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Bernard Goldberg Fine Arts, LLC, specializes in American and European art created in the early 20th century with a focus on early Modernism. Exhibiting artworks from Edward Hopper to Gustav Klimt, and sculpture from Gaston Lachaise to Jacques Lipchitz, the gallery also exhibits decorative works by Modernist designers and architects including Samuel Yellin, Edgar Brandt, Frank Lloyd Wright, and Josef Hoffmann. Bernard Goldberg Fine Arts, LLC New York info@bgfa.com  (212) 813-9797 www.bgfa.com

(Opposite) Paul Manship, Dancer vase, bronze with gilding, 1913, 16 7/8 × 8 1/2 × 6 7/8 inches (including original base) (Above) Gaston Lachaise, Fountain, bronze, 1922, 10 × 12 1/2 × 5 1/2 inches

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