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Entering its 42nd year, Sanfa Bicycle Industrial Company continues to offer optimal bicycle production services to some of the finest bicycle brands in the world. Well known for its unparalleled quality in OEM bicycle assembly, Sanfa also offers consolidated production of steel, alloy, and carbon fiber frames and forks, advanced painting applications, CEN testing. The combination of these valuable services allows Sanfa to provide customers with competitive pricing, flexibility to produce in Taiwan or China, and most importantly the ability to synchronize lead times for bicycle production.







With bicycle production factories in both Taiwan and China, Sanfa offers its customers the opportunity to choose where to base production. Each bicycle assembly factory is outfitted with the latest assembly equipment – from computer monitored torque wrenches, laser-guided frame alignment and assembly machines, wheelset assembly lines, hydraulic presses, modern pre-treatment setups, dust-free polishing compartments, and quality control testing machines. In addition to mass production assembly lines, Sanfa dedicates at least one production line for high-end, hand-assembled bicycles where each bicycle is individually built to ensure the highest quality standards. Each step of production is closely monitored by our seasoned management and overseen by teams of quality control personnel. Located at the Taichung Precision Machinery Technology and Innovation Park, Sanfa Taiwan is capable of producing up to 250,000 bicycles per year. Sanfa China, located in the Guangzhou Economic Technology Development District’s Yonghe Economic Zone, is capable of producing upwards of 350,000 bicycles per year.

Established since 1997, Sanfa (Guangzhou) Sporting Goods Company, Ltd. Is only an hour away from Guangzhou and Shenzhen, strategically positioned within the Guangzhou Economic Technology Development District’s Yonghe Economic Zone. In Guangzhou, Sanfa specializes in the production of bicycle frames and forks using hi-ten steel, cromoly steel, 6061/7005 alloy, and high-end carbon fiber. Sanfa is ISO certified and confidently backs all of its products with product liability insurance. Besides the guarantee of quality frames, Sanfa strives to ensure that each valuable customer enjoys feasible lead times.

Sanfa engineers follow the highest standards for frame and rigid fork production, performing scheduled internal audits, as well as compliance and compatibility tests to ensure the quality of our products. Our expertise in bicycle assembly reinforces our manufacturing unit with in-depth knowledge about frame set geometries, effectively diminishing inconsistencies during assembly. With over 50 percent of all frame and fork components produced in-house, the overall value, quality, and production time of our products have substantially improved to the benefit of customers. In addition, Sanfa is capable of producing in-house tooling, tapered tubing, and semihydroforming tubes – designed to reduce the amount of time and costs of outsourcing. Annual capacity for frame production is: Carbon (25,000), Alloy (250,000), and Steel (100,000).

Sanfa engineers and mechanics are not only engaged in frame and rigid fork production, but also in research and development and precision molding. Sanfa’s R&D department is equipped with the latest applications for frame and fork design. SolidWorks® and AutoCAD® 2D and 3D drawings and models are created following standard engineering protocols and to the specifications of our customers. Sanfa is currently capable of producing high-end monocoque Carbon Fiber, Aluminum Alloy (6061, 6066, 7005, 7050), Chromium-Molybdenum Alloy (Chromoly), and High Tensile (HI-TEN) bicycle frames. Focused on building superior products, Sanfa’s manufacturing unit has progressively invested in precision molding machines, T4 and T6 Heat Treatment Furnaces, Computer Numerical Controlled (CNC) machines, along with a wide range of frame and fork testing equipment.

An integral part of bicycle production, wheel-building is an important feature which Sanfa has vested much time, effort, and capital. Technicians at Sanfa operate some of the best machines available for both mass and handmade wheelset production. Nipple tightening machines are paired with state of the art stabilizing and truing machines, after which each wheel is individually tested by a wheel testing machine for trueness and offset.

At Sanfa, six-step painting and seven-step curing lines are equipped with some of the best paint application systems – capable of using both water-based paints and liquid-based paints. Painting quality is further enhanced with Infrared (IR) Curing Ovens, Polyurethane (PU), Powder Clear Coating Technology, Electrostatic Spraying, and Dust-free Systems. These advanced paint lines are designed to accelerate production cycles, reduce costs, increase energy efficiency, and above all, produce products of the highest caliber.

DUAL CYLINDER DYNAMIC FATIGUE TESTER A testing machine which can measure the fatigue and relative safety of a bicycle’s frame, front fork, handle-bar, stem, seat post, seat tube, and crank set through an extensive amount of loads in a matter of a few hours. ROAD PERFORMANCE TESTER A testing machine which can measure the long-term durability and relative safety of a fully-assembled bicycle. An extensive, mechanically-powered simulation of different types of terrain and operating speed can be performed within a few hours.

BRAKE FORCE DURABILITY TESTER A specialized testing machine which can determine the extended durability, heat resistance, wet/dry performance, and overall reliability through computer-controlled simulations. UNIVERSAL TESTING MACHINE A machine capable of testing the strength, compression, extension, bending, and resistance of various bicycle parts and components – including chains, crank sets, seat posts, quick releases, and pedals.

FRAME ASSEMBLY VIBRATION TESTER A machine capable of testing the strength and relative durability of a frame or frame set through a series of mechanically-controlled vibrations.

FALLING FRAME AND FORK ASSEMBLY TESTER A machine capable of measuring the amount of fractures sustained by a bicycle frame or fork after a series of mechanically-controlled impact tests.

FALLING MASS IMPACT TESTER A machine designed to determine the overall quality and relative durability of a bicycle frame or fork. A mechanically-controlled impact test determines a frame or fork’s resistance to fractures and deformation.

Sanfa Bicycle Industrial Co., Ltd. No. 7 Jingke 3rd Road, Nantun District Taichung, Taiwan, Republic of China +886-4-2479-2135 (tel) +886-4-2479-0819 (fax) (email) Sanfa (Guangzhou) Sporting Goods Co., Ltd. No. 16 Yongshun Road Yonghe Economic Zone, GETDD Guangzhou City, Guangdong Province People’s Republic of China +86-20-3222-1333 (tel) +86-20-3222-1329 (fax)


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