2021 Salon Art + Design Catalog

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Dates and Hours

Run of Show General Admission $30

Friday, November 12 Saturday, November 13 Sunday, November 14 Monday, November 15

11am–8pm 11am–7pm 11am–7pm 11am–5pm

Park Avenue Armory 643 Park Avenue (between 66th and 67th)

Opening Night Thursday, November 11 First Look: Preview to Benefit Dia Art Foundation From 4pm Collectors Preview (By invitation only) From 5pm Vernissage From 7pm

Produced by Sanford L. Smith + Associates thesalonny.com | @theSalonNY | #theSalonNY

Classic Meets Modern at The Belnord: Your Own Private Oasis in The Heart of the Upper West Side.


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DESIGN • BRANDING • CREATIVE DIRECTION frenchca.com “The Rise of the One-Stop-Shop Branding Agency. As a full-service branding agency, frenchCALIFORNIA marries the goals of the developer with the vision of the architect and the needs of the residents.” – AD Pro

Philippe Coutheillas, California Desert, 1964

Welcome to Salon! It’s always our pleasure to welcome you to Salon Art + Design, but this year, after a two-year gap, we are thrilled to be up and running and have you join us. We are so proud that what it usually takes us ten months to achieve, this year has been accomplished in four, and we hope you’ll agree that the fair is as vibrant as ever. This has everything to do with our exceptional exhibitors, many of whom had faith that the travel ban would be lifted in time and luckily it was lifted on November 8, just three days before the opening. Our staff who have literally worked around the clock since August have done a truly amazing job and we have Jennifer, Nicky, Nora, Wendy, Keiko, and Xin to thank for that. Of course, the great excitement is to be live again and we know that along with our attendees coming to see great design in real time, they are also coming for the experience; meeting and talking to each other and our exhibitors and beginning the conversation anew. To once again have the experience of the tactile—holding a ceramic, sitting in a chair, feeling the texture of the materials, has a whole new dimension that the virtual event could never satisfy. This year Salon celebrates its 10th anniversary and we hope as we approach our second decade and the world begins to achieve some normalcy again, that we will remain a must-see event for all design collectors and aficionados for many years to come. We are happy to welcome back many of our old friends along with new exhibitors who add even more panache to Salon. Our offerings this year have expanded to include Art Nouveau, Japanese and tribal art including pre-Columbian, African, and Oceanic design, rounding out the fair with an even broader range of material. We look forward to seeing you and to once again saying an emphatic “welcome to Salon Art + Design.”

Jill Bokor,







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Salon Staff Sanford Smith President and CEO sandy@sanfordsmith.com

Wendy Buckley Partnership + Sales Director wendy@thesalonny.com

Jill Bokor Executive Director jill@thesalonny.com

Nora Wimmer Digital Marketing Manager nora@sanfordsmith.com

Jennifer Stark Chief Operations Officer jennifer@sanfordsmith.com

Xin Yi Zhao Assistant Fair Manager xin@sanfordsmith.com

Nicky Dessources Director of Fair Operations nicky@sanfordsmith.com

Monika Wunderer Controller monika@sanfordsmith.com

Sanford Smith President and CEO

Graphic Design by Connor Cowden connor@strangepursuits.com

The World’s Most Beautiful Things 1stDibs launched in 2000 with a vision of bringing the mystique and eclecticism of the Paris flea markets online and has evolved into an international resource for extraordinary antique, vintage, contemporary and customizable design and art, impeccably sourced from the most coveted makers and brands. We offer a thrilling sense of discovery and a resounding confirmation that beauty, culture, history and community are central to a life well lived. 1ST D I B S .C O M

Honorary Committee Co-Hosts


Nathalie + Laura de Gunzburg

Alexandre Assouline Guillaume Coutheillas Dr. Alberto Eiber Wendy Goodman Sarah Harrelson Julie Hillman Amy Lau Cherine Magrabi Tayeb Lee Mindel Carlos Mota Dr. Daniella Ohad Claire Olshan Renee Rockefeller Dan Rubinstein Beth Rudin DeWoody Margaret Russell Peter Sallick Lizzie Tisch Charles Zana

Duplex Gallery at the Mill Building in Williamsburg


101 N 3rd St. Brooklyn NY


driade_it driade.com

ROLY POLY Faye Toogood

At Salon Art + Design

Special Exhibitions + Installations

Didier Ltd is a gallery unique in specializing in jewelry made and designed by painters, sculptors, architects and designers from the late 19th to the end of the 20th century.The gallery will be presenting a selection of jewels created by Modern Masters, by painters and sculptors whose artworks are collected and prized internationally although their contributions to jewelry design might be less well known. All these jewels have been acquired from the secondary art market and with the benefit of hindsight so that the pieces selected truly reflect the artists’ oeuvre. Furthermore, the gallery will be concentrating on jewelry by women artists who often started by making pieces for themselves, so that the jewelry they wore became an extension of their artistic persona.

An acclaimed musician/songwriter, as well as a painter, sculptor, designer and inventor, Lillian Gorbachincky brings a musical dimension of resonance and harmony to her artwork, sculptures, furniture, lighting and architectural finishes which grace some of the world’s finest homes and prestige establishments as Dior, Chanel, Tiffany & Company and Graff Diamonds. Lillian Gorbachincky Atelier proudly debuts at Salon Art + Design with a symphonic installation in the Parlor, where visitors are swept into a magical world inspired by Lillian’s whimsical painting “Amygdala,” which echoes the color and textures of her breathtaking precious hand-painted wall-coverings, fireplace, mirrors, tables, seating, lighting, as well as other collectible design and art on display.

Nathan Litera is a Paris-based designer and architect who started his career as an architect at John Pedersen Fox in New York, later joining the Atelier Jean Nouvel in Paris and the office of Joseph Dirand Architecture. In 2014, Nathan Litera founded his office in Paris with Lyatt Samama. At Salon, Litera will present his very first furniture collection Altana. The collection is inspired by the architecture of Venetian Palazzi, a distinct crossroads of Italian Gothic architecture and Byzantine influences. The pieces evoke the details seen in these palaces with references to the quatrefoil - the ornamental design resembling a four-leaf clover - and lancet arches.

At Salon Art + Design

Special Exhibitions + Installations

Peter Lane is a New York-based ceramic artist who specializes in largescale architectural installations, monumental furniture, and decorative objects. Raw and refined, brutal and elegant, his practice is based in hand carving techniques inspired by the materials itself. This will be the first time a partner is presented in the Drill Hall to best present the work Lane has created specifically for Salon Art + Design. Each wall of his booth will be clad in a ceramic wall sculpture, complemented by site-specific furniture.

Silvia Furmanovich is a Brazilian jewelry designer led by an innate curiosity for and deep exploration of handicrafts and techniques from around the world. The brand, celebrated for artfully minded, artisan-crafted jewelry, most recently expanded to wood marquetry handbags and jewelry boxes. The natural evolution of these objects is now coming to fruition as a new line of objects for the home: stools, mirrors, tables, trays, vases and bowls. Constantly driven by the desire to create and expand the notions within the field of design, Silvia Furmanovich will unveil an installation that pays tribute to the Amazon rainforest.

Studio Greytak is a conceptual art project by John Greytak in Montana where he explores the intersection between design by nature and design by humans. Studio Greytak is bringing the wonder of the Montana landscape to Salon Art + Design, transforming the Park Avenue Armory’s Colonel’s Room into an immersive experience. Within this magical environment, Studio Greytak presents its Universe collection. This series explores the mysteries of our world through gems and minerals and their roles in Earth, Sky, Sea, and Space. Using these jewels of the Earth as a starting point, Studio Greytak mimics the tools of nature to create pieces that defy scale.

At Salon Art + Design

Special Exhibitions + Installations

Trove is a modern photographic wallcoverings design house based in New York City. Their custom print to order images are organic and large scale. Founded in 2006 in New York City, Trove is led by Jee Levin and Randall Buck, who are both accomplished artists and the creative force behind the brand. The resulting wallcovering designs by Trove push the limits of scale and repeat with unique patterns that are 12 feet high and 3 to 6 feet across. As the founding partners of Trove, Levin and Buck aspire to merge art, design, and craft – mixing traditionally recognized decorative elements with nontraditional application and eco-friendly materials.

Unica, an Italian-based studio specializing in luxury bespoke furniture, celebrates originality through avant-garde designs and extraordinary works of art made for settings with distinguished personalities. Unica believes the spaces we live in are an extension of our personality and contribute to our overall happiness. The studio offers unique products that bring spaces to life through their shapes and colors. Designed with premium materials and finishes, through artistic visions and innovative processes, Unica furniture creates spaces filled with magic and personality. At Salon, Unica will debut a table from their Fioriture collection.

Lead Partners

Global Media Partner

Media, Industry, and Cultural Partners

At Salon Art + Design

Salon Events & Conversations

Spolia by Valerie Name Saturday, November 13 Board of Officers Room 3:00PM

Spoliā, a fashion line founded in New York City by Valerie Name Bolaño in 2021, is an attempt to eternalize the ephemeral; a homage to ancient traditions informed by the reuse of fine materials. Having spent a good part of the last decade designing some of the most storied residences in New York City, Valerie saw large amounts of fine fabrics go to waste after custom furniture productions, discontinued textiles, and began thinking of ways to repurpose them gracefully. Spoliā was born to complement the traditional furniture-making process by turning excess fabrics into timeless outerwear. With a single line of outerwear, Spoliā turns to the realm of building arts and material narratives for inspiration. Furniture and sculptural gestures and durable joints are all central to the collection and overall design direction. The brand will make its debut at Salon Art + Design with a live presentation of their most recent collection in the Board of Officers room.

At Salon Art + Design

Salon Events & Conversations

NYCJW Presents The Bejeweled Butterflies of Wallace Chan: A Talk Hosted by Dr. Emily Stoehrer and Ming Liu SALON CONVERSATIONS Monday, November 15 Board of Officers Room 1:00PM

NYC Jewelry Week (NYCJW) is the first and only week in the United States dedicated to promoting and celebrating the world of jewelry through educational and innovative focused programming. NYCJW welcome arts and culture enthusiasts from around the globe to explore the multifaceted jewelry industry through ground-breaking exhibitions, forwardthinking panel discussions led by industry experts, exclusive workshop visits, heritage-house and independent studio tours, innovative retail collaborations and other unforgettable one-of-a-kind programming created by the best and brightest in the industry across the world. Entering its fourth year, NYC Jewelry Week is proud to partner with Salon Art + Design for a presentation of the work of world-renowned jewelry artist and innovator Wallace Chan. His creativity and curiosity have driven him to develop several jewelry innovations, and he is widely recognized for the signature butterfly motif throughout many of his creations. Hosted by Dr. Emily Stoehrer, Rita J. Kaplan and Susan B. Kaplan Curator of Jewelry at the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston, and watch and jewelry specialist Ming Liu, the presentation will showcase and discuss Wallace Chan’s butterfly creations and speak to the recent tome published on this specific work titled Winged Beauty: The Butterfly Jewellery Art of Wallace Chan. This is a rare opportunity to view Chan’s magical butterflies up close and personal.

didierltd Jewellery by artists, architects and designers


Lupins 1972, unique18ct gold necklace and bangle 66b Kensington Church Street, London W8 4BY, UK +44 (0)7973 800415 — www.didierltd.com — info@didierltd.com

Special Thanks Salon is made up of so many moving parts that it’s easy to overlook some of the people who make it look so seamless. This year we send grateful thanks to the following individuals:

Beth Baumstark

Melissa Liuzzi

David Baumstark

Kevin MacCormack

Liz Bickley

Ryan Maerz

Lois Berl

Silvia Mazzolini

Jill Brooke

Rolland Mok

Renee Brown

David Morehouse

Randall Buck

Jessica Morgan

Jim Carney

Melissa Olster

Patrizio Chiarparini

Robert Panarella

Connor Cowden

Francesco Pasotti

Nessi Erkmenoglu

Kirsten Reoch

Alessandro Fattori

Rob Riccardelli, Sr.

Andrey Furmanovich

Rebecca Robertson

Silvia Furmanovich

Fabrizio Rocchi

Ignacio Galan

David Roy

Lillian Gorbachinky

Lyatt Samama

John Greytak

Sibia Sarangan

Laura de Gunzburg

Kristelle Soto

Nathalie de Gunzburg

Fabrizio Tinti

John Hamilton

Emilia Vincent

Amara Higgins

Marc Von Braunsberg

Peter Lane

Alexandra Zielinska

Jee Levin

Zum Tobel

Nathan Litera

And to all our partners and friends.


Foto: De Rossi Studio - Design: UNICA & ARCADESTUDIO

www.unicaluxury.com | EXPORT@UNICALUXURY.COM | PH. +39 0510930634



S A LO N A R T + D E S I G N




Ariadne Founded in 1972, Ariadne has established a reputation as one of the world’s leading dealers in the field of ancient art. We specialise in exceptional Egyptian, Greek, Roman, Eurasian, Near Eastern, and Byzantine works of art.

Torso of a God Roman Marble First to Second Century AD

James Demirjian, P R I N C I P A L Gregory Demirjian, P R I N C I P A L B Y A P P O I N T M E N T O N LY

6 Hill Street London, W1J 5NF United Kingdom

ariadnedemirjian.com info@ariadnedemirjian.com +44 20 3053 9559


Ateliers Courbet

Featured Artists

Les Ateliers Courbet is a New York-based design gallery noted for its distinct curatorial focus dedicated to the ongoing craftsmanship mastery and design legacies carried-on by the contemporary artisans and centuries-old makers it represents. Established in 2013 by Melanie Courbet, the gallery is a paean to the painstaking work of today’s rarefied master-craftsmen.

Michel Amar Aldo Bakker Thierry Dreyfus Katherine Glenday Jonathan Hansen Pieter Maes Veronica Mar Nakagawa Mokkougei Mauro Mori

Valeria Nascimento Raphael Navot Feleksan Onar Gianluca Pacchioni Bodo Sperlein Ethan Stebbins Karen Swami

Black Drift Tryptich Valeria Nascimento Hand formed porcelain mounted onto burned/blackened wood panels 2019

Melanie Courbet, P R I N C I P A L Amelia Critzer, D I R E C T O R B Y A P P O I N T M E N T O N LY

134 Tenth Avenue New York, NY, 10011 United States

ateliercourbet.com gallery@ateliercourbet.com +1 212 226 7378


Bernard Goldberg Fine Arts Bernard Goldberg Fine Arts, LLC, specializes in American and European art created in the early 20th century with a focus on early Modernism. Exhibiting artworks from Edward Hopper to Gustav Klimt, and sculpture from Gaston Lachaise to Jacques Lipchitz, the gallery also exhibits decorative works by Modernist designers and architects including Samuel Yellin, Edgar Brandt, Frank Lloyd Wright and Josef Hoffmann.

Featured Artists George Ault Thomas Hart Benton Clarence Carter Andrew Dasburg Charles Demuth Alexei Hay Gaston Lachaise Luigi Lucioni

Elie Nadelman Agnes Pelton Winold Reiss Henrietta Shore Joseph Stella Marguerite Zorach William Zorach

Big Ginger Flower Agnes Pelton Oil on Canvas 1925

Bernard Goldberg, P R I N C I P A L Ken Sims, D I R E C T O R B Y A P P O I N T M E N T O N LY

New York and East Hampton United States

bgfa.com info@bgfa.com +1 212 813 9797


Carole Davenport Japanese Art Selections of Japanese and other Asian art by Carole Davenport in all media, paintings, sculpture, screens, porcelain, pottery and lacquer. Works are carefully chosen for their aesthetic merit and authenticity based on 40 years of experience and study. Clients include major museums and collectors and general public.

Featured Artists Hiroyuki Asano Mario Botta Wharton Esherack Shigeru Izumi Furutani Kazuya Makuzu Kozan

Shiomi Masanari George Nakashima Morita Shiryu Miyanaga Tozan Yervand Zakian

NOH MASK OF SHAKUMI Masayuki Yuzan Wood with gesso and paint Early 17th Century

Carole Davenport, P R I N C I P A L B Y A P P O I N T M E N T O N LY

131 East 83 Street Suite 7D New York, NY, 10028 United States

caroledavenport.com carole@caroledavenport.com +1 646 249 8500


Charles Burnand Gallery Charles Burnand Gallery is an internationally renowned Gallery and Studio with a reputation for representing established and emerging designers and artists. Our story has been forged out of curiosity and a visceral need to design and create pieces using honest, noble and sustainable materials. We have honed our skills to create unique, edition and one-of-a-kind pieces that are appreciated by collectors world-wide.

Featured Artists Pierre Bonnefille Linda Boronkay CaCO3 Alexandra Champalimaud Mia Jung

Callum Partridge Raven & Lack Labaye Sumi Miyanaga Tozan Yervand Zakian Caleb Zipperer

Fissure Chandelier Simon Stewart Mica, recycled acrylic 2021

Simon Stewart, D I R E C T O R Michael Totten, D I R E C T O R

27 Whitfield Street London, W1T 2SE United Kingdom

charlesburnand.com info@charlesburnand.com +44 20 7993 4968



Featured Artists

Lawrence Converso’s concentration in and respect for Mid-Century American Design has earned him premiere dealer status over the past 30 years. With a Chicago based showroom CONVERSO sells to designers and collectors, worldwide.

Wharton Esherick Arthur Espenet Sol Lewitt

Wharton Esherick Sofa for the Seiver Residence Wharton Esherick Tulip poplar, walnut, painted wood, upholstery. 1958

Lawrence Converso, P R I N C I P A L Michael Graham, D I R E C T O R

1118 N Ashland Avenue Chicago, IL 60622 United States


1500 S Western Avenue Chicago, IL, 60608 United States

conversomod.com info@conversomod.com +1 312 493 5366


Culture Object Culture Object’s salon format gallery in Manhattan’s Midtown West concentrates on objects integrating conceptual and functional approaches while championing experimentation, skilled production, and engagement with a historical dialogue through the lens of contemporary relevance.

Featured Artists Avital Avital Ane Christensen Rachel David Gary Fernandez Laurids Gallee Elyse Graham Handmade Industrials Trey Jones Jeffrey Loura Etienne Marc

Kim Markel Carol Milne Maxwell Mustardo Jonatan Nilsson Morgan Persson Matt Repsher Kate Rohde Dirk Staschke Peeta Tinay Jian Yoo

Anthropophora Maxwell Mustardo Glazed stoneware, PVC rubber coating 2021

Damon Crain, P R I N C I P A L

344 W 38th Street Ground Floor New York, NY, 10018 United States

cultureobject.com info@cultureobject.com +1 212 380 6987


Donzella Ltd

Featured Artists

Donzella Ltd specializes in post-war design since opening in 1994. Largely comprised of works by Italian & American architects and industrial & interior designers, their catalog of period furniture and lighting sets exceptional standards of form, quality, and rarity. These same criteria inform an expanded program of contemporary works by artists from France, Italy, and the US.

Arriau Studio Chris Bogia Osvaldo Borsani Mario Gottardi Vittorio Gregotti Chris Gustin Max Ingrand

Philip & Kelvin LaVerne Carlo Mollino Ico Parisi Gio Ponti Lorin Silverman Paavo Tynell

Triennale Chairs Gio Ponti for Isa Walnut, brass, upholstery c. 1952

Paul Donzella, P R I N C I P A L

200 Lexington Avenue Suites 1509/1510 New York, NY, 10016 United States

donzella.com info@donzella.com +1 212 965 8919

B1 Featured Artists

Friendman Benda Friedman Benda identifies and advances key narratives that intersect contemporary design, craft, architecture, fine art, and cutting-edge technological research. With locations in New York and Los Angeles, the gallery’s exhibitions, publications and collaborations with institutions have played a vital role in the development of the contemporary design market and scholarship since 2007.

Michael Anastassiades Ini Archibong Daniel Arsham Estudio Campana Wendell Castle Byung Hoon Choi Carmen D’Apollonio Andile Dyalvane Najla El Zein gt2P (Great Things to People)

Misha Kahn Joris Laarman Raphael Navot Samuel Ross Chris Schanck Adam Silverman Ettore Sottsass Faye Toogood Jonathan Trayte Thaddeus Wolfe

Stuffed Shell Chair: Copper Chris Schank Steel, Polystyrene, polyurea, aluminum foil, resin, mohair velvet 2021

Marc Benda, P R I N C I P A L Jennifer Olshin, P R I N C I P A L

515 West 26th Street New York, NY, 10001 United States


8260 Marmont Lane Los Angeles, CA, 90069 United States

friedmanbenda.com gallery@friedmanbenda.com +1 212 239 8700


Galerie Chastel-Maréchal

Featured Artists

Aline Chastel proposes an accurate and personal selection of pieces reflecting the gallery history and atmophere. Pieces by Jean Royère are exhibited, as well as Georges Jouve ceramics and Line Vautrin rarest mirrors. The gallery has focused on these artists since its opening. Some pieces by the contemporary artist Joy de Rohan Chabot are also part of the display, as well as Gilbert Poillerat pieces and Sheila Hicks works.

André Borderie Joy de Rohan Chabot Marcel Coard Sheila Hicks Georges Jouve Claude Lalanne

Jean-Charles Moreux Alexandre Noll Gilbert Poillerat Jean Royère Line Vautrin

Pair of “Crapaud” armchairs Jean Royère Model created in 1937

Aline Chastel, D I R E C T O R

5 rue Bonaparte Paris, 75006 France

chastel-marechal.com contact@chastel-marechal.com +33 1 40 46 82 61

A6 Featured Artists

Galerie Gabriel et Guillaume Created in 2013, Galerie Gabriel et Guillaume has since worked on several exhibitions of Collectible Design between Beirut, Paris, NYC and San Francisco—every time in different landmark spaces, like the Herzog & De Meuron designed building in Beirut, or currently the pre-war Steinway building in Midtown NYC. Specialties are Brazilian mid-century modern, French 1980s/1990s rare pieces and Lebanese contemporary design.

Garouste & Bonetti José Zanine Caldas Maria Group & Spock Design Angelo Lelli George Mohasseb Mauro Mori Namika Atelier

Gio Ponti Ranya Sarakbi & Niko Koronis Philippe Starck Martin Szekely Joaquim Tenreiro Jorge Zalszupin

SF Cabinet Martin Szekely Sycamore Wood c. 1991

Nancy Gabriel, P R I N C I P A L Guillaume Excoffier, P R I N C I P A L B Y A P P O I N T M E N T O N LY

111 West 57th Street New York, NY, 10019 United States

gabrieletguillaume.com info@gabrieletguillaume.com +33 6 12 08 87 67


Galerie Negropontes

Featured Artists

Galerie Negropontes is situated between the Louvre and the Pinault Collection. Its initial ambition to bring new life to French decorative arts, has been coupled with a desire to show the work of artists. The gallery presents bespoke or limited edition contemporary furniture. It is known for its meticulous choice of rare materials, and pure lines that echo the artistic movements of the 20th century.

Erwan Boulloud Eric de Dormael Dar Er. Grigorescu Hervé Langlais Ulrika Liljedhal

Jean-Christophe Malaval Etienne Moyat Gianluca Pacchioni Perrin & Perrin Pinton

Atacama coffee table Erwan Boulloud Concrete and stainless steel 2021

Sophie Negropontes, P R I N C I P A L

14-16 rue Jean-Jacques Rousseau Paris, 75001 France

negropontes-galerie.com galerie@negropontes-galerie.com +33 6 16 67 40 47


Galerie Thomas Fritsch - Artrium Thomas Fritsch opened his gallery of French Decorative Arts from 1945 to 1970 on 6 rue de Seine in 2004. He is acknowledged as the specialist on post-war French ceramics. The gallery presents a selection of “Masterpieces of French Ceramics from 1945 to 1970,” some of them unique. From Vallauris to La Borne, the gallery presents a various selection of rare or unique ceramic pieces from the renowned ceramists of this period.

Featured Artists Jacques Blin André Borderie Roger Capron Pol Chambost Robert Deblander Denise Gatard Mado Jolain Elisabeth Joulia George Jouve

André-Aleth Masson Gilbert Portanier Jacques Pouchain Suzanne Ramié André Rozay Jacques & Dani Ruelland Vera Székely

Rooster Vase André Rozay (1913-1993) Brown enamelled stoneware. Unique piece. 1950

Thomas Fritsch, P R I N C I P A L

6, rue de Seine Paris, 75006 France

thomasfritsch.fr contact@thomasfritsch.fr +33 1 43 26 77 12


Gallery Dobrinka Salzman

Featured Artists

American, French and Scandinavian Masters of Design. Contemporary ceramics and lighting.

Jeremy Anderson Christopher Baker John Born Le Corbusier Balkrishna Doshi Josef Fischnaller Andrée and Michel Hirlet Odette Heideman Pierre Jeanneret Finn Juhl

Ib Kofod Larsen Mogens Lassen Agnes Martin Serge Mouille George Nakashima Nuvolo Charlotte Perriand Jean Prouvé Simone Prouvé Shiro Tsujimura

Antony Cabinet Charlotte Perriand Bent steel and oak plywood 1954

Dobrinka Salzman, P R I N C I P A L

532 W 25th Street New York, NY, 10001 United States

dobrinkasalzman.com gallery@dobrinkasalzman.com +1 917 572 9476

C9 Featured Artists

Garrido Gallery Founded by Damian Garrido in Madrid in 1955, GARRIDO has earned its reputation for masterful craftsmanship of precious metals and its eminent sense of modern simplicity and elegance. Building upon its tradition of fine decorate silverwork, GARRIDO offers pieces fashioned in cutting-edge contemporary design developed by our critically acclaimed artists.

Juan Garrido Paloma Garrido

Crystal Oval Table Set Juan & Paloma Garrido Nickel-plated brass 2021

Juan Garrido, D I R E C T O R Paloma Garrido, D I R E C T O R

Calle de Serrano Anguita 7 Madrid, 28004 Spain Nevada 5-7 Arganda del Rey Madrid, 28500 Spain

garridogallery.com info@damiangarrido.com +34 918 714 556


Geoffrey Diner Gallery

Featured Artists

Geoffrey Diner Gallery, a unique resource for collectors and museums alike, represents exceptional works of art and design. Stylish, functional, even provocative pieces include masterworks by world renowned designers. The focus is top tier only, American and European masters.

Alexander Calder Concretions Sam Gilliam Fritz Hansen Norman Lewis Judy McKie

George Nakashima Ico Parisi Gio Ponti Stickley Renzo Zavanella

Unique Low Table Gio Ponti Burl walnut-veneered wood, painted wood, glass, brass c. 1951

Geoffrey Diner, P R I N C I P A L Maureen Diner, D I R E C T O R B Y A P P O I N T M E N T O N LY

1730 21st Street NW Washington, DC, 20009 United States

dinergallery.com geoff@dinergallery.com +1 202 904 5005

C2 Featured Artists

Glass Past New York Jim Oliveira and Sara Blumberg founded Glass Past New York in 1995. They are private dealers, consultants and curators in the field of Italian glass, specializing in work from 1870 to 1970.

Ercole Barovier Fulvio Bianconi Tomaso Buzzi Dino Martens Napoleone Martinuzzi Carlo Scarpa

Tobia Scarpa Archimede Seguso Thomas Stearns Paolo Venini Vittorio Zecchin

Mosaico Vase Artisti Barovier Blown Glass Murrine c. 1925

Sara Blumberg, D I R E C T O R Jim Oliveira, D I R E C T O R

New York, NY United States

glasspast.com glasspast@earthlink.net +1 212 343 2524


Michael Goedhuis

Featured Artists

Michael Goedhuis has been dealing in Chinese art since the 1980s. He initially focused on Chinese later bronzes for which he became worldrenowned before broadening his interest to Chinese contemporary Ink painting. Michael was one of the first dealers in the West to deal in Chinese contemporary art, building major art investment companies and organising pioneering exhibitions and auctions.

Charlotte Bovy Li Chevalier Lo Ch’ing Qin Feng Le Guo Richard Hudson Yuan Jai Yao Jui-chung Tomoko Kawao

C. X. Li Wei Ligang Arianna Fioratti Loreto Emilie Pugh Noémie Rocher Zeng Shanqing Yang Yanping Guan Zhi

Listen to the Waves Yao Jui-chung Handmade paper, gold leaf, and ink 2020

Michael Goedhuis, P R I N C I P A L B Y A P P O I N T M E N T O N LY

Flat 3, 61 Cadogan Square London, SW1X 0HZ United Kingdom

michaelgoedhuis.com london@michaelgoedhuis.com +44 20 7823 1395

D6 Featured Artists

Heller Gallery Heller Gallery is the most respected US dealer specializing in contemporary glass sculpture and design. We identify, nurture and represent emerging artists as well as prominent international masters. Heller presents museum-quality works, many of which have entered prestigious public collections in the United States, Australia and Europe as a direct result of our exhibitions and advocacy.

Stine Bidstrup Amber Cowan Nancy Callan Steffen Dam Nadège Desgenétez Mel Douglas Katherine Gray Anja Isphording Morten Klitgaard Stanislav Libenský + Jaroslava Brychtová Joanna Manousis

Tobias Møhl Tom Patti Matthew Day Perez Alison Siegel + Pamela Sabroso Ivana Šrámková Karlyn Sutherland Lino Tagliapietra Norwood Viviano Toots Zynsky

ORO - YELLOW 0221 Morten Klitgaard Glass, Oxides, Ash. Photo: Dorte Krogh 2021

Douglas Heller, P R I N C I P A L Katya Heller, D I R E C T O R

303 Tenth Avenue New York, NY, 10001 United States

hellergallery.com info@hellergallery.com +1 212 414 4014


Hostler Burrows

Featured Artists

Hostler Burrows is a design gallery founded in 1998 by Juliet Burrows and Kim Hostler. Initially dedicated solely to Nordic design and decorative arts, the gallery has expanded its program and now integrates a full roster of contemporary artists, both established and emerging, with historical works. The gallery’s primary focus remains in Scandinavia and is rooted in the tradition of studio ceramics.

Jasmin Anoschkin Taher Asad-Bakhtiari Stine Bidstrup Martin Bodilsen Kaldahl Kari Dyrdal Kathy Erteman Yuki Ferdinandsen Frida Fjellman Bjørn Friborg Donna Green Babs Haenen

Steen Ipsen Sakari Kannosto Maren Kloppmann Bodil Manz Jenny Nordberg Carlos Otero Pekka Peikkari Kristina Riska Eva Zethraeus

Implosion Bjørn Friborg Glass 2021

Kim Hostler, P R I N C I P A L Juliet Burrows, P R I N C I P A L

35 East 10th Street New York, NY, 10003 United States 6819 Melrose Avenue Los Angeles, CA, 90038 United States

hostlerburrows.com info@hostlerburrows.com +1 212 343 0471

A14 Featured Artists

J. Lohmann Gallery J. Lohmann Gallery specializes in contemporary ceramics and glass by both internationally established and emerging artists.

Erna Aaltonen Heike Brachlow Sandra Davolio Fenella Elms Corinna Friedrich Sangwoo Kim Ahryun Lee Toni Losey

Barbara Nanning Jongjin Park Merete Rasmussen Tim Rawlinson Elke Sada Bae Sejin

Go With The Flow Barbara Nanning Glass, gold 2018

Joern Lohmann, P R I N C I P A L B Y A P P O I N T M E N T O N LY

New York, NY, 10021 United States

jlohmanngallery.com info@jlohmanngallery.com +1 212 734 1445


Karl Kemp

Featured Artists

The preeminent gallery for fine furniture and decorative art in New York City. Presenting a focused collection of Continental 19th Century antiques, Art Deco and Mid-century design.

Osvaldo Borsani Gabriella Crespi Martin Eisler

Fontana Arte Carlo Hauner

Pair of “Costela” Chairs Carlo Hauner and Martin Eisler for Forma Wood and black painted enameled steel Brazil, 1950s

Eric Barsky, D I R E C T O R

36 East 10th Street New York, NY, 10003 United States

karlkemp.com info@karlkemp.com +1 212 254 1877

A12 Featured Artists

Lebreton Lebreton was established in 1999. With locations in San Francisco and the French Riviera. Alain Lebreton and Karim Mehanna founded Lebreton to realize their combined ambition of promoting and preserving the works of major post-war French and European artists. Lebreton presents a unique selection of artist-designed furniture and mid-twentieth century ceramics and sculptures by major European modern and post-war artists.

Michel Anasse Pol Chambost Robert Deblander

Jean Derval Lucien Rollin Valentine Schlegel

Vase à Trois ColsJean Derval Glazed and carved ceramic vase, Signed. c. 1955

Alain Lebreton, P R I N C I P A L Karim Mehanna, P R I N C I P A L

Domaine de la Granegone, 2593 Avenue Frederic Henri Manhes Draguignan, 83300, France


1994 Carroll Avenue San Francisco, CA, 94124 United States

lebretongallery.com info@lebretongallery.com +33 6 15 20 75 33


Liz O’Brien

Featured Artists

Liz O’Brien specializes in American and European twentieth-century decorative arts and contemporary design, offering exceptional examples of furniture, lighting, art objects, and textiles.

Stephen Antonson André Arbus Paul Briggs Louis Cane Gabriella Crespi John Dickinson Frances Elkins Jean Garçon Max Kuehne Philip & Kelvin LaVerne

Andrew Lord Nancy Lorenz Samuel Marx Jennifer Nocon Maria Pergay Hervé Van der Straeten Line Vautrin John Vesey

Trestle Desk Jean Garçon Stainless Steel c. 1970

Liz O’Brien, P R I N C I P A L

306 East 61st Street Ground Floor New York, NY, 10065 United States

lizobrien.com info@lizobrien.com +1 212 755 3800


Lobel Modern Lobel Modern was established in 1998 to promote important 20th century designers whose originality and exceptional craftsmanship and materials transformed their works into art. The gallery showcases period furniture, lighting, art and decorative arts. Featured designs include Karl Springer, Philip and Kelvin LaVerne, Paul Evans, Tommi Parzinger, Vladimir Kagan, Gabriella Crespi and Anzolo Fuga.

Featured Artists Gabriella Crespi Paul Evans Anzolo Fuga Vladimir Kagan

Philip and Kelvin LaVerne Tommi Parzinger Karl Springer

Rare Paul Evans Mirror in Bronze Resin with Enameled Steel Paul Evans Bronze Resin, Steel 1969 (Signed “PE 69”)

Evan Lobel, P R I N C I P A L

200 Lexington Ave Suite 915 New York, NY, 10016 United States

lobelmodern.com info@lobelmodern.com +1 212 242 9075


Lost City Arts

Featured Artists

Established in 1982 by owner James Elkind, Lost City Arts is recognized as a leading source of 20th century design and fine arts.

Harry Bertoia Lynn Chadwick Max Ingrand

Ico Parisi Gio Ponti Hans Wegner

“Seagull” Chair & Ottoman Gosta Berg & Stenerik Eriksson Leather, Chrome 1960s

James Elkind, P R I N C I P A L Martin Greenstein, D I R E C T O R

200 Lexington Avenue Suite 909 New York, NY, 10016 United States

lostcityarts.com info@lostcityarts.com +1 212 375 500


Macklowe Gallery Macklowe Gallery is the world’s premier dealer of museum-quality 20th century decorative arts, and the largest global home of authenticated Tiffany Lamps. For nearly 50 years, we have been sought by scholars, museum curators and collectors for our specialty in French Art Nouveau furniture and objects, Tiffany Lamps and Tiffany glass, and fine jewelry.

Featured Artists Rupert Carabin Louis Comfort Tiffany René Lalique Suzanne Belperron René Boivin Bulgari Alexander Calder Jean Despres

Emile Gallé Hector Guimard Louis Majorelle Alphonse Mucha Daum Nancy Tiffany Studios New York Phillipe Wolfers

“Laburnum” Floor Lamp Tiffany Studios New York Leaded Glass, Gilt Bronze 1900

Benjamin Macklowe, P R I N C I P A L

445 Park Avenue New York, NY, 10022 United States

macklowegallery.com email@macklowegallery.com +1 212 644 6400


Magen H Gallery

Featured Artists

Since 1997, Magen H Gallery has pioneered revolutionary and significant design in sculpture, decorative arts, architecture, and ceramics. With special emphasis given to French post-war designers, the collection progresses the artistic dialogue between these historically significant works and contemporaries who visually articulate a personal philosophy.

Jacques Adnet Alain Douillard Caroline Lee Pia Manu

Pierre Sabatier Sido & Francois Thevenin

Daybed René Prou Enameled Steel and Velvet c. 1930

Hugues Magen, P R I N C I P A L Nathalie Dheedene, D I R E C T O R

54 East 11th Street New York, NY, 10003 United States

magenxxcentury.com gallery@magenxxcentury.com +1 212 777 8670

A11 Featured Artists

Maison Gerard Gerardus A. Widdershoven established Maison Gerard in 1974 and built its reputation as New York’s premier source for fine French Art Deco furniture, lighting, and objets d’art. In the late ‘90s, Benoist F. Drut joined as a partner, and today the gallery exhibits a range of work— from Art Deco and antiques to contemporary lighting, sculpture, and ceramics—with an emphasis on authenticity, historical context, and expertise.

Barbro Aberg Ani Afshar Cesare Arduini Niamh Barry Mark Brazier-Jones Anna Condo Emma Donnersberg Stephen Downes Carol Egan Douglas Fanning

Aline Hazarian Laura Kirar Kiko Lopez Sandra Nunnerley Jaimal Odedra Achille Salvagni Ayala Serfaty Federica Silvi Stacklab Zigor

Achille Salvagni Hera Parchment Covered Wood, Cast Bronze, 24k Gilt Bronze 2020

Benoist F. Drut, P R I N C I P A L

43 and 53 East 10th Street New York, NY, 10003 United States

maisongerard.com home@maisongerard.com +1 212 674 7611


Maison Rapin

Featured Artists

True to its Baroque Modern style, Maison Rapin presents a wide selection of furniture and art objects from the 20th and 21st centuries: historical pieces, such as the Crown of Wheat mirror created by Robert Goossens for Mademoiselle Chanel, or decorative folies, as the feather-inlaid cabinet designed by Serkan Cura for KAM TIN, the jewelry furniture brand.

Etienne Allemeersch Marc Bankowsky Marc Cavell Ado Chale Jean Després Marcello Fantoni Foddis and Baisi

Fontana Arte Robert Goossens Ryan Labar Ico Parisi Gio Ponti Roberto Rida KAM TIN

Set of 3 Colosseum Tables Foddis and Baisi Brass and Glass 2020

Philippe Rapin, P R I N C I P A L Alice Kargar, D I R E C T O R

25 quai Voltaire Paris, 75007, France 3 rue de Beaune Paris, 75007, France

maison-rapin.com alice@maison-rapin.com +33 01 42 61 24 21

D5 Featured Artists

Moderne Gallery Moderne Gallery has been renowned for its Design collections since 1984. Relocated in 2019 to the Port Richmond are of Philadelphia in 2020, the 16,000 sq. ft. space is filled with an extensive inventory from 1920-2021. In 1985 we were the 1st gallery to promote the work of George Nakashima, now having the finest & largest selection of his designs. In 1990, Moderne Gallery expanded its inventory to include all of the American Studio Movement.

Harry Bertoia John Eric Byers Miriam Carpenter David Ebner Wharton Esherick Estelle Halper Paul Hultberg Brent Kington George Nakashima

Mira Nakashima Inayoshi Osamu Toshiko Takaezu Hashimoto Tomonari Tanaka Tomomi Imura Toshimi Ryo Toyonaga Peter Voulkos Makoto Yabe

Triple Sliding Door Cabinet George Nakashima Wood 1974

Robert Aibel, P R I N C I P A L Joshua Aibel, P R I N C I P A L

2220 East Allegheny Avenue Philadelphia, PA, 19134 United States

modernegallery.com info@modernegallery.com +1 215 923 8536


Onishi Gallery

Featured Artists

Since its opening in 2005, Onishi Gallery has featured contemporary Japanese artists who work in a range of media, including ceramics, metalwork, lacquer, glass, sculpture and painting. These artists are united in their common embrace of tradition. Onishi Gallery merges past with the present through the presentation of historically rich explorations of traditional art forms.

Uozumi Iraku III Nakagawa Mamoru Otsuki Masako Katsura Morihito Oshiyama Motoko Tamagawa Norio

Miyata Ryohei Sako Ryuhei Hata Shunsai III Hannya Tamotsu Ōsumi Yukie

Vessel Ritsu (Rhythm) Iede Takahiro (b. 1962) Metal weaving of shakudo, shibuichi and silver 2019

Nana Onishi, P R I N C I P A L

521 West 26th Street New York, NY, 10001 United States

onishigallery.com nana@onishigallery.com +1 212 695 8035

C3 Featured Artists

Opera Gallery Opera Gallery is a modern and contemporary art gallery presenting work by established and emerging artists of the 20th and 21st centuries. Founded in Paris in 1994 by Gilles Dyan, Opera Gallery now has thirteen exhibition spaces worldwide.

Mel Bochner Alexander Calder Sung-Hee Cho George Condo Niki de Saint Phalle Jean Dubuffet Tracey Emin

Sam Francis Keith Haring Anthony James Sol LeWitt Hermann Nitsch Manolo Valdés Tom Wesselmann

Besides a permanent exhibition, Opera Gallery organizes about four solo shows and curated exhibitions a year in each of its spaces.

Fauteuil Noir Niki de Saint Phalle Polyester Paint 1980

Laura Adams, D I R E C T O R

791 Madison Avenue New York, NY, 10065 United States

operagallery.com nyc@operagallery.com +1 646 707 3299



Featured Artists

Founded in 2002, Ornamentum Gallery exhibits a dynamic collection of contemporary jewelry as well as related objects and artworks. Ornamentum hosts numerous exhibitions yearly in one of the world’s largest gallery spaces dedicated specifically to contemporary jewelry / artworks where featured designers/artists often display their work in conceptual installations. Codirectors Laura Lapachin and Stefan Friedemann founded the gallery after themselves being educated as jewelers / designers in the USA and Germany, these experiences put to work in the gallery setting have earned them international acclaim as impeccable and discerning curators.

David Bielander David Clarke Iris Eichenberg Karl Fritsch Hanna Hedman John Iversen Jiro Kamata

Anders Ljungberg Jaydan Moore Ted Noten Todd Pownell Gerd Rothmann Alberte Tranberg Lisa Walker

Holon Candleholder Jiro Kamata Oxidized silver, camera lenses with PVD, 24k and red gold coating 2021

Stefan Friedemann, P R I N C I P A L Laura Lapachin, P R I N C I P A L

506 Warren Street Hudson, NY, 12534 United States

ornamentungallery.com info@ornamentungallery.com +1 518 671 6770

B2 Featured Artists

Patrick Parrish Gallery Patrick Parrish Gallery exhibits unusual, new, and sometimes overlooked modernist designers and artists of the twentieth and twenty-first centuries. The gallery plays an active role in both the vintage and contemporary design scenes and participates in several design fairs per year, offering a carefully articulated vision of contemporary or modernist design. The gallery has a program of 6-8 curated solo shows per year.

Chris Beeston Guy Corriero Judy Engel Hanna Eshel Cody Hoyt Liam Lee Pablo Limon Ian McDonald

Tron Meyer Felix Muhrhofer Bertjan Pot Christopher Prinz Brian Thoreen Julian Watts Chris Wolston

Biomorphic Sculptures Ruth Pumphrey Ceramic 1970s

Patrick Parrish, P R I N C I P A L

50 Lispenard Street New York, NY, 10013 United States

patrickparrish.com info@patrickparrish.com +1 212 219 9244


Phoenix Ancient Art Phoenix Ancient Art exhibits works originating from cultures that contributed significantly to the foundation of Western Civilization. Specializing in exceptional objects from the lands that formed the Greek, Roman, and Byzantine world and cultures in Mesopotamia, the Near East, Egypt, Europe, the Balkans, Eurasia, the Steppes extending over more than 7,000 years of human history.

Ionic Capital Roman Marble 2nd Century A.D.

Hicham Aboutaam, P R I N C I P A L Alexander Gherardi, D I R E C T O R

6 rue Verdaine Geneva, 1204, Switzerland Electrum, 725 5th Avenue 19th floor, New York, NY 10022, United States

phoenixancientart.com info@phoenixancientart.com +1 212 288 7518


R & Company

Featured Artists

R & Company represents a distinguished group of historical and contemporary designers whose work is among the most finely crafted of their time. Principals Zesty Meyers and Evan Snyderman have garnered international acclaim for their groundbreaking exhibitions and commitment to preserving history through an extensive archival and library collection. Through passion and research, R & Company champions collectible design.

Sebastian Errazuriz Rogan Gregory Serban Ionescu The Haas Brothers Nancy Lorenz

Katie Stout Studio Job Johnny Swing Jeff Zimmerman

Ribbon Cluster Jeff Zimmerman Glass 2019

Evan Snyderman, P R I N C I P A L Zesty Meyers, P R I N C I P A L

64 White Street New York, NY, 10013 United States 82 Franklin Street New York, NY, 10013 United States

r-and-company.com r@r-and-company.com +1 212 343 7979

B8 Featured Artists

Shoshana Wayne Gallery Shoshana Wayne Gallery was founded in 1986 in Santa Monica, Los Angeles, California. The gallery is committed to showing established and emerging artists from the United States, Europe, and Asia with a focus on conceptual art, feminism and the handmade, as well as the work of artists that are bridging the gap between art and craft. Our new space opens January 9th, 2022 with a solo exhibition of paintings by Orly Maiberg.

Thordis Adalsteinsdottir Zadok Ben-David Ashwini Bhat Kathy Butterly Max Colby Russell Crotty Chie Fueki Sabrina Gschwandtner Tadaaki Kuwayama Rachel Lachowicz Dinh Q. Lê

Sze Tsung Nicolás Leong Orly Maiberg Anina Major Rakuko Naito Elaine Reichek Michal Rovner Beverly Semmes Shirley Tse Gil Yefman

Tilt A World Kathy Butterly Clay, glaze 2020

Shoshana Blank, P R I N C I P A L Wayne Blank, P R I N C I P A L Benjamin Genocchio, D I R E C T O R

5247 W Adams Blvd Los Angeles, CA, 90016 United States

shoshanawayne.com mail@shoshanawayne.com +1 323 840 3252

B11 Featured Artists

Tambaran Gallery Tambaran is one of New York City’s most respected art galleries specializing in contemporary, African, Oceanic and North West Coast art. Founded in 1979 by Maureen Zarember, Tambaran offers exceptionally beautiful pieces in African, Oceanic and North West Coast American art to private collectors and museums all over the world.

Sung Hee Cho Meg Cowell Thannyo De Freitas Navarro Ed Freeman Emily Kame Kngwarreye John Graham Linda Lieffers Gabriella Possum Nungurrayi Michelle Possum Nungurrayi Brooklyn Whelan Michael Wilding Ben Young

Chrome and Upholstered Cornet Chair Verner Panton, 1961 Original red wool Kevin Champeny, An Apple a Day 30 x 48 x 2 inches 10,000 sculpted and hand cast urethane pieces of candy

Maureen Zarember, P R I N C I P A L Sarah Tortorich, D I R E C T O R

5 East 82nd Street New York, NY, 10028 United States

tambaran.com m.zarember@tambaran.com +1 212 570 0655

D4 Featured Artists

The Future Perfect The Future Perfect is one of the world’s foremost contemporary design galleries, distinguished by its ebullient vision and strong curatorial focus, with special exhibitions from leading contemporary artists and designers showcasing newly created studio works, alongside one-of-a-kind and limited edition pieces.

Ian Collings Chen Chen & Kai Williams Karl Zahn

Stone Seat - Marble Ian Collings Marble 2021

David Alhadeff, P R I N C I P A L Laura Young, D I R E C T O R B Y A P P O I N T M E N T O N LY

8 St Lukes Place New York, NY, 10014 United States

thefutureperfect.com laura@thefutureperfect.com +1 212 473 2500


Throckmorton Fine Art

Featured Artists

Fine art gallery specializing in Pre-Columbian artwork, Latin American Photography, and Neolithic Period Chinese antiquities.

Ruven Afanador Mario Algaze Miguel Rio Branco Lola Álvarez Bravo Manuel Álvarez Bravo Marilyn Bridges Lucien Clergue Miguel Covarrubias Valdir Cruz Flor Garduño

Héctor García Graciela Iturbide Frida Kahlo George Platt Lynes Tina Modotti Nickolas Muray Luis Gonzalez Palma Diego Rivera Edward Weston Dimitris Yeros

Frida Kahlo on the White Bench Nickolas Muray Carbon Pigment Print 1939 / 1990

Spencer Throckmorton, P R I N C I P A L

145 East 57th Street 3rd floor New York, NY, 10022 United States

throckmorton-nyc.com info@throckmorton-nyc.com +1 212 223 1059


Todd Merrill Studio Todd Merrill represents an international group of established and emerging artists, each with an unprecedented point of view. In creating works of collectible design, each takes a handson approach that intersects design, fine art, traditional craft techniques, and pioneering innovation. Their intimate studio approach fosters an atmosphere of creativity where the work rendered significantly bears the hand of the artist.

Featured Artists Sophie Coryndon Amy Cushing Curtis Fontaine Vikram Goyal Markus Haase Molly Hatch Mindy Horn Lionel Jadot Yunhwan Kim Dominick Leuci

Jean-Luc Le Mounier Gary Magakis John Procario Alex Roskin Stefan Rurak Teemu Salonen Enda Scott Karl Springer LTD. Erin Sullivan Maarten Vrolijk

Spin Love Lionel Jadot Mixed Media 2021

Todd Merrill, P R I N C I P A L

80 Lafayette Street New York, NY 10013 United States

11 South Main Street Southampton, NY 11968 United States

toddmerrillstudio.com info@toddmerrillstudio.com +1 212 673 0531


Twenty First Gallery

Featured Artists

Founded in New York in 2007, Twenty First Gallery leads the market for contemporary decorative arts and design in North America. With origins drawing back to Paris, the gallery quickly established itself as the preeminent source for contemporary French furniture and limited edition designs stateside and internationally, consistently exhibiting notable European designers and furniture artists in its Tribeca showroom.

Emmanuel Babled Mattia Bonetti Erwan Boulloud François Corbeau Anne and Vincent Corbiere

Hélène de Saint Lager Giuseppe Ducrot Hubert Le Gall Valentin Loellmann Marcin Rusak Beatrice Serre

Bronze Ronde-Bosse 3 Door Cabinet François Corbeau Mirror-Polished Bronze 2021

Renaud Vuaillat, P R I N C I P A L Elisabeth Verzeaux, D I R E C T O R

76 Franklin Street New York, NY, 10013 United States

twentyfirstgallery.com info@21stgallery.com +1 212 206 1967

C5 Featured Artists

Wexler Gallery Challenging traditional labels, Wexler Gallery exhibits work in multiple disciplines and traditions, testing the boundaries of craft, design, and art. Presenting work that consistently celebrates formal innovation and conceptual content as much as aesthetic beauty, Wexler opened in 2000 in Philadelphia and expanded to New York in 2018. The gallery showcases extraordinary work by established artists and emerging talent.

Lewis Wexler, P R I N C I P A L Sherri Wexler, P R I N C I P A L Cate Andrews, D I R E C T O R Samantha Goldberg, D I R E C T O R

Andreea Avram Rusu Trish DeMasi Feyza Kemahlioglu Judy Kensley McKie Roberto Lugo Gregory Nangle

Reynold Rodriguez Tim Rollins & K.O.S. Kenny Scharf Andy Warhol Patrick Weder Tom Wesselmann

Acuestate Y No Jodas Mas Lounge Reynold Rodriguez Polished gypsum plaster and marble 2021

201 North 3rd Street, Philadelphia, PA, 19106 United States 200 Lexington Avenue Suite 413 New York, NY, 10016 United States

wexlergallery.com info@wexlergallery.com +1 215 923 7030

Erosion Luminaire


The Studio Greytak Experience Join us in the Colonel’s Room as we introduce the Universe Collection, an exploration of Nature’s ultimate creations, by Studio Greytak.


+1 406.203.7378



or centuries, artists have been drawn to flowers as fertile sources of inspiration. Flowers can magically express the enormity of emotions — without words. In an artist’s hands, flowers can represent, resilience or loss, promiscuity or purity, friendship or romance, marriage or break-ups, birth or death and all shapes of love. Whether by Vincent van Gogh or Marc Quinn, Isabelle van Zeijl or Frida Kahlo, flowers are a universal language, reminding us that beauty and solace exist. They are symbols of hope and courage. They are weapons of choice to diminish violence. Consider Marc Riboud’s Vietnam protest photograph of a high-school student putting a daisy in a National Guardsman’s bayonet. Their unrivaled beauty are also symbols of joy and possibility with fascinating histories rooted to every corner of the earth. This is why as a former CNN reporter and editor in chief of Avenue, I started Flower Power Daily, the first website to explore how flowers intersect with news, design,

decor, fashion, food, wellness, science and art. FPD tells the stories of flowers and showcases flower-loving photographers, sculptors and painters. Every day, it celebrates stories that accentuate positivity, while sharing exquisite images that calm, soothe and inspire. FPD is honored to be asked to create the flowers that will greet visitors of this great Salon Art + Design event. Carrie Wilcox, the 2021 lead designer at the First Ladies Luncheon for congressional spouses and a prize winner at the Philadelphia Flower Show, will lend her considerable talents to the flowers with me. Whenever I need a glimpse of beauty or a break from the ugliness of the world, flowers give me solace. I hope Flower Power Daily heightens that experience for you while helping everyone enjoy the floral wonders in nature and in art. Jill Brooke Founder, Flower Power Daily.

Isabelle van Zeijl, artist.

Decades of industry knowledge meet technology-driven, contemporary understanding to overcome logistical challenges. OUR CAPABILITIES Art handling, packing and installation Exhibition project management and bespoke services Art storage and inventory management Fine art transport

NEW YORK | PARIS | DUBAI | HONG KONG | MUMBAI | SEOUL www.brinksfineart.com

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