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Stories Playing The Bride III by dividence


woke up and saw the bright, yellow orb of sun shining in through the broad windows. It was warm, and the thin linen was wrapped around my sweaty body. I was glad I remembered to remove the tight corset before going to sleep, and I was now wearing only the thigh-high stockings and garters. A pair of white panties lay on the floor where they had been hastily thrown. My fake breasts were still firmly attached, and I had already grown somewhat accustomed to the extra weight on my chest. Lying next to me was the heavily breathing body of my friend. No, husband, I corrected myself. At this moment I was his newly wed wife. He was still fast asleep so I hurried into the bathroom, suprising myself as I automatically sat down to pee. One hot shower later, I was carefully shaving my damp body, making sure to remove every ounce of yesterday’s hair growth. A short peek in the closets confirmed my friend’s thoughtful preparations. I found a small selection of girl’s clothing, but that wasn’t enough for me. Wanting to look and feel my best, I pulled out a fresh pair of panties from my own bag and put them on. The shaved skin underneath could barely be seen through black hipster with pink ribbons and details of pink lace. It embraced the smooth ass with care, reaching just above the furrow below my buttocks. The bra I wore was part of the same set and pushed my round breasts together so that my cleavage would catch the eye of every man.

Just when I had put on the last of the make-up, smacking my painted lips, I heard someone wake up in the room next door. I was still unsure of how he would react to me the day after the wedding, but it was far too late to think about that now. I tied my long hair in a ponytail and unlocked the door. As I entered the bedroom, his naked body was standing by the bed, obviously oogling me with a satisfied grin. I smiled back and went over to him, giving him a wet kiss on the lips. His member quickly grew between my fingers, and I felt the exhilarating rush through my body as it made me think about the previous night. “I have no clue how you do it, but by God, you look incredibly sexy. Still my hot, little bride.” I blushed as he complemented me. Even though I was a boy,


Stories he lifted me easily and laid me gently down on the bed. I looked up at him and saw the huge, almost threatening, limb as he bent over me and pulled the panties down. My body was aching for his touches. The sham was thorough in every sense, I said to myself just before I lost the ability to think. We didn’t stay in bed for long this time. I got up quickly afterwards and cleaned myself in the bathroom. When I pulled the panties back on I felt sore, but it was a small prize to pay for the heaven I had experienced. Now only a quiet escape withstood, and life would be back to normal. With the experiences of the wedding strong in mind, I knew I would long for these days for the rest of my life. My normal existence seemed dull and meaningless in comparison to the life I now pretended to have.

I wasn’t used to tucking my manhood away between the legs, but after a couple of tries, I was finally satisfied with the result. That being done, I pulled on a pair of tight jeans and received an approving glance from my lover. I loved wearing pants like these. The tight denim clung to my ass, and I felt they accentuated my feminine curves. The low waistline showed hints of lace when I bent down, and the fake diamonds on the leather belt sparkled as I moved below the chandelier. A white top with puffy sleeves reaching just below my shoulders was tied loosely over the chest, showing off a portion of my cleavage. I had pierced my ears for the occasion a week earlier, and put on a pair of broad golden earrings adorned with intricate patterns. I thought to myself that they matched the gold band shining on my left ring finger. Hand in hand we exited the room and went downstairs to eat breakfast. The final scene of the event. Dozens of relatives congratulated us and wished us a happy future. Tina came over and gave me a long, powerful hug. “How’s my new sister-in-law? Not exhausted after the party I hope?” She had her room next to ours, and her amused look told me more than a thousand words. With a hint of panic, I remembered that Tony’s parents also had their room nearby. Far too embarrassed, I only smiled and unwillingly confirmed her suspicions with my silence. My stomach stirred, and I noticed that after the night’s activities, I was hungry like a wolf. We sat down next to Tina and her parents. The breakfast was another enjoyable experience for me. They all treated me just the way they would a newly arrived family member, and I felt quite guilty for tricking


Stories them so.

as I could. After all, it was he who had bought most of it, but it seemed he didn’t mind me taking them.

After the meal, when we were drinking tea, my friend’s mother pulled an envelope from her purse and shoved it across the table towards us. “I know you said that you couldn’t afford a vacation, but your father and I couldn’t help it.” “What’s this?” my friend asked. We had talked about how to avoid the mandatory honeymoon. He had assured me that I didn’t have to step in more than this weekend. I opened the envelope and found a signed lease form for a small yacht. “Now you can have the honeymoon you deserve.” My mother-in-law exclaimed. “Money shouldn’t be an issue when there’s true love involved.” She seemed really happy, and I couldn’t help smiling. The usual awkward passing of polite phrases followed, but we ended having to accept the gift. After the breakfast was over, and we returned to our room, my friend gave me an apolegetic look.

Two days later I showed up at the shore. My friend was already on board the vessel as I walked along the pier boards. Each step gave off a loud click as the shiny, red pumps hit the timber, and I felt a slight breeze stroke against my shiny legs. The skirt of my flowery dress rustled lightly in the wind. With bright red lips, I greeted him cheerfully. “Hi there, sailor! Ready for your honeymoon?” He looked at me with the same puzzled look I had seen as I removed the wedding gown just a few days earlier. “Wow! Look at you. I thought I told you that my parents wouldn’t be here.” “Oh, in that case, I’d better go and change right away.” I winked at him as I walked on board and descended below deck. We were already on our way when I stepped out again through the hatch wearing only a small triangle top bikini. “That’s not what I meant…”

“I know this wasn’t part of the deal. You don’t have to go along with this, but if you want to go, the boat shouldn’t be left unused. I’ll make sure that we’re alone at the departure. That way we can just go as ourselves and enjoy a vacation.”

“I know what you meant, silly” I cut him off before he could finish. “But isn’t this much better? I went on a little shopping spree yesterday. Tonight, maybe I can show you what else I’ve bought?”

“Of course I’ll go. We get to have a yacht just to ourselves for a whole month. We can go anywhere we like. It’ll be just like old times.” We parted that day, planning to meet up at the marina the day after tomorrow. I left the wedding gown, but packed the rest of the clothes as casually


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Stories Swap Week: Day 5 and Football Game by rogergirl


icole woke up the next morning excited for her last day of school. She had a busy day and was looking forward to the big football game later in the evening. She went to the bathroom and went through her daily routine. She put on her underwear a pair of jeans and a t-shirt. She put on a pair of socks and her white tennis shoes then grabbed her bags, ate a quick breakfast, and drove to school. She got to school and went to class. Jennifer was there early today, which was odd since Nicole usually got there before her. Nicole sat down beside her and noticed she was putting some finishing touches on the outfit they made. “Hey girl,” Nicole said, “you’re here early.” “Hi,” Jennifer said, “I got an idea for our outfit and I wanted to make sure I was able to finish it before class started.” Jennifer held up the skirt and showed Nicole the design she’d put on it. Nicole was impressed and complimented her on her creativity. When class started the teacher told them to have one partner change into their outfit while the other partner explained what they made. Since Jennifer had designed most of the outfit, they decided to have Nicole be the model. She went to the locker room and put on the skirt and blouse and a pair of heels that she brought from home. When she returned to class she noticed that their outfit looked a lot better than some of the others and was glad that her partner

had experience making costumes for theater. She sat down next to Jennifer and they waited for their turn. When their turn came Nicole and Jennifer came to the front of the class. While Jennifer explained their outfit, Nicole did a few poses. Everyone told them how good they did and the teacher told them that they did better than some of the students in her regular classes. After class Nicole said goodbye to Jennifer and went to her theater class. She changed into her Sandy costume and went to the theater to perform the play for the teacher and a small group of students who had an open period. She had been practicing singing in her female voice and sounded pretty good singing the songs. She was enjoying performing in the play and was glad that she was able to remember all of her lines. Toward the end of the play they


Stories took a short break for her to change into her sexy Sandy costume. She came out and got cheers when she delivered the “tell me about it stud” line and sang “You’re the One that I Want.” During the kiss at the end they got a lot of cheers from the audience. After the play the Nicole and the rest of the cast took a bow as the audience gave them a standing ovation. The theater teacher complimented everyone on their performances and told Nicole that she should try acting after Swap Week was over. Nicole told him that she had a lot of fun in the class and that she’d think it over. They would be holding auditions for Guys and Dolls next quarter and Nicole thought

to herself that it might be fun playing a gangster role when she was a boy again. Nicole changed out of her costume and back into the outfit she had modeled for fashion design class

then hurried to the locker room to change back into her normal clothes. She went to the rest of her classes and presented her final projects. In cooking she made a cake with Jennifer and in art she presented several drawings and paintings she had done throughout the class. In photography she presented a series of photographs she had taken and developed of Jennifer modeling and posing in different outfits. All of her teachers told her she did very well and that she should think about taking the real classes after Swap Week was over. When she returned to being Nick he would go on to develop a strong interest in photography and eventually get a job taking photographs for a surfing and skateboarding magazine during college. At lunch Nicole and Jennifer changed into their cheerleading uniforms and hosted a rally for the football teams. They introduced the football team and Nicole was surprised at how good Nathan looked when she saw him in his uniform for the first time. Nathan, who was the team captain of his team, talked for a while, then the other team was introduced and their team captain talked. After the rally Nicole and Jennifer briefly talked to Nathan and Kyle before they had to go to practice. After cheer practice they stopped by the field to watch the football team practice for a while, then they went to the mall to pick up their dresses and take them home. When they got to the store they went to dressing rooms to try on their dresses and made sure they fit right. Nicole put on the dress and loved how sexy she looked in it. She did a few poses in front of the mirror and felt like a Bond girl. She couldn’t wait for tomorrow so she could dance with Nathan in her new dress. They paid for the dresses then took them to Jennifer’s house since they would all be meeting there before the dance.


Stories “Does it feel weird being a girl?” They drove into Jennifer’s neighborhood and over to her house which was at the end of a long cul-de-sac. Both of her parents were at work, but Brandon was outside skateboarding. They pulled into the driveway and Jennifer took the dresses inside while Nicole waited outside. Brandon reminded her of a young Nick with his discomfort hanging out with his sister, his long messy hair, and his interest in skateboarding. Nicole got out of the car and Brandon rode over to her. Nicole thought to herself that she was glad she was wearing jeans. Brandon approached her hesitantly.

“It did at first,” she said, “but when I began to think of myself as Nicole instead of a boy dressed as a girl it got easier.” “Do you like being a girl?” he asked, “You make a good girl.” “It’s been a fun experience,” she said laughing, “but I’m looking forward to being a boy again and getting back to skateboarding and surfing. Being a

Stories girl is a lot of work.” “I miss hanging out with Jensen,” Brandon said, “whenever he becomes Jennifer he becomes really girly and we never hang out.”

“You skate?” Brandon asked surprised. “Yes,” she said, “not as Nicole, but in my normal life as Nick.” “Can you teach me some tricks sometime, when you’re Nick again?”

“I know how you feel,” Nicole said, “I felt the same way growing up with an older sister. Luckily for you though, you only have a sister one week a year.”

“Sure,” she said.

They both laughed and drank some of their sodas. “I’m kind of looking forward to starting high school next year so I can see what Swap Week is all about,” Brandon said, “Do you think I’ll make a good girl?”

“Hi, Nicole,” he said nervously, “you look pretty today.” “Thank you, Brandon,” she said.

Nicole looked him over. He had long hair and soft feminine features and since he was wearing shorts she could see that he had pretty nice legs and not much body hair.

“Would you like a soda,” Brandon asked opening a fridge in the garage.

“It might take a little work,” she said, “but I think we can get you looking like a pretty cute teenage girl.”

“Yes, thank you,” Nicole said. Brandon brought a soda for each of them and they sat on a couch in the garage drinking them. Brandon knew Nicole was a boy, but he’d only seen her as Nicole and still had a little crush on her. As they sat drinking their sodas and waiting for Jennifer, Brandon decided to ask her a question.

“Thanks,” he said, “I think it might be fun getting to hang out with Jennifer next year and finding out what it’s like to be sisters.” They went back to drinking their sodas when Jennifer came in.

“Um, Nicole,” he stammered, “can I ask you something?”

“Sorry I took so long,” she said jokingly, “I hope my brother wasn’t being a pest.”

“Sure,” she said.



Stories “No it’s fine,” Nicole said, “he’s a pretty cool kid.” They said goodbye to Brandon and drove back to school. They stopped by the auditorium to put the final touches on the room for the dance, then they grabbed their cheer uniforms and went to the locker room to change. They met the rest of the squad in the gym for one last meeting and for a team photo for the Swap Week section in the yearbook then gathered to go to the field. Nicole looked in the stands and saw her parents, sister, and her sister’s new boyfriend, but Jennifer’s family hadn’t arrived yet. They went to the front of the bleachers to set

of the players came onto the field and the cheerleaders ran back to their spot in front of the bleachers. As they came to the bleachers Nicole noticed Jennifer’s family had gotten to the game and had sat next to her family in the bleachers. Nicole and the rest of the squad cheered when Nathan threw a long pass for a touchdown early in the game and when Kyle ran a pass in later in the quarter. At halftime Nathan and Kyle’s team led by a field goal and both teams ran back to their locker rooms. The cheerleaders did a quick cheer then the marching band performed on the field.

up their stuff and watched the teams practicing on the field. They waved to their boyfriends who waved back, but couldn’t come over and talk to them since they had to warm up for the game. Nicole looked up at the stands again and saw her Uncle Steve walking through the row of people to sit with the rest of her family. Uncle Steve was her mom’s younger brother who was also the one who suggested that the family move back to Sutter’s Valley and helped her dad get his new job. He had no family of his own and was often out of town on business, but he had just gotten back from a business trip and wanted to see how his only nephew was handling his first Swap Week. He remembered how fun it was having an older brother when his older sister first participated in Swap Week,

After the band’s performance they announced the Swap Week dance king and queen nominees. Nicole smiled when her name was called and she walked with her dad down the field as everyone cheered. She also smiled when Jennifer was called after her and walked with her dad down the field and they stood next to each other before the crowd. After the queen nominees were announced they called the names of the boys who were nominated for king. Nathan and Kyle walked out with their moms and stood on the other side of the field with the other boys nominated for king. After the introductions Nathan introduced his mom to Nicole and her dad and pointed to his dad who waved from the sidelines. Nicole smiled when Nathan’s mom told her

then how strange it felt switching places as brother and sister when he started high school, and finally spending time as sisters in his senior year. Nicole waved to him and he waved back.

she was happy to see her son had found such a pretty girlfriend. Nicole looked over and saw Kyle was also introducing his mom to Jennifer and Jennifer’s dad. They all agreed to meet after the game to talk some more and meet the rest of each other’s families.

Soon after they cleared the field and the cheerleaders went to the field to get the crowd pumped up. They then began announcing the seniors and Nicole and Nathan shared a short kiss when he came onto the field. After introducing the seniors the rest

Everyone then cleared the field and the second half of the game began. In the third quarter, the other team tied the game and eventually led by a field goal at the end of the quarter. In the final mi-


Stories nutes of the fourth quarter, however, Nathan ran the ball in for a touchdown and won the game by 4 points. The teams shook hands in the middle of the field then the players went to the locker room while everyone cheered. The cheerleaders led everyone in a cheer then gathered their things and met with their families. Some of the football players came back after gathering with their teams in the locker room and Nathan and Kyle gathered with Nicole and Jennifer and all of their families. Everybody took turns introducing each other to those they had not yet met and congratulating everyone on well they did. Nathan had an older brother, who looked a lot like Nathan and Nathan’s dad, but Kyle didn’t have any siblings. Uncle Steve, who owned a limousine business, told Nicole that he had a limo for her and her friends to use for the dance tomorrow. Nicole hugged her uncle and thanked him. He told her that she was doing well and showed her a picture he had brought of himself as Stephanie during Swap Week posing with Nicole’s mom, who was dressed as John. He told her how odd it was when they switched bedrooms during two of their Swap Weeks. They all took turns posing for pictures like they did the night before then Nicole, Jennifer, Nathan, and Kyle went to the locker rooms to shower and change so they could go out to dinner. They joined their families when they were all ready and went to a pizza restaurant for a quick dinner. During dinner all the parents, Uncle Steve, and Nathan’s older brother, Danny, shared some of their Swap Week experiences and those who had brought pictures passed their pictures around the table. They asked Nathan if he would miss Swap Week, since he was the only senior in the group, and he told them that while he enjoyed being one of the boys, he missed his long hair and being a girl. They

laughed when he said he wasn’t looking forward to the awkward short haired period when he first went back to being Natalie. He did admit he would miss how easy some things were living as a boy, like not having to worry about putting on makeup and being able to pee standing up. This also got some laughs. Nathan’s dad and brother said they would miss having another boy around the house, while his mom said she was glad she wouldn’t be the only girl in the house soon and how she missed the years when Danny was still in high school and would become Danielle during Swap Week. This got more laughs from the group. After they finished eating they all said their goodbyes and planned to meet tomorrow afternoon for a pool party and barbecue at Jennifer’s family’s house where they would also get ready for the dance. Nicole would go into work in the morning for her final day of work as a girl, then meet everyone at Jennifer’s after her shift was over. When they got home they said goodnight to each other and Nicole went to her room and got ready for bed. She put on a tank top and a pair of sweats and checked her Facebook. She uploaded her new photos and posted a new profile picture. She thought about how tomorrow would be her last day as Nicole until next year and how much fun she was planning to have. She thought about going back to being a boy the next day, but decided to continue to think of herself as a girl until then. She logged off and climbed into bed.


Stories Dolls and Pets: Chapter 5 by Dante-Silas

Colm laid down on the bed, it was amazingly soft to his body, though he was dressed in layers of silk and fabric. The knee length pink dress he wore was slightly irritating but he managed to get through it. With his eyes staring up at the ceiling, he never heard Brandon the first time he spoke, though it took him a while to finally say something. Ever since going to dinner and being sent to their room like a pair of naughty children, Brandon had been silent and brooding. Colm only heard mutterings until that point.

after a minute or so in silence. “and in those three years, have you ever had a master or mistress do anything like this?”

“I see,” Brandon paused for a moment, unsure of what to say next though he thought of something

“How long have you been here?” Colm asked, curious and watching as Brandon

Colm was a little confused by the questions asked, he felt like he was on trial. That his time with Linda was all one big mistake and that he was in court to answer. Its not like it was his fault though, Colm is just as screwed as Brandon in this. “Nope, this is a first. Well there was that time my second master had me dress up in a leotard and try to perform “Did you say something Brandon?” Colm said the nutcracker.” Colm answered, his face was while sitting up and looking to the desk. Brandon a deep red at that memory. Not had stripped of his clothing, wearing the second skin something he’d like and the bra and underwear given when they first got to bring up again. changed. Colm didn’t like to admit it, but Brandon did “Why do you ask? look cute. And how did you know I was a slave in “How long have you been a slave?” Brandon asked the first place?” as he placed a marker in the Art of War, and turned around, his second skin hardly showing in the light “This morning, Linda told me she by the desk. He leant against his chair, large brown was going out to purchase a “play-mate” eyes staring at Colm without any hint of anger at for me. When she arrived and brought me to the current situation. It surprised Colm, he was half this bedroom, I put two and two together.” Brandon expecting Brandon to be angry with Linda, seeing as commented while he stood up and walked over to his she was using him as a tool for corporate espionage body. His flawless skin was completely different and blackmail. He wondered if it had worked, would to Colm’s own. Colm saw no bruises, cuts, Brandon be leaving this life as a girl if his father caved scars, no injuries of any kind. Just the in to demands? feminine body of a boy that had been kidnapped, and forced to “Three years.” Colm replied with a reluctant sigh. become a girl.


Stories removed his bra and underwear, showing off the same size breasts that Colm had. It was weird seeing the boy naked. He looked completely feminine. If it wasn’t for the voice then Brandon could easily pass for a female.

Brandon quickly stripped of those leaving his bra and underwear. Colm was slightly uncomfortable as it was, his body was shown and he still hadn’t gotten used to the fact he looked feminine. “You seem to know a lot about removing a corset and petticoat.”

“Three weeks. I was kidnapped and brought here to Linda, she told me that there were big plans for me.”

“During my time with Linda, she taught me how to put on and take off various items of clothing.” Brandon explained with a small sigh while stepping over to the wardrobe set out for Colm and bringing out a pink “I’m guessing forced-feminisation is one of thosilk night robe and draping it over Colm’s shoulders. se.” Colm commented with a small sigh as he laid It almost seemed painful for Brandon to admit soback down on his bed. He couldn’t take his eyes from mething like that, and Colm couldn’t help but feel that Brandon’s body. There was something about it, alluthere was something Brandon was hiding. He couldn’t ring, almost as if Colm was phy- quite put his finger on it, but... no, Colm shook off his sically attracted to it. He trail of thoughts and let it slide. He tied up the robe shook it off though and got around his body and sat back down on his bed, brinup from his bed. It looked ging his hair up from under the robe. Colm was still like Brandon wanted to get not used to the long blonde hair cascading from his some sleep, and Colm was content body. to agree. “Colm,” Brandon began as he sat back down on “Are you going to get some sleep soon his bed and laid back in the sheets. “this might sound Colm?” Brandon asked as he pulled the co- weird, but I’m glad you are here. Its been difficult vers back. “If so I could help you out of your being around Linda on my own.” clothes.” “You seemed to cope alright, and it looked as if you Colm was glad he didn’t need to ask. He were treated with respect.” Colm commented, turning would have felt awkward doing so and turto look towards Brandon, his eyes showing the fact he ning his back to Brandon, showing where was slightly confused by the comment. the buttons and the zipper of the gown he wore was, Brandon got up and walked “Yes, but the shirt and tie I wore everyday, that was over, undoing each button and pulling just so I wouldn’t feel out of place, and out of routine. down the zipper, relieving Colm of But I have to be honest, being put in a dress and made the tightness from the gown and up, it actually felt better. I was so sick and tired of how it clung to his body without being groomed to take over my father’s company that letting go. Eventually he resemI would love to show my new look to my father so he bled a ballerina in a tutu and corset though could see that I look better like this.”


Stories two actually spoke. Colm couldn’t be sure, but his thoughts on Brandon hiding something returned, and it now seemed to Colm that Brandon was enjoying being made over, despite his natural scowling towards every attempt by Linda to turn Brandon into a girl. He didn’t enjoy it because of the thrill he got of cross dressing and being made up, Brandon enjoyed it because he had been given the chance to stick his two middle fingers up at his father, and shout out ‘look at me, I can be someone better than what you want me to be’ and not care of the consequences. He was about to question Brandon about his comments, but there came a knock on the door, and looking over to the oak door, Colm sighed and looked to Brandon as if to ask, should we let the person in? They both had an idea that it would be Linda coming into check on her troublesome little girls. “Come in.” Colm called out and sighed, laying back amongst the soft silk pillows and bed sheets. He was impressed that Linda was willing to go to all this trouble for the two of them. The door opened, and Linda stepped in carrying a wooden circular tray, which held a large pot of tea, and three plain white mugs. She walked in without caring about the glances from Colm and Brandon and simply set the tray down on the table and chairs set out by the window and turned back on the two. Linda looked as if she was ready to get some sleep. Dressed in a night gown and she had her hair in a pony tail. “How are my two girls tonight?” Linda asked as she poured herself a mug of tea and added milk and two tea spoons of sugar. She stirred quietly, the rattling of the spoon against the cup the only sounds before the

“I’ve been better Linda,” Colm began as he removed his bed sheets and allowed himself to settle down for the night, though looking at the cup of tea, he was a little thirsty. “may I have a cup of tea?” “Of course you can Chloe.” Linda replied, though Colm ignored the fact he was being called Chloe, despite only looking like a girl. Thankfully he was able to ignore it for the moment and he walked up from his bad, passing Linda and Brandon towards the table, and he poured himself a cup of tea, adding milk, but no sugar. He wanted to fall asleep as fast as possible and try and forget about his day, move past it and try to carry on with his life, well what he could call his life.


Stories Colm stepped on forward to the bed, bypassing Linda and sitting back down on his bed.

“You must understand, and I am going to be truthful with you, I’m looking into the gender change medical section, without the need for surgery. I wan“I know this is going to take some getting used to,” ted two males from two different walks of life. One Linda began as she looked to both Colm and Brandon. a slave, the other the son of a wealthy businessman. Colm had placed his cup of tea on the stand next to Two from opposite sides of the track as it were. I want his bed while Brandon had gone to his wardrobe and to see how your personalities would differ as a femapulled out a deep red night dress and slipped into it, le.” fastening up the buttons and sitting back down on the bed. Colm himself went to his pink filled wardrobe “So we’re just guinea pigs.” Brandon stated while and pulled out a pink frilly laying back on the pillow and letting his head rest. night gown. Not something he would have usually cho“I’m afraid so, but try to see it like this, as guinea sen but in these times then pigs, you’ll be treated to some of the finest food in he was willing to go the extra today’s current market. You’ll take holidays to diffedistance to try and make rent countries, rub shoulders with the rich and fahimself a little more comfor- mous. Status will not matter, you’ll be equal to evertable... well, at least become a yone.” little less uncomfortable. “but I can assure you that you will While Linda explained her plans, Colm simply sat in enjoy what I have planned. his bed, nursing the cup of tea in his hand and occaFreedom, riches, attention, sionally taking sips at every few moments, waiting anything and everything you for it to cool down. It took all of his restraint not to could ever desire shall be reach over and chuck the hot liquid on Linda and try yours, and all you two have to to make an escape. Of course the plan would have do is become girls. I hope we been foolish, but it was always in his mind. In theory can become a family.” the only thing that made Colm stop himself was the fact that Linda’s demeanour had completely chan“If you wanted girls in ged since the photography session. Colm was taking your presence, then why not everything she said and considered it. In the three just kidnap a girl, and buy a years Colm had been a slave he had always wanted female slave?” Brandon asked something better, and despite Linda appearing to be a as he climbed into bed and complete nut job, she was turning out to be someone pulled the covers up over him, that might give what Colm wanted, she might give him sitting back against the head something better. rest of his bed and trying to settle down. Colm decided to play on what Linda was offering, though whether Brandon would do so remained to


Stories be seen. “I’ll play along willingly Linda, but there are a that was her angle. If the tests succeeded then there few conditions.” was a strong possibility that Colm and Brandon would become Chloe and Brenda, then if that was the case “Name them.” Linda stated as she turned to Colm. then Linda would most likely treat the two of them as her daughters more than anything. “I want a change in wardrobe, for both myself and Brandon. I don’t care about the girls clothing, I just With the agreement made, Colm didn’t really say want more than pink clothing. I’d also like to get a much else, he simply finished his tea, and allowed games console, wide screen TV, Blu Ray player, and a Brandon to have a cup before going to sleep. This was selection of DVDs that can be sent in when we’d like going to be quite the change, but perhaps it would them.” Colm stated, a grin on his face and he took a work out for the better. swig of the tea he had in his hand. It would be interesting to see whether or not Linda would actually bow down to his demands, and whether or not Brandon had anything to add. Colm felt they were reasonable demands to make. He and Brandon were being used as guinea pigs, and were owed that much. Hell Colm was even willing to be called Chloe as long as Linda was willing to pay up towards their demands. Linda seemed to consider the options, but before she could say yes or no, Brandon cut in with a few demands of his own. “I’d like the change of wardrobe, the games and movies, and I’d also like complete and unrestricted access to your library whenever I wish.” he stated with a smile on his face, he had sat up and was looking at both of them. It didn’t take long for Linda to make her decision, almost instant with the speed. “You have an agreement, everything you’ve both asked for will be given to you over the next few weeks, though Brandon, there will be restrictions to the whenever you wish part, as long as you are not with me, then you are free to. But you two must also agree to tutoring by some top minds. If you succeed in studies then you’ll be rewarded even greatly, though failure and low grades shall be met with punishment.” Linda stated, though she sounded more like a mother than a mistress, perhaps



Stories CROSSDRESSING CHARLIE Episode 2 by LilyFlorette


his mouth and sliding slowly down his throat. ‘’Thanks Mom,’’ he croaked. She screwed the cap back on and looked down at ‘’Oh Charlie, you’re burning up!’’ said Mom. her son with concern. She took her hand off of his forehead and read ‘’Are you sure you’ll be okay at home by yourself?’’ the thermometer. She then left the room to get some she asked. ‘’I mean your temperature seems to be medicine. Charlie took the thermometer out of his through the roof and I don’t want to leave you alone.’’ mouth, held it up against the lamp on the bedside ‘’Mom, I’ll be fine! I’m bloody sixteen years old, I locker, grabbed his hot water bottle and placed it can take care of myself!’’ said Charlie. on his face. He left it there for a few seconds before She didn’t look very convinced as an expression of he heard approaching footsteps echoing from the worry spread across her face. Her eyes watered as she hallway. He slipped the hot water bottle back under looked back at Rachel who just shrugged. the blankets and placed the thermometer back in his ‘’Well - okay but call me straight away if you need mouth within seconds. anything.’’ Charlie’s twin sister, Rachel entered the room, She looked at her watch, her eyes widening with dressed in the very same school uniform that Charlie shock. had once tried on just a few weeks ago. She had her ‘’Gracious! I’m late for work!’’ she bellowed. school bag thrown over her shoulder and an expres‘’Come on Rachel, we need to get a move on.’’ sion of jealousy on her face. She then rushed out of the room. Rachel was still ‘’How are you feeling faker?’’ she asked, leaning up leaning against the door frame. against the door frame with her arms crossed. ‘’Anyway, I’m going to Kayla’s house straight after ‘’I’m not faking Rachel!’’ stated Charlie. ‘’I feel school to study so I won’t be home this evening,’’ said rotten!’’ Rachel. ‘’Don’t you think that you’re getting a little old ‘’Study?’’ said Charlie, his heart leaping and his for faking being sick just to get out of school,’’ said eyes widening. Rachel, pursing her lips. ‘’Yes Charlie, study, you know that thing you never ‘’I’m not lying! Why are you even here? Get the do?’’ hell out of my room!’’ bellowed Charlie. ‘’Why should I care what you do anyway?’’ said ‘’Rachel, leave your brother alone,’’ snapped Mom, Charlie. who had just arrived back with the medicine. ‘’He’s ‘’Uh because I won’t be around to cook you dinner not feeling very well.’’ so you’ll have to figure out what to eat for yourself!’’ Rachel stood by the door, rolling her eyes as Mom said Rachel, turning to leave. handed Charlie the glass bottle of clear liquid. He ‘’Well I wouldn’t be able to eat anyway because took two swigs of it, the taste burning the inside of I’m practically dying here!’’ bellowed Charlie.


Stories ‘’FAKER!’’ echoed Rachel’s voice from the hall. Charlie’s head fell back into the pillow and her stared up at the ceiling, curling his toes and clenching his fists from beneath the blankets. He felt the low adrenaline kick of excitement. He could barely contain himself. He had been given more time to do the thing he loved to do most in top secrecy, cross-dressing. It had been only three weeks since his very first venture into dressing in his sister’s clothes but it felt more like three years. He listened carefully, waiting for the usual stutter of the car engine before starting up and reversing out of the driveway. He could hear his mother and sister arguing before hearing the thump of the car doors. Then, they were gone, leaving Charlie alone for the next twelve hours. His mother was usually home at half eight and his sister should be back at around that time also giving him plenty of time to bask in his girlish desires. He lay there for a few minutes savouring the excitement and anticipation before he could no longer handle it. He threw the blankets off and jumped out of the bed. He stretched as high as he could, feeling his joints and muscles loosen. He ruffled his hair, feeling the considerable amount of growth that had taken place. His mother was trying to get him to cut it but he refused to do so. After all, a lot of guys had long hair in school. He walked to the bathroom, wearing only his boxers t-shirt. He turned on the water, went for a whizz, stripped down and hopped in the shower. He scrubbed himself hard from head to toe, washing every inch reachable. He washed his hair with care as he was trying to retain a soft shiny glow. When done, he grabbed his bathrobe and put it on. He then dried his hair with his mothers hairdryer followed by eating breakfast downstairs in the kitchen.

The time had come once again. He went up to his sister’s bedroom. The door was already open, exposing the slightly cluttered room. He didn’t feel as nervous as before but he was certainly cautious. He wasn’t taking any risks like last time when he was nearly caught by Rachel’s friend through the window. He stepped inside, feeling the hairs standing on the back of his neck as he stared at the sacred wardrobe. His skin formed goosebumps as he looked around his sister’s room. He hadn’t been there since he tried on her uniform. The first thing he did was turn on the light and close the curtains. He then shut the door and looked at the wardrobe. His heart was pounding against his ribs as he approached the doors. He opened it slowly, revealing a treasure trove of girly feminine clothes and outfits ranging from uniforms to party dresses. He already knew what he wanted to try on, something he had only seen his sister wear twice. His fingers ran through the clothes hanging from the rails as he searched for the one he wanted. He couldn’t find it and for a moment and he began to panic but then he realised that he was looking in the wrong place. He closed the wardrobe and went to the chest of drawers. He opened the top drawer to reveal a wide array of his sister’s underwear. He felt as if hot water was flowing through his veins. His conscious was torn between right and wrong as he stared into the drawer. He was thinking hard about what he should do. Should he abort and forget about it? But no, that seemed to be impossible. His urges were much too strong and he couldn’t help it. The first time was just curiosity but now it was becoming something of an addiction. Unbeknownst to him, his cheeks were flaring red and his eyes were watering. He looked over his shoulder to see if anybody was there, just in case. There was nothing, just him, alone. He looked back into the


Stories drawer at the panties. He closed his eyes, feeling his heart pounding before sighing and picking up a random pair. He lifted them up and analysed the detail. They were white, soft and thin with lace lining around the legs. On the front was a tiny ribbon bow design which sent chills down his spine. He closed his eyes tight. The voices of his friends and family echoed at the back of his mind. ‘’Are you some sort of faggot?’’ ‘’Eww what do you think you are doing?!’’ ‘’Charlie, this is just weird!’’ ‘’You sick pervert!’’ ‘’Just look at yourself!’’ He suddenly snapped out of it, dropping the panties as if they were diseased. He looked around the room, his eyes watering as if he hadn’t blinked for a while. He felt strange and swallowed his fear and guilt. He picked up the feminine underwear, folded it and placed it back in the top drawer, gasping with relief . . . somewhat. He then left the room. He couldn’t do it. He couldn’t go through with it after looking forward to it for so long. Something clicked inside him that restricted him from going any further, something called a conscience. It just felt wrong to be trying on her sister’s underwear and clothes behind her back. It was not only an invasion of privacy but of gender too. He walked down the stairs, his head hanging low as if he were on the way to the principal’s office for punishment. He let himself fall onto the couch in front of the television inside the sitting room. He flicked through the channels searching for something interesting to watch, desperately trying to forget that he ever went into his sister’s room. He changed the station every few minutes, bored and restless of what he was seeing and thinking. He would spot various

outfits on the girls on TV and would immediately fantasise, each time he did he would try to brush away the urges by changing the channel. He sat and watched sports for a while, eventually becoming bored and tired. He turned the TV off and sat with his face buried in his hands. He could feel the strong urge building up inside him once again. He could feel his heart and pulse beating strong as if he had just ran a mile. ‘’Don’t give in, you can do this!’’ he kept repeating in his head. He looked at the clock; it was nine in the morning. It would have been a complete waste of a day if he didn’t get what he wanted done. He could study? But he laughed at the prospect. He sat on the couch for what felt like an age, tapping his foot to the rhythm of the clock. ‘’Don’t give in, don’t give in, don’t give in!’’ he whispered over and over. He looked up at the clock to see that only five minutes had passed. He jumped up and went to the kitchen, poured


Stories himself a glass of orange juice and drank. The feeling of the ice cold drink sliding down his throat was a fantastic feeling. He then sat at the kitchen island, picked up his phone and started playing with it. As he sat in silence for a few moments, the urge to dress was becoming much too strong for him to handle. It built up inside the pit of his stomach like a fiery beast, penetrating his veins, fuelling him with pleasurable thoughts and emotions. He had to do it. He could not waste the chance. Days like these were rare and hard to come by. He had to do it. As he stared at the clock ticking slowly over to quarter past nine, his feelings of guilt and fear quickly flipped over to apathetic and lust. It had to be done. He stood up, feeling confident and excited, not caring about anything or anyone, not even himself. His motives immediately changed back to the way they were right before he opened the underwear drawer. He was

going to be alone in the house all day. He knew he was going to have so much fun. From his last cross-dressing experience, Charlie learned a valuable lesson, ‘’don’t use oranges as false breasts!’’ because they burst and stain. Over the last few weeks he had been browsing the web on making his own homemade falsies and he found a very adequate solution. He opened the cupboard under the sink and took out two plastic freezer bags. He placed them both under the tap and filled them with warm water. After that he brought them upstairs to his sister’s bedroom. He closed the door behind him and looked around the room. It still reeked of Rachel’s girlishness. It made goosebumps form on the skin of his arms and legs. He left the water filled bags on the bed and walked to the chest of drawers. He took a deep breath before opening the top drawer, once again revealing Rachel’s collection of knickers. He knew the pair he had wanted so he picked them up and analysed them. The white, soft and thin with lace lining around the leg along with the tiny ribbon bow design on the front gave his chills. He let his bathrobe slide off of his shoulders, crumbling around his ankles, leaving him bare and naked. He stepped into the panties and pulled them up his legs, feeling the soft cotton caress his legs in the process as they fit snugly around his waist and behind. He felt so bad, so perverted, yet natural and serene. He turned and opened the second drawer where Rachel kept her socks and tights. He pulled out a pair of thin black high waisted tights. He had never worn these before so it was exciting to step into the legs and pull them up his shins, over his knees, stroking his thighs and up above his waist. It was a lovely feeling of softness and femininity as they hugged his legs comfortably yet tightly. He walked up and down the room for a moment,


Stories wiggling his toes against each other within the tights. He shuddered and smiled and he went back to the chest, opening the third drawer which was filled with a wide array of bras ranging from training bras to push up ones. He picked up a white push up bra and stroked his fingers along the soft padding, the frills around the top lining and the extra push support. It gave off the essence of pure femininity and maturity. For a moment he wondered what it would be like to have real breasts then he wondered WHY he wondered that? He picked up the warm freezer bags and expelled the air from them. He then tied them around his neck and placed the bra upon them. Again, he had great difficulty in finding the straps on his back. When he did he tightened them hard, suddenly feeling the sensation of what it would really be like to have boobs. The slight weight, the feeling of the straps on his back and seeing two mounds on his chest made him feel somewhat . . . girly. ‘’And now for the best part!’’ he said to nobody in particular. He opened the fourth drawer to see it packed with dozens of skirts, shorts and more tights. He wondered why a girl needed to have so many skirts but then he thought that he would have probably been the same if he was one. He rooted through the drawer, not noticing his heavy breathing of anticipation as he searched for the one he wanted. After a few moments he found it lying there in all its glory, waiting to be worn once again. He touched it and held it up eyelevel. It was designed to be worn high above the waist, short and cute. It was pleated, short and light pink with a black frilly underskirt. The main attraction of the skirt was the large black bow which was tied neatly to the front of the waistband belt.

Charlie had only seen Rachel see it once and ever since then he had fantasised about wearing it for himself. Now it was about to come true. He stood up and stepped into the skirt and pulled it slowly up his legs. It seemed that his legs would go on forever as the skirt fabric brushed against his thighs. The waistband went all the way up past his bellybutton lengthening only halfway up his thigh, just about


Stories hiding his behind. He then went to the fifth and final drawer, opening it and staring into its wide collection of t-shirts, blouses, camisoles, tank tops and vests. He dug in and grabbed a grey tank top that would match his tights perfectly. He lifted it up, noting the revealing curved neckline to tease cleavage and its sleeveless arm revealing gaps. He couldn’t remember the last time Rachel wore it,

maybe she never did, he couldn’t remember. He pulled it over his head with great difficulty. It was very tight and hugged his false breasts snugly. He tucked the tank top into the skirt and zipped it up, encasing his entire body in the girly outfit. He then walked to the makeup station, feeling the roomy, free feeling of the short skirt flare against the gentle movement. He wore a goofy smile on his face. He couldn’t help it. He was just so happy. He sat down in front of the makeup desk eyeing all of the tubes, tubs and boxes filled with lipsticks, eyeshadowers, eyeliners, kits and lotions. His chest was moving in, out, in, out as if he were staring at the most incredible sight ever. He didn’t know if it was safe. He didn’t know if Rachel would notice. Should he take the plunge and try on makeup for the first time? He had been reading through websites which instructed on how to apply makeup perfectly. He looked around himself to make sure nobody was there, just in case. He looked back at the station feeling anxious and nervous. ‘’I guess a little bit couldn’t hurt,’’ he said to himself. His hand was shaking slightly as he touched the round black capsule which contained the foundation. He grasped it and opened the thin lid. He looked over his shoulder again, nobody was there. He didn’t know why but he kept thinking that he was being watched by somebody hiding in the room. He brushed it off as paranoia and returned to his more ‘’important’’ thoughts. He racked his brains to remember the step-bystep guide on how to apply makeup properly. Then he remembered that he needed to moisturise first. He looked around the station and spotted the little plastic bottle filled with clear liquid. He squirted some moisturiser into his hands and rubbed it gently onto


Stories his cheeks, nose, neck and forehead. The liquid soaked into his skin pores, leaving his skin clear and hydrated after a few minutes of waiting. He then wiped away any excess grease. Charlie then dotted foundation on his nose, chin, cheeks and forehead. His hand trembled as he picked up the foundation brush and raised it to his face. As the bristles touched his face, he suddenly felt different. He began to feel and even act like a real girl. It was a most strange feeling for him. He looked in the mirror, blending the foundation carefully as if he were painting a masterpiece. After that he began to spread out the foundation with his fingers, and then finishing with a moist sponge to add final touches. He kept repeating, ‘’blend, blend, blend’’ under his breath as this was key to having perfect foundation. He decided to skip the eye shadow and instead only apply the dark eyeliner. This took him a very, very long time to perfect. He found it difficult to keep his eyes still. He kept blinking and his hand trembled because of nerves. After a while he managed to perfect it to the best of his abilities. He then added pink blusher to his cheeks to bring out a healthy rosy look followed by the careful application of lashes which also took him quite a while to perfect. Once he done he couldn’t believe how much he looked like his sister. In some ways it disturbed him yet in other ways it made the hairs stand up on the back of his neck. He couldn’t take his eyes off of his reflection. ‘’That’s not me, it couldn’t be me!’’ he kept whispering to himself. He touched his busted chest and then stroked the fabric of the tank-top. His eyes were then drawn to a pink hairbrush as if it had just called out to him. He picked it up and began to shakily brush his longish hair. The bristles stroked through the knots and clumps of hair, pulling out strings of brown whilst softening and lengthening it into a soft glowing doo. He brushed for

a while, not taking his eye off of his reflection in the mirror. Within moments he had fixed his hair hung down past his ears, gently touching his shoulder like a soft velvet curtain. He sighed, feeling disappointed that his hair didn’t look as feminine as the rest of his face and body. It wasn’t thick enough but it was still passable as a teenage girl’s hair. He fixed the fringe and held his hair back with a yellow band. He didn’t want to chance applying the false nails in case Rachel would notice but he put some bangles on around his wrists and wore a silver heart pendant. He then got up and went for the door. He listened carefully before setting foot out into the rest of the house in case anybody was there. The door creaked as he opened it and he walked out into the hallway. He didn’t know what to do now. He pondered on what to do next. What could he do? He was most certainly not going to go outside. He may have been free to try on his sisters clothes all day but he was still restricted within the confines of the house. He took a step forward, feeling the cushiony softness of the tights between his toes. He randomly jumped in the air. His hair flopped freely along with the skirt. He laughed to himself as a grin slowly formed across his face. Then he felt a little silly. He looked down at his feet wishing that he had some girl shoes but his sisters ones didn’t fit. Then a quick thought flashed across his mind. He turned to his mother’s bedroom door, his mouth hanging open as he stared at the handle. His heart began to pound and his body electrified with delight. He walked into his mother room. It was draped with dark purple curtains and matching bed sheets. The floor was carpeted with soft furry wool that was simply blissful to walk on. Like Rachel, she had a makeup station and a chest of drawers. The walls were covered in chocolate brown stripped wallpaper that gave the room a soothing quality. There were pictures of Char-


Stories lie and Rachel throughout their lives hanging on the walls. He looked at a picture of himself, Rachel and his father. He stared into his father’s beaming face with an expression of bitterness and woefulness. He wondered what his Dad would think if he saw him right now, in his ex-wife’s room about to try on her shoes. He quickly looked away as he thought this, feeling that his focus was being directed elsewhere. He went to his mother’s walk-in wardrobe. It was a massive closet, filled with clothes she has worn once or twice throughout her life. Under the rails were shelves filled shoes, slippers, runners, boots and high heels. He began to look through the massive array of shoes, carefully putting them back in there right place. They were all two sizes too small for his feet. He began to feel frustrated. He continued to search through the dozens of shoes, coming across some beautiful pairs of heels that he would love to wear but like the rest they were all too small for him. He gave up and sat on the ground feeling hot and flustered. He took several deep breaths before noticing an unopened shoebox stuffed underneath a pile of random single shoes. He leaned out and pulled it out from beneath the stack. He opened the box to find a pair of unworn black ankle boots. The heel was four inches long with a decorative bow on the outer side of each boot. His eyes sparkled as he looked down into the box. They were perfect! But did they fit him? He took them out of the box and placed the sole of the boot against his foot. They fit! But they were slightly smaller. He began to smile once again. Not only had he found a pair cute of high heeled boots that fit him but they also complimented the rest of his outfit perfectly. He remembered his aunt had bought them for his mother about two years ago as a birthday present but they were obviously too big for her and she stated that she was too old for ‘’ankle boots’’.

He walked back into his mother’s room carrying the shoes and sat on the bed. He lifted up his right foot and put it into the shoe with great difficulty. He strained to get his foot right though the hole. He gritted his teeth as his arms shook. Then his foot fell in with ease. His heel touched the inside snugly but his toes were slightly cramped. He did the same with the other and within a moment he was wobbling about the room in his new high heeled boots. He chuckled to himself out loud as he looked down at his feet. He felt so much taller yet very girly at the same time. It didn’t take him long to stop swaying from side to side. He smiled as he looked at himself in the full length mirror. He placed his hands on his high waisted skirt and performed a curtsey to his reflection, batting his eyelashes and smiling coyly. He began to feel warm from head to toe as his cheeks turned scarlet, embarrassed by his dainty appearance. He felt that his outfit was missing something. He looked at the tank top tucked nicely into the waistband and wondered what was overlooked when he was changing into the outfit. He clicked his fingers as it dawned upon him. To truly complete his garb he needed a jumper or a jacket. He left his mother’s room and walked back into Rachel’s room. He didn’t wobble but his walk needed a lot of practising in order for it to look anyway womanly. He opened his sister’s wardrobe and browsed through the various coats, jumpers, sweaters and jackets hanging from the rails. He glanced through several garments before finding the adept jacket to compliment his outfit. It was a light pink blazer with a black outline around the collar and cuffs. It had rolled up sleeves with cuffs and a short tail at the back. It matched his pink skirt, black tank top, tights and heeled boots sublimely. He put it on without difficulty. Suddenly, he felt whole. He looked like a true girl and intermediate feelings of awe and fear churned within him. Awe at


Stories how much he resemble his sister and fear of being caught. He had basked deeper than last time, the makeup, the heels, the skirt and tights. It was too much for him to comprehend. He stared into the full mirror feeling flustered and decalescent. His chest pushed in and out as his breathing accelerated. His eyes began to water as if he were staring at a firework display. He touched his cheek and gasped breathlessly. ‘’It’s me,’’ he whispered silently. A wide grin slowly spread across his face and within seconds he was strutting up and down the hallway as if it were a catwalk. His ankles nearly bent a few times but he didn’t give up. He wanted to perfect his walking with heels. His only wished that he had an hourglass figure just for the day. He walked around the house with his shoulders thrown back and his pelvis pushed slightly forward. However he wasn’t pleased. He picked up a cookbook from the worktop in the kitchen and placed it on his head. It fell on the ground dozens of times before he managed to gain balance. He walked from the kitchen to the sitting room to the dining room, his skirt swaying from side to side and his hair bouncing slightly. He continued to practice his walk over the next few hours. He learned to put his heel first before his toes. It felt strange but it wasn’t long before he developed an elegant stride. He couldn’t help but feel giddy as his feminine walk formed. His arms swayed back and forth naturally, close to his sides and the fingers still. And before he knew it hours had passed and it was almost three o’clock. With his mother and sister not home until eight o’clock that evening he still had hours left to try on other clothes. He ran (yes he ran in heels) up the stairs smiling cheerfully, excited on what was to come. He went into his mother’s room to take off the heeled boots.

He took one last look at his outfit before sitting on the bench in front of the makeup station. He placed his hands on the boots and began to pull. They were nearly impossible to take off. His thin arms shook under the strain of moving his foot out of the shoe. His face turned red as he felt his heel slowly slide up. Suddenly, he froze and all colour was drained from his face as he heard echoing footsteps from the corridor approaching. Louder, louder, LOUDER! ‘’Charlie, I’m home!’’ called his mother’s voice. ‘’I just thought I’d check up on you during my lunch break!’’ A massive weight plummeted to the very pit of his stomach as his heart crawled up his throat. A tidal wave of terror crashed upon him. He literally couldn’t move. He had no idea know what to


Stories do. Poor Charlie, he was so scared. TO BE CONTINUED




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i, girls! Welcome to 2013; may it be a If any of you have stories about your month to better year than 2012. I’m happy to see share, or tips and tricks, or just want to gab, e-mail that the world didn’t end! me! The address is still I hope to hear from you! I hope that you all enjoyed your holiday season, and had some time to let the beautiful girl in you come out and play. I did! We had our Christmas meeting @@@@@@@@@@@ of Chi Upsilon Iota at the Golden Corral in Springfield for dinner, then went back to where we hold our meeIf you need to fix up your lipstick but can’t find a tings. Present time! We did a white elephant gift ex- mirror, try this nifty trick. Using one finger from your change, but only a few zonks were in the mix. I did free hand as a guide, position the tip of your lipstick pretty well; a brand-new Barbie, at the center of the “bow” of your a magnetic dress-up doll set, a mouth. Tracing the edge of your DVD (non-TG related), a cutting lips with that finger, draw a halfboard, and one of the only zonks, heart shape from the center to the a box of ice-skating videotapes. edge of your mouth on both sides. In February, we had a quiet meeThen, using that same finger, trace ting at our usual place. We had the outside of your lower lip while a couple of members who hadn’t applying the lipstick from the cenattended in quite awhile join us, ter. Don’t rub your lips together which is always great. I got to try -- that will just smear those nice out my new airbrush makeup kit, even lines! which I totally love! More on that subject in a future column… @@@@@@@@@@@ Outside of that, it was a quiet two months (thankfully!). School Here’s a tip I found in a teen continues to be a blast. We had a big-name celebrity beauty book. If you want your cheekbones to look highairdresser by the name of Rocky Vitelli come in at the her, use a facial powder four shades darker than your beginning of December to teach us some advanced natural skin tone and apply just under the cheekbones cutting and styling. I learned quite a lot in those two to make them appear higher. days! Rocky was very friendly and down-to-earth, and really seemed to enjoy teaching us. Here’s a picture of @@@@@@@@@@@ one of the haircuts he taught us. This is a pro tip for your nails. If you want smoother-


featured articles looking skin and longer-looking nails, try using a shimmer or glitter polish. The light will reflect soft light around your hands, giving you younger-looking skin.

ners you find at most stores, but I digress). What you can do instead is to spritz a bit o your scent into some shine serum and work that into your hair. You get the same wonderful smell, without the damage. The shine serum will also help your fragrance to last longer in your hair, which is always a bonus!

@@@@@@@@@@@ I want to discuss hair damage in this tip. There are many ways one can damage her hair: too much product, too much heat, poor diet – you get the idea. The most common damage is called traction alopecia; this is a fancy term for too much tension being put on the hair. Tension can be caused by trying to brush wet hair (always a no-no; use a wide-toothed comb until your hair is at least 75% dry.)


The easiest way to have this happen is wearing a ponytail all the time. The tension created by a ponytail, especially if it’s worn in the same spot all the time, can weaken and break hair, and may even cause a bald spot to appear. The easiest thing to do is to rotate you hairstyle a bit. Go a few days with your hair down, or at least put your pony in a different spot.


Are you a girl who likes to pass through a cloud of her fragrance before finishing her beauty regimen? Well, that’s a bad thing for your hair, ladies. Perfumes and fragrances contain alcohol (so do shampoos and conditio-

Are you looking for fuller, longer, lush lashes? Well, if you can afford Latisse, honey, then more power to you! But if you’re poor like me, try using a water-resistant mascara to give you the appearance. The wax in the water-resistant formulas builds up on itself, giving your lashes the appearance of being fuller. With just a little work, you’ll have dazzlingly thick lashes without any smudges.


Hey, Mellissa here with a news flash: it’s winter! That’s when you can expect skin damage from the wind and cold and dryness. Want to beat the cold? Try this: lather up with a green tea body wash. Green tea is full of polyphenols, which are anti-inflammatory antioxidants. They reduce breakouts and soothe the skin, especially if it’s irritated.


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make sure you dry them well, so that they don’t rust! Dunk them or spray them in isopropyl (rubbing) alcohol and allow them to air dry, then put them away


Did you know that champagne can help thicken your hair? Yep! Just take a cup or so of fizzy (or flat) champagne and pour it over freshly washed hair. Don’t rinse it out, it’s not going to smell. See, what happens is that the vitamin B and the antioxidants in the bubbly will strip product buildup and give your hair a thick, lustrous look.


Germs! You all know Mellissa doesn’t like them! So imagine my horror at discovering how many germs can lurk in a salon. Now double that when I found out that it can be the same in your bathroom or bedroom.

Orangewood sticks can go straight to the trash. Please don’t try to save them for re-use; it’s not sanitary and can lead to infections or breakouts. Emory boards and foot files vary by manufacturer’s instruction; some are reusable and need cleansing, while others should go straight to the trash. The reusable ones should be immersed in soap and water, then dried and spritzed with isopropyl (rubbing) alcohol. Again, a good spritz of alcohol helps keep the implements clean.

The culprits here are the very beauty tools you use to make your nails look so gorgeous. Your emory boards, orangewood cuticle scraper sticks, foot files, and even your clippers can harbor the evil infestations. The clippers you can wash in soap and water;

@@@@@@@@@@@ The key to getting a good shave is following a good routine. After that, it’s all in the details. Here are some shaving tips that can help you get the close shave you desire: Wait until the end of your bath or shower to shave. It’s when the skin is most supple and the hairs are softer. Shave in the morning for a guarantee of smooth legs throughout the day. Don’t shave before


featured articles hitting the beach or pool. If you need to shave for these ky bumps, spritz some hairspray onto a clean toothbrush events, do so the night before. (or a small hard bristle brush) and run it over the surface of your pony tail to get rid of those Shaving your bikini line annoying little flyaways. There it is, every day will help you avoid a picture-perfect, beautiful ponytail! razor rash in that area. If you run out of shaving @@@@@@@@@@@ cream or gel, grab your hair conditioner instead. It works If you color your hair, here’s a great as a lubricant for shagreat flat-iron tip. A few days after ving and will leave your legs coloring, flat-iron your locks. This conditioned and smelling smoothes the cuticle down and great. helps to lock in the color. @@@@@@@@@@@ @@@@@@@@@@@ Tis tip is for the girl who’s going Ponytails, no matter if in for her first-ever manicure. Have they’re high or low, are peryour payment and tip, and your car fectly precise and chic and keys, readily accessible before you not that gym-wearing pony get your polish applied! This will you’ve been trying to pass help prevent chipping your new look off as fashionable. Put some five minutes after finishing it. effort and styling into the look. It will only take a few . minutes and you’ll look like @@@@@@@@@@@ you just stepped off the runway. Instead of foundation, try using a tinted moisturizer. Too much founStart by preparing your dation or foundation applied too hair with a light serum to add heavily looks caked on and makes shine. Pull your hair back, you look older, not younger. Never using a flat brush to get hair use concealer where there are lines smooth, and secure it with or wrinkles, it will seep in and again, a band. Take a lightweight age you. Use sheer eyeshadows, hairspray and spray lightly. opaque ones are too heavy. Lashes To smooth down the surface and prevent those pes- fade as you get older an mascara will make a big differen-


featured articles ce. Lightly applied black or brown will open the eyes up. If you don’t like the feel of mascara, run a brown or black eye liner pencil across the lashes a few times.


res also appear smaller. Powder is the most frequent remedy for shiny skin, and the finer the powder, the more likely your chances of applying it effectively. Cheap powders can cake, or may contain talc that irritates skin. Some foundations also claim to contain powder, to minimize shine.

This is a fast way to get some amazing looking lashes in three easy steps. Start by smudging some dark @@@@@@@@@@@ eye liner into the base of your lashes. Heat your lash curler with a hair dryer (not too hot, no need to get Hey, ladies, here’s a little recipe for making an allburned!), and curl your lashes well. Layer on some vo- over lotion for dry skin. The portion amounts are lumizing and lengthening mascaras. Don’t be afraid to enough for one application, but I’m sure you can mouse two different ones! You’ll love how this turns out. dify the numbers to suit your needs. All you need is two tablespoons of real mayonnaise and a teaspoon of @@@@@@@@@@@ baby oil. Combine the ingredients, then smooth onto your face, neck, rough elbows and knees or anywhere This tip is for the girls with long locks. Many of us else you feel might benefit. Let it sit for twenty minufind long hair annoying when we sleep. I usually try to tes, then rinse off thoroughly with lukewarm water. arrange mine on the pillow before I go to sleep, as I don’t move very much once I’m out. A lot of women @@@@@@@@@@@ will throw their hair up into a ponytail or a tight bun, just to keep it out of their face during the night. This Are you a DIY kind of girl who takes care of her own can be damaging to long hair. nails? Well, if so, you’re the lady I’m talking to with this straight-from-school tip. When you finish your Bedtime hair routines should start with combing nail care, do you clean your tools? I hope so! Files or brushing, like you see in the old black and white and utensils can be breeding grounds for the bad bacmovies. After all the tangles are out, arrange your hair teria that can cause fungi or even infections on your into a loose braid. Tie your braid off with accessories digits. Fear not, though, it’s very easy to take care of made specifically for fine hair because they won’t cau- the issue! se your hair follicles to break. Regular rubber bands should be avoided at all costs! They create breakage. For your metal tools such as clippers or cuticle trimIf you’d like, you can even wrap your hair in a silk scarf mers, give them a fast wash in soap and water, then to keep it smooth and natural throughout the night. dry them thoroughly with your hair dryer (this gets the water out of hard-to-reach places and prevents rust). @@@@@@@@@@@ After that, give them a quick spritz of some isopropyl, or rubbing, alcohol. Do you have shiny, oily skin? The trick to your skin is to try to give it a matte look, absorbing light so po @@@@@@@@@@@


featured articles This is an easy tip on how to give yourself the shimmery eye look. This will make the whites of your eyes look brighter by attracting a lot of light. Start by applying a shimmery eye shadow on your lid and brow bone. Use a matte gray shadow in the crease of your eye and under your lower lash line. Blend in a highlighter on the brow bone and in your inner eye corners. Lastly, apply two or three coats of black mascara.


pencil, fill in the rest of your lips. Apply a creamy lipstick in a bright hue. If you want high shine, use a pigmented gloss and put a small spot in the center of both lips, then lightly spread over your mouth.


I’m all about the recipes this month, girls! I found some really great beauty books just packed full of nifty home recipes. This one is for a vegetable oil nail strengthener. You’ll need two teaspoons of castor oil (don’t worry, you aren’t drinking it!), two teaspoons of salt, and a teaspoon of wheat germ oil This will make 20-30 applications.

I have hair that likes to get frizzy on occasion. I decided to find out why this is, so I did some research on the subject. Frizz is caused by moisture. We can Pour your ingredients into a sealable bottle. Shake use heat to remove that moisture. So what I’ve been the bottle well before applying. Rub a small amount doing now in the morning is to run my flatiron quic- of the mixture onto your nails and leave on for 3-5 mikly over my hair, just the top layers, before leaving for nutes, then wipe it off with a cotton pad. school. My ponytails and styles are now frizz-free! @@@@@@@@@@@ Some other quick tips to take care of the frizz monster: spritz a boar-bristle brush with some hairspray A photographer friend shared some great tips with first thing in the morning, then run it through those me recently. For example, he said that if possible, you pesky flyaways throughout the day to keep them on a should apply your makeup in the same lighting you’re leash. If that doesn’t work for you, try a dollop of hand going to be photographed in. This will let you tell if it’s or body lotion. Rub your hands together for just an too light or heavy. instant, then swipe your hands through your hair. In a pinch, sunscreen can do the trick as well. @@@@@@@@@@@


The bold lip look is very popular this winter. Here’s how you can wear it. Using a neutral tone, like a pinkish brown, line your lips. The neutral tone will complement any color. Then, using the side of the liner

I can’t stress how important it is to your skin to stay hydrated in the winter, girls. If you have access to one, you should use a humidifier at home, set to between 30-50% humidity levels, to keep your skin moistened. This isn’t just for girl time, either; dry, chapped skin is painful for anyone, any time. A humidifier is fairly inexpensive and can save you a lot of pain, and help you look better, for just a little bit of effort.


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Here is a quick travel tip for the on-the-go lady. If you don’t want to lug all of your war paints around with you all day, get yourself a contact lens case. Put some foundation in one side, and a cream blush or lip gloss in the other. Instant makeup kit that fits in your purse without taking up a lot of space, and it’s easy to clean out and change out for the next time. You can usually find the cases at the dollar store for, well, a dollar! @@@@@@@@@@@ Here’s yet another recipe I think you’ll all like. It’s for a honey-cocoa butter lip balm. You’ll need the following ingredients: Two tablespoons olive oil One-half teaspoon honey Three-quarters teaspoon grated beeswax One-half teaspoon pure cocoa butter A flavored oil, your choice (like peppermint or vanilla) One vitamin E capsule

a simple, easy way to make it work without asking for help. Take a small piece of tape and tape one end of the bracelet to your wrist (don’t cover where you’re connecting it!). Fasten your bracelet and remove the tape, and you’re ready to have fun! @@@@@@@@@@@ Wearing a bun is a hot trend right now in hairstyling. It’s also one of the easiest, yet classy, hairstyles to create. Start by making a high or low ponytail, depending on where you want to wear your bun. Twist and coil the hair around the base of the ponytail, then secure it in place with bobby pins. Remember that the flat side of the bobby pin should be facing the scalp! If you want to add a touch of sparkle, take a brooch, hook a few bobby pins through it, and pin it into your bun. Use a one-inch brooch and pins for finer hair; thicker hair can get away with two inches. You can also do this with earrings by hooking the post of the earring through a bobby pin and pinning it into your bun. .


Another trick my photographer friend showed me is in regards to purses. You can use your purse to make yourIn a small saucepan, heat the oil, honey, wax and butter self look slimmer! It’s all in matching it up to what you’re over a low heat until just melted. Remove this mix from wearing, and where it hits your body. If you’re wearing a the heat and allow to cool for two-three minutes. Stir in dress or top with a loose waist, a n oversize carryall bag your chosen flavoring and the contents of the vitamin E will create a slimming vertical line that makes you look capsule. Pour into containers of your choice. The recipe longer and leaner. If you’re sporting an empire waist, try says you can make a hundred applications with the recipe a bag with short straps. The eye is fooled into looking amounts, so you may need a few containers. Remember there first, which highlights your arms and bust. For the to keep the mixture sealed until you’re ready to use it. traditional waist look, you want a purse that hits mid-torso. @@@@@@@@@@@ @@@@@@@@@@@ So you’re getting ready to go out, and you have a bracelet that you can’t quite get to fasten. Well, here’s

Girls, I’m going to talk about another item that I never really considered a problem before. How many of us


featured articles have a night out in another city and rent a hotel or on easily. Also, it will be less prone to chipping. motel room to change in? Well, the cleaning staff, in theory at least, is wiping down your sinks and phones @@@@@@@@@@@ and other areas in the room. But what is the one area that every one of us touch, almost immediately, when Ladies, this next tip comes to us courtesy of Judy entering a hotel room? That’s right, the light switch. Dee, a wonderful lady whom I met online via a Yahoo group, transgenderedchat. She’s their December coAn easy way to avoid getting ill from this plague ver girl. I’m only lightly editing her mail, so here in her center is to wash your hands as soon as you enter the words is this great tip: room, then use the same rag and some soap to lightly wipe off the switch and plate. According to resear“Hi Mellissa Lynn. My nail emergency repair kit is chers, the germ count drops by 82% just from this ac- a baggie with a spare set of earrings that will go with tion. That’s a lot of germs… every wardrobe item, some bobby pins for the wig and wig cap, some NAIL BLISS PRO WONDERBOND profes @@@@@@@@@@@ sional brush on Gel Glue, half an emory board and on occasion, some polish. When they have to come off, I Do you have fine hair or a fine-haired wig? If so, have an Exacto knife which is a 1/2-inch wide flat scrathat can make styling a pain. Bobby pins, in particular, per-like blade (doesn’t go to a point like the cutting don’t like holding in fine hair. This is how you can beat blades). I use it to get under the nail and in a stroke that problem. Spray your pins with a touch of hairs- or two, the nail pops off. My blade is dull, so it’s safe. pray before use; the hairspray will cling to the strands I wouldn’t use a brand new blade, it would be too just fine. sharp. The nails I use are available at Sally stores and are Terrific Tips Precision Fit Plus Size .stock #202140. @@@@@@@@@@@ I cut them to the shape I want them, file them smooth, stick them on a strip of duct tape or painters tape, coGirls, do you wear your sunglasses in the winterti- lor them, and let them dry. I even score the underside me? You should! The sun’s UV rays can be stronger in of the thumb nail to take a little of the spring out of winter, especially when reflecting off snow. By wea- them, so they will stretch across my wide thumbs and ring sunglasses, you reduce your risk of several diffe- not have so much pressure trying to make them spring rent eye problems, as well as protecting the delicate off. I put little pieces of paper under each of the nail skin around the eyes. bins in the plastic packaging, with a small number in each corner. That way I can quickly identity what size @@@@@@@@@@@ each nail is. #1 is the thumb of course, #2 the forefinger, etc. Sometimes it is hard to tell them apart at a The next time you’re doing your nails, wipe your glance, or in the dark of a car, or motel room etc. I put nails with a dab of white vinegar instead of nail po- the number small in each corner so it should be visible lish before applying your new color. The vinegar will at a quick glace.” gently clean off any surface oils and lets your polish go


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I’ve talked a lot about moisturizing over the last few columns. The easiest way to keep moisture in your skin is to drink water! Good hydration inside makes for good moist skin on the outside.


around to treat it, and you don’t know what to do. But then you remember that you have a tube of lip balm in your purse! So you dig it out and, after wetting the damaged area in lukewarm water, apply a layer of clear lip balm. The balm will ease any pain and seal in moisture.


So you have a cracked cuticle that you know is going to develop into a nasty hangnail if you can’t do Look, girls, two lip balm tips in a row! The second something about it quickly. You have no cuticle cream one involves mascara. You suddenly have realized that your mascara has smudged under your eyes. Just take a small dab of clear lip balm on your finger and run it over the smudged areas. The balm will lift the mascara without damaging the rest of your makeup. Problem solved! @@@@@@@@@@@ Wow, can it be? My first column for 2013… the year’s moving by quickly! Spring is right around the corner, and I’m more than ready for it! I’m already laying out springtime outfits and of course working on my feet so that they’ll be pretty for warmer weather. So how about you? If you’re ready for spring to arrive, or are working on your looks already, let me know! The e-mail address is still the same from the beginning of the article; it’s Feel free to e-mail any time; you could be like Judy Dee and see your name in print!



featured articles

featured articles

Six Ways To Hide Your Adam’s Apple by MellissaLynn (

5. Wear a turtleneck ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Lucille Sorella is a GG (genetic girl) who teaches crossdressers, transsexuals, and transgender females how to look, act, and feel like real women. Her goal is to help T-women express their inner and outer femininity and increase their confidence as women. She has a professional background in fashion, beauty, dance, and natural healing and has been working with the transgender community for the past 12 years. Her website is loaded with useful information and is located at html .


always say it’s the “subtle” things that give a girl away. That’s definitely true of an Adam’s apple! This is one detail that can ruin your entire look. Fortunately, there are some easy fixes that don’t require surgery. Here are my top six ways to hide your Adam’s Apple.

2. Apply contouring makeup

Dust blush or contouring powder 1-2 shades darker than your natural skin tone over the protruding area. Dark colors make an area look smaller, so this visually reduces the size of your Adam’s apple.

What could be easier than covering your Adam’s apple with a turtleneck? Turtlenecks work, but they also spotlight a square jaw or prominent chin. Avoid them if this is you.

3. Wear high collared tops High collared tops are g r e a t for hiding the side view of an A d a m ’s apple. Look for a shirt with a ruffled collar for a soft, feminine look.

6. Choose the right wig Long hair that curls around the neck makes an Adam’s apple less visible from the side. Use contouring powder to tone down the front view of your Adam’s apple and you’re good to go!

4. Try a choker

Wearing a choker Every TG woman should have a wardrobe of beaution top ful scarves. Tying a scarf around your neck not only of your hides an A d a m ’s A d a m ’s apple is a Apple, foolproof it adds way to a flattehide it – ring pop but only of color if you to your have a f a c e . thin neck. Problem C h o ke r s solved! make a thick neck look even thicker.

1. Tie on a scarf




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I do commissions Commish can be single person, or couple (boyxgirl, girlxgirl or boyxboy), no more than two person please • Commish can be OC art, fanart from manga/anime, or even some random person, basically anything that fits in this line :3 • Everything will be drawn in manga style (as seen in the picture) and will be full-color • No animals (anthro’s okay though) • No hentai, excessive amounts of blood, or other stuff like that .__. ecchi’s okay though • It takes me about two days to finish a drawing, if I need more time (because of school/other commissions that need to be worked on) I’ll tell you :3

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I do commissions

Ange-Noir1 is doing comissions here the details: 10 lineart 15 lined comic/sequences 20 color 25 color comics +5 for extra characters beyond 2 in a single pic likes doing stuff with femboys, hypnosis and other mind control, corruption (demons and stuff), transformations, gay, occasionally loli will not do: scat, watersports or basically anything with bodily fluids that aren’t cum, gore, hard vore, fat




I do commissions

advertisement 9$ (torso +4$ for an extra character) Commision Paypal Digital only,can be a anime/manga style drawing or a furry. Will draw anime/furry characters.Oc or Fanart.

Digital: 15$ (full character +5$ for an extra character)

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