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Evaluation Q1: My magazine uses the conventional masthead at the top, being partially obscured with a strong band image at the front. It has no skyline, this is because I felt that it reduces attention to the image and masthead and I want that to be the key element of the magazine. However I used a menu bar. The menu bar allowed the main image and masthead to still be important, however I could still get all the information I wanted down on the page. This, I felt, allowed the perfect balance in text and images on the front page. I used a twist on the white on black, with a gaffer tape background, this creates a more, underground rocky/Hardcore feeling. Which I think is essential to the magazine. The contents page is quite text heavy and formal, however I believe the language used helps keep the tone and mood of the magazine interesting, to allow the audience to engage more, and not be bored. The headings of the contents page also helps the reader identify which parts of the magazine they want to read more quickly and also catches the attention more. For example, if someone just wants to read the regulars they can identify it. The double page spread is very clearly laid out, this has a more formal tone to it, however, the pull quotes and pictures with captions, grab the reader’s attention. The dropkeys clearly define the paragraphs and gives an authentic journalistic appearance. Whereas the pictures, support the body of text and prevents it from getting dull, keeping the readers engaged. Q2 The magazine is mainly aimed at the ‘alternative’ genre, these people enjoy Rock, Metal, Hardcore, and Pop-Punk. This is reflected in the magazine. For example, the main image on the front cover is a dark menacing picture with Rock elements, especially with the tattoos. It appeals to the slightly more mature style of reader, with the pages and text, formally arranged. However, the language and pictures used, balances the theme for the appropriate genre. The band’s main image is in a dark studio in a tight net group, looking very serious. This lets the reader know the style of the band and their personalities and what they are like, also this is displayed in the main article. This creates a rock, theme and the gaffer tape effect with the titles reinforces this rock theme. I also believe the bold font is used within the music industry. This font is used for musicians in their band for their equipment, this further reinforces the themes and produces a brand identity for the readers. The language used is rather adult and harsh sometimes, however I feel like it’s appropriate with the audience and the age group of the readers. Q3 Bauer Media would be interested in publishing my magazine, because it’s not only a music magazine, it’s also unique in looking at a certain way of life for people, “Music, tattoos, the fashion and being in a band and wanting to get in touch with music. This is unique because, where other magazines only focus on one aspect, this magazine focuses on all these aspects. Focusing on these certain aspects also make it fit in together properly. Q4 The audience would be mainly ‘alternative’ people, with a musical lifestyle, they also have an attraction towards tattoos and piercings. The audience will most likely play an instrument. The specific audience in a reader profile would be; people between the ages of 17-20 the gender may lean towards girls however it’s not too gender specific. They will take a general interest in

piercings and tattoos and have either or both. The reader will most likely play a musical instrument, this is because the magazine is very musical and not only about bands but for people who want to get out there as a band. Their lifestyle will be very different to those who read pop magazines and they will spend a lot of their money on gigs and musical themes. A general reader profile is on my blog. The reader profile is reflected on my magazine, because the articles and colour scheme and general text all meet the certain demands of the reader, helping them with their lifestyle. E.g. If you’re in a band there are tips on how to play better. If you go to gigs, there is a guide about the gigs that people will be interested in. Q5 My magazine follows the genres which interest the audience, this is apparent in many rock and metal magazines. I would describe it as alternative because I believe it has nothing to do with pop culture or anything in the charts currently. My questionnaire regarding my music magazine is on survey monkey. I believe the questions I asked allowed the survey to not be that time consuming and I managed to get some responses. I believed the questions asked are appropriate and to the point, so I cannot waste time but still get the feedback I want. Q6 I’ve posted the skills learnt on my Tumblr. ( and I also posted my magazine and a survey for my magazine on Facebook to get some responses and feedback on my magazine. I used Tumblr as a diary of my media coursework, and how I made my magazine and the different stages I went through to get to the end project. I believe that I’ve become rather good at photoshop work, as a test of my skills I put fake neck tattoos on myself in the magazine. I used no online tutorials. Q7 I have learnt a great deal. I used Microsoft word and word art to get my magazine. I felt that it looked very amateur and boring. However, now I believe my music magazine looks very authentic in style and in Photoshop effects. I’ve learnt how to be very Photoshop competent. And used a variety of Photoshop effects (shown in my skills diary)And I’ve become very interested in media A2 so I may go for A2 as I’m interested in possibly going into marketing.

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