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38 Jan / Feb. 2013 NCCU OIC Newsletter

NCCU Chinese New Year Gathering:

Do as the Taiwanese do!

NCCU bids international students final farewell!


Both local and international students enjoy the Chinese New Year Gathering Feast, a good opportunity to mingle with friends at NCCU and the community.

STORY BY Daniel Guzman Briman PHOTO BY Yu Ya-Chien

As part of their annual cultural activities, the Office of International Cooperation (OIC) of National Chengchi University held the “NCCU Chinese New Year Gathering” ( 政治大學中國 新年圍爐活動 ), a festival lunch. The gathering took place at Qi Xian Building on February 6th. NCCU’s new international students had the opportunity to taste traditional Chinese cuisine and learn some important aspects about Chinese people and culture. The lunch started with kind words from NCCU President, Dr. Wu Se-hwa (吳思華). In his speech, Dr. Wu formally welcomed them all to NCCU and Taiwan. He also expressed his gratitude to the new international students for choosing Taiwan for their exchange program, especially since internationalization has been one of the most important achievements at NCCU. Dr. Wu’s welcoming words were followed by the Dean of the OIC, Dr. Chen who expressed the importance of these kind of activities in order to truly experience the benefits of a cultural learning environment. He also emphasized that the Chinese New Year gathering is the most important holiday for Taiwanese people because it is when families get together and spend quality time doing different activities together such as traveling,

Welcome to NCCU:2013 Spring International Students Orientation


Dean of the Office of International Cooperation, Dr. Chen, and the OIC staff members get ready to distribute red envelopes (紅包) to all the guests, wishing them a successful new year.

playing games and of course preparing delicious feasts for the whole family to enjoy. After both speeches, the guests watched a video which taught them how to use Chinese chopsticks in the proper way. Despite difficulties encountered by some international students, especially since many of them have not used chopsticks before, everyone was still having fun trying to grab the food in the correct way. While enjoying the delicious traditional Chinese cuisine, international students were surprised by the vivid performance by a local artist who showed them the art of Chinese calligraphy and its several different techniques. The lunch concluded with a feature surprise-all international students received red envelopes ( 紅包 ) as a symbol of good fortune and prosperity.

NCCU Club fun and action


NCCU scholar exchange catches up with student exchange



Jan / Feb. 2013


NCCU OIC Newsletter

NCCU bids international students final farewell! STORY BY Joy Li PHOTO BY Xenia Chen

On the night of December 20, 2012, the rumor about the end of the world the next day was in circulation. In the Fong Yu Building of National Chengchi University (NCCU), a joyous farewell party was held, not to celebrate the last day of life on earth but to celebrate life in NCCU. Organized by Office of International Cooperation (OIC) and International Youth (IY), the Certificate Awarding Ceremony impressed international students with Taiwanese ebullience and genialness. The Certification Awarding Ceremony is regarded as a graduation ceremony for international students in Taiwan. Inspired by the convention of Japanese universities, Dean of OIC, Dr. Shu-Heng Chen (陳樹衡) introduced it to NCCU, hoping to bid our international friends a memorable final farewell and enhance their identification with the university. He emphasized to the students that life in NCCU is an unforgettable memory. The two-hour ceremony held in the fall of 2012 was indeed both attractive and memorable. From the theme of the party to the design of the shows, every detail displayed the full preparation and creativity of International Youth (IY). From the first step into the hall, almost all participants were amazed at the stage setting. Red brick walls, lanterns, firecrackers, Santa suits, a Christmas tree and a snow man added to the Christmas blend of traditional Chinese and Western elements that created a festive atmosphere. During the first period, students received certificates of the completion, a blessing from the presidents of OIC. After a brief break, the students were treated to surprise performances by Taiwanese students as well as fellow international students. The kicking portion of the Tae Kwon Do Club’s performance received enthusiastic applause, while the beautiful singing of an international student brought the party to a wonderful end. After a semester, NCCU becomes a memorable mark in the hearts of international students. One student mentioned that he learned and experienced much more than he had imagined in Taiwan. OIC expressed its wish that this farewell is not the end, but the start of a new journey. They also extended welcome to the International students to come back to NCCU and Taiwan in the future, so that the relationship may last longer than one semester.

After the performances, International Youth (IY) prepares a workshop for participants to experience Chinese calligraphy. The two members of International Youth write down the sentence assigned by the international students, “On Christmas, all I want is only you.”

Dean of the Office of International Cooperation (OIC), Dr. ShuHeng Chen (陳樹衡) represents National Chengchi University in awarding certificates to international students. Six students from different countries volunteer to present themselves as the graduation representatives.


Jan / Feb. 2013


NCCU OIC Newsletter

Welcome to NCCU:

2013 Spring International Students Orientation STORY BY Mona Chen PHOTO BY Mona Chen & SA

On the morning of February 18, more than 100 international students gathered at the administration building to attend the spring 2013 Orientation of National Chengchi University (NCCU) for international students. Along the way to the venue, the hallway was decorated with lanterns and red envelopes, which created a warm Chinese New Year’s atmosphere for international students. According to Office of International Cooperation (OIC), the number of international students attending this event was around 500 people, including 198 exchange students and about 150 degree-seeking students, a majority of

The Student Ambassador (SA) prepares a series of games for international students to familiarize themselves with the campus and make both local and international friends.

whom are from Europe. Dean of OIC, Shu-Heng Chen (陳 樹衡 ) began his welcome address by greeting all the students who travelled all the way to Taiwan. Aside from classes and learning Chinese, he encouraged students to go out and explore the beauty of Taiwan. “Taiwan’s most beautiful scenery is people,” he said. Besides, he recommended students to go to PingShi ( 平溪 ) to feel the Taiwanese festive atmosphere and see what Taiwanese happiness is like and how it is different from other cultures. The morning orientation section included important information regarding enrollment, course selection, visa, dormitory, etc. Dr. Dira Berman,

Over 120 international students join Spring 2013 International Students Orientation of National Chengchi University (NCCU). There are about 500 participants this year, including 198 exchange students and about 150 degree-seeking students.

the international student counselor was introduced to the students. Apart from that, three service groups under OIC: NCCU Campus Caring Group, Student Ambassador (SA), and International Youth (IY), which are all dedicated to making life in Taiwan easier, were also introduced. Mr. Victor Stevenson, a current student of the International Master ’s Program in International Studies (IMICS) shared how he successfully adapted his life in Taipei. He talked about the Dragon Boat Competition last May and encouraged interested students to join this year’s competition. “Dragon Boat Festival is one of the biggest events in Taiwan. It’s the best way for you to go deep into community and know Taiwanese culture.” Though the training was tough, he thought it was definitely an unforgettable experience. Around noon time, three members from the guitar club received a roar of applause after they performed songs including “payphone” by Maroon 5 and the classic Chinese New Year’s greeting song, “Congratulations, Happy New Year (恭喜新年快樂)”, which gave international students a brief glimpse of the upcoming lively new semester at NCCU. In the afternoon session, SA prepared a series of games for international students to familiarize them with the campus. They competed in teams and made both international and local friends through various games.


Jan / Feb. 2013


NCCU OIC Newsletter

NCCU Club fun and action

STORY BY Vincent Chong PHOTO BY Johnny

National Chengchi University (NCCU) is famous for the large number of exchange students coming in every year. Although most are here for academic studies, taking part in extra-curricular activities and having fun is also part of student life. The NCCU football team, for example, is very popular with foreign students. Half of the 50 member team comprises of foreign and overseas Chinese students. The captain of the football team, Johnny(李平周) is from Indonesia. Johnny’s opinion is that football is a very popular sport in many countries around the world, “but it does not mean we do not play other games, it is just more popular,” he said. A member of the football team Ms. Zoe Magraw-Mickelson (左艾 俐) said that many foreign students choose to join the football team because they are familiar with the sport. “People choose sports clubs based on what they love and know,” she said. Mr. Enoc Hercules from Belize played in other football teams in his home country. He loves football to the point that it would be torture for him not to play, so he is glad that NCCU has a football team. Even with his experience, Enoc still believes it is tough to stay in the team because there are other good players. Nonetheless, he asserted that he has made more friends in the team than in his regular school life, mostly because everyone is so friendly and passionate toward the sport. Apart from athletics and sports, there are also clubs

The National Chengchi University (NCCU) football team has about 25 foreign students as it team members. Most of them have experience playing the game in their native countries.

established to aid foreign students in Taiwan. The National Chengchi University Malaysia Student Association (NCCUMSA) is one such example. Leader of NCCUMSA, Ms. Wen-Hui Liew (劉雯慧) said that the association serves an important purpose for Malaysian students. After making contact with the incoming freshmen, they proceed to guide them through the details of studying in Taiwan and assign seniors to mentor them. “We can say we are the first thing the students know of NCCU,” Ms. Liew said. The NCCUMSA arranges events like welcome party and sports competitions for the members. She added that because most of the students are from Malaysia, the bond between them is potentially stronger than with classmates in their own departments.

The National Chengchi University (NCCU) football team is a popular club for foreign students since football is one of the most universal sports in the world. It is a sport that can easily close the gap between people from different cultures and languages.


Jan / Feb. 2013


NCCU OIC Newsletter

NCCU scholar exchange catches up with student exchange

STORY BY Tina Cheng PHOTO BY Department of Philosophy

With increasing numbers of incoming and outgoing exchange students, National Chengchi University (NCCU) campus has become more and more internationalized. In addition to the student exchange program, NCCU also encourages in scholar exchanges that sends and receives professors to work and research abroad with their partner universities. In the summer of 2010, two visiting professors came to NCCU as part of the scholar exchange program. Mr. Bo Mou (牟博), professor from the Department of Philosophy at San Jose State University, taught Constructive Engagement of Chinese Philosophy and With the professors’ international teaching experience, students can not only extend Western Philosophy (中國哲學與西方哲學的建 their knowledge but also broaden their global view. 設性交鋒-交融). Another professor, Junjie Chu (褚俊傑), from the University of Leipzig, Germany, taught Introduction to Dignaga's Theory of Perception: a Reading Course of the First Chapter of his Pramanasamuccaya (陳那《集量論》講讀). Both courses were scheduled three times a week during the NCCU International Summer School. Aside from this demanding schedule, the courses were also conducted in different ways as compared to traditional classroom experience. For example, classes were conducted through discussion between the professor and the students rather than a lecture format. “The interaction between the lecturers and students is good, “said Ms. Jing-lan Visiting scholars, Professor Junjie Chu (褚俊傑) Guan (官靜蘭), administrative staff from the Department of Philosophy. “Students and Professor Bo Mou (牟博), use non-traditional can learn a lot through these different ways of teaching, and it is also helpful for discussion-based teaching methods in their students to broaden their global views,” she added. courses, challenging the students in different ways of thinking. On average, there are 2-3 exchange scholars coming to NCCU every year to work together with NCCU professors, either giving lectures or doing research. Free accommodation and I-House are provided to exchange scholars based on the SILKROAD NEWSLETTER terms of the agreements with partner universities. Moreover, exchange scholars INFORMATION could apply for subsidy or allowance according to the cooperation agreement. Ms. Esther Chou, Executive Assistant Dean, from OIC Cooperation and Publisher: Dean of OIC, Dr. Shu-Heng Chen Exchange Section, encourages professors to broaden their expertise through the exchange program. With more professors participating in academic exchange Executive Committee: Office of International Cooperation National Chengchi University, Taipei, Taiwan program, NCCU’s future academic environment can be expected to be even more internationalized. Address: No.64, Sec.2, ZhiNan Rd., Wenshan District,

Distinguished guests at NCCU INSTITUTION Nanyang Technological University Soka University The Hong Kong Institute of Education Vietnam National University

NATION Singapore Japan Hong Kong Vietnam

DATE OF VISIT 2013.01.11 2013.01.29 2013.02.25 2013.02.27

Taipei City 11605, Taiwan (R.O.C) Tel: +886-2-29387589 Email: Editor: Barbara Moi Editor-in-chief: Kelly Wang

Campus Reporters: Vincent Chong, Joy Li, Daniel Guzman Briman, Mona Chen, Tina Cheng Graphic Designer: Araceli Chen

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