Pathways Summer 2019

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Fishman Fund Award Ceremony Celebrates Early-Career Scientists The generosity of our donors keeps the tradition alive For the 17th consecutive year, exceptional postdoctoral researchers at Sanford Burnham Prebys were recognized at the annual Fishman Fund Award ceremony, held at the Sanford Consortium in La Jolla. The $10,000 award is given to promising young scientists to advance their careers by attending scientific workshops and international conferences to learn the latest about developments in their research field. A Fishman Fund Fellowship, which provides salary support for two years in addition to benefits and a career-development stipend, was awarded at the event for the second time in our history. Established in 2001 by Reena Horowitz and Mary Bradley in honor of Institute founders Dr. William and Lillian Fishman, the award recognizes young scientists who have chosen a field of research and planned a career path to achieve their goals. The competition is open to all Sanford Burnham Prebys postdoctoral researchers. Co-founder Horowitz, Fishman Fund Board member Armi Williams and former Institute trustee Andrew Viterbi, presented the awards. Co-founder designee Jeanne Jones shared that since the fund’s inception, 64 recipients have been awarded. “These awards honor Dr. William and Lillian Fishman—the founders of Sanford Burnham Prebys—who believed in helping young postdoctoral researchers become great scientists.”

Ee Phie Tan, Ph.D., is studying autophagy—a cellular recycling process that helps maintain health. Koen Galenkamp, Ph.D., specializes in seeking ways to starve pancreatic cancer tumors of the food they need to survive and grow. Usue Etxaniz Irigoien, Ph.D. (Fishman Fund Fellowship), is studying communication signals between nerves and muscles to advance neuromuscular disease research. Laura Martin-Sancho, Ph.D., is working to develop antiviral medicines that will combat infectious diseases such as influenza, dengue, and West Nile and Zika viruses.

From left to right: Ee Phie Tan, Ph.D., Koen Galenkamp, Ph.D., Usue Etxaniz, Ph.D., and Laura Martin-Sancho, Ph.D.