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IDNews Volume 1

February 21, 2014

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For the month of February, we will double your money on the Fast Start bonus when you sign up ten preferred customers on IDNutrition auto-ship. That means you will earn $400 (instead of $200) just by signing up ten customers this month.

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superFood me!! SpirulinaComplex is a perfectly balanced combination of Spirulina and Green Tea. PAUL SULLIVAN - Inventor and Formulator, IDNutrition

6. Relationship building 7. Lots of giveaways 8. The opportunity to hear Darren Hardy speak 9. The biggest party and coolest band in Dallas 10. Learn how over 1000 of you will earn the next incentive trip

Spirulina is a species of green algae that grows in fresh water and is a

more inside...

rich source of protein from Phycocyanin (65% by weight), chlorophyll,


antioxidants and phytonutrients. It provides high levels of Zinc, Vitamin C, Carotenoids, Vitamin B Complex, Iron...

cont. p. 2/...

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Volume 1

February 21, 2014

Leadership Tips As John Maxwell says, "Everything rises and falls on leadership." Setting the right example for your team by putting them first, truly caring about them and their goals, striving to always do the right thing and being available for them will create a culture of success throughout your team.

IDLife Team:

I've never had a greater feeling of satisfaction, than when I've been a part of someone else's success. We ARE in the business of raising up leaders.

belief in IDLife and we appreciate your patience

Ty Toth Presidential Director

IDOffice Updates Did you know you can: 1) Change your website URL? Go to Settings/My Account/User Name and enter your desired URL to check availability. If available, simply click ‘Save’. 2) Complete your Direct Deposit information so you don’t have to wait for your check? Go to Settings/My Account/Commission Payment Method. Then select ‘View’ and select ‘direct deposit’ to enter your bank information.

I am beyond excited that we are publishing our first IDNews! This has been an incredible first month of business. We cannot tell you how much your as we have navigated some choppy Launch waters. We are happy to report we are now in much calmer waters. The great news is our customers LOVE our incredible products. More great news is that we just paid out our fourth week of commissions checks and we are publishing our first rank achievements in this newsletter. We are so proud of those who achieved rank and are excited for more of you to do the same. Make sure you are on our Sunday Night Training Call - March 2nd as we will be announcing NEW promotions for the month of March. See you at our upcoming Bootcamps and

3) Change your credit card information? Go to Settings/Billing to verify or change your credit card information.


4) Change your auto-ship on your IDNutrition? You can change this on your Assessment. If you want to change your auto-ship on a non-IDNutrition product, go to MyBusiness/My Autoship/Edit to make the change.

Logan Stout, CEO

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Volume 1

Superfood me!

February 21, 2014

cont from cover

It (Spirulina) provides high levels of Zinc, Vitamin C, Carot-

production, protein metabolism, the kidneys and

enoids, Vitamin B Complex, Iron, Potassium and Calcium

nervous system. This study demonstrated the value of

plus oil soluble vitamins A and E and with this robust

Spirulina and its usefulness in fighting lead toxicity.

combination of nutrients has truly earned the reputation of a SUPER FOOD.

Green Tea Extract is the complimentary ingredient in the “complex” and the synergy with Spirulina magnifies the

The benefits of Spirulina are many as it helps maintain

antioxidant activity of the nutrient combination by a

healthy blood sugar levels and decreased hunger pangs;

multiple of 100 times that of Vitamin C in providing

enhanced immune function, improved allergic rhinitis

added protection of cells and DNA from free radical

resistance and upper respiratory function; promotes

damage. Green Tea works in “synergy” with the Spirulina

growth of healthy intestinal microflora; supports cardio-

in supporting cardiovascular health, possessing an

vascular health and creates a surprising amount of

anti-allergy capacity and immune system support. In

energy and in a time of increasing environmental

addition to those health benefits, research demonstrates

challenges an important capability of detoxifying

that Green Tea components (EGCG in particular) help to

dangerous heavy metals.

inhibit metabolic syndrome (the precursor of diabetes),

I just reviewed an article a week ago regarding a study done on the toxic heavy metal lead acetate (now banned

help lower depressive symptoms in older populations and also support “cancer cell suicide” (apoptosis).

in paints and gasoline) that is still used in many cosmetics

IDNutrition provides this SUPER FOOD SpirulinaComplex

such as red lip sticks and hair dyes and the “protective

to help offset the antioxidant and mineral loss from poor

effect” Spirulina had in its prevention of lead-induced

intakes of fruits and vegetables that are so common in

damages. Lead is toxic at any dose and can poison every

today’s American Diet. SUPER FOOD ME.

organ of the body but most often damages red blood cell

PAUL SULLIVAN - IDLife Formulator • Pharmecist • Clinical Nutritionist

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Volume 1

February 21, 2014

IDLife Congratulates our Top Ranking Associates! National Presidential Director Sean & Jennifer Moran Carla Ferrer Presidential Director ID Life Leaders Jason Cherry Ty Toth Vice Presidential Director Denise Tuite Alisa Bennett Jim Dowd National Director Capital Health Partners ID Legacy Jason Newby Jeff Stout Joel Magno Kathy McKinney Kay Hickman Kim Jackman Kristin Wolf Living the Lifestyle Marco Dragone Matthew Boone Michael Unclebach Michelle Norris Passionate Partners Prosper Patrick Franklin Purpose Drive Life Robert Cooper Scott Schilling Shannon Pittman Thomas & Erin Cooper Executive Director Angela Herd Bobby Thomas Brian Solecki Chris Faircloth Clay Keith Dana Kantara David & Trish Chawaga Page 3

Frank Englund Gary Hynek Ginamarie Mazzaro Holly Valtierra James Mallary Joel Magno Julie Davenport Laura Andrews Laura Carney Lindsay Laboski Marilyn Mosso Scott Mallary Shirley McLean Sincere Legacy Senior Director A.C. Kantara Alonia Cottrell Andre Underwood Anthony Davis Austin Stout Blake Doolan Bob Deller Bobbie Jo Frizzell Bobby Fletcher & Patti Mason Brittany Unclebach Cesar Torres Chad Liggitt Chad Powell Cheri Hutton Cindi Webb Cindy Carlin Corinna Varilek Dale Mancini Darrell & Becky McCauley David Adams David Terra-Nova Debbie Smith Del Harris Doug Allen Dr. Jim Heptig George Collis

Gerardo Valdez Gil Hageman Hamid Kantara Howard Ashkinos James Lowery James Sexton Jason Baca Jay Hickman Jim Gregg Joe & Paula Connolly John Hirth Julie Phillips Kathy and Lee Hatcher Keith Norris Kim Canada Kristina Waller Kristy Schryver Leisa Hart Lorelei Shafer Lynn Semenuk Marc Bisewski Marco Dragone Marcy York Mark Marchesi Mark Sheets Matthew Mrozinski Michele Billich Mick Holsen Nathan Lilley Pamela Carr Patrick Blaha Rachael Nicholson Rich Minor Ron Getek Ron Stout Ron Ullery Ronda Hooks Ryan and Chelsie Stout Salvatore Molitierno II Scott Lloyd Scott Tucker

Volume 1

February 21, 2014

Rankings cont. Sean Moran Shannan Rauch Sherry Leisenring Stacy Gosselin Stanton Wellness Solutions Stephen Hildebrand Susan Ruch Terry Zang Timothy Swart Tom Kulik & Stacey Drew Traci Cook Willace Johnson William Notarianni Wynne Wideman Managing Director Al Marinelli Allen Hundley Amanda Jane Cooper Anne Alaimo Avery Sheets Barry Walker Bert DeLaGarza Bill Dalrymple Bradley Hilbert Brandon Curran Brian Marchesi Buffie Pittman Carrie Randall Carrie Thomas CCP Marketing Chad Hickman Charlotte Pittman Chelsey Wilson Chris Camillo Cort Douglas Cory Griffiths Courtney Wiles Craig Law Dalton Stewart Darren Vigee Dave McKinney Page 4

David Spells Debbie Gore Debby Griffin Dr. Matthew Kirkham Erica Toth Frank Englund IV Georgie Zang Geryl Hickey Glenn Chilcoat Greg Curlee Greg Johnson Heath Crum Holly Adams Holly Bullington ID Life Team Jake Holston James P Jackson Jami Jackson Jan Hensley Jase Smith Jason Thomas JD Kimbrough Jean Strickland Jennifer Battiloro Jennifer Williams Jeremiah Ackerman Jerod Andrews Jim & Amber Gregory Jim Jeffcoat Jim Neumann Jim Nisbet Joe Stooksberry John Heusinkveld John Hirth, III John Williams Jolie Davis Jonathan Denton Josh Wise Joshua McSwain Judith Cooper Karen Bartosh

Kathleen Johansson Kathy Webb Keith Kelley Kellye Baum Kenji Nettles Kesa Connelly Kimberly McSwain Kris Stevens Krista Warren Kristin Franklin Larry Cahill Lauren Loya Lisa Duncan-Hooker Lolita Vasquez Lynne Alfano Margo Rappel Marlene Berry Matt Kawecki Matt Moore Melinda Woolman Michael Solecki Michael B. McGurk, Sr. Michael Chawaga Michael Smith Michael Watson Mike Leibowitz Mike Stelitano Oliver Waskey Patricia Hugley Patricia Kushnir Paul Billich Paul Caraway Randy Edwards Rick Wilson Rob Hillery Rodney Byrd Rodney Hutcherson Ross Scott Rozlyn Sewell Russell Rogers Ryan Osborne

Volume 1

February 21, 2014

Rankings cont. Sandy Boulden Sheila Tucker Shelly Haynes Sheri McCrary Sherry Martin Sonja Mathis Stacey Anderson Stan Wells Stephanie Carbin Susan & Bruce Gmahle Susan Higgins Tami DeClercq Tara Gray Terence Burnside Terence Green Tim Hulsey Timothy Schroeder Tommy Dean Tony and Robin Hall Travis Mallary Trisha Dillard William Marra Zachary Weissenstein Regional Director Aaron Foltz Aaron Heath Aaron Thomson Allie Shirley Amy Locke Andi Kimbrough Andrew Korman Andrew Mandarakas Andrew Tharp Andy Sawieljew Angela Nisbet Ann Harris Annie Zibli Anthony Palmeira Ashere Potter Ashley Ginty Ashley Herd Page 5

Ashley Zang Barry Walker Beau Ferren Becca Greene Bennie Glenn Bert Pearson Bill Boland Bill Ammirata Bill Luconti Blair Hickey Bob Hays Brad Walker Bradford Lee Brandon Sherard Brian Hackney Brian Waters Bruce Gmahle Bryn Tucker Byron Harper Byron Lopez Calyn Hughes Cameron Oakerson Catherine Hansen Chad Davis Charles Coolidge Charles Dillard Charlie Tanksley Chase Wilson Chris & Alicia Richmond Chris Rochelle Christian Leguizamon Christie Koch Christina & Heath McLain Christine Minarchenko Christopher Weeldreyer Christopher Law Cindy Gardner Cindy Mencacci Clint Fuqua Cody LeMoine Colin Gallagher

Corey Ashkinos Corey Jordan Currie Covington Cynthia Sims D&N Customized Nutrition Damien Gross Daniel Sobon CN Darnell Ravenell Darrin Forse Daryl Brown David & Lynn Deason David Butts David Cook David Decker David Headington David Molitierno David Sheehan David Van Brunt Debbie DeLaGarza Debbie Hargrove Debbie O'Connor Debi Cox Deborah DeWitt Debra Santens Debra Wagner Dee Hughes Denise Metten Dennis Newman Don Dryden Don Shafer Doug Allen Sr Douglas Williams Jr. Dr Matthew Eaton Dustin Gelfo Ed Tucker Edna Ross Ellie Jesberg Emilie Brooks Eric Strieby Eric Beatty Eric Wrona

Volume 1

February 21, 2014

Rankings cont. Erica Stanton Erin Cooper Erin Coxen Erin Mullins Gary Gregory Gene Alligood George Rodriguez Glenn Porter Heather Cowan Heidi Marquisette Helen Barker Helen Powell-Stoddart Holly Mac Pherson Holly Toth Hughbert Carter Jack Mahler Jacob Bliss James & Julie Moore James Posey Jamie Rogers Janet Abraham Janis Campbell Jared Camarata Jared Walker Jarred Harris Jason Moore Jason Reid Jeanne Searle Jeff Welch Jeffrey Law Jennifer Adams Jennifer Zimmer Jenny Driskell Jerrod Bogert Jerry Bergman Jerry Langan Jessica Friedrichsen Jill McCleary Jodi Sparks Joel Robison Jon Schmitz Page 6

Jonathan Mays Josh Matthews Josh Roadruck Joshua Green Judith Fogleman Justin Murphy Kaitlyn Sharkey Karen Anagnostou Karen Zastera Kassi Dickens Kate Meyer Kathy Klenke Kathy Newton Kelly Malpica Kelly White Ken Langdon Kerri Cox Kerry Butler Kevin Burton Kevin Jordan Kim Ware Kim Gray Kim Raymond Kimberly Woodliff Krista Fudge Krista Thomas Kristina Thompson Kyle Morris Landon Lain Larry North Lauren Mintzer Leigh Allen Len Critcher Linda Gasch Lisa Statzer Lisa Weinstock Lori Burns M. Hineline Marcus Vital Marie Baber Marisa Crepeau

Mark Jurist Mark Magee Mark Moothart Marney Waters Mary Bodenhamer Matt Welborn Matthew Funk Matthew Goggans Matthew Losa Meghan Kell Melanie Dragone Melissa Strickland Melody Bradley Melody Lilley Merritt Critcher Michael Adams Michael Crum Michael Daggs Michael Hinton Michael Mitchell Michael Sturchio Michael Williams Michelle Szames Mike Dyal Mike McCauley Molli Conti Molly Cook Nancy Dilliplane Nancy Kemp Natalie Commander Nathan Ehinger Pamela Reich Patricia Bull Patrick Hays Pete Lazzaro Peter Lord Rachel Meraz Randa Wilk Randy Galkowski Randy Hubbard Randy Swain

Volume 1

February 21, 2014

Rankings cont. Reatha Sneed Reginald Neal Rene Cowart Rhino Enterprises Rhonda Cowan Rhonda Evans Richard Lunn Richard Sarmiento Rita Lopez Tice Robert Getek Robert Marin Robert Van Der Linden Robert Whitworth Roger Rivers Roxane Gill Ryan Billich Ryan Driggers Sarah Howell Scott Stok Sean Christian Shannon & Forrestt Howard Shannon Burleson Sharyce Wise Shawn Keppel Shean Heitz Sheri McKinney Shoana Terra-Nova Stephanie Colelli Stephanie Sweetin Stephen Pivarnik Steve Allen Steve Chelette Steve Jackman Steve Kusko Susan Stewart Tammi Habermann Tammy Buxton Taryn Billich Taylor Duncan Taylor Nicholson Ted Prendez Page 7

Tenarus Webb Terri Harper Terry Grimes Thomas Fisher Jr Thomas Glennon Thomas Hughes Thomas Lilley Thomas Sperli Tim Bartosh Tisha Wright Todd Jackson Tomi Stout Tommy Mansmann Tony Meineck Travis Sanchez Valerie Ryan Vernon Law Virgilio Dragone Virginia Poillion Wade Collins Warren Wolf Wayne Birster Wendy Ryan Will Ruhland William Nicholas William Ruch



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“If we could give every individual the right amount of nourishment and exercise, not too little and not too much, we would have found the safest way to health.” Hippocrates

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Volume 1


bootcamp JOIN US FOR LIVE BUSINESS PRESENTATIONS AT 9:00 AM WITH CEO LOGAN STOUT TOPICS COVERED: IDLife Business Plan, Quick Start Training Compensation Plan Breakdown Product Knowledge, Designing the IDLife Prospecting & Recruiting Social Media, Motivational Speakers plus Panel Discussions & Audience Q&A Watch for Bootcamp updates on: FOUR LOCATIONS:

9:00am - 4:00pm Saturday, March 8 Sheraton Suites Galleria 2844 Cobb Parkway Atlanta, GA 30339 9:00am - 4:00pm Saturday, March 22 Edison Hotel 3050 Woodbridge Ave. Edison, NJ 08837

9:00am - 4:00pm Saturday March 29, 2014 Westin La Cantera Hill Country Resort 16641 La Cantera Pkwy San Antonio, TX 78256 9:00am - 4:00pm Saturday, April 5 Embassy Suites Hotel Dallas-Frisco 7600 John Q Hammons Frisco, TX 75034

February 21, 2014

Business Opportunity Speaking Schedule Logan Stout, CEO Check frequently for a listing of all events, speakers and updates. Monday, February 24 – 7:00pm Marriott at Legacy Town Center Plano, Texas Tuesday, February 25 – 7:00pm Embassy Suites Denver Southeast Denver, CO Wednesday, February 26 – 7:00pm Holiday Inn Clark Clark, NJ Thursday, February 27 – 7:00pm Holiday Inn Bristol Bristol, VA Monday, March 3 – 7:00pm Marriott at Legacy Town Center Plano, TX Tuesday, March 4 – 7:00pm Hilton Garden Inn Tyler, TX Wednesday, March 5 – 7:00pm 2711 N. Haskell Street, Ste #300 Dallas, TX Monday, March 10 – 7:00pm Marriott at Legacy Town Center Plano, TX Wednesday, March 12 - 7:00 PM Bam Academy Austin, Texas Monday, March 17 – 7:00pm Marriott at Legacy Town Center Plano, TX Tuesday, March 25 – 7:00 PM Bethany Church Columbia.MD Wednesday, March 26 – 700 PM Double Tree Tinton Falls, NJ Thursday, March 27 – 7:00 PM Crowne Plaza Valley Forge King of Prussia, PA

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