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Galerie Negropontes Galerie Negropontes is located in the heart of Paris, near the Louvre and Palais Royal. The gallery shows artists and designers in the mind of the French decorative arts and entrusts the making of their creations to craftsmen with exceptional know-how. Galerie Negropontes is specialized in proposing bespoke pieces, creating with each new project a human experience that is resolutely forward-thinking.

Featured artists and designers include: HervÊ Langlais, Perrin & Perrin, Eric de Dormael, Etienne Moyat, Benjamin Poulanges, Dan Er Grigorescu, and Gianluca Pacchioni. Galerie Negropontes 14–16 rue Jean-Jacques Rousseau 75001 Paris, France +33 1 71 18 19 51

Photo: Francis Amiand