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We decided to create the first New York fair that would showcase design as well as art. No one else was doing it – most art fairs discouraged design and the very few existing design fairs did not accept art. Salon partnered with the prestigious Syndicat Nationale des Antiquaire to create the first US fair to showcase both.

For the second and final time, the fair collaborated with the Syndicat Nationale des Antiquaire. The mix of participants at the fair included 18th-century French furniture dealers and modern picture galleries, with material ranging from ethnographic art to an assortment of international mid-century design.

27 (Clockwise from far left) The 2019 fair with Friedman Benda in the foreground; L’Arc en Seine, 2012; David Gill, 2014; Bernard Goldberg, 2015; Adrian Sassoon, 2013. Photos: Peter Baker

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