member of the SFFS family and securing the legacy of San Francisco Friends School for generations to come.



The honor roll is an expression of gratitude for the generosity of the Friends community. This list reflects gifts to the Annual Fund from July 1, 2019 to June 30, 2020. Current Families: Anonymous (35) Janelle Acacio Vikas Agrawal & Victoria Owens Laurence & Tania Albukerk Will* & Jen Aldrich Roxanna & Eduardo Aliaga Soledad Alzaga & Richard Gray (12) Allen & Rebecca Ancheta

Azikiwee & Tamsen Anderson Caheri Arroyo & Maria Rocha David & Allegra Aufderhaar Penny Avril & Wayne

Puckett Badi Azad & Shabnam Koirala-Azad* David Baden & Allison Fox Virginia & Jay Badenhope Margo & Roland Bainton (15) Amy Baker* & Harold Pile Deren Baker & Amy Cole Jonathan Bayer & Janine Okmin Alex & Heather Beckstead Yves A. Behar & Sabrina Buell Alberto Benitez & Angelica Melo Friea & Jeff Berg Adam Berman & Alejandro Scotta Shelley Berniker & Erik Shepherd

Sarah & Kimo Bertram Jessica Bier & Edgar Lopez* Heather Blonkenfeld Katherine Blum & Tom Kennedy

Prasanth Boda & Sajida Kaliyadan Yvette Bonaparte** & Mark Cordes (18) Shannon Bond & Eric Goldman Sarina Bowen Kennerly & Owen Kennerly (12) Donna & Fred Boyer Leela de Souza Bransten & Peter Bransten Paul Burke & Amy Flynn Dan Burnett Britney Bynum & Chris Blazer Greg & Lara Caimi Jean-Claude & Ninive Calegari Aneesha Capur & Tom Kelly John Caro Maren Caruso & Richard Schneider Melissa Castillo & Joel Lacayo Kai-Ching Cha & Erik Nelson Dynelle Chan & Keven Mowen Rachel & Joseph Chang Pashmina & Vik Chaudhary Bing & Alexis Chen Kai Peng Chen & Xue Zhen Guo Charles & Simona Chongo Oliver Chubb & Daphne Li* Edward* & Eugine Chung Rod Clark & Lizzie Nichols Jessica Mendels & Todd Cleary (11) Tracy & Jordy Coleman (17) Michelle Cooke & Brian Richter Judson Coplan & Kate Goldstein-Breyer Donovan Corliss & Laura Wegman Betsy Corrin Philip Corrin Flor De Maria & Boris Cotom (14)

Sandy & Sarah Crockett (11) Charlie & Meno Crompton Lesly Cubias Wisam Dakka & Vinnee Tong Alec & Soyeon Davis (11) Li Deng Usha Desiraju & Rishi Sood Raj Dev & Erin Bailey Dev Anil & Laurie Dewan Erika Dirkse & Owen Rescher Darice Dixon & Eugene Lemelle Denise Dunning & Eric Petitt Alan & Beth Dye Alisha & Lucas Eastwood John & Stephanie Ellis Michael Feldman* & Christine Glastonbury (11) Michael & Lindsey Fitzgibbons Aaron & Sangita Forth Doug & Rebecca* Foster Jessica & Alejandro Foung Joseph R. Fowler & Kena Frank Christophe & Jeannie Fraise Kristen & Ryan Freitas Adam French & Elizabeth Longstreth Susan Friedman & Michelle Jean (11) Vivian Fu (11) Edwin Gackstetter & Nancy Albarran Wendy Garbers & Jason Garoutte Peter & Kim Garcia-Meza Menekse Gencer James Gettinger & Sharan Sklar Gary & Aggie Gettys Deborah Gitin & Ian Brown


Adam & Claudia Goldyne Carrie & Ben Goorin Rebecca & Scott Grant William Gray & Sharon Maloney Kelly Greenwood & Jules Maltz Margaret Grohne Satish Gudiboina & Soumi Gupta Ranvir & Nikita* Gujral Jason & Carine Gursky (11) Annie GwynneVaughan** & Lauren Gersick (10) Pejmun Haghighi & Yedda Morrison Andrew Hahn & Molly Maybrun Patrick Haley & Jennifer Hsieh Christopher Hall & Douglass Tomlinson Laura Hall Michelle Hall & Bryan Janeway Charell Hammons Kei Hanafusa & Adam Wheeler (12) Teuila* & David Hanson Arno Harris & Nadine Burke Harris Silvia Hasbun & Yurandir Amador Michael & Julie Hennessey Elizabeth Hill Laura Hill & Marc Kunney (14) Asiff Hirji & Sarah Wigglesworth* (11) Alex & Jordan Hoffner (13) Cassia Holstein & Peter Albers Kent & Felicia Howard Ernie Hsin* & Carla Oshiro George Hu & Hannah Luo Maritza & Irvin Huerta Benjamin Ibarra & Andrea Tacdol Dawn & John Iparraguirre Devalin Jackson Amy Jacobson & Michelle Wong Sanjay & Heather Jain Ted & Kathleen Janus Brent & Mary Johnson Jennifer & Bryan Johnson Jenny Johnston Annie & Morgan Jones


Marilyn & Anthony Jones Scott Jones & Chrysty Esperanza Gabrielle Joseph Joshua Joseph Allyson Jossel Amanda & Ian Kalin Alison & Matthias Kamber Hemal Kanzaria & Alissa Detz Caitlin & Niall Kavanagh Margot & Matthew Kenaston Ahmed & Uzma Khaishgi Michelle Kim & Julian Gay Nina Kim & Matthew Schultz Thomas Kim & Christopher Tatro Troy King Sam & Meg Kingsland (16) Bill Kipp Krista Klein Nancy Koch & Jane Stafford Marta Kochanska & Paul More Chau & Joshua Koltun Aparna Lakkaraju & Robert Thorne Dara & Enrique Landa Adam Lashinsky & Ruth Kirschner Eugene Lee & Paul Lei Jenny Lee (11) Rachel Levin & Josh Richter Danielle Levitas & Glen Kunene Meghan & Matt Litchfield Michael Litter & Katie Bradley (10) Elizabeth Loh & Barron Lee Chris & Lisa Long David & Eleanor Louis (11) Daniel Lurie & Becca Prowda Kyle Mach & Maureen Linch Mayra Madrigal & Fernando Lopez Stuart & Jennifer Maeder (10) Hilary A. Magowan & Anton Malko Kimberley Magowan & Bryan Wagner David Maltz & Antje Kann

Karena Man & John Kearns Steven Manning & Kristine Wong Lourdes Martinez & Enrique Ortegon

Joshua Neiman & Sari Bushman George Ng & Irene Chan Lorena Ng & Yedi Wong

Seamus McAteer & Madeleine Bocaya Andrew McCollum & Gretchen Sisson Justine McGonagle Kelly* & Mark McKane (12) Jeffrey Meisel & Erica Weiss Lucrecia Mejia & Hugo Tunchez (13) Jesse & Katya Miller (11) Marcelo Miranda & Veronica Pitbladdo (11) Gaby & Rob Mishev Sam Mogannam* & Anne Walker (12) Hope Mohr & Matthew Zinn Neal Morrison & Luana Plunkett Karen Mu & Jonas Edman Bob & Elham Mudawar (11) David Muller & Lana Porcello Mina Muraki & Michael Downs Maxence Nachury & Karin Reif Masato & Katie Nakagawa Bethany & Ken Neal

Hongmai Nguyen & Brett Levin Kjell Nordeson & Katharine Gin Helena & Ted Nordstrom Heather Nyong’o Paula O’Connor Kory O’Rourke Dave Oak & Son Kim Zack & Heather Oelerich (11) Ingrid & Kevin Oliver Yaron & Amanda Oren Gary Orenstein & Ching-Yee Hu* Rene Paisano & Angelica Rosas Jyotiwardhan Patil & Julie Hwang Yvonne Perez-Sallaberry* & Michael Sallaberry Alison Pincus Mark Pincus Robert Pinnix & Charles Bello* John Prescott Diana Pritsker & Julie Manyak Supriya Rajpal & Evan Kempner Vikram & Geeta Rao Dominic & Holly Restani Merritt Richmond & Fred Chung (12)


Ben & Charlene Son Rigby Theo Rigby & Katina Papson Rigby Julieta Rivera Corinne Rocca & Jared Holstein David Rockman & Mary Shank Rockman (11) Carmen Rodriguez Hussein Safa & Lourdes Cordero (10) Mona Salma & Mark Hoffman Andrew Salverda & Sarah Ray (12) Ami Sanghvi & Snehal Patel Pravin Savkar & Meher Singh Cynthia* & Marc Schroeder Jennifer Schultz Brian Schwartz & Laura Pincus

Jamieson Sheffield & Natasha Miley Matthew & Mary Beth Sheridan Michiko Shibata & Jeffrey Tabas Marie Shin & Justin Neben Daniel Sider & Sara Anning Jessica & Aaron Sittig Guybe Slangen** & Susan Jun (11) Marlene Sloger** & Hans Hull (12) John Smith & Eri Chaya Sarah Smith & Paul Stein Stephanie Snyder & Lars Frederiksen Emma Stewart & Rich Gill Abigail Stewart-Kahn & Matthew S. Kahn Jay Stilwell

Mark Selcow* & Lisa Acree (10) Adesola Seligman & Kim Quinteros Jennifer & Jaideep Shah

Jennifer Stuart** & Joshua Aidlin (12) Alison & Mark Sullivan Amabelle Sze** & Matthew Bingham (14)

Angelita Tadeo & Forest Penning Susan Takaki & Joseph Gorczyca Ege & Sonali Tanor Miriam Telles Alexander Terry & Colleen Bal Shalinee & Ravi Thakur John Tighe & Ngu Phan Ryan & Ivy Tom Ann Torres & Trey Marlowe Ben Tranel* & Karen Seong (10) Aaron & Deanne Travis (11) Blanca & Maximiliano Trujillo Kuntal Vahalia & Neelanjana Sen Leslie Valdez & Edwin Gonzalez John Varughese & Carleigh Jaques (11) Sirni Vishnubhatta & Sukhi Thethy Melissa Wang & Zoran Martinovic Mary Ann Warren Ethan Watters (11) Rebecca Watters (11) Cameron & Philip West Carrie & Aaron Whitmore Rebecca Wieder & Aaron Watson Todd Williams & Georgia Williams-Bratt Miriam & Shawn Wrobel Mai Mai & Paul Wythes Cindy Yang Sue Yoon & Martin Wicke Norimasa Yoshida & Jolie Chang Jane Choi & Ronald Yu Siegrid Yu Ted & Nancy Yueh Shuyi & Steve Zhang Jeffrey Zimmet & Neda Ratanawongsa Maxine Zylberberg & Tai Stillwater Friends of Friends (including Alumni

Parents, GrandFriends, Faculty and Staff, & Trustees): Anonymous (23) Sharon & Tony Albers Nancy Albert Sisson & Mercer Sisson Phyllis Aldrich Dan Alvarez** Conrad & Merle Ancheta Luz Andino** Caren** & Michael Andrews (17) Elizabeth & Frank Anning Tor Archer & Fiona Wilson Jennifer** & Martin Arnest (12) Alan & Betty Baden Peggy & Thomas Badenhausen Cedric & Dee Bainton (15) Barbara Bainum & Wif Busse Jacob Ban & Grady Wieger Kate & Jay Banfield (17) Kelsey Barbella** Eugene & Nancy Bardach Richard & Sherry Bargoil AJ & Tony Barnert Dorothy Battenfeld Robin Bauer Leonard & Sandra Beckum George & Sheila Bertram Thomas Bier Christine & Robert Bingham Fred & Cindy Blum Clara Blumenkrantz Victor & Zen Bocaya Norma Bond Violet** & Matt Borowski Diali Bose-Roy** Noah** & Danielle Bowling (16) Rena Bransten Charles Breyer Hilary & Phil Brodey Kira Bronston & Peter Ostrow (13)


Sabrina** & Andrew Brooks (10) Anhvu Buchanan** Mark Buell Wendy Buffett & Joel Kreisberg (18) Basil & Hortense Burke Jon Burnett** & Rebecca Castelli (18) Magdalena Cabrera Kathy & Greg Calegari Abby & Leon Campbell Michael & Mei Lin Chan Renee & Andy Charnas Charles Chung & Youngduck Chung (12) Sunné Clarke** Ellen Cleary Shannon & Doug Cogen (15) Mick Colburn** (10) Steve & Toni Coleman Dayton & Sheri Coles Margaret Coles & Haruwn Wesley Nita Colgate Charles Crompton Pamela & Neil Crossley Greg Dalton* & Lucia Choi-Dalton (10) Kristen** & Jeff Daniel (16) Joe & Marilyn Davis Jack de Vries Marcell DeBarros** Rose Diaz Frances Dickson** & Doug Reed (11) Michael & Marilyn Downs Charlene & Alan Drummer Raquel Dunning Mary Ellen Dye Terry & Lindsay Eakin Frances Elsberry** Beth** & Matthew Espinoza Gail & Martin Feinberg Irwin & Barbara Feldman (11) Janet & Jim Fitzgibbons Evelyn** & Larry Florin (11) Jeni Flynn Sara Flynn Mitch & Carolyn Forster Colin Forth & Christina Marke Donna Fortier Borden & John Borden (18) James & Lillian Fowler Louise Fowler Lisa Fung & Robert Aguirre (15) Rose Gackstetter


Ryan Gallagher** (13) Denise Garone & Stuart Kogod (16) Suzanne Geller** & Stephen Lessard (11) Sophia & Mike Ghaffary Margaret & Stephen Gill Sandra & Yuen Gin Mitch Gitin Kim Gitnick** Ruth Gminski Marvin & Sarah Goebel Robert & Ann Goldberg (11) Barbara & Barry Goldin William & Ruth Goldman Christopher GonzalezCrane** Saundra & Doug Goodman Erin Gordon & Craig Etlin (13) Kyle Gouchoe-Hanas** Steve & Cheryl Grant Chip Gray Andrea Green** Bill & Marsha Greenwood Robyn Griffler Mary Ann & James Grossman Kathryn Guta (12) Robert & Carol Gwynne-Vaughan David & Barbara Hall Tina Hall Charles & Valerie Hammons Michael Hanas* & Sue Gouchoe Frank & Ann Hardenbergh Meg & Doug Hart (17) Andrea Hartsough (11) Gloria Hasbun Jackie Haslam Tanya Hernandez** Ed & Susan Hewitt Shane Hihara** Joanne Hirsch & AT Stephens Pam & Alex Hochman Lynne & John Hoffman Judy A. Hogan & Kelly Cytron Naomi Holland Jonathon Holstein Carol Howard Chen Chung Hsin & Anna Hsin Cathy & Scott Hunter Dianne Hurvitz** Laurie Isenberg & Joel Roos (17) Mike & Anette Janeway Samuel & Della Johnson

Dorothy Johnston Barbara & Mike Jones David Jones Koof Kalkstein (12) Heide & Martin Kamber David & Milly Katzman

Melina Machuca** George & Elizabeth Malko Dolores Maloney Judith Mamet Helene Manheim (15)

Catherine & Tom Kavanagh Anne & John Kearns Yvonne & Christopher Keene Lynn & David Kelso Erin Kendrew** Jin Kim & Dol Kim Marc Kim** Elena Kingsland Ellen Klutznick Bob & Arlene Kogod (17) Victoria Kopelevich** Eva J. Krebs Antje Kunney Rosemary Laurent Kristen Lee Nelson Lee Sophia & Homer Lee Mary Lee O’Connor Randy Lehrer Amy Leonard-Emery & Michael Emery Bruce & Pamela Levin Saul Levy & Sue Siegel Sylvia Lezak Sarah Lind Rob* & Jennifer Lippincott Edith Loh Caitlin Long & Oliver Janssen Stephen & Caroline Long Kathryn Ma* & Sanford Kingsley

Tracie Mastronicola** & Alyssa Nelson Theresa Mathew Maureen McAvoy* & Brian Elliott (15) Liam McCarthy** Georgie & Michael McConnell Patty McCormac & Scott Ludeke (17) Elizabeth McDonnell Lisa McEachron** (13) Nick McGrane** Barry & Gloria Meisel Sara Melman** Roni & Paul Melmed Ariel Mendez-Penate** & Patricia Cotter Leon Metz Marion & Warren Mitchell Alissa Kinney Moe** Nabil & Mariette Mogannam Nancy & Larry Mohr John & Livy More Linda & Keith Mowen George & Winnie Mu Celeste & Fred Nameth Julie Nameth Susan & Ernest Neben Alfredo & Dina Neira Andy & Peggy Newman (10) Sally & Grove Nichols

Eleanor Nicholson Rich Oberman** (13) John & Kate Oelerich Jo Ann Ogden & Janet Luce Patrice & Arnie Oji (18) Larry & Linda Okmin Helen Oshiro Lisa Papandrea Hilary & Jay Parkhill (16) Julyan Peard Doug Peckler & Evy Pine (18) Vicki & James Penny (17) Jerry & Kathy Pettit Chris & Ellen Pile Joy Pile & Greg Pahl Diane Pincus & Tomas Berl Theodore Pincus Kim Plough** Jeff Porter** (16) Mike Powers & Margot Golding (16) Margaret Prescott Katherine Preston** Pamela Prime & David Kirkpatrick Sherry Prowda Fred Rabidoux John Randolph Ming & Boonlua Ratanawongsa Maureen Ray** Dorothy & Nicholas Rescher Helen Rigby Susan & Dennis Ring Kori Riordan** Roy & Marianne Rocca Jenn** & Wesley Rothstein Nancy Rubin Pam & Chris Rupright Forrest & Beth Russell Martha Russell Anita Sagrero de Fuentes Marica & Yasin Salma San Francisco Friends Meeting (10) Frances Sanahuja & Pablo Ruiz (16) Linda Schain John Schambre Linda & Nathan Schultz Debra Schwartz Timothy & Sandra Schwartz Jane Scott Leslie Selcow (10) Charlotte Seligman JoAnn Shank (11) Syd Shannon** Connie Shapiro Jeanne & Jenta Shen

Robert Sheppard & Janis d’Assalenaux Judy & Sam Shirley Nancy & Gabriel Sider Marcia Sloger Tia & Jeff Small Patrick Smith** Andrea Snyder** Tracy Solan Emma Sonduck** & Christopher Walker Caro Spring** Dan Springer (16) Roy & Mary Stafford Jocelyn & Paul Startz (17) Jason & Li Stillwater Jason Stone** & Adra Valentine Jared & Evelyn Sulem Carolyn & Dennis Sullivan Daniel Sullivan** Lynda Sullivan & Mark Sachleben (16) Maureen Sullivan (17) Prameela Tadavarthy Christine Tantoco** & Marshall Nam Tom & Lisa Teliska Armando Telles Ines Terry Joanna Tom Jacqueline & Mike Tong Normina & Pepito Torres Carole Trakimas Jen Tsai Chris* & Kathleen Valdez (16) Marina Vendrell Renaut** (15) Emily Von Scheven & Mark Shostak Franny & Stanley Wang Jean Washington Karen & Wade Watson Clarke Weatherspoon** & Joanna Ro Lydia Wegman Betty & Kenneth Weiss Barry Wendell Eleanor Wendell (11) Nancy & Mark Wescott Susan West Sara Witt & Andrew Charmatz (14) Hui Wu & Wei Zhang Wei Xie & Bi Xia Lu Angela & Jackson Yoong Nicholas Yoong & Katlyn Gao Nancy Zinn Alumni Students: Zoe Albukerk, 2020 Georgia Badenhope, 2020

JT Beattie, 2018 Cordelia Bergin, 2016 Sophia Burnett, 2018 Ninive Calegari, 2018 Peri Charmatz, 2017 Diya K. Chaudhary, 2020 Ella Chen, 2020 Emma Chongo, 2019 Katie Cleary, 2016 Oliver Coleman, 2020 Asher Etlin, 2016 Emily Etlin, 2017 Evan Gackstetter, 2020 Keili Gorczyka, 2020 Lakpa Guta, 2016 Eve Haghighi, 2020 Joshua Hanson, 2020 Daniel Hirji, 2020 Justin Huynh, 2020 Maya Jain, 2020 Jack Kennedy, 2020 Marcus Kunene, 2020 Minna Lezak, 2020 Jacob Long, 2020 Aaron Louis, 2020 Isa Maeder, 2019 Anshel Mamet, 2020 Michael McKane, 2017 Nicholas Miller, 2018 Maki M. O’Bryan, 2011 Rose Oelerich, 2018 Tobin Parkhill, 2019 William Pierce, 2016 Mia Raneri, 2018 Audrey M. Sachleben, 2013 Eric Sachleben, 2015 Reed Schwartz, 2015 Keaton Sheppard, 2020 Jacob Slaughter, 2015 Michael F. Springer, 2012 Robert Springer, 2014 Randall Tom, 2020 Stephanie L. Woodford, 2011 Angela Xie, 2014 Allison Yueh, 2020

Kristin Yueh, 2020 Corporate, Matching, & Foundation: Apple Atlassian Bainum Family Foundation Black Rock Dodge & Cox Dropbox Genentech Gensler Google Matching Gift Program Levi Strauss & Co Linkedin Corporation Pacific Gas & Electric Company Synapse Taube Family Foundation The Salesforce Foundation Union Bank Visa, Inc Walt Disney Company Foundation Wells Fargo Philanthropy Fund Xilinx

** Faculty & Staff * Denotes a member of

the Board of Trustees for 2019–2020 & 2020–2021 ( ) Indicates 10 or more years of current consecutive giving Great care was taken to ensure the accuracy of this list, and we would appreciate your sharing with us any errors or omissions.


Thank you for making a difference in the lives of our students!

The impact of your gift is felt by every student, every day.



LET YOUR LIFE SPEAK Volunteers add value beyond measure to our school, offering their time and energy in countless ways that save the school valuable resources and strengthen the fabric of our community. From the Board of Trustees to the work of the Parents Association to parent drivers on field trips, we are grateful for each and every act of service to Friends. To learn more about supporting Friends, please visit our website or contact the Development Office at 415.565.0400.

MISSION STATEMENT At San Francisco Friends School, students learn in a community grounded in the Quaker values of reflection, integrity, peaceful problemsolving, and stewardship. Our teachers challenge students with a dynamic curriculum that inspires curiosity, cooperation, and hard work. We teach children to listen to all voices and to trust their own. We engage with the world around us with kindness and conviction, working toward the Quaker ideal of a caring and just society.

BOARD COMMITTEES Audit Committee on Trustees Development Equity & Inclusion Steering Facilities Finance Investment Quaker Life Strategic Pathways Accountability Group

PARENTS ASSOCIATION COMMITTEES Admissions Annual Fund Black Box Theater Support Blue Party Circle of Friends Communications Community Connections Craft Fair Equity & Inclusion Flowers Giants Night Hospitality Learning Support Alliance Library Mixed-Up Potlucks Room Parents School Store Service Spanish Speakers and Allies SPEAK Steering Teacher-Staff Appreciation Welcoming Year-End Celebration

250 Valencia Street | San Francisco, CA 94103 | 415.565.0400 |

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SFFS 2019–2020 Annual Report  

SFFS 2019–2020 Annual Report  

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