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There are several features of Rock sound magazine, these all attribute to the overall effect wanted on the audience Skyline The skyline shows the main reoccurring themes of the magazine, and displays the certain music genre, letting the readers know that it’s not just rock, it’s also metal, punk, alternative and hardcore. The font is in blue because that is the general theme of the magazine Masthead The title, and most important part, of the magazine. This is important because it builds up brand identity, it is clear that brand identity is established because the masthead is partially covered by the main image, the font type is what bands use to claim their ownership of the equipment. This means that it familiarises with the audience how much this is about music and how involved the magazine is. Lead Article This grabs the attention of the reader and catches the eye of the potential reader, it is linked to the main article so this will grab the attention even more. The name of the lead article is also linked to the artist’s work, “his name is Skrillex,” this is a take on his EP, my name is Skrillex this will also let the audience know how involved this article is. The top part of the main article is a different colour to the rest of the so it sticks out from the rest of the magazine Main Image This is one of the first things people will notice when looking at the magazine. The shot is a Medium

close-up and Skrillex is stood to the side of the camera, looking very certain of himself, this connotates that his is approaching, with his posture. It also states his very sudden rise in the music industry. Left Third This is how magazines are stacked and so it will need to show the most important articles of the magazine, it also will need to identify the magazine. Rock sound does this by having 2 iconic ‘R’s of Rock sound on the left third, it also has a good proportion of the cover lines and the main article, this is to ensure that it grabs attention as much as possible, with the little space available on shelves Cover Lines This gives extra information about what is in the magazine, for example other bands, and gig reviews. They’re there to link to the audience what else is in the magazine and what else to expect. This is where the other bands will be mentioned. The cover lines’ background is in blue to tie in with the general theme of the magazine, this constant over the entire magazine. It also gives a more mature and organised style, opposed to Kerrang which is less constant and more wild. This indicates that the audience are more mature and will need to be addressed in a more mature fashion.

The Contents page has the key elements of what’s in the magazine. The features are listed in the contents is in the middle of the page, with the music artists in bold and some text to describe what it’s about. Some of the other main articles are placed in the top of the page, this will also grab the attention of the reader, and it also lets the reader know what part of the magazine the article is in. There’s also a cover line in the contents page with an offer of a voucher and a free CD, this attracts customers to the offer and gets them more involved with their favourite bands. On some articles there is a pull quote from the artist, the pull quote is there to shock or entice the reader, so that they will read on. The bottom right of the page is a man shirtless, holding another man. This gives the effect of just general “larking” about; this is accompanied with a small section of text after attracting the reader’s attention. This part of the page also gives the reader insight into what the rest of the magazine is about. The formal layout, continues with the more adult theme, rather than the vibrancy of Kerrang.

The double page is spread out with a main image on the right page, and with little facts about the article, however they are not directly related to it. On the left page there is the main text, with a pull quote from the interview. The text is styled around to two images of Skrillex, as if he is shaping the article. The general theme of this is styled around his logos. This formal layout is keeping in theme with the rest of Rock sound, with no drop keys, instead the first sentence is a red highlight, this symbolises importance and will grab the readers’ attention. The reader will know that this red is important because ‘Skrillex is’ is in red. The text is all clearly laid out in two columns in the first page, this makes it very easy to read. This ties in with the formal and more adult target audience. It also has a more futuristic look to it, with the completely white background and the layout, with Skrillex covering a big part of the page.

Rock Sound analysis  
Rock Sound analysis  

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