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et me give you the welcome to our magazine experience, be welcomed and enjoy our contents. as you probably know this magazine is a cooperative effort made by many people that participated and helped giving form to this project, so for all of you i say thanks the main objective of this magazine is to share content related to crossdressing, transsexualism, feminization, trap characters and related themes if you are interested on participating in this experience let me know about it, you can visit my site

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Stories Playing The Bride I by dividence


he large gown rustled, and the heels clicked loudly as I descended the stairs in my home and walked towards the front door. I would be picked up by my friend’s sister before going to the church. I had never met her before, but he’d assured me that she knew nothing of my secret. It would be nice to have someone to confide in, but I knew being treated as a girl by everyone would probably make this feel more natural in the end. My friend had arranged everything to make this day as painful as possible for me. As I silently thanked him for this, I thought to myself that I also owed him thanks for letting me be a part of this adventure. Never in my wildest dreams had I thought I would find myself in this situation. Every girl’s dream was about to come true for me. I would have the white wedding and enjoy the day as a beautiful bride. Even though it was all a sham, and life would be back to normal in a couple of days, today I was a girl with an exciting future ahead of me. These thoughts warmed me when I left the comfort of my home. Now there was no turning back. My fiancée’s sister was sitting in the car waiting. She smiled and waved as I tripped down the pathway, holding up the hem of my dress. I hadn’t contemplated or prepared myself for the emotions that suddenly gripped me. In this house I had always been a boy, no matter what clothes I wore. Now, the boy was fading into a faint shadow. Still, the feelings brought forth a wide smile as I opened the car door.

“Hey there, gorgeous. Ready to become part of the family? I’m Tina! Tony never told me how pretty you were.” She was actually very cute. I wondered for an instant if she was single, but quickly remembered that I was a girl now for the remainder of the day. “I think so,” I answered feebly, suddenly extremely nervous. “This’ll work out fine. You’re just nervous. Who wouldn’t be on their big day.” Nervousness was just the prefix. When we drove up to


Stories the tall, stone building, I could already see people mingling in front of the doors. The ceremony was just for a few, selected family members, but I nearly fainted as the emotions grabbed me. My heart pounded like never before as I lifted the skirts and stepped out of the vehicle, careful to move as gracefully as I

do nothing but sit on the chair and stare ahead of me. Tina was a really good friend to me and helped me get through the worst emotions.

could. The minutes before the ceremony began were probably the worst moments in my entire life. I was so nervous that I could

dred percent like a girl and actually looked forward to it. It felt like I was living every little girl’s dream. The kiss released another flow of happiness as we were pronounced husband and wife.

When I entered the hall and began walking up the aisle, my nervousness subsided completely. All around me people were standing and looking at me. The happy faces filled me with joy and made me feel like the most beautiful girl in the room. My friend Tony stood at the end of the carpet and smiled. I was thinking that he did an excellent job hiding the sham from his family. Everybody in this room except me were his closest relatives. I was immensely glad that he had managed to find an excuse for my family not being there. The music subsided and I was standing beside my fiancée at the altar. The priest began to read from a large, black book, but I never caught any of it. I was too excited and occupied with enjoying the moment. When the first “I do” was uttered, I came to myself again and managed to stutter the same words. The awkward moment when we fitted the rings on each other was quickly followed by silence when the spectators were awaiting the kiss that marked us as husband and wife. I had never been infatuated with boys, but now when I felt one hun-

After the ceremony, we quickly moved on to the feast. The new situation wasn’t as intimidating as the church, but now there were more people present. Everybody wanted a piece of the newlywed couple, especially the mysterious, pretty wife they’d never seen before. It was tormenting to greet every family member one by one. Each time I


Stories hugged someone, I was sure they’d discover who I truly was, but instead I only received compliments. I even had to kiss a few of the guys present, as it was a custom to be allowed to kiss the bride once. Strangely enough, this didn’t appall me at all. I liked how they viewed me as a beautiful girl and competed for my attention. The party lasted well into the night. I quickly began to enjoy myself and played the role perfectly. My nerves were all gone and replaced with joy and excitement. I was determined to get as much out of my time as a bride as possible. My friend saw how much I enjoyed myself, and I also felt his tension loosen up a bit. Too soon the night neared its end and it became time for us to withdraw. The rest of the guests would continue till dawn, but the newlywed couple was expected to retreat to their room for the wedding night. The evening had been a wonderful and thrilling night for me, and I was sorry it had reached its end. Enduring lots of innuendo and shouts, we carefully retreated back to the wedding suite rented for us. It was a huge room filled with Victorian furniture. The bed was broad and covered with a thick, embroidered cotton blanket over white linen. Finally we were on our own again, and I could relax and be myself. Just the groom’s friend. It had been quite exhausting to keep up the appearance, although I had done so with great pleasure. My friend sat down on the bed and sighed. “Finally. I thought this day would never end. It’s exhausting to fool your own family for so long.” “I know. It was awful at first, but I kind of enjoyed it some of the times. Now, help me get this

gown off. You can’t believe how heavy all this fabric feels after a while.” “Thank you so much for doing this. You’re a true friend. I hope it wasn’t too bad for you.” His words were uttered with genuine sincerity. He helped me to unzip the back, and I let the dress fall to the floor. It was a little bit embarrassing to stand beside my friend wearing nothing but a full set of bridal lingerie, but when I thought about the fact that I had just “married” him and kissed him, it didn’t seem like that big of a deal. “Like I said, I kind of enjoyed it. I got to wear this beautiful gown and fool your entire family.” I held up the gown, feeling the soft fabric against my arms. “You didn’t really need to wear all that underneath.” He stared at my lingerie-wrapped body with a puzzled look. “No one would see anything anyway.” “Are you sure? A bride has to dress up for her wedding night, you know.” I couldn’t resist the faint giggle that escaped along with the words. “Don’t you like it?”

Stories the wedding night.” I could see his cheeks blush, and his mind trying to figure out if I was joking or not. Before he could say anything, I carefully laid a hand on his thigh. He twitched slightly as he felt the touch, but he didn’t resist or say anything. Painstakingly slow, I let the hand slide up towards his crotch and looked him into the eyes. He gazed back, transfixed by the darkness of my decorated eyes. My hand began to unbuckle the silver belt, and I felt something move slowly under the thin, black fabric of his pants. Still, I held his gaze, and my crimson red lips were slowly edging towards him. I longed back to the last kiss as I finished with the belt and opened his fly. Inside, I could feel the hardness below my fingertips. When I was but inches from his face, I retreated with a devious smile. “Take off your suit. I want to see all of my husband.” Tonight would be the final consumation of our marriage.

“Well. If you were my real bride, I guess I would be a very lucky man.” As he spoke, I walked over to the bed, my boots making my feminized hips sway, and sat down next to him. “It doesn’t get much more real than this,” I said to him. “We were wed in a church, under God, with a priest and your family there. We even kissed in front of the entire crowd.” I held up the adorned ring finger for him to see. “All that remains now is



Stories Swap Week: Day 4 and Basketball Game by rogergirl


icole woke up and went through her now normal morning routine. She put on a bra and matching thong, short denim shorts, a tank top, a pair of girl’s ankle socks, and a pair of white canvas tennis shoes. After wearing heels so much, it felt nice looking sexy, but without the uncomfortable shoes. She packed her bags, ate some breakfast, and drove to school. After parking the car, she walked toward the main building and noticed Jennifer and Kyle making out in Kyle’s truck that he had borrowed from his dad for Swap Week. Nicole continued on not wanting to disturb them. She thought back to the day when Jennifer taught her how to kiss like a girl and briefly imagined herself as Nick making out with Jennifer. She then remembered who she was this week and laughed. She walked into her fashion design class and sat down while she waited for class to start. Students began to come into the room and eventually Jennifer showed up. She sat next to Nicole smiling. “I see you’ve been having a good morning,” Nicole said smiling, “you may want to fix your makeup though.” Jennifer smiled a bit embarrassed and pulled out a compact to fix her makeup. She thanked Nicole and told her how much she was enjoying being Kyle’s girlfriend. Nicole told her she felt the same way about Nathan. They went to work finishing their outfit so they could model it during tomorrow’s class. After class they hugged and went off to their

separate classes. In theater Nicole tried on her costume for the play and they went through a dress rehearsal. The play they were performing was a condensed version of Grease. During the play Nicole would wear two costumes in her portrayal of Sandy, although she enjoyed the sexier Sandy costume the best. She went through the rest of her classes then went to lunch. Since she had no events to attend to at lunch today, she and Jennifer went to lunch offcampus with their boyfriends. They ate lunch at a local diner then drove back to school to make out for a while before cheer and football practices. Nicole was now very comfortable making out with Nathan and even let her run his hands up and down her legs as they kissed. She enjoyed the feel of his hands on her soft bare skin and the feel of his lips on her slender neck. Reluctantly, they had to stop and head to practice. The girls each shared one more kiss with their boyfriends then they all went to their practices. They went to the locker room to change and fix their makeup. During practice they went through their routines and moves for the halftime show. Although they weren’t perfect, the team had come together well and were ready for the basketball game. After practice they went to the locker room and changed. Everyone was feeling more comfortable now and some even took showers. It was strange to think that only a few days ago they were all boys and were now fully immersed in their female roles. They were all able to resist their male urges and look at each other’s female bodies without getting any uncomfor-


Stories table male desires. This would all change, however, when they returned to their normal male lives in a few days and begin to look at girls again. Although, they would all be a little more sensitive towards girls after their own experiences as girls. They now knew how uncomfortable it felt to be looked at as sex objects and would try to be more respectful toward a girl they found attractive. While the boys at the high school didn’t treat them like sex objects, since they were girls and knew how it felt, they would sometimes encounter real boys when they went out who would sometimes make them feel uncomfortable since they may have been from out of town and had not participated in Swap Week. Although most people grew up in Sutter’s Valley, a new housing development had recently been built and there were lots of new people in town, all of which were families who knew of and supported Swap Week and moved here because of their unruly children. These new boys would eventually become more sensitive, however, when they or their younger siblings went through Swap Week. After changing, Nicole and Jennifer gathered their bags and picked up their new cheer uniforms. They went to their cars and put their stuff away, then went to the auditorium to set up for the dance. Since it was formal, they decided to make it a 1940s swing and jazz themed dance. A local band volunteered to perform for free, since the high school band was made up of students who had only just learned their instruments. The high school band would get their chance to perform though during the basketball and football games. They decorated the auditorium like a 1940s dance club, and were pretty happy with the results so far, although they had more to finish the next day. As Nick, she had never spent this much time working on something that didn’t involve ska-

teboarding, surfing, or school work. Looking around the room, however, she felt proud of all the work she had put into planning this dance. After setting up for a couple hours, they went to their cars to grab their uniforms and change for the game. The girls gathered together in their new uniforms and Nicole led them in a cheer to get them pumped up for the game. As they walked into the gym they looked around and saw a large crowd sitting in the bleachers. The basketball teams were practicing on the court and loud music was playing over the speakers. The principal, who was the counselor who had first suggested Swap Week years ago, came over to Nicole and Jennifer and asked them if they could talk to the crowd before the game to remind them about the dance and pump them up. The girls agreed and went with the principal to the sound area to get their microphones. They looked around and found their families sitting together in the stands. Nicole and Jennifer’s parents had known each other growing up, although they had lost contact when they all went to college. While Jennifer’s parents moved back to Sutter’s Valley after college, Jennifer’s parents had moved to Los Angeles, so they had not seen each other in over 20 years. As they sat in the stands talking and catching up they made plans to get together. Jennifer had a little brother, named Brandon, who was in junior high and while they normally shared a room, during Swap Week, Jennifer would move to the guest room since they felt uncomfortable sharing a room as brother and sister. Brandon wasn’t used to living with a teenage girl and often felt uncomfortable and unsure how to act around her. Next year, however, they would both be in high school and Jennifer, who would be a senior, was looking forward


Stories to hanging out as sisters and helping her new little sister, Brandi, with her first Swap Week. He and Jennifer looked a lot alike and they would become quite close as sisters during Swap Week. Brandon was sitting next to his parents in the stands drinking a soda and playing a game on his iPhone, somewhat bored with the whole experience. Nicole smiled when she noticed Megan was sitting and next to a guy that she recognized as a waiter from the party the night before and thought they made a nice couple. Nathan and Kyle were not yet at the game as they had a late practice to get ready for their game tomorrow. A buzzer sounded and the teams left the court. Everyone cheered as the principal went to the center of the court to welcome everyone and to talk for a while about Swap Week. He then introduced Nicole and Jennifer who received a round of cheers from the crowd as they walked to the center of the court. Nicole was a bit nervous as she’d never been in front of a large crowd before, but Jennifer was able to calm her down. They talked about the football game and the theme for the dance then pumped the crowd up. The rest of their squad joined them on the court and they performed a cheer. The announcer then introduced the seniors who were participating in their final Swap Week then introduced the players for each team. Some of the girls on the squad had boyfriends on the basketball team and they would kiss when they came to the court. After the players were introduced the cheerleaders returned to the sidelines to cheer while the game started. Although Nick was never into team sports growing up, preferring extreme sports, Nicole found herself getting into the game and thought she might give team sports another try when she returned to her normal life. During timeouts the girls would

cheer and the band would perform. The band was made up of people who had never played instruments before, but no one seemed to care when they were off key or if they missed a note. At half time the cheer squad performed a routine which got a lot of cheers. After they performed the dance team performed and they also got a nice reception. The game went on and ended with one team winning by a point on a last second buzzer beater, which got a lot of cheers from the crowd. After the game Nicole and Jennifer made their way over to their families. As they made their way through the crowd they noticed Nathan and Kyle standing with their families and smiled. Nicole and Jennifer introduced each other to their families and Nicole noticed Brandon’s face light up when Jennifer introduced her to him. Brandon nervously told Nicole she was pretty, then got embarrassed when he remembered that Nicole was really a boy and everyone laughed. Nicole thanked him for the compliment, remembering how she would act as Nick when Megan would bring home a friend he thought was attractive. Growing up, Megan had a lot of hot friends, especially Amanda, and Nick would often find himself acting foolish when


Stories they would come over to visit, but they often ignored him and his parents would tell him to leave them alone. Nicole knew how Brandon felt seeing her dressed in the short cheerleading uniform and wanted to calm him down. Brandon began to relax, although he occasionally would glance at Nicole’s legs while they stood talking. Megan also introduced them to Mike, her new boyfriend that she met at work. He was a waiter and was also planning to transfer to a college out of town. He had grown up in Sutter’s Valley and shared some of his Swap Week memories. Mike and Megan would eventually get married and Nick and Mike would become good friends when Nicole returned to her normal male life. Everyone told Nicole and Jennifer how well they did and everyone posed for pictures. They took turns taking pictures of everyone. Nicole and Jennifer posed together, then they posed with their boyfriends, both together and as individual couples. Nathan and Kyle also took a picture together flexing, then Nicole posed with her family, then just her parents, then just her sister. Jennifer did the same posing with her family, then her parents, and then her brother. They also took some pictures of Megan and Mike together, then Megan and Mike posing with the other couples and some silly photos with Nicole, Megan, and Jennifer doing a Charlie’s Angels pose and Mike, Nathan, Kyle, and Brandon doing tough guy poses.

Everyone laughed when they did a photo of Nicole and Jennifer kissing Brandon on each cheek. Finally they asked someone to take a photo of all of them posing together. After they were done posing for photos, Nicole and Jennifer went to the locker room to take a shower and change. They met everyone outside the gym and they all got in their cars and drove to a restaurant to eat. Everyone talked and laughed and had a good time, including Brandon who began to loosen up and become more comfortable. After eating they made plans to meet again on the weekend before the dance, then they all said their goodbyes and everyone went home. When they got home, Nicole went to the bedroom to put away her uniform and get ready for bed. She noticed her baby doll and thong set that she hadn’t worn yet and decided to wear it to bed. Before going to bed she checked her Facebook and uploaded her new pics. She changed her profile pic to one of her doing a Charlie’s Angels pose with Jennifer and Megan. After going through the new photos she logged off and went to bed.


Stories Ash becomes Ashley by Undertaker972


t all started when Ash and Dawn met up with two of Ash’s old friends, Misty and May. Brock had some business back in Pewter City, so Ash and Dawn were seeing him off at the airport when they met up with the two. Misty, May and Dawn had already met a couple of times before so there was no need for introductions. After some talking the four decided to travel together for a while until Misty had to go back to Kanto and May to Hoenn. In the mean time they made their way to a nearby forest, where they made camp for the night. That night Ash was really tired so he went bed early. But the girls weren’t all that sleepy yet so they stayed up chatting. During the conversations, Misty brought up the time when Ash cross-dressed in order to get into the Celadon Gym. She figured they would just laugh it off and move on to the next topic. Instead both May and Dawn brought up the times he cross-dressed with them. Except for the time with Dawn, when he wore a milk maid outfit, they agreed that he looked a lot like a girl. It was then that they decided to see how much of a girl he could look like.

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The next morning Ash woke up feeling refreshed, never expecting what was going to happen to him that day. As soon as everyone was ready they headed out. “Man those three sure are acting weird today,” thought Ash since they kept looking at him and giggling. He shrugged it off and they went on their way. The girls said that they wanted to do some shopping and since Ash didn’t mind, the group headed for the city. First they went to a couple of dress stores looking for a similar dress to the one Misty mentioned the night before. It was an orange dress with a blue bow at the top of the chest. Finally at the second store they found one that was identical. They bought some cute panties with Pikachu on the front and a couple of bras to go with them. Ash didn’t see any of this because he was waiting outside. They went to some other stores and bought things they planned on using on him including a couple of other outfits, some makeup, pink nail polish, a blonde wig, a pink hair ribbon and other accessories. When they were done they decided to go to a hotel and show him their surprise. “What?! Where did you


Stories get that dress? I haven’t thought about that in years!” Ash said in complete shock looking at what they picked out for him. “C’mon Ash no one else will see besides us,” Misty said giving him the cutest look she could. “Please?” both May and Dawn pleaded. Surprisingly Ash agreed without much of a fight so the girls went to work. First they sent him to the bathroom to put the panties on. When he came out they put the bra on him and had him put on the dress. Then they put the wig on him and went to work, each of them working on a different part of him. Misty started working on his nails while May started tying the ribbon in his wig and fixing it. Then Dawn started to work on his makeup. Soon, after Misty finished his toe nails, they added some white anklet socks and orange shoes to match the dress. They added an orange purse and the look was complete. They stood him up and before they showed him his reflection they just had to admire their work. “He’s much too pretty to be called Ash,” Dawn said. “You’re right, ‘she’ needs a new name,” said May. Then Misty chimed in, “How about the name he used last time he wore this outfit, Ashley? Is that ok with you?” she asked Ash. He wanted to see himself first to see how he looked, and then he would decide if the name fit. So he walked over to the mirror and they unveiled it, since they kept it covered in order to keep his look a secret from him until it was finished. Ash couldn’t believe his eyes! He thought he might look a bit like a girl but not completely like one! “Ok, I guess Ashley is appropriate,” ‘she’ said in disbelief. “Yay!” the three screamed. They spent the rest of the day having Ashley try on a bunch of outfits they bought for her. A few days later, Ash and Dawn bid farewell to their friends as they left for home. Ash had not yet gained enough confidence to go out in public as Ashley yet. So Misty and May went on their respective planes and

headed home. Brock wasn’t back yet as he still had another week in Kanto. So Ash and Dawn left and continued on their journey. Later that day the two didn’t feel like camping out they got a hotel room. Then Dawn asked Ash “would you like to try on another dress?” He thought about it for a moment. “Well let me see it first,” he responded. Dawn grabbed a bag and pulled out what looked to be her contest dress! “Isn’t that the dress you wear at your contests?” Ash exclaimed. “It looks like it but this one’s your size,” Dawn explained. “Ok I’ll wear it,” said ‘Ashley’ excitedly. “Great! Let’s get ready to change, Ashley!” Dawn said helping Ashley remove her jacket. “Sure, Dawn let’s get started,” she responded with a big smile on her face. It was obvious to Dawn that Ashley was really going to enjoy this as she helped her undress. When she was down to just her boy underpants, Dawn handed her a pair of pink panties and she went into the bathroom to put them on. By now Ashley had noticed how different the panties felt then her boy underwear. They felt softer and more comfortable than those boxer shorts she normally wore. “Maybe I should start wearing these more often,” she thought as she exited the bathroom. Once out, Dawn helped her put on a strapless bra. “Is this okay?” Ashley asked as Dawn adjusted the bra. “Yeah it fits you just fine Ash, oops, I mean Ashley.” Dawn stammered. “Okay, just checking.” Before Dawn would put the dress on her, she insisted on doing Ashley’s nails since the nail polish from before had been removed. So Dawn started on Ashley’s nails, which had gained some length since last time. Once Dawn was done smoothing out some rough edges, she started applying the pink nail polish. Once that was done, it was time for the dress. Dawn unzipped the dress and helped Ashley into it, since her nails hadn’t completely dried yet. As she was


Stories zipping it back up Dawn said, “I’m sure this dress will suit you Ashley.” “You really think so?” Ashley replied. “Of course it will. With a little more work you’ll be very pretty.” “Thank you Dawn, I hope I will.” Now it was time for the wig. Dawn carefully removed it from the box she kept it in. She put it on a foam head and brushed it out. She tied the ribbon into a bow in the wig and it was ready to put on Ashley. As she was putting it on her, Dawn commented, “you know it’s great how you let me put you in this dress and everything.” “Well I figured since you, Misty and May did this to me a few days ago, I figured what was the harm? Besides, I actually kind of enjoy doing this with you Dawn,” Ashley said with a smile. Dawn was surprised but happy at what Ashley said. “Thank you Ashley, I’m enjoying this too! How would you like to do this more often with me? Before you answer I just want you to know, if you say yes then I’m not going to remove the nail polish when we’re done. It’s much easier if we leave them that way. So it’s up to you whether or not you want to do this.” Ashley thought about it for a minute, after all she would have to keep the nail polish on even when she went back to being Ash if she agreed to it. Finally she made her decision, “Yes, I’d love to do this more with you. I don’t care if I have to wear the nail polish as a boy; I enjoy doing this too much to say no!” Dawn was stunned for a moment but then she managed to say, “That’s great Ashley! I can’t believe how fast you agreed to that. Anyways we’re almost done; all that’s left is the makeup and the shoes. First, let’s get your shoes on.” She helped her put some white anklet socks, so she wouldn’t mess up her dress. Then she added some pink shoes. Now it was time for the makeup. First Dawn started with a light foundation. Then she added some blush, and while she was doing that Ashley asked her a question. “Dawn, do I look pretty yet?” “Of course

you do Ashley, and you’ll be even prettier once the makeup’s done,” Dawn replied. Finally, Dawn added some pink lipstick and the look was complete. Ashley was about to walk over to the full length mirror, when Dawn stopped her. “Hold on,” she said. “I just have to get some pictures of you.” Dawn pulled out a camera and took a picture. “You look so pretty, Ashley.” “Do you really think so?” Ashley replied. “Of course I do, Ashley. I wouldn’t say it unless I meant it.” “Thank you so much,” Ashley replied as she curtseyed. Dawn nearly fainted as she snapped another picture. She finally uncovered the mirror and Ashley finally got a good look at herself. Just like before she was stunned at how beautiful she looked. There was no way anyone could tell she was really a boy. “Dawn,” she said, “would it be alright if I stayed like this until Brock comes back? We have other outfits that I can wear. I just feel so pretty right now, I want to stay like this for a while.” “Of course you can Ashley. I’d love for you to stay like this.” So Ash stayed dressed as Ashley for the rest of the week. She even went out in public as Ashley. Just before Brock came back, Dawn and Ash put the Ashley clothes in a special storage facility. This way they could access them anytime they wanted with a phone call. They met Brock at the airport and things went fairly back to normal. Though without Brock’s knowledge Ash wore panties under his clothes. So once in a while, whenever Brock left for any length of time, Ash would become Ashley again.


The End

Stories Take Me Home

Stories It wanted what? “I want a skirt.”

by Lyodor-Tolstoyevski

“I want a bra.”


heard the voice the first time Shayna let me into her apartment. I don’t think I mentioned anything to her that first time. I didn’t want to come off as weird or anything. I did at some point, just off-handedly, and she gave an answer that made me turn it into a joke. Hearing a voice in her apartment! Was I crazy?

rest of the night. Left early, told her I was feeling nauseous. It was weird being in her apartment without the voice. I got over that, too. The voice left her apartment, but it started again soon enough. This time, it was in *my* apartment. “Put me on.” Same voice. Weak, but not as weak as the very first time. Just droning at me constantly. “Put me on.”

I wised up to this one pretty quickly. If I put on a skirt, it would stop bothering me. Or maybe I should just take them off and throw them out. Why hadn’t I done that in the first place? I took my pants off, and went to pull down the panties as well, but the voice got louder. “I want a skirt!” I could *feel* the voice now. Like it was jumping into my loins. It felt so horrible, I couldn’t make my hands form a solid grip. “I want a skirt!”

What could I do? Under the stern watch of Shayna’s dress, I took it off, pulled my pants and shirt back on, and made my way to Target. The whole time the panties were screaming at me again. “I want the dress!” I almost couldn’t keep my foot steady on the way back. “I want the dress!” I launched myself up the stairs, slammed the door behind me, tore off my shirt, and desperately put the bra on as quickly as I was able. “I want the dress!”

It grew stronger. Every time I was at Shayna’s place, I heard it a little more clearly, a little more insistently. The first night we had sex, the volume of it suddenly spiked, and I almost couldn’t finish. I couldn’t ignore it, so I sort of just incorporated it into my rhythm until we both came. “Take me home.” I I started walking out of the bedroom, but the voice think that night was the beginning of the end. just got louder and louder. “Put me on!” I wanted to go into the kitchen, but instead found myself walking It was a few nights later that I found myself in her into the bathroom and pulling off my pants. “Put me bedroom alone, and for the first time I heard a direc- on!” Then I pulled off my boxers. “Put me on!” tion from the voice. It was calling me towards her dresser. Towards a drawer. I opened it, and found I finally slipped on the white cotton panties, and rows of folded panties. But there was only one that was rewarded with silence. For a moment, I marveled was calling me, sort of in the middle, to the left. at their comfort. They were snug, but not too tight. “Take me home.” It was almost like this pair of panties was designed for a guy. But that was silly. I didn’t. Not that night. It was weird as hell. But knowing where the voice was coming from, it didn’t I put my pants back on, and went about the rest of take too much longer before I broke down. “Take my day. me home.” Just one night while Shayna was doing something else, I went into her bedroom, stuffed the Until night came, and the voice returned. “I want pair of panties in my pocket, and came back out befo- a skirt.” re she knew the difference. I was on edge the whole

Shayna’d left some clothes with me once. I went over to where she’d left them and sorted through With the bra secured, I pulled the dress on over my them. Shirt, shirt, pants... no skirt. “I want a skirt!” head, over the jeans, and it yelled at me: “I don’t want But there was a dress. low-cut, cuffed sleeves, yellow pants!” I took them off. and flowing. There was a dress. “I want a skirt!” “I want to be full.” This voice was new. It seemed Hoping the dress was good enough, I took off my to echo inside my chest. “I want to be full.” The bra shirt and pulled on the dress. I didn’t get even a felt like it was tightening around my skin, pushing moment of silence this time. But the voice sounded itself as close to me as possible. “I want to be full.” It different. “I want a bra.” It had a different reverbedidn’t make sense. Was the bra moving on its own? ration. “I want a bra.” It seemed like I felt it talking “I want to be full.” Tighter and tighter, the bra felt throughout my whole body. “I want a bra.” It was the firmer against my skin. “I want to be full.” The voidress. ce was weakening. I hoped that was a good sign as I made my way into the bathroom. As I got into the To my slight horror, I found very quickly that now, bathroom and looked at the mirror, it gave one last, I too wanted a bra. It was like I was going crazy. It quiet call. “I want to be full.” didn’t even feel odd when I started negotiating with the dress. “Let me take you off, and I’ll go buy a bra.” I should have known by now. The only way a voice goes away is if it gets what it wants. The bra wasn’t “I want a bra.” tightening against my chest, my chest had been expanding out into the bra. Looking into the mirror, “I’ll leave the panties on!” it was clear that I now had plenty of cleavage spilling out of the yellow dress. “I want a bra.” Before I had a chance to react, I heard a new voice. “I swear, I’ll be back as soon as I can.” No, this one wasn’t a sound, it was more of a feeling.



But even back then, I loved her. So I ignored the thin, calling voice that urged me, “take me home.”

The second day of the new voice, I tried to throw the panties out. I went to the place in my closet where I’d hid them, bent down, picked them up, but as I stood back up the voice screamed at me. “Put me on!”

Stories I felt a new voice. “I want a necklace.” The breasts. They were talking to me. “I want a necklace.” Suddenly, I wanted one, too. They were my breasts. A part of me. What they wanted could influence what I thought. “I want a necklace.”

the demands became. I lost track of who was saying what. “I want brown eyes.” “I want a shorter hemline.” “I want thinner body hair.” “I want french-tip nails.” “I want a birthmark over my left ankle.”

Stories to fit into size 7 shoes.” “I want to be the same color as the dress.” “Me too.” “I want a pointed chin.” “I want a vagina.”

as well? Was this somehow something that Shayna had done intentionally to punish me for something? Maybe it was a test, something to turn me into what I desire, and so by turning into her I passed? “I don’t care.” It came from my crotch. The voice seemed calm, but firm. “I don’t care.” The statement and the sense of apathy reverberated between my hips. “I don’t care.” My tummy seemed to agree now, and my thighs too. “I don’t care.” My chest, my knees, suddenly felt entirely uncurious about everything. “I don’t care.” Down my calves, up my shoulders and arms. “I don’t care.” My hands, my feet. My whole body didn’t care.

I left the bathroom, genuinely hoping I’d find a necklace somewhere. I’d never worn one before. The thought echoed in my head now, along with my chest. “I want a necklace.” Where would I have one? I got a flash of inspiration. I opened a drawer that hadn’t seen daylight in years and pulled out a box that hadn’t been opened in longer. I pulled out a Bible, a picture of Jesus, and... the crucifix necklace they’d given me on my Confirmation. I’d worn it for a month, then put it away. There was nothing in the world that could have made me happier. I had a necklace.

I took a deep breath, held it a moment, then let it out. “You know, I really don’t care. I’m Shayna. That’ll do fine.” I took off my dress, changed into my nightgown, and slipped into bed. Whatever I was, it was what I wanted to be.

“I want a slender neck.” The necklace made its pronouncement almost immediately. “I want smaller shoulders.” The breasts didn’t even give me time to think. “I want smooth arms.” The bra. “I want a smaller waist.” The dress. “I want a flat tummy.” The panties. The chorus of demands just erupted from there. My neck joined in. My shoulders joined in. Half my body wanted things, and it was almost immediately afterwards that they got them. “I want a bigger butt.” “I want shorter legs.” “I Then things started getting more refined. “I want a want nail polish.” “I want a pretty face.” “I want long 32” waist.” “I want to be C-cups.” “I want nude panhair.” “I want small feet.” tyhose.” “I want frosted pink lipstick.” “I want to look like I’ve just been waxed.” “I want to be wavy and The more parts of me changed, the more detailed drop down between the shoulder blades.” “I want


Then I was in silence. I looked at myself in a mirror, and after all the twisting and changing, I realized that I looked just like Shayna. What was happening? Was there some sort of curse that Shayna had fallen victim to, and now I had


Stories Dolls and Pets: Chapter 3 by Dante-Silas


Stories had hoped to see the creation of Brenda along with Chloe through to the end. “I am uploading the files as we speak, in three minutes they shall be sent to all intended destinations.” Linda answered in response to the question from the representative in Moscow. She glanced in the monitor that didn’t represent an associate. It showed the send status of the files that had been prepared.

illegal) and then when that was all said an done, Linda would be in charge of the biggest company in the world.

“They have been, though the response was not favourable. It seems that the head of Sabbat Medical Company has been removed as the Head of his company. The group are not co-operating with our demands and so we have no choice but to proceed with the plan to send the files to every law authority.” Linda explained with a small smile, thankful that the others could not see that smile. She would never admit that she wanted to leak the files, but she had grown accustomed to Brenda in the three Linda stood with a confident smile, holding a com- weeks she had been in Linda’s care and to loose her puter tablet in her hands and typing commands, while there and then would have been a shame. She hadn’t looking up at each of the screens. An eight turned on, even completed the transformation just yet, so she

“My friends, tonight we have what we want. Sabbat Medical Company will soon fall and then we’ll be richer. I shall cut this meeting short. Until our next scheduled meeting in three weeks, I wish you well.” Linda finished and cut the conference call short. It “Can you assure us that the files will not be trawas all worth it now, Linda had everything she wanced?” the representative of Washington asked, the ted out of this endeavour. Stepping back, the screens voice coming out with slight static. Clearly there were went blank and the only sound came from that of the connection problems with his, or her connection and power generators and servers that allowed the room so Linda had to assume there could be a trace on any to function. of the connections that had been made. Now that she was on her own, Linda smiled and “A contingency plan has been put into place. Even if shut her eyes. Deep in thought and satisfied with what the files are traced, none of us will be implemented.” had become, she took two steps back and pivoted on Linda reassured them all as she looked at the screen. her heel before going to find out how her two new The send was complete, and the bar showed one hun- girls were coping with their new lives. She had many dred percent. This time Linda didn’t just have a small plans for the two of them, and it was only just beginsmile on her face, it was a big grin. Soon her company ning. would be the biggest pharmaceutical company in the world. On a whim, Linda had leaked the files to the world media regarding the state of Sabbat Medical Company and its finances. The world would learn of what has been happening, and then the stocks will plummet, the public will be outraged more than what it already was (partially down to the argument of whether or not slavery should be



ince after the photography session, both Chloe and Brenda had been sent to their rooms, either allowed to read, sleep or simply do nothing if they wished. For the moment Linda didn’t need the two of them messing things up for her. The next few hours were crucial if her plans were to come into fruition. Delicacy was required, and above that Linda needed to be prepared for any possibility that might arouse. Despite most of her practices being legal; corporate terrorism and espionage were two activities considered illegal by the small governments that had remained to take over since the fall back in the year 2017. Deep in the basement, passing the shower areas and what was once the dressing area and storage rooms was something hidden behind a masked door that looked like it belonged as part of the walls. The room was quite high-tec. Plasma screens hung on the wall, the floor coated with silver flooring, similar to that seen in science fiction movies. It resembled a space age command centre more than anything, but the circular room was currently in use. Several plasma screens had been turned on, two turned off, but each screen showed what appeared to be a live sound analyser. The sound bars moved up and down with every word. This was the start of the conversation, and while no important words were spoken, code names were, indicating that the people required to be there, were in fact there.

showing the status of each other screen, noting who had spoken the password. “I’m glad we are all here, I know time is short for some of you and that it is late where most of you are from, but this must take place.” Linda spoke into a headset that rested over her long hair and she awaited confirmation that the first message had been sent. To the people that received it, they would not hear her original voice, but a computer distorted sound that played out. “Have the demands been made?” one of the screens played out before any other. The screen showed the same sound bar, but no name, no sex, age, just a location. New York City. Other locations included Dubai, Sydney, Moscow, Rio de Janeiro, Berlin and Washington D.C. The group was worldwide, though no one else would ever know it, or could ever trace them.

Stories CROSSDRESSING CHARLIE Episode 1 by LilyFlorette



he thump of the car door made Charlie open his eyes. The sound of a second door slamming made him sit upright in the bed like a startled squirrel. He listened carefully. The ignition jerked several times before the engine started up. He was still as a statue as he listened to the low rumble of the car reversing out of the driveway. He scurried across the blankets, jumped off the side of the bed and stumbled over a pile of books on the floor towards the window. He parted the curtains and looked down to see his mother’s hatchback van driving away down the street. His heart skipped a beat, then, a smile slowly spread across his face as sudden realization dawned upon him. His mother, Mary and his sister, Rachel were gone into town for the day. He was home alone for the entire day and he knew that he could do anything he wanted. He closed the curtains and turned, looking around at his messy room as he scratched his hair heavy head, thinking of possibly inviting his friends over. He could eat and watch television all he wanted. He could spend the entire day in town without his mother wondering where he was. Yet, he did not wish to do any of these ‘’normal’’ activities. He knew what he wanted. Something he had desired to do for a long time. Something he wanted more than anything but he was never given a chance to do so. He ruffled his brown hair as he walked towards the door, dressed in only a t-shirt and boxer shorts. He waddled down the stairs, feeling as if butterflies were

fluttering about in his stomach. He sat at the kitchen table, munching on a bowl of cereal with his eye constantly on the clock. It was 08:57.a.m. As soon as he finished breakfast, he grabbed two oranges from the fruit basket and ran upstairs. He went to the bathroom, urinated, and brushed his teeth. He stripped down naked and hopped in the warm, steamy shower. He let the water pour down over his long, shaggy hair as the shampoo cleansed it softly. He scrubbed himself down from head to toe until he looked and felt spotless. He got out of the shower, wrapped a towel around his waist and tip toed down the hall to his bedroom, leaving trails of water behind him. His teeth chattered as the cold air got hold of his warm wet body. He closed the bedroom door behind him and began to dry himself. He then walked to his mother’s bedroom, naked and bare to use her hairdryer. Using the hairdryer was the only way he could dry his soaked hair without it curling. He hated it when it curled. The second he was done, his stomach lurched with excitement. He felt as if he was floating down the hallway, passing his bedroom door, the bathroom and the spare master bedroom until he reached the last door, his sister’s bedroom. He placed his hand on the handle, uncertainty swelling up. What if I’m caught - but then again how could I? Charlie thought. I’m home alone all day! He looked down the hall, then slowly pushed the handle down, and gently nudged his sister’s bedroom door open. It creaked. The room was tidy, bright, and well lit. A double bed was placed in the centre of the room, draped in white blankets and sheets with red polka dots. A large wooden wardrobe was placed in the corner, beside the window


Stories where a desk was situated, stacked with piles of books and school items. The walls were painted light yellow with posters of boy-bands, teen idols, famous actors along with a lot of puppy and teddy bear pictures. On the right wall to the bed was a makeup station, stocked with tubes of lipstick, eyeliner, eye shadow, nail polish, makeup sets, lip-gloss, boxes of rings, earrings, necklaces, pearls and the likes. The placed reeked of girliness. It made Charlie feel incredibly out of place and even a little intruding. His sister must never know. He stepped into the room, shutting the door behind him and turning the key, just in case. He took a deep breath as he looked around the room. If he looked like anything at that moment, it would be a little boy, gazing at a never-ending toy store which was open for him to play in for as long as he liked. He looked at the wardrobe coyly, feeling guilty in defying his morals just to bask in a pool of pleasures. Then, he felt as if somebody nodded and smiled, saying it was okay to let himself free. The larger half told him ‘’he deserved it’’ after the never-ending wait. He pranced across the room, his towel wrapped around his waist as he plunged into the soft cushiony bed. The faint whiff of perfume filled his nose as he breathed in the feminine atmosphere. He closed his eyes and smiled blissfully as if he were on cloud nine. This is it! He got up after a few moments, opened the window to let in some fresh air, and walked to the full-length mirror. At the age of sixteen, his average height, skinny frame continued to bother him despite it being currently very beneficial. He then turned to the chest of drawers as his heart pounded against his ribs with excitement. He opened the top drawer, which revealed a wide array of panties, knickers and underpants of all colours and patterns. He felt that his current actions were so wrong and for a brief mo-

ment, he thought about aborting his desires for the day. However, he had come too far; it had to be done now. He knew he would not get another chance for a long time. He reached in and took out a soft cotton pair of knickers with pink polka dots and a bow at the front. He felt his cheeks turn red as a wave of embarrassment spread throughout his body. He felt as if he were standing in a steam room as his breathing became repressed and his skin started to boil. He felt something tick inside him as he touched the bow on the front. He looked around the room again, just in case somebody happened to be there watching. He let his towel fall, crumbling around his ankles as the light chill of the room caressed his skin. He took a deep breath and smiled to himself as he stepped into the knickers. He pulled them up above his legs, feeling the smooth fabric brush against his hips as he adjusted them around his thighs. He shivered all over as the hairs tood up on the back of his neck. The feeling was electric. He walked to the bed and picked up the two oranges he had brought up with him. He then opened the second drawer and pulled out the matching bra. It was white with pink polka dots, extra layers of satin padding with lace trimmings around the edge of the cups. He placed the two oranges inside the cups and held the bra up to his chest with great difficulty. The oranges fell out a several times, which quickly made him feel frustrated. It took him a few moments to fasten the buckles together and even longer to tighten it correctly. The sudden feeling of weight and pressure against his chest made him tingle all over. Goosebumps spread over his arms and legs. The sensation of the straps on his back made him feel oh so feminine. He then took a pair of tights from the drawer. They were white, thin, and barely transparent.


Stories He put his legs into the crumpled up garment and stretched it up his shins, over his knees and over his knickers. The soft feeling was immense and it made him feel incredible. He wiggled his toes between the soft fabrics of the tights and stroked his legs smoothly. It was heaven. He then turned to the wardrobe, his pulse throbbing as his excitement escalated to massive heights. He had always wanted to do this and now it was his chance. Finally. He opened the two doors, which revealed a massive collection of girly outfits owned by his twin. There were skirts, dresses, blouses, leggings, sweaters, cardigans, camisoles, tank tops and shirts hanging inside. There were also slippers, runners, high-heels, boots and formal shoe wear in the footdrawer. Charlie’s eyes trailed back and forth, analyzing each outfit. Then, he spotted it, hanging there in all its glory. The school uniform. His knees began to tremble as he pulled it out of the wardrobe. He had waited so long for this moment and now it was here. He walked across the room, not taking his eye off the uniform as he touched the fabric of the sweater. He picked the blouse first. It was white; round collared, long sleeved, and had been moulded to fit his sister’s shapely abdomen and bosom. He put his arms in the sleeves, noticing the snugness as he pulled the soft blouse around his bodice. He looked at the door once more to see if anybody was watching him. There was nobody. He then buttoned up the blouse, one by one and over his false breasts until he reached the second last button. He left the top two open. Slowly but surely he began to feel slightly more feminine which was what he wanted. He exhaled through his nose as he focused on the soft cotton fabric hug his torso, false breasts, and arms tightly. He looked back at the uniform laid out across the

bed. He was more than ready for his favorites part. The skirt. He picked it up and held it In front of his eyes, admiring its girlish delicacy. It was short, high waisted, with a dark navy, blue and thin white striped plaid pattern. It had light pleats around the hemline with a zipper on the back. He could not understand why he fantasized about wearing such a simple piece of clothing but he was about to fulfill his dreams that very minute. He stepped into the skirt and pulled it up, the polyester fabric gently stroking against his shins as he pulled it over his knees. The skirt slithered against his skin as he pulled it up over his thighs and adjusted it around his waist. He tucked the blouse in, carefully and neatly. He then zipped up the kirt, tightening the band around his waist. The sound of the zipper gave him chills. He looked down at his legs, the skirt lengthening half way down his thighs. The feeling of the skirt against his hips and the soft satin panties beneath made him jiggle blissfully. He then picked up the tie. He buttoned the collar of the blouse up to the top and fixed the navy and blue striped tie around the collar. It was neatly tied, perfect and prim. He stepped in front of the mirror, admiring himself from head to toe, posing girlishly with his hand on his hip and curling his toe with his hands behind his back as he stared into his reflection shyly. Yet, he could not help but blush at the sight of himself. He wondered what his friends would think of him right now let alone his mother and sister. He could not even think of their reactions. He felt he would be completely devastated if they found out. He was not finished yet. He picked up the thin blue v-necked sweater with the school crest embedded on the right breast. He pulled it over his head and down over his bosom, fitting snugly around his abdomen, yet too tightly against


Stories his fake orange boobs. Perhaps he made them too big but he did not care because he simply loved the sensation. He fixed the blouse collar around the neckline and folded the stiff cuffs out over the sweater sleeves. He then walked back to the wardrobe, opened the foot drawer and pulled out the shiny Mary Jane school shoes. He placed it against the sole of his foot. His heart sunk when he realized that they were much too small for him. But no matter, he had the rest of the outfit to enjoy. He turned and looked at the makeup station. He wondered if he should put on some makeup despite not having a clue how to apply the stuff! He supposed a little lip-gloss would not hurt anyone. He walked across the room and sat down in front of the station mirror, staring into his reflection. The more he looked into himself, the more he seemed to look like his sister. He looked at all the tubes and containers, spotting a small pink tube. He picked it up and looked in the mirror, slowly and carefully pressing the lip gloss to his lips. He rubbed the gloss off several times as he was not satisfied enough. He was careful not to use too much in case his sister noticed soon he perfected it. He looked into the mirror, pouting and doing kissy lips. He laughed to himself as he shifted about in his skirt, rubbing his toes together inside his tights. He dared himself to apply nail polish. Would she notice? He quickly brushed the thought away as he tried to be cautious. He did not wish to get too carried away. He picked up the hairbrush and began to stroke his shaggy hair, pulling out strings and split ends. He looked into his reflected eyes as he tilted his head and brushed. His insides squirmed with pleasure as a hot sensation engulf his tummy. He brushed his hair until it was as soft and shiny as could be, lengthening all the way down to his shoulders. ‘’You could really do

with a haircut, Charlie!’’ he said to his reflection. He then brushed his hair down each side, parting it in the middle until he had a somewhat feminine doo. He smiled at himself in the mirror, proud of his own handiwork. He wore various feminine expressions as he modeled himself in front of the full-length mirror. He pushed his butt out as far as he could as he knelt down. He felt his false orange breasts with his two hands and squeezed them gently. He swayed his hips as he paced back and forth from the mirror. Charlie could not believe it but he resembled his sister even more so than ever. Well, they were twins but now that he was dressed like her, it still came as a shock. He decided to add some extra accessories to his school outfit such as a pair of his sister old clip on earrings and a bracelet. He did not really like these very much so he took them off after a few minutes. He decided to leave the room, feeling a little nervous as he did so. He unlocked the door and shouted ‘’Helloooooo?’’ down the hall. Nobody replied. There was not a sound to be heard. He stepped out into the long hallway. He stood still and pondered for a moment. What shall he do now? A smile soon spread across his face as he broke into a run down the hall. For the first time he felt his skirt flow up and down as breeze gushed in and around it. He then skidded in his tights along the shiny wooden floorboards and then turned, running to the other end of the hallway again. He could feel his breasts jump up as he ran, his hair flowing back and his skirt flaring from side to side. It was heavenly. He then skidded against the ground, stopping to catch his breath. He could not help but feel a little silly after doing that but it was worth it. He then went back into his sister’s room, breathing heavily after the run as he turned on the stereo. He felt that he was beginning to feel a little more at ease wearing the uniform.


Stories Ironically the song, ‘’Girls Just Wanna Have Fun’’ started to play. Suddenly, he had a strong desire to jump up on the bed and move to the music. He never usually danced but sure he was home alone. He could do whatever he wanted. He grinned as he climbed up on the bed and began to jump up and down, feeling like a fool but enjoying the freedom of letting himself go and escaping world. He loved the feeling of his skirt flop up and down as he jumped, exposing his polka dotted panties beneath his tights. He jumped to the music, his hair flying everywhere as he laughed gleefully to himself. Then, he heard somebody call his sisters name. The song had just ended, leaving the room in complete silence. Charlie was so stunned that stumbled off the edge of the bed, landing face down on the ground. He could feel the oranges within the bra cups squash and spew juice all over his chest. He got up and looked around to see that the room empty. Fully alert and alarmed, he randomly grabbed a hairbrush as a weapon but he dropped it as soon as he realised how ridiculous he looked. ‘’Hey Rachel!’’ called the voice again. It came from outside. It was a boy’s voice. It sounded rather familiar to Charlie. His eyes darted to the open window. The next song on the CD began and blared across room. His heart was literally in his throat as he began to panic. He crawled across the floor, feeling a massive wet patch soak through the bra as the orange juice dripped down and through the blouse. He scurried for the stereo and plugged it out. He lay on the floor, listening carefully for the voice that would call Rachel again. ‘’Rachel, I know that you are in there! I heard the radio and seen you jumping on the bed like a lunatic!’’ the boys chuckled. ‘’Oh god!’’ gasped Charlie, his hand covering his

mouth in panic. ‘’Just come to the window babe!’’ called the voice. Charlie waited on the ground for a few minutes, his hand over his mouth as his eyes watered with terror. The orange juice was gradually soaking through the blouse and sweater. The boy simply would not go away. Then, the doorbell rang from downstairs. Charlie gulped, not knowing what to do as fear got the better of him. The boy thought


Stories he had just seen Rachel jumping on the bed yet she was supposed to be in the city. If he rang her mobile phone and asked her to go to the door, she would speculate WHO was in HER room, dressed in HER clothing and jumping on HER bed. The door bell rang again. Charlie knew he had to act fast so he got up, ran to the mirror, wiped away the lip-gloss, and ruffled up his soft hair. He then ran down the hall. ‘’I’M COMING!’’ he shouted at the top of his voice. He then ran down the stairs, feeling the orange juice seep into his underwear. He went to the door, thankful that the glass on each side was frosted, and opened it a crack. The boy at the door was Dave O’Donnell,

a stropping young man who was in the same school year as Charlie and Rachel. He never really talked to Dave but he knew that he was in some sort of a romantic relationship with Rachel for some time. Charlie poked his head out from behind the door, hiding his uniformed body from view. ‘’Hey Charlie, can I speak to Rachel?’’ asked Dave. ‘’Oh sorry she’s not at home at the moment,’’ said Charlie, nodding his head. Dave’s brow arched. He looked confused and a little suspicious as he attempted to look inside the door. ‘’That’s odd,’’ he said coolly, ‘’because I could have sworn that I seen her up in her bedroom through the window.’’ ‘’Oh no that wasn’t Rachel,’’ said Charlie, laughing, ‘’that was my cousin Clara. She came over to keep me company while my mother and sister were out of town.’’ Dave nodded and forced a crooked smile, obviously a little disappointed that Rachel was not home. ‘’Well when she gets back, tell her I called by okay?’’ said Dave. ‘’Yeah sure,’’ nodded Charlie. ‘’Seeya!’’ Charlie shut the door, waited and looked through the letterbox to watch Dave leave. As soon as he was out of sight, Charlie locked the door and gasped in relief. He turned, leaning up against the door with his eyes closed as he slid down on his bottom. ‘’I’m never doing this again!’’ he swore to himself. He walked to the kitchen in his sisters soaked wet school uniform and tried to enjoy his last few minutes being in his schoolgirl uniform before taking everything off and throwing the outfit into the washing machine. He watched it turn and twist in the dryer, feeling a little sad that he would probably never wear it again. Then, everything was suddenly back to the way it was except for the fact that he was


Stories now standing naked in the kitchen, but normal nonetheless. He took some detergent and a mop upstairs with him to clean the puddle of orange juice from his sister’s bedroom floor. But first he stopped by his cluttered bedroom to put on a pair of underpants, blue jeans, red t-shirt and socks. He felt that male clothes were so bland, bleak and not fun to wear. What was the point? He sighed mournfully as he entered his sister’s room, mopped up the orange juice and dressed the bed back to the way it was. He even went for the extra detail by turning the track back to the previous one on the CD, moved objects back to their original positions and sprayed the room with a hint of his sisters perfume in case he left any scent. He made sure that there was no way that anybody could find evidence to trace back to him. After a short while of watching television, Charlie hung the uniform in the back garden on the washing line. He looked around to see if any of the neighbors could see him but there was no sign of life. He hung each item on the line, the blouse, the sweater, the tie, the knickers, the bra, the skirt and even the tights. He was trying to follow the pattern in which his mother washed clothes. The day was warm with a light breeze in the air. Perfect weather for drying. He sat in the back garden on a deck chair, watching the uniform sway on the line with the wind. He started to think about why he had wanted to wear it so much. It was not anything sexual but he got a different kind of pleasure in girls’ clothing, a pleasure he had never experienced before. He liked it. He felt comfortable, at ease with himself and that slightly worried him. The fear and thrill of nearly being caught by someone excited him a little. He did not know why but it just did. He wondered when he would get a free house to himself again. He assumed it would not be for a long time but that did not mean he could not look forward to it.

Wait a minute! I have the rest of the day alone. I can try on my sister’s clothes all I want! Charlie thought. He was just about to get up from the chair when suddenly he remembered what just happened earlier. ‘’No,’’ he whispered to himself, sitting down. ‘’It’s too risky.’’ He sat back down on the chair and continued to enjoy the weather whilst he watched the line. Soon, the uniform was dry and he went inside to get the basket. He unclipped each of the pegs, letting the skirt, the blouse, sweater, tights, bra and panties fall into the basket. He looked down at them, mesmerised by them. He knew he would miss them. Suddenly, he no longer felt alone. He looked up to see his best friend Sean walk onto the garden with his bicycle. ‘’You swear you never seen a pair of knickers before!’’ said Sean.‘’Jesus Sean! You nearly gave me a bloody heart attack!’’ said Charlie, feeling his heart pounding. ‘’Alright man, calm down!’’ said Sean cheekily. ‘’No need to get all flustered just because I caught you doin’ the washing like a lady!’’ ‘’I’m not – I – my mother is paying me to do the washing today while she’s gone,’’ lied Charlie defensively. ‘’Yeah I do not really care what you get up to in your spare time to be honest,’’ said Sean truthfully. He paused for a moment, looking at the washing basket with a certain glint in his eye. ‘’How do fancy going downtown to meet the lads?’’ Charlie looked up at the window upstairs, then at Sean wondering what he should do. Spend the rest of the day trying on girly clothes or hang out with his friends. He looked down into the basket at the uniform once more and smiled to himself. ‘’Yeah sure, just give me a few minutes. I have to do the ironing first,’’ said Charlie. ‘’Ooooooh, hello!’’ said Sean, mimicking a stereoty-


Stories pe homosexual. ‘’Shut up,’’ snapped Charlie, pushing the washing up basket into Sean’s arms. ‘’You can help too!’’ Yes, Charlie had fun that day trying on schoolgirl uniform. The day seemed to be nothing more than a simple once off curiosity. It was a close shave, almost being caught, yes, but little did he know that he had just triggered a new part of his life, a trigger that will release a long hidden side to his being, which will take him down strange and dark roads. The story begins here! TO BE CONTINUED


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featured articles Mellissalynn’s Tips & Tricks by MellissaLynn (

featured articles @@@@@@@@@@@@


i, girls! How have your holidays been so of Vanessa, or what you think of my 80s hair, or any far? Mine have been a mix of good and other stories you want to pass along. You can do this bad. by e-mailing me at I’d love to hear from you! Le me start with the worst part of it. My father passed away on November 15, And now, back to our regularly schedu2012, after a long illness. He went pealed column… cefully in his sleep, which is good. He’s out of pain now and away from the indignity of being in a nursing home (not that they weren’t absolutely fantastic @@@@@@@@@@@@ with him, because they were!). I hope he’s at peace. I love you, Daddy. To keep your color in place, fill the entire lip with neutral pencil before applying lipstick. If neBeauty school is going well! So far, I’ve learned how cessary, roll the tip in the palm of your hand to warm to cut hair and am slowly getting better at it, how to it up and prevent hard lines. roll perms, and how to use the flatiron and the curling irons. Oh, and how to do roller sets, let’s not forget that one…amd manis and pedis, too! @@@@@@@@@@@@ Here’s a new sample of my work so far; this was done with the flatiron, after using a round brush to blow dry. I think Vanessa looks pretty good here! The picture below is one that I submitted to Joico for their 80s hair contest. I didn’t win, but I liked the picture collage enough to share it with you all. Let me know what you think

Another great tip from beauty school! Avoid rubbing your wet hair with a towel to dry it. Drying your hair this way opens up the cuticle (the outer layer of your hair) and causes damage. Instead, squeeze water out with your hands, then pat or blot it dry,


hes, then sweep a lash-bulking fiber mascara across both upper and lower lashes. Note: this look doesn’t require Turn any eye liner. lip color into a shimmery @@@@@@@@@@@@ new shade: Swipe sheer Turn any lipstick into a durable stain by blotting, golden gloss reapplying, then blotting again to remove excess oils. Blot over lipstick— with lint-free blotting paper rather than tissue for a more it instantly natural, long-lasting look. warms up every color. @@@@@@@@@@@@ This is a pro tip for getting tangles out of your hair. When you’re blow-drying your hair, separate tangles with your fingers until the hair is about 75-80 percent dry, then try brushing. You want to make sure your fingers glide through hair effortlessly before introducing a brush to wet or even damp hair. This is also how you avoid breakage. @@@@@@@@@@@@


This trick will give you what’s called a powdered lip look. Start with a pale pink shade, then dust translucent powder on top for a matte effect.

Over the next few articles, ladies, I’m going to talk about some great tricks to do with your eyes to make @@@@@@@@@@@@ them fab-u-lous! We’re going to start with one of the simpler ones, creating the doe-eyed look. This lengthens Ponytails, no matter if they’re high or low, are perfectly both the upper and lower lashes and opens your eyes up precise and chic and not that gym-wearing pony you’ve to create a more youthful look. By using pastel colors, been trying to pass off as fashionable. Put some effort your lashes will really pop as well. and styling into the look. It will only take a few minutes and you’ll look like you just stepped off the runway. The first thing to do is to apply a pastel color such as a petal pink, mint green, sky blue, or a shimmery lilac to Start by preparing your hair with a light serum to add your lid and brow bone. If you want to build up your las- shine. Pull your hair back, using a flat brush to get hair hes a bit, use a lash primer on both upper and lower las- smooth, and secure it with a band. Take a lightweight


featured articles hairspray and spray lightly. @@@@@@@@@@@@ To smooth down the surface and prevent those pesky bumps, spritz some hairspray onto a clean This is a neat little tip of my own creation for heltoothbrush (or a small hard bristle brush) and run it ping to hide beard shadow. Swipe a SMALL amount of over the surface of your pony tail to get rid of those baby powder onto a blush brush and apply it over your annoying little flyaways. There beard area. The powder will it is, a picture-perfect, beautiful coat the hair stubble under ponytail! the skin and lighten its color, making it easier to hide with @@@@@@@@@@@@ foundation. This is a great tip to remem@@@@@@@@@@@@ ber when you’re doing pictures. It’s not just black that makes you When applying your maslook thinner. Wearing an entire cara, try to wait about five outfit of just one color will do seconds before blinking. the trick as well, whether it be This will help to avoid getwhite, beige, brown, blue or red. ting ‘mascara dots’ all along One color tends to elongate your your eyelid. Also, doublefigure. check your lids before going out. There’s a good chance @@@@@@@@@@@@ that you’ll find an error that’s easily fixable in private rather Wendy sent in this incredibly than having it seen in public. useful tip. She writes, “Most women should keep two diffe rent foundation colors in their @@@@@@@@@@@@ makeup kits, one for summer and one for winter. Most likely, Every winter my skin gets the light tinted moisturizer or foundation that you re- super dry and itchy. If you suffer from this as well, here lied on all summer is too sheer for your skin in the are a few tips to keeping your skin soft and supple. winter, or might be too dark, because in summer we Start by investing in a humidifier. Unless you live in a tend to have tanned skin. In winter, most women humid area like some parts of the South or the Pacific should opt for a super moisturizing foundation (unless Northwest, likely the air is dry this time of year. I keep you suffer from oily skin, in which case, oil-free foun- a humidifier in my house and it’s helped immensely. dations are your best bet).” Thanks, Wendy! Next, look for a thick body & facial moisturizer. You generally want a thicker moisturizer in winter than in summer or spring. Your lips are especially vulnerable


featured articles this time of year, so keep them hydrated with Vaseline. Apply a thick layer of Vaseline to lips and exfoliate with an old toothbrush in a circular motion. Lastly try taking lukewarm showers, then hydrate with coconut oil. @@@@@@@@@@@@

If so, try this little trick to really enjoy it. Wrap yourself in a full-length warm towel after moisturizing. The heat really helps the moisturizer penetrate deeply…and feels really good, too!


Here’s another beauty school tip. When you use curling irons or flat irons often, you are at risk of frying your This tip is for the girl who’s going in for her first-ever hair. Once your hair is fried, there’s really no option but to manicure. Have your payment and tip, and your car keys, cut off the frayed bits. To protect your hair from hot tools, readily accessible before you get your polish applied! This comb in a healthy dollop of smoothing cream to damp hair. Almost all hair companies have creams to protect hair from heat. Also, invest in a ceramic flat iron which will straighten a section of hair in one sweep instead of the many sweeps a cheap flat iron will cause. Hair dryers can also cause damage to your hair. For those of you who use blow dryers, invest in an ionic one. You’ll find your hair dries much faster and the cool shot of air the ionic dryer provides helps prevent damage. @@@@@@@@@@@@ So you were watching an awards show the other night and saw those to-die-for red carpet nude lips all the stars are currently sporting, the ones that go oh-so-perfectly with the smoky eye look? If you’re wondering how to get them yourself, have no fears, nude lips were not made for celebrities only. The secret lies in choosing a lip shade that’s closest to your natural skin tone. A bit of gloss placed over the lipstick adds the perfect bit of shine. You can then play up your eyes and add a swipe of bronzer to make your skin glow. @@@@@@@@@@@@ Are you being good and moisturizing after showering?


featured articles will help prevent chipping your new look five minutes after finishing it. @@@@@@@@@@@@ With winter coming on, many women use bronzers more frequently. Bronzer is a staple for any woman’s makeup kit. It can make your skin look sun-kissed even when it’s protected with sunscreen. It can also wake up tired, pasty skin. Here are a few tried-and-true tips for proper application: Bronzer looks best when it’s applied lightly to all the spots where the sun naturally shines (the forehead, cheeks, nose and chin). Remember not to go too dark with it, though. Most companies sell light, medium and dark bronzers. Choose a shade that’s no more than two shades darker than your skin. I once made the mistake of buying bronzer that came in a quad of four colors. The darkest was WAY too dark for my skin! Also, keep in mind that you’ll likely need a different shade in winter than summer. If you’re fair and sunburn easily, peach or pink bronzers are a great choice. Copper shades are nice on olive skin tones, while darker shades are perfect for dark skin. Avoid orange shades, which can look unnatural.

zer is best. Use a short, fluffy blush brush to apply, but first blow any excess bronzer off your brush; otherwise, you risk going overboard with color. For dry skin, cream- or gel-based bronzers work best. Apply it with your finger or a sponge. As with most cream-based beauty products, it’s important to blend it into your skin very well, or you risk looking like a clown. Bronzer alone can appear dull. For a dewy look, apply cream blush to the apples of your cheeks. The combination of bronzer and cream blush is absolutely gorgeous.

@@@@@@@@@@@@ If you aren’t happy with the size or look of your nose, you can make it appear smaller with a couple of nifty makeup tricks. These are especially useful when taking pictures. First, take a foundation that’s a couple shades darker than your regular foundation and apply it on either side of your nose. Make sure to blend it in well. You want to create the appearance of a shadow. Next, take a highlighting pen, which you can find at most department store makeup counters, and swipe it down the bridge of the nose. The contrast of light versus dark does wonders for your nose!

If you have normal or oily skin, powder-based bron-


featured articles @@@@@@@@@@@@

healthy skin. A clean, cotton facecloth can be used to gently moisten the face prior to cleansing, but do not rub or scrub with it, which can irritate or dry your skin. We’re learning manicures and pedicures this week This is to be avoided at all costs in cold weather! in class. What a blast! So, here is a fast tip on nail cuti5. Don’t neglect certain areas of the skin. Elbows, cle health. Use a cuticle remover cream or lotion one heels, neck, and décolletage (however much or little to two times a week. But don’t cut the cuticles! you may have) need some moisturizing love too! @@@@@@@@@@@ @@@@@@@@@@@ This is a fast way to get some amazing looking lashes in three easy steps. Start by smudging some dark Do you want just that PERFECT liquid liner look, but eye liner into the base of your lashes. Heat your lash you just aren’t that steady with the brush? Try this: curler with a hair dryer (not too hot, no need to get use a pencil first, to give yourself a guide, then trace it burned!), and curl your lashes well. Layer on some vo- over with the liquid brush. lumizing and lengthening mascaras. Don’t be afraid to @@@@@@@@@@@ use two different ones! You’ll love how this turns out. Using a highlighted powder on the tops of your cheekbones will give you an instant lift. The neat thing @@@@@@@@@@@ is, you can get the same effect by using a shimmery gold, pink, or nude eye shadow! It’s all about inexpenWell, ladies, now that winter is upon us, we need to sive beauty, ladies. really step up the skin care. Those cold winds are very harsh to our delicate epidermis. Here are a few tips to @@@@@@@@@@@ remember: Regina (a genetic girl, I’m getting GGs reading my 1. Use sunscreen! Just because it’s cold doesn’t tips and tricks now!) wrote me to ask how she can keep mean there’s no UV in the sky. A winter sunburn can the tiny bits of hair on her scalp from flying in the fall be an even more miserable thing than a summer one, breeze. Well, Regina, this is the easiest way I know to and the wind can also chafe your skin ragged. tame flyaways. Spritz a little bit of firm holding hairs2. Get adequate rest and nutrition. pray onto a toothbrush and comb those pesky pieces 3. Protect from stress, both emotional and environ- into place. I hope this helps! mental. I know, this can be tricky during the holiday season, but you can do it! @@@@@@@@@@@ 4. Wash your face twice a day and put on the proper treatment product, be it lotion, anti-aging cream, or Mellissa isn’t a cook. Let this be known now! what have you. Facial cleansing is essential, because However, I’m pretty good at following beauty recipes. pollution, grease and grime cling to the skin and clog Here’s one for a great facial toner, using cranberries. pores. Proper cleansing and treatment is the basis for You’ll need two tablespoons of cranberry juice (the


featured articles real stuff!) and about a half-cup of witch hazel. Mix together and pour the mix into a resealable bottle. After washing and drying, pour a dab onto a cotton ball and use @@@@@@@@@@@ it on your T-zone (that’s the forehead, nose, and chin). This will leave your skin feeling refreshed and clean. The Spray perfume on the back of your neck so that when mixture will keep for about a week. you hug people, they smell the sweet scent. You can also add a light scent to your hair spritz your brush with the @@@@@@@@@@@ perfume before brushing.

featured articles house). Don’t store your puff on a dish or the side of the shower where it lies flat; bacteria can breed there and cause you to have nasty breakouts. Instead, make sure you can hang it by the little rope, so that it can air dry and all the yuckies fall off. Even better, take your blow dryer and hit it for a few seconds with some heated air. And remember, the shower puff only has a few months of life before it should be replaced.

creases, so does the heel height. Conversely, a size 14W with a 2-inch heel (to use an example), is often more expensive than a size 14W with a 6-inch heel. You’ll find both on eBay, but the lower heels are much harder to find. After all, there are GGs out there who are blessed with an overabundance of foot, just like us! @@@@@@@@@@@

Using a highlighting powder on the tops of your chee @@@@@@@@@@@ kbones will give you an instant lift. The neat thing is, you can get the same effect by using a shimmery gold pink, I’m having troubles lately with split ends. One of my or nude eye shadow! It’s all about inexpensive beauty, instructors at school recommended that I try an at-home ladies. keratin treatment (keratin is what your hair is made of, ladies). What the treatment does is to coat the hair shaft @@@@@@@@@@@ with keratin protein, which gets into the cuticle of the hair shaft and seals it. This makes the hair stronger and When you apply your mascara, try this pro hint to get more resistant to breakage and split ends, without chana fuller look. Tilt your head back while applying. By doing ging the natural texture of your hair. so, you expose more of the lash root to the brush. The more you can get at the root, the fuller a look you’ll achie@@@@@@@@@@@ ve. How many of you ladies are fortunate enough to be @@@@@@@@@@@ able to wear your polish for a decent amount of time? If you’re one of those lucky ones, this is a tip for you. Vivian is from New Hampshire. She’s a reader of SIS Always, always, ALWAYS make sure your nails are clean magazine, which I write for on deviantArt. She wanted and dry before applying polish! Make sure that no oils or some tips on posing for the camera. Well, I found this lotions are left on from your manicure (a good manicurist way back in the December 2009 article, and thought I’d will do this for you) and wipe your bare nail with a swipe play it again also. Here it is: of polish remover before applying your polish. And remember: base coat and top coat are your best friends in Have you ever heard that the camera can add ten the chips-not-happening department. pounds to your figure? Well, the reverse is also true; the way you pose is everything in how you look in pictures. To @@@@@@@@@@@ make yourself look thinner, turn a bit sideways with one foot in front of the other, put your shoulders back and Even in the holiday season, Mellissa doesn’t like the your chest out. Not only does it look good in photos -- it’s germs! This time the culprit is your favorite shower acalso good posture! cessory, the shower puff (also called a scrubbie at my


@@@@@@@@@@@ I was recently involved in a discussion at school about shoe sizes. I thought this would be a great time to re-run an older tip regarding shopping for shoes. This was originally in the February 2008 issue: Do you know how to figure out your girl size for shoes? Basically, you just add two sizes to your male size; that’s your girl shoe size in length. However, watch out for one important difference you may face. Women’s feet tend to be narrower than men’s. You might have to go up one additional size to get the right fit. This isn’t always the case, but it happens more often than you’ll like.

Instead of foundation, try using a tinted moisturizer. Too much foundation or foundation applied too heavily looks caked on and makes you look older, not younger. Never use concealer where there are lines or wrinkles, it will seep in and again, age you. Use sheer eyeshadows, opaque ones are too heavy. Lashes fade as you get older an mascara will make a big difference. Lightly applied black or brown will open the eyes up. If you don’t like the feel of mascara, run a brown or black eye liner pencil across the lashes a few times. @@@@@@@@@@@ Just for fun, here are a couple more old shots of me from way back in the day. Be nice, don’t laugh!

The easiest and best way, of course, to find your girl size is to go to the shoe store and use the women’s measuring tool to find out. You can do this as a guy or girl; if someone catches you, just smile and say “Oops! I guess I grabbed the wrong one.” (Hint: this might not work if you’re in drab and are someplace like Lady Foot Locker...)


Once you’re comfortable with knowing your size, you’ll find some great deals on the Net. EBay is a great place to look for shoes, even in the bigger sizes; however, it’s been my observation that, as the shoe size in-

And with that, ladies, the last column of 2012 is complete. I hope you all find something useful in it, and that you get to use it before the world ends on December 21.


featured articles To any military members or fellow veterans in our readership, I want to say be safe, come back to us, and thank you all for your service to our country. To everyone, I want to wish you a happy holiday season. I hope you are able to spend it with family and/or friends. If you’re able to be your feminine, beautiful womanly self while doing so, so much the better! If you have stories of your holidays to share, or any tips or tricks, you know I’m always available. E-mail me at, and I’ll happily share whatever you have to say, and always give you a personal reply. See you all next year!



featured articles How to Make Your Legs Look Amazing by MellissaLynn ( ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Lucille Sorella is a GG (genetic girl) who teaches crossdressers, transsexuals, and transgender females how to look, act, and feel like real women. Her goal is to help T-women express their inner and outer femininity and increase their confidence as women. She has a professional background in fashion, beauty, dance, and natural healing and has been working with the transgender community for the past 12 years. Her website is loaded with useful information and is located at html .

1. Add some color

featured articles Go high, but not TOO high. High heels make your legs are from mid thigh to just above or just below the knee. look sexy and super feminine, but be careful not to go too high if you have very defined legs. The higher the heel, the more your calf muscles contract. This can make your legs look overly muscular and masculine.

Smooth, tanned legs are SEXY legs. But what if you have pale legs marred with scars, bruises, and visible veins? Pantyhose are a no-no in the summertime – instead, add color and cover imperfections with a tan (either a real tan or a spray tan) or leg makeup.

Choose a rounded toe. Square toe shoes make legs look stumpy, while pointy toes add unwanted inches to the feet. Round toe shoes will give you the long-leg/daintyfoot look you’re going for.

I’m a huge fan of Sally Hansen Salon Airbrush Legs Leg Makeup. It’s like sexy spray-on pantyhose that gives you perfect legs. Love it!

When it comes to showing off your legs in a skirt, shorter is NOT always better. How short is too short? Try the finger length test: Stand up straight and put your arms to your side. If your fingertips fall past the hem of your skirt, it’s too short. You should also avoid skirts that are too long. Calf length skirts tend to look dowdy – besides, we want to see those gorgeous gams! The most flattering skirt lengths

3. Choose the right skirt length


othing is hotter than a great pair of legs – and you’re in luck since most crossdressers and transgender women have gorgeous, defined legs. (I’m jealous!) How can you make your legs your BEST feminine asset? Keep reading to discover 3 ways to make your legs look amazing:

2. Show off your legs in sexy shoes

The right shoes can take your legs from good to GREAT. Anything goes as long as you keep these two tips in mind:




Wants you

We created this group to share stuff retaled with: Crossdressing Crossplayers Transsexualism Gender Bender Trap characters Sissies and related themes

I do commissions Commish can be single person, or couple (boyxgirl, girlxgirl or boyxboy), no more than two person please • Commish can be OC art, fanart from manga/anime, or even some random person, basically anything that fits in this line :3 • Everything will be drawn in manga style (as seen in the picture) and will be full-color • No animals (anthro’s okay though) • No hentai, excessive amounts of blood, or other stuff like that .__. ecchi’s okay though • It takes me about two days to finish a drawing, if I need more time (because of school/other commissions that need to be worked on) I’ll tell you :3

Join our ranks and share with us



I do commissions Kurama-chan is doing comissions and she would love to draw your trap characters! For more information, check this journal -



I do commissions

Ange-Noir1 is doing comissions here the details: 10 lineart 15 lined comic/sequences 20 color 25 color comics +5 for extra characters beyond 2 in a single pic likes doing stuff with femboys, hypnosis and other mind control, corruption (demons and stuff), transformations, gay, occasionally loli will not do: scat, watersports or basically anything with bodily fluids that aren’t cum, gore, hard vore, fat




I do commissions

advertisement 9$ (torso +4$ for an extra character) Commision Paypal Digital only,can be a anime/manga style drawing or a furry. Will draw anime/furry characters.Oc or Fanart.

Digital: 15$ (full character +5$ for an extra character)

7$ (head to shoulder/portrait +3$ for an extra character)

“Wants a hug� Chibi: 10$

Icon 6$ +1$ for eyes animation

Background cost 1$ extra (only if complex,like a city,forest,ect ect)




Do you want to be advertised here (trade arts, comisions, request)? Do you have a group activity, contest, etc, that you want to adversise? Do you want to publish an anouncement? Feel free to note me ( )and I add your info here totally free!




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Yummie! by TGTony



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