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General Insurance More on Non Life Insurance Policies

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General Insurance

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General insurance or non-life insurance policies, includes automobile, travel, health and homeowners policies, that provides payments depending on the loss from a particular financial event. General insurance typically comprises any insurance that is not determined to be life insurance.

General Insurance Market in India

Major competitors occupying the market Major competitors premium collection for 2013-14.

Types of General Insurance Policies • Motor Insurance - Covers your automobile against damage, theft, accidents& other unforeseen dangers. • Health Insurance - Covers you against medical expenses, personal accidents & injury, critical illness etc. • Travel Insurance - Covers you against luggage loss, misplaced documents including passports, illness, flight delays & accidents during travel. • Home Insurance –Covers against all mishaps to your home. Includes protection against cover, burglary, theft, fire , natural disasters, personal accident & Breakdown of Domestic Appliances amongst others.

Motor Insurance

Motor Insurance Policies covers your automobile against losses caused due to fire, theft, explosion, burglary, riots, strikes, earthquakes, flood, cyclones, accidents, malicious acts and terrorist activities. Motor Insurance policies apply to Personal Owned Cars, Commercial Vehicles, Two Wheeler Vehicles & Second Hand Vehicles.

Travel Insurance Travel Insurance Policies covers you against unforeseen emergencies like lost baggage (and passports), flight delays, personal accidents, critical illness & hospital stay amongst others during your travel. Travel Insurance Policies are offered for international as well as domestic travel, to travellers visiting Schengen countries, to students travelling abroad for studies, specialized policies to Senior Citizens & special single or multi trip travel to specific regions (Europe or Asia).

Health Insurance Health Insurance Policies covers you against critical illnesses, fatal accidents & Pre and Post Hospitalization Medical Expenses related to hospitalization. Health Insurance Policies are designed for Working Executives, for Entire Family, Special Policies for Women, for people with Critical illnesses & for accidents.

Home Insurance Home Insurance Policies protects your home from any possible kind of natural or man-made catastrophe. Important features covered by Health Insurance Policies include protection from Fire & Perils, Rent for alternative accommodation, Burglary & Theft, Public Liability, Marine (relocation)& New Items Purchased.

General Insurance Policies Online Major General Insurance Players offers their customers the option to Buy & renew their policies online. The Advantages of buying or renewing policies online include: •

Quick & Hassle free. No Paper work no ques.

You get to know the exact premium amount you need to pay. •

You can compare various policies online & choose the best one.

You can renew your policy from a new General Insurance Company.

Thank You

Health & Motor Insurance General Insurance Policies  

Learn more on General Insurance Policies. Travel, Motor, Health & Home Insurance are some of the important General Insurance Policies offere...

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