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Galerie BSL Founded by Béatrice Saint-Laurent, Galerie BSL commissions and exhibits refined and innovative works that challenge the established borders of art and design. All one-offs or in very limited edition, these functional sculptures channel an experience, arouse one’s sensibility, and speak to the heart as much as to the intellect. Fantasy fuses with the object, creating a dreamy aesthetic, full of energy and imagination. Galerie BSL 14 rue des Beaux-Arts Paris 75006, France info@galeriebsl.com +33 1 56 81 61 52 www.galeriebsl.com

(Above) Charles Kalpakian, Cinétisme wall light, brushed, hammered, guilloched, and lacquered aluminium, LEDs, 2020. 47.2 × 35.4 × 8.1 inches

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