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Theme Graduation is a time to look forward but it’s also a time to look back and reminisce. For the thousands of students who have been a part of this school throughout its 60+ years of existence, they all have one thing in common: their memories. OLM is far from an ordinary school, it is also our second home. We have created bonds with teachers, staff and students from every grade, and we have formed our own special “extended” family. The school events and activities that we have experienced throughout our time as OLM students have helped shape us into the human beings we are today. One thing is for sure, we’ll cherish the memories created here and will carry them forever in our hearts, and that’s what we want to focus on in this year’s Yearbook. As the saying goes, “a picture is worth a thousand words” and we are taking this literally, by keeping words to a minimum and maximizing on the visuals. The goal here is to make each moment last forever, so whenever nostalgia hits us down the road, we can look at these pictures and be transported back to a special time. So sit back and let us unlock the memories from this incredible year.

Class of 2019



WORDS Life is funny! We all have selective memories, some intentional and some unconscious, of whatever happens to us. No matter what does happen, the memories are there, but may not come forward unless there is a sudden calling. As you add more years to your life, you will add millions of memories. It is impossible to make use of them all. Only that which really affects you either positively or negatively will stay in the forefront of your mind. It is also interesting how we process these memories. As we mature, we may view them in a different manner, which is the result of more intense reflection. In all this, they are learning tools and may guide us in our future decisions.

Dr. Charles Richard Lyndaker, Ph.D. Headmaster

Cherish the memories you have. More and more people keep personal diaries on daily basis so they can revisit their past. Not a bad idea, with this technological age, to open a folder, MEMORIES. I still look at my 1962 Yearbook, De-O-Wain-Sta, which is Mohawk Indian for “Ancient Carrying Place” (where my high school was located). Cheers!!!!

“Remember Jesus Christ, raised from the dead, descended from David. This is my gospel.” (2 Timothy 2: 8) Dear students, Let us remember Christ, our saviour, as we prepare for our future. Saint Paul urges Timothy to go back in time and find Jesus. One could say that the Christian memory, as portrayed in the Bible, is not merely a romantic recollection of better times. It is an encounter with Jesus Christ, a journey into the past in order to gather forces to navigate the future. For this reason Paul writes to Timothy: “Remember Jesus Christ, raised from the dead, descended from David. This is my gospel.” The Christian memory is like the salt of life without which one cannot go on. Those deprived of such have lost the zest for the Christian life. They follow the commandments without any regard to the mystique as they have not found Jesus. Therefore, we must seek to find Jesus in our lives. All of us go through moments in which we encounter Christ, and it is important not to underestimate such occasions - we must revisit and relive the past as a font of resilience and inspiration. Paul preaches to Timothy, “I am reminded of your sincere faith, which first lived in your grandmother Lois and in your mother Eunice and, I am persuaded, now lives in you also.” (2 Timothy 2:5). The apostle gives a concrete example of how our ancestors, our roots, transmit our faith. When travelling muddy waters, we must go back to the original font and find the faith to move forward. At these times, do you recall your parents and ancestors, your roots, or do you neglect your heritage by living only in the present? On such occasions, we must seek our Christian memories guided by those who have transmitted our faith; we must remember our heritage. I urge you to remember Jesus Christ and invite you to contemplate our Lord in those moments of our lives in which He is present, the difficult times - periods of probation. These memories are not merely a recollection of the past, but a renewal of our faith in order to move forward with hope. Indeed, memory and hope walk hand in hand. The Christian memory is united to hope, and hope to faith. As such, they are correlated, completing each other. Today, I urge you to remember Jesus Christ, the Lord who has come to save us and who will come again, the Lord present in our memories, the Lord of hope. I suggest you examine your hope and what you hope for. Finally, I invite you to reflect for a couple of minutes and seek to understand your Christian memory as moments in which you have found Jesus, the memory of your heritage, the memory of the law. I pray the Lord will help us all as we pursue our memory and our hope. Msgr Dr. André Sampaio de Oliveira School Chaplain 2

honor Society NHS

(from left to right): Zeno Camera, Pedro Chames, Marina Lamas, Nicole Weiss & Juliana Dantas


(from left to right): Paula Itzaina, Camila Sant´Anna, Natália Guedes, Gabriel Abreu, Maria Eduarda da Silva & Maria Clara Perez

Student Council High School

(from left to right, top to bottom): Antonio Barreto, Bruna Pompeu, Arthur Weiss, Maria Clara Araújo, Luiza Padovano, Fabiane Huang, Pedro Monteiro, Marina Itzaina, Mr. Hill, Beatriz Garios, Theo Carvalho, Nicole Weiss & Caio Dieckmann

Middle School

(from left to right, top to bottom): Betina Lourenço, Ana Beatriz Maya, Marianna Araújo, Bruna Neves, Mr. Barbosa, Maria Clara Studart, Julia Rocha, Catarina da Costa & Manuela da Silva



Board Members

(from left to right): Simone Rivas, Dayse Pastore, Ângela Blume, Helena Magalhães,

Nisia Crespo, Monsenhor André Sampaio, Fernando Lima, Olga de Souza, Carlos Derraik, Renata Rezende, Ricardo Safini & Raffaela Sauerbronn

Alexandre Rezende, Paul Smith, Leila Rezende, Patricia Smith, Daniela Cunha & Sonia Cabral (absents)

Par en t T ea ch ers As s oci ation ( PTA )

(from left to right, top to bottom): Marcelo França, Paula Figueiredo, Anamar Lacerda, Marcia Honorato, Gabriela Addor, Alex Saltz, Isabel Milman, Tatiana Pizzolante, Ana Paula Carvalho, Flavia Miguez, Marcela Gomes, Claudia Jannuzzi, Thais Vianna, Alessandra Murtinho, Mariana Passos, Roberta Rebello, Cecília Quintella Maciel, Larissa Azevedo, Gabriela Tefili & Maria Kneip Dantas 4

Dedication It is quite funny how, in such little time, some people can have such an effect on others. Mr. Silva, or as he is most commonly known to us, Rafael, has only been at OLM for 2 years, yet, throughout these two years our class has become especially fond of our BSS teacher. We are definitely not an easy class: we love to talk and we love to disagree. However, Mr. Silva with his “ô Turma” has acquired a special ability of calming us down through his stories and jokes. Moreover, his classes are riddled with lively discussions most of which are begun by Arthur and ended by our classes screams for “Rafael, só continua pelo amor”. His love for Flamengo is a defining feature of his personality and it is not uncommon for us to tease him about the results of the game (or the ensuing stories of a packed Maracanã he always tells us about). When he arrived at OLM, it was difficult not being excited for BSS classes: it is clear in the manner through which he gives us classes, that his love for History and teaching is evident. We felt the admiration he has for his students when he brought us a video he stumbled upon on his Facebook feed that reminded him of us (tears were plenty, both on his and our side). Rafael, we would like to thank you for the wonderful classes and lessons you have given us! We have been blessed to be taught by such an amazing teacher. Class of 2019




Class of 2019


Ana Sofia Herdy Francisco Gonzalez Joined OLM in: Pre-Nursery, 2003 Nickname: Sô, Sufa, Sofúria Famous for: good at soccer, having a temper, always leaving early, complaining about the room’s temperature, having a bad knee Most likely to: become a famous artist and designer, lead a strike, travel the world, never have a social media account, have an art gallery of her own Usually found: not at school, at home, Angra dos Reis, at the Beach, playing the guitar with her grandmother Pet peeve: air conditioner at cold temperatures, Math, having to come to school, when someone does not agree with her in politics, bad music Pet expression: “quero ir embora”, “gosto muito dessa artista”, “o que tem no ultimo period?” “Dani, você é hilaria”, “isso é ridículo” Quote: “Me gustan las cosas, pero no mucho” - Unknown

OLM: Thank you for the years and the support I had from every teacher and staff. Wish I could make a dedication to every staff member of the school, so I would like to leave a message of love to everyone I have seen everyday for the past years. Mom: Thank you for always understanding my hardships, allowing me to make my own decisions, transforming me into an independent woman. You helped me grow a lot and, turned me into an openminded person, whose ideas flow freely, allowing myself to find my own path. Grandma: I have never doubted the love you have for me. You were the person who spoiled me the most, and made me feel safe every occasion of my life. You taught me about kindness and charity; my heart grows every day you’re in my life. Grandpa: If it weren’t for you, I would never be able to achieve my dreams. Thank you for always caring for me and protecting me. Without you, I would never feel as safe as I do. Your strong personality made me a stronger person. From the bottom of my heart I would like to say that I love you very much. “Dinda”: You definitely were the most influential character of my life.”Eu não sei o que seria de mim sem você”. Thank you for always covering up for me; even though it wasn’t your responsibility. I know that everything you do is out of love. All the love you gave me is embedded and my love for you feeling is twice as strong. I love you. Teka: My oldest friendship, no one can change that. I counted on you 4 everything in life and you were always there. You were present in the most difficult moments of my life. I love you. Dani: I´ve seen you change into many personalities throughout the years, and 4 every person you’ve ever been, there was not 1 moment when I was with you that I didn’t have a big smile on my face. U represent happiness to me. I love you.  Teo: U know you were my first crush ever, and I´ll never forget that. I hope U r as successful as U can be. I´ll never forget our friendship & how U were always prompted to help me with everything. Love you! Lu: My Scorpio reverse, wish you all the best! You were always sweet and gentle, but when annoyed your savageness resembled mine, and I liked that about you! “Rsrsrs”.  Wish you all you can have! MC:  Thank you for all the energy from candies and all the healing from the right remedies. You r a very sincere person, who I´ve always admired, with the strength and power to keep up with every mess you were put up to.  You are awesome! Ju: Your capacity of understanding and your intelligence has always made me idolize you! You are the best leader I could meet! Hope we meet again soon. I am sure you will be very successful! <3  Ni: You brainiac! I will never forget how smart I always thought you were. You were never underestimated. I loved the way you faced everything around you, with a calmness that I never believed one could have in such situations. I will never forget how I admired you in school! I am sure I will be admiring you for a long time still! Hope you become the person you deserve and wish!  Kisses <3 8

Arnaldo Hartmann Santhiago Lopes Joined OLM in: Nursery, 2004 Nickname: Arnaldilson, Lil’ Arnie, Arnolodo, Arnaldinho, Arnie Famous for: always having a cold, being a computer master, sleeping with his eyes open, playing a lot video games, not liking to go outside Most likely to: work for the FBI, build a video game company, become the next internet billionaire/genius Usually found: standing up in Mr. Rucker’s classroom, at home, playing videogames, Lagoa, sleeping Pet peeve: Bodytech, assignments, waking up, school, going outside Pet expression: Suh dude, “A regra é clara” , “Bruh” Quote: “It is far better to be alone, than to be in bad company” - George Washington

Mom & Dad: I would like to thank the two of you for everything. All of my opportunities were only made possible thanks to the effort made by you guys. Thanks for supporting me in everything and for always helping me during hard times, you are the best parents I would have wished for. Isabela: You are the best sister in the whole world. Even though we have our disagreements at times, you are always there for me and we always end up being friends. I’ve always looked up to you and I’ll continue to do so. Cosenza: I will never forget you. You have been my bro since the day we met. Everytime we are together we always have a great time. The memories of hanging out and playing “cod, cs, gta” and many other games with you are among my best childhood memories. Thank you for all the great memories and for being the best friend one could imagine, my time in OLM wouldn’t have been the same without you. Chames: To this day I remember being shy to go up and talk to you when you first joined OLM. I’m glad we ended up talking. You are one of my best friends and I’ll always remember the fun we’ve had together playing Dark Souls and watching videos. Zeno: You are a great guy and definitely one of my best friends. You were one of my first friends ever in OLM and I will never forget you. We’ve been through a lot together, and I will always remember the fun times we shared. My time here in OLM wouldn’t have been the same without you, thanks for everything. Silva: “buff bro”. From friend to best friend. I’ll always remember the ‘açai’ after school and the movies we watched. Pedro Arthur: You’re super smart and one of my greatest friends. Since we met in 2nd grade you’ve always been fun to hang out with. I’ll always remember the fun we’ve had playing games and talking on discord. Rubens: You were one of my first friends in OLM. I will never forget us playing with action figures in Elementary and the good times we’ve had hanging out and playing PS3. We had a lot of fun together and my childhood wouldn’t have been the same without you. I will always remember you. Teo: You’re a good friend, I’ll never forget the fun we’ve had playing GTA on PS3, I hope to see you around. Luiza & Nicole: You’ve always been really good friends of mine since we met in Caiçaras on 4th grade. I’ll always remember the two of you. Thomas & Arthur: You two joined OLM in high school, but even in the small time you’ve been here I got to know you. You two are nice guys, keep doing what you’re doing. Class of 19: Running out of space to write, so I will include everyone else here. Thanks for all the great memories and for making school enjoyable. I will never forget you guys and hope to keep in touch with you guys in the future. Wish you all the best. 9

Arthur de Oliveira Penna Coutinho Mendes Joined OLM in: 9th grade, 2015 Nickname: Uryyy, Arturito, Arthurzinho, Arthie Famous for: walking a lot, throwing his pencil case around, disappearing, askings several questions Most likely to: go to Japan, write experimental songs, produce an anime movie, have a band of his own Usually found: at home, at the music classroom, at the bathroom, wandering around school, traveling with his family to Búzios, discussing religion Pet peeve: being ignored, due dates, lack of evidence, disagreements, pop culture Pet expression: “Eu tô certo, AHA”, “Zeno você viu seu pai por ai?”, “URYYYY”, “Me explica”, “Isso não é um argumento”, “de acordo com que?” Quote: What is your evidence? - Arthur Mendes

Mom & Dad: Mom and dad, you guys have taken care of me for a long time. You’ve watched me grow into who I am today. You’ve helped me all the way since I came to exist. For that, I am ETERNALLY grateful. Marcelo de Sá: “Marcelo, fico muito muito feliz de finalmente ter encontrado alguém musicalmente parecido comigo que me ajuda com minhas coisas e me entende. Muito, muito obrigado!!” Marcelo Camera: Hey, it seems we’ve reached the finish line but I will be eternally grateful for all of the insightful wisdom and just cool things you’ve shown me ever since I came to this school!!!” Fred Rios Maria & Mani Carneiro: “Meus caros professores, fico ETERNAMENTE grato por todas as coisas que me ensinaram e o tempo que passamos juntos como amigos e músicos em comum! ” Cecília & Tiago: “Sy e Tiago, agradeço muito a vocês por todas as suas lições, pelo tempo que passamos juntos e por vocês sempre me ouvirem com calma! ” Juri & Gabriela: Guys, thank you so much for helping me with my things, spending time with me, and being the cool, intelligent, and amazing people you are! Camilla: “Milla, muito muito obrigado por ser uma incrível irmã mais velha, me apoiar, me ajudar e passar esse tempo comigo desde que eu nasci!!” Matheus Lima: “Matheus, muito obrigado por ter sido um incrível amigo que esteve e jogou comigo desde que eu nasci!!” Mary de Sá, Tony Dickinson, Brian King & Marina: My dear teachers, you have all assisted me tremendously with your insightful practicality on academic matters and given me incredibly profound life advice! Thank you so much! Luíza Castro and Adriana: “Minhas caras terapeutas, muito, muito obrigado por terem me ajudado e ouvido todo esse tempo com todas as minhas dificuldades e dilemas!” Diego Abade: “Diego, muito obrigado por ser um excelente amigo e personal e não só me puxar aos limites, mas também sempre me ouvir com as minhas coisas!” Lord Rucker, Lord Hill, Mr. Portilho, Vincent Spevack & Mr. Vianna: My dear teachers, thank you so much for guiding me up to this point and for all of the excellent advice and interesting ways of thinking about things that you have provided me up to this point!! Class of 2019: “Gente, fico muito grato por terem sido uma turma que me tratou bem e é super legal, inteligente e peculiar!! Continuem sendo assim!” Zeno Camera, Pedro Chames, Thomas Fonseca, Rubens Brito & Arnaldo Lopes: “Gente, muito obrigado por serem ótimos amigos, trocar ideias comigo e passar todo aquele tempo junto!!”


Daniela Figueiredo Ventura Bechara Santos Joined OLM in: Nursery, 2004 Nickname: Pimentinha, Danielle, Twin, Dani, Danizinha, Princesa, Dani Diva Famous for: blushing easily, being emotional, correcting everyone’s grammar, actually going to BT, calling her boyfriend “Lindo”, knowing everyone, being “patricinha” Most likely to: become a psychologist, marry “Lindo”, travel around the world, become a top model, write a dictionary Usually found: with Pedro Bahia, travelling, watching MasterChef, Gurumê Pet peeve: grammar mistakes, being called Danielle, having her seat taken by someone else, bad grades, unanswered texts, messy places Pet expression: “Lindo, para”, “Amiga”, “Gente não tem graça”, “tipo”; “EXATO”, “Para Teo”, “Ai, chatu”, “Que hilário cara”, “Eu ein” Quote: “If you’ve never failed, you’ve never tried something new” - Albert Einstein

Mãe: You are the woman with the most compassion and joy I know. Thanks for doing all that you are capable to make me happy. I love you with all my heart! Papai: You taught me the importance of hard work. Your words and actions motivate me to always fight for what I believe. You are an inspiration to me. Sisters: Ju, you are always there for me when I need you the most. Lu, I love the patience and care you have with me. Poly, you helped me become a more independent person. You are the best sisters. Manu: “A que me deu a chance de ser tia nova. A sobrinha mais fofa é minha.” Vovô: You left a mark in my heart. I will never forget our moments together. I miss you so much! Family: The only certainty I have in life. Lindo: My companion and the one I can tell everything. I want you in my life always. A piece of my heart is yours. MC: “Quando você entrou na escola, eu soube que construiríamos uma grande amizade. Você se tornou uma irmã para mim e passou a ser parte da minha família. A importância que você tem na minha vida é enorme. Vou sentir tanta saudade, sis! Bro: My first friend. You are the brother that life gave and the one who has been with me since the beginning. I’m sure I will always have you by my side no matter where or when. MP: “Quem faz mais falta na minha rotina.” You have the purest heart I know. Thanks for always being there for me. Forever bonded with you. Luly: One of the friends who understand me the most and the one who always remind me about my virtues. Poppy Twin: “Você é capaz de me fazer sorrir a todo momento. Você é muito especial.” Teka: A friendship based on care. You are very important to me and I hope we maintain this great friendship. Ju: You are one of the most positive friends I have. I will never forget our amazing moments together. So: Thanks for always seeing the best in me. Duda: One of the craziest and sweetest friends I have. Doda: “Pra sempre meu ‘retrato’”. Cody: Thanks for always being caring with me. Lucca: The funniest friend I have. Miss our trips. Silva: When you are in a good mood, you spread your joy to everyone. Hope we continue friends. Teo: “Adoro sua euforia. O saying “Dan, você é especial” vai fazer falta.” Zeno: Continue being your unique self. Beta: “Te adoro, novinha querida!” Ms. Barros: “Você é especial e foi uma professora muito marcante.” Ms. Sherrill: A very important teacher to me. Thanks for all the help. I will miss you. Mr. Rucker: Thanks for always motivating me to reach my greatest potential. Class of 2019: My second family! These years would not have been the same without you guys. OLM: At this school one of the most important thing I learned was the true meaning of long lasting friendships. 11

Juliana Dantas dos Santos de Souza Joined OLM in: Pre- Nursery, 2003 Nickname: Ju, Mozão, Lebron, Jubs , Jujubinha, Jujuba, Juby, Juba Famous for: having a 4.0 GPA, National Honor, being good in all sports, knowing random facts, her (endless) stories, loving Kit Kats Most likely to: become a famous lawyer, become extremely rich, get into an Ivy League school, own a Kit Kat company Usually found: Gurumê, school, Bibi, practices, at home, at Tijuca, studying, doing a lot of things at a time Pet peeve: arguing with Teo, bad grades, being called Julia, bananas, Calculus Pet expression: “sensa”, “fechô”, ”Tirei A+”, “Pera, explica de novo, só que agora devagar”, “Pera, te explico” , “Hoje eu vou no Gurumê”, “Não, na verdade…”, “bizarro” Quote: “Love all, trust a few, do wrong to none” – Shakespeare

Mom & Dad: Thank you for always being my biggest supporters; you two made me who I am today and I am grateful for all of the opportunities you have provided me. Gab, Gi, Vika & Alexey: ”São muito mais do q os meus priminhos, vou sempre proteger vocês”, love you all. Teo, Assunção & Silva: Three of my best guy friends, you constantly make me laugh and have been there for me through thick and thin. Cosenza: One of the smartest guys I know, your jokes never fail and all the “ei, jous” will be missed by me. You made KBowl 10x better. Maria Beta: You were my best “descoberta” and, in such little time,  became my little sister. I love you with all my heart, “vou tá sempre aqui, não esqueça dos bons dias”. Loaiza: One of the sweetest people I have had the pleasure of meeting, our little game (you know what I’m talking about) will not be forgotten, get ready for the competition of a lifetime whenever we get to see each other again. Ni: “Mozão”, you are the most dedicated and intelligent person to ever grace the world. Whenever I grow up, I wanna be just like you. Never ever let anyone dampen your “maravilhosidade”, one day you’re gonna change the world, trust me, I know. Dani: Your grammar lessons and teachings will be deeply missed, “Danizinha”. Keep on being the loveliest person in the whole wide world. Maria: To the human personification of a party: be crazy (but, try to get some sleep, please). Teka: I love your strong personality. Don’t let anyone change you, and keep that sass until the end of times. Dudas: My two “dudas”, you are my biggest “saudades”, I miss our little adventures and the laughs we had together. Mapaula: “Ridi, entre tapas e tapas, a gente se ama”. May our “turistão” life continue after high school. Class of 2019: For 16 years, you guys have all been part of my routine. Blessed to have been placed in a class with the best people in the world. I’m gonna miss us all being together. Marcão & Walmir: You two taught me more than just volleyball and soccer, I will forever hold the Lancer spirit you guys shared with me. Ms. Machado: You’ve helped through one of the toughest phases, thank you for keeping your door open to me! Caio, Theo & Marina: Best of luck during Senior year, study hard and keep on being the wonderful people you are. Duda, Bruna, Isa, Clara & Madu: You girls hold a special place in my heart! I wish you all the best of luck in the years to come. Ms. Freire: KBowl is my favorite thing ever! I am still unable to enjoy Math (I tried, I swear) but I will never forget all the fun times during KBowl.  Ms. Ghiotti: “Gracias por todo los consejos y las conversaciones, nos divertimos muchísimo.” Ms. Braguinha: I leave you with a promise: we will be eating at the fanciest of restaurants in the future. 12

Luiza Carneiro Padovano Joined OLM in: 1st grade, 2008 Nickname: Lu, Amoré, Lulu, Bruna, Luizinha, Luly, Loaiza, Loirinha, Luluzinha, Famous for: sleeping, cheerleading, watching Friends all the time, being artistic, planning events, loving glitter, being flexible, eating healthy food Most likely to: become an engineer, own a glitter company, become a Yoga teacher, own a hair salon, join a cheer squad Usually found: with Nicole, studying for Calculus with Maria, at Duda’s house, yoga classes, sleeping Pet peeve:sweat, repetitive sounds, being called short, when there is no glitter, missing her yoga class, click of pen, not being alone to sleep Pet expression: “tô com sono”,” heyy”, “gente vamo resolver isso logo pfvr”, “que?”, “Que foi amore?”, “vou pra aula de yoga”, “quer glitter?”, “potato, potato” Quote: “You are never too old to set another goal or to dream a new dream” - C.S Lewis

Mom: Thank you for always fighting for me, for being by my side, and for reminding me that I could do whatever I put my mind to; I couldn’t have done it without you. Family: You always believed in me and taught me what unconditional love is. Thank you for always being by my side. I love you all so much! Ni: “Se eu tenho certeza de alguma coisa é que o universo fez você pra mim. Obrigada por aturar e entender, as minhas maluquices diárias. Não sei o que seria de mim sem você, ily sis”. Dudinha: “Obrigada por ser essa pessoa extraordinária que você é! Você é uma parte de mim e eu sempre vou estar ao seu lado para o que der e vier!” Maria: “Calculus makes us stronger; pineapples make us happier!” U n me, baby. Dani: “Minha duplinha, obrigada por me proporcionar as risadas mais sinceras e me tornar uma pessoa melhor com a sua doçura! Até a PUC!” Mapaula: “Maluquinha mais hilária e meiga do mundo! Para sempre parte do meu coração, fav mexican!” Juby: “Minha fofona, dona das melhores brincadeiras, obrigada por sempre estar do meu lado.” My Captain! Beta: “Novinha mais doidinha e especial, vê se não some da minha vida por favor.” Doda: I miss u so much! “Você ñ tem noção do impacto que você teve na minha vida! Eternas abelinhas.” Teka & Sô: “Duas das pessoas mais fortes que já conheci. Nunca mudem e por favor não sumam!” Arnaldo: “você é um dos amigos mais especiais que eu tenho. Obrigada por todos os momentos hilários ao seu lado! Acredite no seu potencial!” Cody: “Gênio mais fofo desse mundo e dono do melhor abraço! Vai fazer uma falta enorme no meu dia a dia.” Teo: “Você é incrível, nunca duvide de si mesmo! Obrigada por sempre ser aquela pessoa com quem eu posso contar, sempre aqui <3!” Matheus: “Marcou a minha vida como ninguém, obrigada por tudo.” Silva & Lucca: “Obrigada pelos melhores momentos, conversas e viagens ao lado de vocês, família de Angra pra sempre!” Zeno: “Com certeza uma das melhores pessoas do mundo! Obrigada por fazer meus dias mais felizes :)” Caio, Arthur & Theo: “Meus amores, contem comigo sempre! Vou levar vocês no meu coração.” Mr. Rafael: “Obrigada por toda a ajuda nesses últimos anos, sempre me motivando e acreditando no meu potencial, significa muito par amim.” U r the best! Teachers: You inspired me in more ways than I could have ever imagined. Thank u for everything! I’m going to miss u all! 2019: “Vocês são a minha maior sorte!” ILY!


Maria Clara Albuquerque de Araújo Joined OLM in: 6th Grade, 2012 Nickname: MC Jamon, Maria, Mary, Marie Claire, MC, Duracell Famous for: never sleeping, her first aid kit, going to MUN, having more than one backpack, being extremely organized, loving Disney Most likely to: become a successful doctor, work at Disney, break a record for never sleeping, become a professional “MUNer”, own Faber Castell, own a candy store Usually found: Village Mall, New York, Orlando, not at home, studying calculus with Luiza, Barra Shopping, family parties or reunions, Ilha do Governador, in her car Pet peeve: sleeping, gastrite, frogs, wasting time, disorganization, having no candy, not having enough time to study Pet expression: “Ontem eu não dormi”, “cheguei muito tarde em casa”, “ Escuta”, “Quer bala?”, “Pedro, vai embora” , “vou fazer um brigadeiro hoje” , “Pedro, para!” Quote: “All your dreams can come true, if you have the courage to pursue them.” Walt Disney

Pai & Mãe: “Todos os dias quando eu acordo, a imagem de vocês que está ao lado da minha cama me dá força para lutar mais e mais a cada dia em busca dos meus sonhos do mesmo modo como vocês lutaram pelos de vocês. A força, a dedicação, o amor, a generosidade, a alegria de vocês me inspira a ser uma pessoa melhor. Mais um capítulo da minha vida se completando e, como sempre, vocês estão lá me dando suporte, amor, conselhos e valores. Minha gratidão por vocês é imensurável, agradeço todos os dias por tê-los em minha vida. Diz-se que o essencial é invisível aos olhos, pois só se vê bem com o coração. Pois o meu coração vê e agradece cada gota do suor de vocês, cada noite virada, todo o tempo dedicado, todo sorriso, cada risada e gota de amor. Amo vocês mais do que tudo, farei de tudo para um dia vos retribuir.” To my older brother: I will start off by saying you probably don’t know how important you are in my life. Despite of the fights and mean words between us, our love will never keep us apart. Thank you for all the examples and advice you gave me. Love you from the bottom of my heart. To my younger brother: Pedro, I have no words to describe our relationship. You are the most important person in my life, the one I care about as if you were my own son, the one I want to see growing into success more than anyone, and for you I’d bleed myself dry. I will always be there when you need me, thank you for everything. Sis: Dani, nothing can describe your importance in my life, my sister, thanks for existing and always finding a way to make my day better. Our laughs are infinite as our love and friendship. I will hold you in my heart forever. Lu: Genius was the one that said that after the rain comes the rainbow, and after so many cries and laughs, we always knew this day would come right? And now, with our future in our hands with so many dreams so many plans, all I have to say is I will always remember you bestie! Calculus makes us stronger, pineapples make us happier! Ni: Thank you for being this amazing girl and always having my back. You are my “fiel escudeira”. Silva: I don’t even know how grateful I am to have you with me, all of our face times and laughs. Thank you for being the best person ever! Class of 2019: A simple thank you is not enough to say how thankful I am of being part of this family. I’m so thankful for the moments and so glad I got to know each one of you. All the times we had I will keep like a photograph and hold in my heart forever. Thank you for all the laughs, and now, the tears. I never thought I would walk away with so much joy and so much pain. I will always remember you Class of 2019!


Mateus Sze Cosenza Joined OLM in: 3rd Grade, 2009 Nickname: Cody, Consa, Cosnela, Comenso, Comensal, Coseno, Cosenza, Cosenzinha Famous for: being good at Math, speaking Russian, being a genius, going to BT all the time, having the best hugs, Pensi, being funny Most likely to: become a NASA engineer, study at the University of Liberia, make a mathematical discovery, become a gym trainer on his spare time, move to Russia Usually found: at BT, Pensi, playing CounterStrike, Leblon Beach (Posto 11) Pet peeve: MacBooks, Portuguese, missing gym days, analyzing literature analysis, explaining Math problems Pet expression: “oss man”, Number nine, “qual foi jou”, aí sim, 14, “véi”, “tá rindo porquê? O negócio é sério”, “ Relaxa Ms.”, “Ah, simples”, “isso é fácil”, “ô Ms.”, Quote: “всё что ни делается - всё к лучшему” “Everything that happens, happens for the best.”

Mãe & Pai: “Eu quero agradecer pelo apoio imenso que vocês me deram ao longo desses vários anos. Sem o apoio de vocês do meu lado, não daria para ter usufruído bem desses meus anos na escola.” Carla: The advice that you have given me along these years was the best I could have had in order to survive high school. Arnaldão Ameaçador: Ever since I’ve been here you’ve been by my side, being the best bro I could have ever had, all of the moments we spent playing “aw, gta, cs and etc.” will always be my most cherished memories of my childhood; thank you for putting up with me along all these years and for being simply an amazing person. Rubens: Having you always trying to take care of me, trying to make me feel better about almost everything are only part of the several defining characteristics present within you which simply make me feel grateful for being your best friend here. Pedro Arthur: “ih, ó o cara aí” Sitting around with you and making somewhat jokes around school has simply become a daily routine with you here. I’ll never forget the various games both of us and the bros have played since what seems forever, and I’ll be sure to bother you for us to play just a little bit more before time runs out. Nicole: You’ve been like another sister to me since our high school years, the memories created along these years are something to keep for the rest of my life. Teo: “Mi españole mango,” being your friend along all these years, going to mathcounts together and cracking jokes in AP Physics “y en AP españoli” are what allowed my high school years to be one of the best at OLM. Pedro Silva: My man silver, your uplifting spirit present everywhere is something that I will never forget after we all graduate; finding someone as cheerful as you is something impossible to do. Zeno: Meu querido, nunca esquecerei de ti. Danizin: Obrigado por sempre estar ao meu lado todos esses anos. Lucca: Mesmo com você longe daqui, você é muito importante para mim, gatão. Siñuera Göhtchi: “Siempre serás mi profesora de Español.” Hill & Rucker: Thank you guys for being so helpful, especially during my heavy senior year. (Don’t forget to watch Grease, my reading buddy Rucker!!). Alves, Freire, Micha, Rafael, Daniel, Francesco & Braga: Thank you for being such lovely teachers in my High School years! Class of 2019: All of you guys have left me with unforgettable memories from school, all of which will remain in my heart forever and ever. To the future KB team: удачи, ребята. Marinka: From the moment we began going out together, I had no idea that our relationship would escalate so quickly to what it is now, and I have loved every second of it. “Te quiero muchísimo, mi guapa, eres la mejor.” 15

Nicole Marinho Vieira Weiss Joined OLM in: Senior Kinder, 2007 Nickname: Nick, Seagull, Poppy, Shaniqua, Bicuda, Ni, Nini Famous for: speaking French, knowing all countries & capitals, being extremely smart, finishing assignments way before the due date, loving European history & geography Most likely to: write a book, become a rich economist, win a trivia gameshow Usually found: Not at BT, studying, Cabo Frio, French classes, at Shopping Leblon, reading, arguing with Rubens, AP Euro classes Pet peeve: “Nicole Weiss ou ficas?”, manholes, not receiving cafuné, sleeping late, late assignments, B in Math, being interrupted, vegetables Pet expression: “Ohh garoto...”, “Já fiz”, “Mozi”, “Ahh cara”, “Criatura”, “não”, “O que tem para amanhã? ”, “ Se precisar de ajuda me avisa”, “ARNALDO/ COSENZA! ”, “Lu, faz cafuné em mim” Quote: “Il ne faut aucun regret pour le passé, aucun remord pour le présent, et une confiance inébrantable pour l´avenir.” - Jean Jaurès

Mom: “Te agradeço por todos os momentos, os ensinamentos, as músicas de MPB e principalmente os sacrifícios. Eu te amo demais, para sempre minha melhor amiga.” Pai: “Meu modelo e a melhor pessoa para se conversar por horas sobre qualquer coisa. Só tenho a te agradecer por tudo que você me ensinou.” Arthur: “Às vezes você é chato demais e nojento, mas não há melhor irmão no mundo, seja para rir ou para estragar meus filmes com perguntas.” Gleyce: “Sem você para cuidar de nós, não estaríamos vivos hoje. Muito obrigada por todo o carinho e a paciência.” Lu: “O que dizer para a minha irmã a não ser que a vida é melhor quando a gente tá junta? Os melhores conselhos e os melhores momentos vêm de você. Vou estar com você para o resto da vida.” Shaniqua: “Bishiga, apesar da distância, você continua sendo a pessoa grossa que ligo e converso por horas sobre tudo. As melhores piadas e risadas vêm do seu senso de humor duvidoso. Luv u, garota.” Duds: “Você faz falta demais na minha rotina. Me deu Sporcle e uma amizade longilínea baseada em ’topa tudo’. As melhores memórias, mainly cray cray, acontecem com você.” Twin: “As risadas mais fáceis e longas que já dei na minha vida foram com você. Uma das pessoas mais carinhosas que já tive o prazer de conhecer.” MC: “Se você me disser que água é fogo eu acredito. Não tem ninguém que se dedique mais ou que durma menos que você, amoré.” Ju: “Depois de kbowl e mathcounts, ainda continua me irritando. Mas vale a pena, porque é uma amizade para a vida inteira e uma pessoa incrível que eu amo demais.” Bicuda: “A gente é cheia de interna né, princesa? Não te conheço há tanto tempo, mas virou uma das minhas amigas mais próximas que eu posso contar tudo e rir, com você, de tudo.” Cocenza: “Apesar de ser a pessoa mais irritante da face da terra, você é meu melhor amigo, é até melhor que eu em várias coisas. A gente tem as melhores piadas internas possíveis e eu sei que você vai ter um futuro brilhante, bobão.” Zeno: “As viagens para o centro fizeram de nós ótimos amigos, coisa que eu agradeço muito, porque você é o amigo que põe um sorriso no rosto de qualquer um.” Rubens: “Eterno parceiro de AP Euro gang e um amigo para quem eu posso contar tudo, no judgment.” Teka, Teo & Sô: Amizade cheia de brigas e piadas, mas imperdível e definitivamente memorável. “Class of 2019: “Clichés à parte, vocês são minha segunda família. As brigas e as risadas fizeram de mim a pessoa que sou hoje. Muito obrigada.” Ms. Freire: Thank you for introducing me to K-Bowl, the best activity ever, and making me love math. Mr. Rucker: Thank you for bearing with me throughout the thesis process, for teaching me to write better, and always being available to talk. 16

Pedro Arthur Hawtrey de Laport Joined OLM in: Nursery, 2004 Nickname: Pedrinho, Laport Famous for: loving WWII, sleeping in all classes, being quiet, drawing World War tanks on his notebooks, always wearing a coat Most likely to: become a bomber pilot, reconquer Constantinople, be an artist, write a book about the World Wars, become a historian Usually found: At home, playing video games, sleeping, drawing, with Rubens Pet expression: Total Respect, “Algo de errado não está certo”, “que desgraça” Pet peeve: NBA2k people, NPCs , asking him too many questions, hot weather , not wearing a coat Quote: Only he is lost, who gives himself up as lost. – Hans Ulrich Rudel

Mom & Dad: Thank you for all the support, all the affection, and all the understanding you have given me. Thank you for putting up with all the sacrifices, all the work, and all the problems I may have caused you. Thank you. I might struggle to show it, but I appreciate all the things, all the sacrifices, you have done for me. I know I have not been my best self in a while, but I am trying. Thank you for making me who I am today, for raising me, educating me, molding me into my current self. Even with all my flaws and imperfections, I cannot see how you could have raised me better. Thank you for everything. I hope I can be better. My Friends: Thanks for sticking around. I may not be the most social person but I deeply appreciate our friendship. I could not have made it this far without you. When times were rough, and they were, I could always fall back on you to make things feel better, even if just for the time being. Despite any misunderstandings or arguments between us, I could not have asked for better company. Hope I have been a good friend to you, for you sure have. Pedro Silva: You have been a good friend, and a great wingman (literal sense). Your company is always pleasant and something I really enjoy, be it in real life or online. Thanks for all the great moments we had and will continue having. Yeehaw forever. Arnaldo: I will always remember our hunting, and bounty hunting, days, and every other great moment we had together. Games would never be the same without you, be it skanging convoys in Squad or trolling in CS. Thanks for all the great times. See you in Discord, my reformed friend. Cosenza: You’re a very funny guy, both intentionally and unintentionally. You got me playing CSGO Comps and Europa and I will always be thankful for that. Our great EU and HOI games (Brazilian-Chilean World War) always make me laugh. I hope there are still many great games to come. Teo: We might have fallen off in the latest times, but I will always remember the great times we had together, since elementary. I hope we continue to remain in contact. Nicole: We might not always be on good terms, but I enjoy our talks, however brief they are. I hope we can keep contact, somehow. Rubens: Last but not least; your companionship is something I treasure deeply. You’re a person who I can talk to, and really talk to, about anything: from stupid things too deep thoughts. Thanks for sticking through with me through the hard times. Your friendship has really helped me. Even with any disagreements we had, you are the best friend I could have asked for. Thanks for being a friend.


Pedro Chames Carvalho Joined OLM: in 2nd grade, 2008 Nickname: Chames, Chamito, Tchey-Tchey, Cha-Cha Famous for: always doodling, winning every Clean Up Rio drawing contest, writing his to-do list on his hand, combing his hair Most likely to: become a best-selling author, study abroad, have a job drawing for an animated movie, appear in a TED talk, become a lawyer Usually found: at home, biking around Lagoa, at rock concerts, Piraquê, drawing Pet peeve: messy hair, telling him his hair is black, presentations, not getting an A on a writing assignment Pet expression: “Show”, “Oof”, “Não aguento mais meu K12”, “Alguém me mata…”, “Claro”, “hum, hum, tendi”, “ Ah, sério?”, “Nossa!”, “Tenho que estudar pra SAT”, “Sério?” Quote: “Everything that is or was began with a dream” - Robert Rodriguez


Mom & Dad: Thanks for being there for me all these years. There are not enough words to describe how much I love you guys. Everything that I am today is due to both of you! “Amo vocês!” Grandpa: “Obrigado por sempre estar ao meu lado para me apoiar. Eu consegui, vovô! Irei orgulhosamente carregar a tocha de ser um ‘Chames’ enquanto me aventuro pelo mundo e pela minha vida!” Zeno: We have been through so much together; you’re a true friend! Oh, and when you are rich and famous, please invite me to your future mansions! Thomás: Thanks for always making me laugh with your jokes, no matter how dark or silly they were. You’re a man of culture, through and through. The future is closing in on us! See you, space cowboy. Arthur: Thanks for always being yourself no matter what. You are a good friend, man, and that’s a personal anecdote! Daniela: Thanks for often being the highlight of my day due to how funny you were during and outside class. You’re truly one-of-akind person. Arnaldo: Thanks for always brightening my day with your sense of humor and approach to life. I’ll never forget the crazy things we pulled off together in our childhood and adolescence! Teo: Thanks for always inspiring me with your competitiveness ever since we were little. I’m sure you can achieve anything with it! Luiza & Stephanie: Thank you for many happy memories in my childhood and the funniest card-game sessions ever. Let’s play some more in the future! Nicole: Thanks for all the fun and wild times we had at parties! I hope your “work hard, play hard” attitude never changes. Ana Sofia: Thanks for being my friend ever since my first day in this school! We truly made some wonderful memories together. I hope you never stop being strong-willed. Mateus Cosenza & Pedro Silva: Thank for your spontaneous and funny outlooks on life. There was never a dull moment with you guys around. Juliana & Maria Clara: Thanks for always inspiring me to be the most prepared student I can be. I’ll try to remain as diligent moving forward! Rubens & Pedro Arthur: Thanks for some greatly amusing moments both outside and inside class. I hope you guys live a happy life. Mr. Freire: Thanks for always believing in my potential through all my years of taking challenging K12 classes. I couldn’t have had a better supervisor to guide me. Mr. Rucker: Thanks for bearing with me even during some of my most difficult times. I would not find a teacher with a better sense of deadpan humor anywhere else. Ms. Merchak: Thank you for always supporting and believing in my artistic talent! No matter what path I take, I’ll take those skills with me. Ms. Souza & Ms. Prado: Thanks for the wonderful times we had during “Estenda Sua Mão” and Confirmation! Only God knows how much I’ll treasure my time as a volunteer and coordinator for the Community Service project. I’ll remain open-hearted moving forward even during my darkest times. OLM Community: Thanks for all the memories, everyone. Now, onto the future!

Pedro Quagliani de Andrade Silva Joined OLM in: 1st grade, 2007 Nickname: Silver, Silva, Pedro, Silcria, Silvão, Silvovski Famous for: being a good DJ, playing basketball, “despilhar”, loving electronic music, cooking, changing moods, making music Most likely to: become a DJ, become a promoter, own a music studio Usually found: at home, at parties, practicing, at his grandma’s home in Barra playing music, listening to music on his computer. Pet peeve: Daniela, Juliana’s annoyed facial expressions, bonding activities, not playing music, not being able to play basketball, tests Pet expression: “Brabo”, “fala aí, cria”, “bora fechar uma resenha”, “Tô pilhadão”, “Oss”, “tô precisando de uma festa”, “tanto faz”. “me empresta uma caneta Quote: ”É melhor viver dez anos a mil do que mil anos a dez” - Lobão

Mom & Tito: “Não existem palavras para descrever o que sinto por vocês, devo tudo a vocês, pois sei que estão sempre comigo, na felicidade ou na tristeza. São meus pilares pra tudo e sei que se tudo der errado, vocês estarão comigo. Para vocês nada mais que todo amor que houver nessa vida.” Arnaldo: From a friend, to a best friend to finally becoming my “buff bro”, I will never forget our movie days, “dia do lixo”, fast pace, and conversations, you are forever in my heart. Pedrinho: Discord has never seen such a lit server, and such intense high quality gameplay. The times I laughed the most were by your side, gamers rise up and “respect” us. Our farm needs to be taken care of cowboy, never change. Cosenza: “Meu querido cocria” I will never get tired of the nonsense that constantly comes out of your mouth. I am very proud of the fit buff boy you have turned into, take care and buy new shoes, vans will probably look nicer than the ones you have. Rubens: From the huge amount of hours in parties to the huge amount of hours speaking on the phone with you, our relationship is always exaggerated. We always laugh together and have most funs in the “resenhas” even if the other do not. Ruppy shall never be forgotten in our electronic hearts. “Te amo e se cuida hein muleque”. Zeno: I never talked to you, but you became one of my dearest friend, my brother in arms. Never forget me and “vamos terminar nossas músicas e poemas”, “Te amo”. Teo: “Meu criaaaa!” Thank you for the experiences, only we know what happened in your house during carnival. We were always by each other’s sides playing sports, and it was one of best experiences I have ever had. Thank you for all the memories. Maria Clara: “Velho, o que vai ser minha vida sem você???” You are always helping me and taking me out of the worst situations, besides always worrying about me and providing me lots of chocolate, candy, and gum. Mother, teachers, FAMILY: Thank you for all of this and please keep in touch, PS: “gracias por todos os ingressos e festas”. Ju, Lu, Dani & Ni: “Parceiras no crime” love you all so much, thank you so much for all the parties, all the “resenhas”, and all of your smiles. Just know these things as well as you all are very well kept in my heart. “Desculpaaa” for not writing a paragraph for each one of you, but I can write something else for each one sometime. “Prometo!!”. “AMOO VOCÊS D+++”.


Rubens Americano Alves de Brito Araujo Joined OLM in: Nursery, 2004 Nickname: Rubinho, Barrix, Rubs, Rubenito, Bro Famous for: missing deadlines, Number one in European History in Quizup, loving electronic music, missing school, doing things late, always in the mood for parties, being allergic to everything, loving electronic music Most likely to: move to New York, become a lawyer, become a DJ with Pedro Silva, become a federal judge Usually found: at home, not at school, parties, Gurumê, New York Pet peeve: deadlines, essays, Math, homework, being on time Pet expression: Style, brother, “Já ouviu meu set?”, “ Qual foi”, “Ainda não fiz”, “Relaxa, que depois eu faço”, “manda logo”, “btw”, “eu não acordei”, “vamo pra essa festinha?” Quote:“In the midst of winter, I found there was, within me, an invincible summer. And that makes me happy. For it says that no matter how hard the world pushes against me, within me, there’s something stronger – something better, pushing right back” - Albert Camus

Life in OLM was one of many ups and downs, though every moment was insightful. Rather orthodoxically in classroom, or through my own decisions and outcomes, I learned. I am myself due to this place and it’s wonderful people (Ms. Machado, Mr. Freire), thank you. My Class of 2019 is with me through my life, and I must say each one is bright and special, uniquely; I aspire to have a portion of all of you within myself and conduct. In spite of everything, you are the closest I have to a family and I will love you all, always. Mãe: “Desculpe-me por qualquer desavença que houve ao longo desses 17 anos, amo-lhe incondicionalmente e entendo e aprecio tudo que fazes por mim (especialmente as brigas). Você é a única pessoa que idolatro e não há ninguém que mude isso. Obrigado por tudo”. Irmã: I will love and protect you forever, thank you for showing me what brotherhood really is. Du: I miss you deeply everyday, my life without you is saddening, I would give anything to have you live here once more. I love you, you are my everything. Mauro & Chico: You have shown me a joyful side of life, being my first and greatest of friends. You brought happiness where there wasn’t before. I love you. Cosenza: My younger brother, our relationship has always been based on mutual aid and constant learning. With you, I became better. We will be together always. Arnaldo: My friend since Junior Kinder, I cherish our moments and our conversations, you are a wonderful a incredible person. Thomas: Loved meeting you, you are the funniest, realest guy. Nicole & Juliana: Two of the most intelligent and passionate individuals I have ever met. You two inspire me to be better, and show me I must not be how I am. Mr. Rucker: You are perhaps the most kind and understanding teacher I have ever had. I already have written and told you how much I love and appreciate you, and I regret not having more space to expand upon my thoughts and emotions. In any case, know that I am forever thankful, and will always love and consider you my friend. Mr. Hill: I hate and love you at the same time. I will miss you teasing me and your constant support. Your words served as motivation for me to think better of myself. I have also displayed my thoughts on you, and I am sorry I have a limited space. Anyhow, I love you. Silva: My partner in life. Let us have a lot more good times. Thank you for your friendship. Pedro Arthur: You are the most incredible person I know. Your intelligence is out of this world, and every conversation we have is a learning session. I deeply cherish our companionship, and can say with a lightheart that you are one of the ones I hold dearest. You make my life more joyful and, without you, it wouldn’t be so. I love you. Ms. Sherill: Thank you for all motivation and talks, I strongly love you.   20

Stephanie Agarez de Brito Rosa Joined OLM in: Pre-Nursery, 2003 Nickname: Teka, Chefia, Tekinha, Ste, Ms. Pink, Teteka Famous for: being bossy, having a contagious laugh, being the smallest, always sneezing twice, living far away, always having a headache, leaving early Most likely to: become a doctor, become an anesthesiologist, become a director at a hospital, buy a “doce de leite” company Usually found: at Barra, with headaches, with friends outside school, Barra, at the beach, watching “novela”, Grey’s Anatomy and Masterchef Pet peeve: dumb questions, calling her Stephanie, headaches, disorganization, waking up early, bad grades, disorganized things, homework , Waking up early, BT, unanswered texts Pet expression: “tipo”/like, “Cara, tirei F”, “tô com dor de cabeça”; “vou embora gente, tchau”, “Tá olhando o que? ”, “hahah hilária”, “hoje tem doce de leite”, “Cê tá maluca né! Quote: “A champion is defined not by their wins but by how they can recover when they fall” - Serena Williams

Mommy: You have helped me in the most difficult times and stayed by my side during the good times as well. I am so grateful for having you with me, helping me and cheering for my academic life. “Acende essa luz”, “Vai dormir” are very common sentences I hear whenever I am studying. I cannot thank you enough for all the things you have done for me, you are the best mother in the entire world and I would be nothing without you. I love you more than anything! Melhor VÓ do mundo: “Vovozinha, muito obrigada por sempre estar ao meu lado em todas as etapas da vida! Lembro quando você me trazia na escola quando eu era pequenininha! Sou muito grata por ter você sempre na minha vida e por tudo que você faz por mim! Tento sempre retribuir! Te amo muitão, vovó!” Dinda & Lelê: “Vocês são as melhores tias do mundo, sempre me apoiando e torcendo por mim! Sem contar os elogios que sempre recebo que são incentivadores! Amo vocês!” Joãozinho: ”Como nossa família diz, você tem seguido os caminhos da prima! Muito estudioso e educado!! Teka sempre vai te ajudar em tudo! Te amo!” Ms. Braguinha, Ms. Ghiotti & Ms. Prado: You are the best teachers in the world!! Without you all my journey would have been harder! Thank you for all the guidance, support, and for always being there for me! Teozoca: You are the best! We have been together since day one and until today you are with me! I know that whenever I need something, I can count on you and you can also count on me always! I love our friendship and I know that we will always be together no matter how far we are or how much time passes. Dani: You are one of the best friends I have. I know that sometimes we fight but we always end up together! I hope we keep being friends for the rest of our lives! Sô: Our friendship is one in a million and even though we drift apart sometimes, we always end up together helping each other! “amiga, dorme lá em casa para a gente estudar”; forever us both together <3 Ju, Lu, Ni & Maria: You are my girls. Each having special qualities that I love very much! We have always been together and I hope we keep it this way. I love our moments together, at lunch talking about anything, at recess playing games, and at all times. I am lucky to have you all on my life. 2019: Thank you for all of these years we have been together and for making them funnier and happier! I will miss you all very much and I hope we keep in contact forever! Together with you all, I’ve created the best memories of my life!


Teo Cores Bertin Joined OLM in: Pre-Nursery, 2003 Nickname: Teozoca, Teozera, Es(teo)ssadinho, Teogente, Coresteo, Cruzado, “T[h]eo”, Teozin Famous for: being soccer crazy, being an Atletico fanatic, hitting the table while laughing, his hunger, loving math, having a castle in Spain Most likely to: become an engineer, live in Spain at his castle, join Atlético, never get fat Usually found: playing soccer, complaining, watching soccer games, with his family, at T.T burger Pet peeve: Real Madrid, losing soccer games, when Atletico loses, B in Math, being hungry Pet expression: Por quê?, “What else? Nespresso”, What are those, “Poh!”, “ Cara que fome”, “Já ta na hora do lunch”, “Hoje tem futebol!, “Ms., vai ter bonus question né?” Quote: “Beware the quiet man, for while others speak, he watches and while others act, he plans and when they finally rest... he strikes” - Unknown

Mãe & Pai: “Eu amo vcs mais do que td nesse mundo! Vcs sempre me apoiaram, principalmente nos momentos mais difíceis, me tornando uma pessoa melhor a cada dia. Muchas gracias por todo, os quiero muchísimo, y Aúpa Atleti!”. Dé & Pia: “Nós três formamos o melhor trio ever, sem dúvida alguma. Cada um com suas manias: o Pequele smp vê os filmes antes de lançarem aqui e acaba contando spoilers; e a Pimps que sempre pede pra um de nós fazermos massagens nela ou pra ficar gravando ela tocando o piano. Só queria agradecer pelas inúmeras vezes que me ajudaram, amo absurdamente vocês dois!” Silva & Assunção: “Vcs dois são meus melhores amigos, estiveram cmg nos momentos mais felizes e nos mais complicados, amo vcs!” Sofia, Teka & Ju: “As três q estiveram cmg desde os 3 anos, só tenho a agradecer vcs por smp me apoiarem. Infelizmente, estaremos longe um dos outros, mas levaremos nossa amizade para smp.” Lu, Ni, Mary & Dani: “O q falar de vcs?, Cada um com seu toque característico, vcs 4 são muito especiais para mim, smp fazendo risadas entre a gente e, principalmente, da Danielle. Amo muito vcs!”. Arnaldo, Arthur, Chames, Rubens, Thomás, Pedrinho & Zeno: “Cara, sem vcs a nossa sala não seria a mesma coisa, o ânimo que vcs trazem pra turma é o melhor de tudo” Good luck. Cosenza: ”Quero ver tu ficar mais 14, melhores aulas possíveis são Ap Cyberspanglish/ Physics”. Duds M. & Eduds F.: “Tô com mtas sdds das duas, vcs que me entendem e que têm o melhor gosto pra música, amo vcs!” Lancers: “Eu sou eternamente grato por ter tido a oportunidade de vestir essa camisa por 5 anos, mto obrigado a todos envolvidos nesse time!” Waldeir, Walmir & Daniel: “Vcs três me ensinaram coisas que eu vou levar pelo resto da minha vida, coisas dentro e fora de quadra/campo, eu só tenho a agradecer a cada um de vocês”. Rucker: I’ll actually miss you making fun of my daily weirdnesses, thanks for everything. Alves, Micha, Rafael, Daniel & Francesco: “Sério, vcs foram disparados alguns dos melhores professores que eu já tive, agradeço cada um de vcs, muito obrigado.” Brubs: “Vc sabe o qnt vc é especial pra mim, mto obgd por sempre me apoiar e ter que me aturar sendo dramático de vez em quando, boa sorte na Austrália, vou morrer de sdds!” Beta: “Vc me proporcionou um dos melhores momentos da minha vida, mto obgd, vou sentir mtas sdds”. Gigi, Gi & Isa: “Nesses meus últimos anos na OLM, me aproximei de vcs, que são mto especiais e deixarão mtas sdds”. OLM: You’re my second home, thanks everyone for everything. Class of ´19: “vcs são minha segunda família, mto obgd por td nesses 16 anos!”. 22

Thomás Campos Fonseca Joined OLM in: 11th grade, 2017 Nickname: Thoms, ‘The sea lion’, Tho Famous for: Shrek, sleeping, bad jokes, being too tall, being a good actor, getting good grades even though he didin’t study Most likely to: become an engineer, work in Broadway, become an award winning actor Usually found: sleeping in class, in the library, at home, Jardim Botânico, with Zeno, at Tablado Pet peeve: being woken up, stylish Noel, assignments. Pet expression: “que aula é agora? “, Thank you Maria for being here, What can I say except you’re welcome! Quote: “Yesterday is history, tomorrow is a mystery, but today is a gift. That is why it´s called the present.” - Master Doway, Kung Fu Panda

I would like to start off by thanking the entire Class of 2019 for allowing me to spend these last two years with them. People like Zeno and Rubens were amongst the first to speak to me and introduce themselves, and they were very helpful in allowing me to enter into this kind environment. I would also like to specifically thank the following people: Zeno, for being my sworn ally in the field of theatre and an all around great friend, and for giving me a ride home sometimes. Chames, for being a great friend both in school and outside, either by playing games on discord or pressing buttons. Arthur, for making JOJO’s references at every opportunity and always asking me for evidence. Cosenza, for being really ‘unique’ and helping make calculus a bit more bearable. Arnaldo, for sleeping in class and taking the blame away from me. Silva, for having extremely high bro value, and being funny and chill at the same time. Rubens, because of the sick beats and the dank meets. Pedro Arthur, for showing me how Okonkwo was a hero and making fun of my Texan heritage. Teo, for enduring Calculus with me and complaining about how I write my x’s. Maria Clara, for always being here and being my heterogeneous lab partner. Juliana, for helping a stray sea lion with his misendeavours. Nicole, because she needs a break from being bullied by Cosenza all the time, pray for her soul. Luiza, for always trying to keep the class focused on activities and always trying to be nice. Daniela, for being way too nice, for her own good at times, and sneezing when no one else would. Sofia, for always expressing herself and not letting Arthur always get her way. I would also like to thank all the teachers that endured my presence. I would like to thank Mr. Rucker, for always waking me up and trying to keep me on schedule. Mr. Micha, for being my favourite AP Chemistry teacher and making bad jokes at every opportunity. Ms. Braga, for being the Biology teacher that kept me going even when I was way behind schedule. Ms. Freire, for having to deal with a half asleep mess of a person I am yet still helping me in Math and Calculus. Mr. Silva & Mr. Massa, for going with us to Fernando de Noronha and for being great teachers, both generous and kind, yet still intelligent and full of wisdom. I would like to thank Mr. Camera, for giving me a ride home when he could and for teaching me a bit of drums whilst I was in the music major. I’ve been here for very little time, yet had a wonderful one as well. Last but certainly not least, I would like to thank my parents for what they have always done for me and for sticking with me through thick and thin. I would also like to thank you, the reader, for taking time in reading this. If I did not thank you specifically, let me take this time to do so. Thank you. See you later space cowboy. 23

Zeno Pinheiro Camera Joined OLM in: Pre-Nursery, 2003 Nickname: Zenão, Zeninho, Seno, Zeenus, Lord Zeno Famous for: being the nicest guy ever, “zenices”, being the protagonist in plays, always winning Citizenship award, his talent, having random outbursts of happiness Most likely to: become a famous actor/director, win an Oscar, be happy forever Usually found: at school, playing instruments, at Instituto Lecca, with his friends and family, at Tablado, Jardim Botânico, Japa B Pet peeve: none, Zeno likes everyone and everything Pet expression: “Relaxaaa, tudo vai dar certo”, “Só me fala o que fazer que eu faço”, “ Vamo la galera”, “ Perfeito, perfeito, concordo” “Ai Galera” , True Story, “Valeu!” Quote: “So, Let’s Celebrate” - Donkey

“Bilingue By Birth” “Enquanto buscava palavras para neste yearbook colocar, não conseguia achá-las só me restava rimar.” To say goodbye to the air I have breathed since I was two, I must admit is something hard to do. But as I leave this chapter of my life to the next I must thank you all and wish for the best. “Um lugar que me trouxe amigos, mentores, e irmãos, com certeza ficará sempre em meu coração.” I must say I’m sorry for writing such a cheesy poem, but the emotions I’m feeling right now, I simply don’t know them. I wish I could write each one of you a letter, but I believe that leaving a message would be even better. “OLM me ensinou a ser humano e a amar sem padrões. Sei que sou só um aluno entre milhares, em um universo com diferentes dimensões. E esse é só um começo de vida no meio de outros milhões.” But if one day you can steal a smile from a person, even if it’s only one, this life you are living will already be worth a ton. “Essa mensagem, como outras, OLM que me ensinou a escrever. Então, para meus amigos, para meus professores, para a pessoa que foi capaz de entender o silêncio da cidade comigo, para aqueles que me faziam felizes só de esbarrarmos nos corredores, para meu pai e minha mãe que me doaram todo seu amor e carinho, e para o meu amigo eterno, meu irmão.” I leave to you the most beautiful sentence in the Earth. •

I love you

Eu te amo

Sorry for the confusion of languages, but I can’t avoid it I’m “bilingue” by birth.


Senior Kinder

9th Grade

Senior Kinder

11th Grade

1st Grade

Junior Kinder

7th Grade

4th Grade

8th Grade

5th Grade


3rd Grade

10th Grade

2nd Grade

Senior Kinder

6th Grade


seniors in action

Some people donâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t belong here...


When Mr. Rucker asks you if you have a method

A youngman attempts to become lord Rucker...


Cosenza or hanger? You decide.

AP Ca pston e < sle



Class of 2020

The 20eira never ends”


Alice Derraik Barbosa Schwierskott

Caio Dieckmann

Anna Carolina Carvalho Visco

Fabiane Yingyi Huang

Helena L. Lourenรงo Costa e Silva


Arthur Marinho Vieira Weiss

Beatriz Jardim Lima

Felipe Mauricio M. dos Santos Paes

Isabella Chame e Couto

Jonas Muniz Cantalice

Julia Furtado Martins

Marina Lamas Koria

Sofia Principe Schmidt

Maria Fernanda de Moraes Soares

Rafaella P. Ferreira Drumond de Avellar

Maria Luisa R. Pessoa Albuquerque de Brito

Sabrina Maestrello

Theo Vasconcelos de Carvalho

Sofia Maciel Fernandes Guedes

Tomรกs da Costa Brasil


11th in action

Beauties and the Beast “Mas é que eu...”

Juniors in action

Beauty sleep


The newest head cheerleader

“ Cardjume” YOLO


HE me




Class of 2021

LIke no one has ever done, we’re the Class of 2021”


Ana Teresa R. Scavarda de S. Pinto

Bruna Sahdo Pompeu


Antonio Pacheco Barreto

Beatriz Garios de Miranda

Carolina Escher Canalini

Beatriz Rosa SimĂŁo de Lima Linhares

Enzo Cardoso Sekito

Bernardo Fontes Abramof

Fernanda Stockler Teixeira

Gabriel Martins Barcelos de Abreu

Gabriela Borsoi Cohen

Gabriela Souto Maior Pires

Gustavo Bandeira de Mello Azeredo Santos

Isabella Tinoco Signorini

Isadora Coelho da Silva

João Pedro Alcantara dos Santos da Silva

João Pedro Campos da Rocha

Julia Curado Martins

Maimuna Jawo

Manuela Simões Campos Pinheiro

Maria Clara Périco Perez

Maria Eduarda A. dos S. da Silva

Maria Eduarda Rocha de Vilhena

Maria Fernanda Cunha da R. Nazar

Maria Guadalupe P. Bastos Tigre

Natália Maciel Guedes

Pedro Pacheco de Mello Dutra

Pedro Valladares Filgueiras

Rodrigo Médici de Oliveira Barroso

Sofia Matos de A. F. S. Berwanger

Sofia Tenório del Campo Benchimol Feistein

Victor Carratte Cherman


10th in action

OLMâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s cutest babies: Nascimento and Tony


Last minute studying be like...

The craziest dynamic duo

Our very ow

n Adele

...I wasnâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t able to finish that homework...



Class of 2022

Aiming for success” 41

Ana Blume de Figueiredo

Bianca de Andrade Viegas

Bruno Garcia Lopes de Castro

Enzo Gurgel Torres

Frederico Tavares

Giovanna Borges Resende

Jo達o Pedro Guillaume de S. do Nascimento

Jo達o Vitor Batista Christov達o

Jo達o Vitor Venancio Amaral

Lucca Amaral Mauro Menta

Manoela de Lennhoff Reis 42

Luisa Carolina Faissol Gilberto Oliveira

Manuela Cardoso de la Cerda

Maria Carolina Perico Perez

Maria Clara de Carvalho Rivelli

Maria Fernanda A. de Camargo Penteado

Maria Roberta Petrelli Silva Dias

Marina Aguilar Itzaina

Matheus Benzi Georges F. de Souza

Nicholas Hoara dos Santos Cavalcante

Pedro AmĂŠrico S. de Paula Chaves

Pedro Augusto Boller Jacy Monteiro

Pedro Mendes Inocencio da Silva

Pedro Podcameni da Costa Lima

Rafael Tavares

Rebeca Roris de Oliveira

Sofia Carvalho Fick

Valentina de Andrada 43

9th in action

Work, work, work...

“Esse é o cara!” 44

(Visconde de Caravelas)street Boys



Maria Clara Araújo, Marina Koria, Juliana Dantas, Maria Eduarda Vilhena & Natália Guedes. Ms. Rosana Paes as Advisor

The National High School Model United Nations (NHSMUN), is an annual conference with schools from all around the world that happens in New York City. In March 2019, 5 OLM students took part in the conference representing the United Kingdom in the UNESCAP committee, Saudi Arabia in the LAS committee, and Peru in the UNPFII committee. Each committee discussed different topics that went from, for example, “Reconstruction of the Gaza Strip”, discussed by LAS, to “Addressing Barriers Faced by Minority Groups in the Workplace” (UNESCAP) and “Dispossession of Indigenous Communities”(UNPFII). The months leading up to the conference were of rigorous research and preparation that culminated in 4 days of intense debate, cooperation, and a visit to the UN headquarters for the closing ceremony. NHSMUN is a wonderful experience not only because you learn and talk about current issues that impact real human beings worldwide, but also because you can connect with people from different countries who have divergent opinions from your own. Being diplomatic throughout the whole conference is a lesson that we all learn, enhancing our ability to listen and to use arguments that will allow us to put together resolutions that attempt to solve problems that countries or regions are undergoing. 46

Marina Lamas Koria (´20)

KNOWLEDGE BOWL Knowledge Bowl is a general knowledge competition in which studentsâ&#x20AC;&#x2122; are required to answer questions on subjects that range from Pop Culture to Chemistry, Operas to Calculus. On February 2018, together with Gabriela Nothaft, the KB team was the first in OLM history to score a 2nd place medal in the tournament and. not only that, but the Lancers are the only female-majority team in the competition. The October 2018 Knowledge Bowl tournament was held in Santiago, Chile at The International School Nido de Aguilas and, besides competing with 11 other schools, students were treated to a cultural field trip around Santiago. In February 2019, KB was held in EARJ and, once again the Lancers were able to score another 2nd place trophy. This yearâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s team was composed of Beatriz Lima, Gabriel Abreu, Marina Koria, Nicole Weiss, Mateus Cosenza & Juliana Souza, with Ms. Elizabeth Freire as coach. A Tribute to the K-bowlers. Where is it possible to find knowledge, commitment, sportsmanship, justice, a drive to compete, passion and courage? Press the buzzer, the correct answer is: in a K-bowler. Since 2012, I have been sharing special moments with those who accept the challenge to represent the Lancers in this amazing competition... every round is special in giving the team the chance to plan strategies that will lead to a competitive and fair outcome. I would like to thank every member and every team that participated in this exciting adventure. You are all very special to me! Congratulations! Ms. Elizabeth Freire

Beatriz Lima Gariel Abreu Juliana Dantas Marina Koria Mateus Cosenza, Nicole Weiss & Ms. Elizabeth Freire


HIGH SCHOOL Spirit Spirit Week Week


“JJ, Geral Junto”

Strike that pose!

Studying got me like....

- Uh lalá! - Mámmamia!



High School





Class of 2023


8th Grade

Beatriz D’Almeida Costa

Bruna Magalhães Neves

Catarina de A. Mello da Costa

Dante Navaza Honorato

Diego Hasselmann de Sousa

Guilherme Rivas Vaz Pinto 54

Camila Sarti Bruno Sant´Anna

Catarina de Castro Góes Bentes Jurema

Gabriel Curvelo de O. Bueno do Prado

Helena Carreiro Ribeiro de Sena

Carlos Eduardo Roris Scavarda de S. Pinto

Cecília Rodrigues Gimena

Giovanni Luiz Pedone Lopes

Juca Pinheiro Camera

Júlia Maciel Fernandes Guedes

Marianna Harfield Brasil Vianna Araújo

Samuel Mendonça Cresta

Thiago de A. Mello da Costa

Luisa Franklin Castro

Julia Vianna Rocha

Nicolas Espasandin Lemseyan

Sofia Lopes Beraldo

Mariana Bastos da Cunha

Paula Aguilar Itzaina

Paola Formica

Sophia Kneip Rezende Auton

Victor Matheus Lourenço Raphael

Thiago Daibes Rachid de Faria

Yuri Vasconcelos de Carvalho 55


in action

When mom makes you eat your greens...


That feeling right before a Math test

Scientists have fun too! “Olha as cabeleiras das Zezés...”



Class of 2024


7th Grade

Ágatha Sirigni Nunes

Chloe Mascarenhas Muller

Frederico Filgueiras Sauerbronn

Ana Beatriz Duarte Maya Ferreira

Daniel Martins Cassar Magdalena

Gabriel Teles Correia

Henrique Nesello Bela 60

Ana Carolina Castro-Aliendre

Antonio Pedro Vieira Borgerth

Davi Soter Maul de Oliveira

Eduardo Peres Almeida

Gabriela Curado Martins

Isadora Ninhaus Charnaux Sertã

Giovanna Ferreira Orlando

Júlia Afonso Addum

Carolina Tomé Caminha Caldas

Francisco Salatino A. de Mazza Pessanha

Giulio Graziani

Lara Gurgel Torres

Lucas Kubis Baumeier

Lucas Fernández y Fernández Lopes

Lucas Longo de Almeida

Lucas Marinovic de Almeida Rego

Manuela Araujo G. Sousa da Silva

Marcella Chernicharo Pavetits

Marcelo Basile Gea

Maria Clara Pires e A. de Berrêdo

Maria Fernanda C. Cotta Pereira

Natália Silva de Lima

Pedro Murtinho Botelho Ferreira

Rafael Simões Lannes

Rafael Vergili Hansen

Rafaela dos Santos Ciampolini

Ravi Oliveira Nedungadi

Thales Rodrigues Gonçalves de Oliveira

Thiago Camara Peralta

Victor Monteiro Carneiro Carvalho

Victória Fonseca do Amaral Assunção

Vitória Almeida de Camargo Penteado 61





in action

Spot the mistake

OLMâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Next Top Models



Class of of 2025 Class 2025


6th Grade

Alyssa Elizabeth Bautista Gonçalves

Amanda L. de C. de Moura Estevão

Bernardo Ressiguier Ribeiro Esposito

Davi Tardin Anda


Betina Lago L. Costa e Silva

Eduarda Ruffo Rezende

Isabela Sá Ramos Barbosa Rodrigues

Arthur Montenegro Gomes

Bruno Rivas Vaz Pinto

Eric Moura da Fonseca

Isabela Simonson Rodrigues

Beatriz Camillo Coura Campos Cardoso

Carolina Fiuza Maia

Gabriela Coelho Eyer

João Marcelo Machado Jannuzzi

Beatriz Terencio de Queiroz

Giovanna Vieira Theodoro Nogueira

Joaquim Corzo Raposo Lopes

Jorge Pastore dos Santos Pereira

Letícia Hoehl Loureiro Souza

Maria Clara Montenegro Gomes

Natália Rodrigues Abreu Diniz

Maria Clara Studart Hipolito Mendes

Pedro Albuquerque de Araújo

Sophia Caroline Rodrigues Leira

Letícia Albagli Gentil Machado

Luiza Bertoldo Seda

Maria Julia R. Scavarda de S. Pinto

Rafael Linhares da Silva Sanches

Tabatha Duarte Albertassi

Manuela Vasconcellos da Cruz Salomão

Maria Julia S. Mayor Bressan Wellisch

Rebecca Gonçalves Basilio Weber

Samantha Espasandin Lemseyan

Theo Magalhães Bubolz 67



in action

Makes you think about the role of chairs...


We are the champions!

The realities of face painting... 69


When you realize vacation is over...

Mad women

Spirit Week Middle School




booK fair

Book Fair


middle school



Middle School





Ms. Ana Laura D´Altério, Ms. Marina Vanderput, Ms. Simone Fernandes, Dr. Lyndaker, Mr. Leonardo Moraes & Ms. Erika Brock

Class of ´26

5th 5th

in in action action


Beatriz Milman Plotkowski

Gabriel Eduardo Chaves Fernandes


Denise Cesar Oliva

Gabriel Haddad Mahfoud

Eduarda Ammirabile D’Altério

Gabriela Xavier da S. Calazans Velasco

Eduarda Rebello Dutra

Felipe Murtinho Botelho Ferreira

João Augusto Sauerbronn Derraik

João Pedro Fidalgo de Melo

Joaquim Fernández y Fernández Lopes

Joaquim Magalhães Cavalini

Júlia Miranda Toledo

Júlia Vitória Lourenço Raphael

Leonardo Bastin Smith

Letícia Freitas Troncoso

Lucas Reis Lockmann

Luis Philipe Hawtrey de Laport

Manuela Vieira Borgerth

Maria Antonia Freire Lourenço Gomes

Maria Fernanda Batista Gomes Netto

Maria Isabela C. de O. Bueno do Prado

Maria Manuela C. de Britto Santos Pereira

Maria Valentina C. de Lucena Sanches

Mariana Sartore Guimarães

Melany Avila Andrade

Miguel de Sá Kempers Vieira

Nicollas Colens de Carvalho

Pedro Gondim Sabát

Pedro Henrique Venancio Amaral

Renata de Oliveira Allevato

Samuel Munhoz F. Ferreira da Silva

Sofia Cunha Lima

Sophia Helena Silvério Jardinette

Valentina de Carvalho Bitetti 79

Ms. Kรกtia Abreu & Mr. Michael Southwell

Mr. Leonardo Moraes & Ms. Monica Ramaciotti 80

4th Grade A

4th Grade B

4th 4th

in in action action


Ana Beatriz da Silva Raposo

Bento Amorim Ramos de Oliveira

Bernardo Costa Barros Emilio

Carolina Daibes Rachid de Faria

Helena Basile Gea 82

Arthur Johann Reis Rodrigues

Artur Machado Miranda

Bernardo Pessoa Santos Lardosa

Estela Rodrigues Scheel

Bruno Junqueira Barros

Gabriel Almeida Braga

Isadora Vasques Silva João Gabriel Castro de Alencar Machado Provençano

Beatriz Pessoa Strino

Bruno Munhoz da Fontoura Tavares

Gabriel Kneip N. Ribeiro Dantas

João Victor Ghiotti de Souza

Joaquim Macintyre Portinho

Beatriz Franklin Castro

Carolina Chicralla Marinho

Giulia Salvini Barradas

Júlia Seixas Calixto Andrade

Leïa Albane Evelyne Le Luherne

Leonardo Ruffo Rezende

Luiza Seixas Dubeux

Luiza Teles Correia

Mariana C. de Oliveira Pires dos Santos

Pedro Henrique Silva de Lima

Manoela Torres Brandão

Mariana Duarte Maya Ferreira

Rafael Capucci d’Avila

Lina Tardin Anda

Manuela B. Georges Freitas de Souza

Marina Chaves Fernandes

Sophia R. Rothier Dias Leite Oliveira

Livia Amaral da Fontoura

Manuela Taboada Viana

Nicolas Vieira Gabriel José

Thiago Salles Coelho Schmitt Silva

Valentina Rabelo Pires de Almeida R.

Lucca Chernicharo Pavetits

Maria Fernanda Petrelli Silva Dias

Pedro Gama Froes

Valentina Rocco de Souza 83

Mr. Dean Lepage, Ms. Carla Mello Ms. Eva Georgiev

Ms. Lucia Franklin & Ms. Carla Mello 84

3rd Grade A

3rd Grade B

3rd 3rd in in action action


Alexandre Vieira Theodoro Nogueira

Alfredo Albuquerque Piragibe

André Guelber de Andrade

Ashur Fraidon Palis

Fernanda Moreira de Gouvea e Silva 86

Alice Melo de Lima Costa

Andrea Carolina Salas Teran

Carol Melo Malheiros

Gabriel Melo Malheiros

Alix Cunha Mellin

Antonio Alvariz de Lucena

Daniel Esteves Silva Bandeira de Mello

Anabel Elena Sherratt Márquez

Arthur Calazans Velasco

Eduarda Pacheco de Lima Camara

Gabriel Riente Inchausti

Emanuele Ferreira Vieira

Giovanna Ellen Silvério Jardinette

Anabella Miranda Amorim

Arthur Freire Figueiredo

Fernanda Lacerda Ferreira

Gustavo Tinoco Signorini

Isabela Corrêa Borges

Isabella Ferreira Meneses dos Santos

João Pedro Gomes Imperial

Júlia Wendling Piske Silvério

Juliana Kloh de Toledo Pires

Julieta Plaga Rebouças Diniz

Julio Cesar Campos Fernandes de Lima

Laura Sarti Bruno Sant’anna

Laura Soares de Mendonça

Luca Terziani Lang

Luiza Lopes de C. de Moura Estevão

Luiza Nesello Bela

Luiza Torres Brandão

Maria Bicudo de Miranda Costa

Maria Luísa Biasoli de Miranda

Mateus D’Avila Franca de Souza

Mia Bridger Kurtz

Olivia de A. Mello da Costa

Pedro Moura da Fonseca

Rachel Nemitz

Rebecca de Faria Milet Pereira

Renan da Silva Venâncio Loureiro

Sophia Cappa 87

Ms. Patricia Ameijeira Ms. Gabriela FalcĂŁo

Ms. Juliane Oliveira, Ms. FĂĄtima Menezes Ms. Mariana Menes 88

2nd Grade A

2nd Grade B

2nd 2nd in in actioN action


Adam Martin Cruz Smith


Alice Seixas Dubeux

Anne Marques Linhares de Almeida

Antonio Milman Plotkowski

Arthur Debellian Viveiros

Eduarda Haddad Mahfoud

Eduardo Sá Ramos Barbosa Rodrigues

Eric Costa Pitanga Maia

Felipe Alvariz de Lucena

Felipe Bosschart Borghoff

Felipe Sartore Guimarães

Giuliano Alves Dominici

Helena Brock Fleming de Almeida

Humberto Bressan Sotto Mayor Wellisch

Julia Fidalgo Féres

Laura Addor Ximenes

Lucas Seixas Calixto de Andrade

Lucas Vidal da Trindade Amorim

Luísa Asturiano Bento de Souza

Luiz Henrique Sauerbronn Derraik

Luiza Duncan Schmid

Maria Eduarda Fabregas Ferreira

Maria Isabel Magalhães Rodrigues

Maria Mello Franco Caldas Bertoletti

Maria Vasconcellos Quartucci

Mariana Corrêa Azevedo

Matheus Andrade Honório

Matteo Fidalgo de Melo

Miguel Araujo Gomes Sousa da Silva

Miranda Juanita T. de Mello Barros

Olívia Mendes Lumer

Pedro Dutra Vieira Ferreira

Pedro Furtado Camacho

Pillar Cavalcanti de Lucena Sanches

Rafael Arada Martins Leite

Rafael Coreixas Fonseca

Rafael Oliveira Nedungadi

Rafael Ribeiro Nunes

Rafaela Otoch M. Maya Ferreira

Sofia dos Passos Basilio de Oliveira

Theo Lopes Franco

Théo Sirigni Nunes

Vicente Sodre de Victor Ferreira e Silva Amorim e Castro Lyra Safini Gama 91

Ms. Simone Souza Ms. Goreth Cruz

Ms. Suzana Weber Ms. Flรกvia Botelho


1st Grade A

1st Grade B

1st 1st in in action action



Alice Mortagua Byron

Ana Luiza Moutella Carvalho de Almeida

Antonino Miranda Amorim

Beatriz Rodrigues Scheel

Benjamim Plaga Rebouças Diniz

Clara Carvalho de O. Pires dos Santos

Clarice Miranda Toledo

Davi Lucas Brito Gomes

Felipe Huffard Gonçalves

Filipe Batista Gomes Netto

Gabriel Madeira Borges

Gabriela Antunes Guimarães

Guillherme Riente Inchausti

Isabella do Prado Aboim Lazaro

Isadora Vargas Delgado

Joana Studart H. de Lima Cavalcanti

João Gabriel Pires Rebelo Lins e Silva

João Marcelo Moreira Leite

Joaquim Hideoshi Botelho Okabayashi

Júlia Terencio de Queiroz

Lucas Barroso Lopes de Almeida Ramos

Maitê da Luz Fonseca

Maria Antônia de Souza Pinto Menes

Maria Cecília M. Raymundo

Maria Clara de Carvalho Bastos

Maria Clara Quintella Bobsin

Maria Eduarda Gama Froes

Maria Eduarda Lacerda Kalache

Maria Luísa Selvatici Mucci

Mariana Costa Barros Emilio

Mateus Rodrigues do Coutto Gil

Milena Monnerat Yoshino

Nicholas Reis Lockmann

Pedro Carvalho Pinto Corrêa Justo

Pedro Freitas Madeira

Pietra Canuto Lima Recchioni

Rafael Araki Barcelos de Abreu

Rafael Sumares Biar

Rafaela Bastos de Mello

Sofia Cunha Mellin

Sofia Magalhães da Silveira Sbalchiero

Thomas Alistair Oliveira Dougall

Valentina Moura Calmon de Britto

Valentina Silveira Eyler Póvoa


Children's Week Elementary




Ms. Ana Lúcia Ramos & Ms. Anna Lima

Senior Kinder A

Ms. Jéssica Vieira, Ms. Maíra Tomazini & Ms. Flávia Malouk

Senior Kinder B

SK in in action action SK


Alice Hirata Galvão

Bernardo Otakar Braga Svacina

Dylan Ades Walsh

Giovanna T. C. K. da Rocha Vianna


Alice Monteiro Ferreira

Carolina Castro de Alencar Machado

Eduardo Nader Duarte

Guilherme de Faria Milet Pereira

Amanda Corzo Raposo Lopes

Arthur Fábregas Ferreira

Carolina Moreira de Gouvêa e Silva

Felipe Daltro de Barros Emilio

Cecília Sepulveda Lustosa

Francisco Bicudo de Miranda Costa

Gustavo Cerri Bräuniger

Bento Cardoso P. Carrancho

Gabriel Rezende da Costa

Heloísa Saint Martin Cadete

Bernardo Corrêa Borges

Cloe Viegas Schmall Santos

Gabriela Huffard Gonçalves

Hugo Quintella Maciel

Isabela Oliveira Siffert Pereira de Souza

Lucas Coreixas Fonseca

Maria Antônia C. de O. Aleksandrowicz

Olivia Cunha Lima

João Marcio Caldas Marinho

Júlia de Freitas Madeira

Lucas Curvelo de O. Bueno do Prado

Maria Eduarda Fintelmam Fonseca

Olivia Romano Daudt

Lina Flor Sodré dos Reis Mac Niven

Lucas Munhoz da Fontoura Tavares

Marina Duncan Schmid

Manuela Gomes Rangel

Miguel Fernandes Fontes

Rodrigo Vasques Silva Provençano

Louise Marie Bergold Barros

Miguel Sbaffi Kendler

Sofia Sad Conde de Miranda Costa

Lucas Carneiro Leão Verbicario

Manuela Pessoa Santos Lardosa

Olivia Cerqueira Braga

Thomaz Pereira Dolce




Ms. Helaine Aguiar Ms. Adriana Lourenรงo


Ms. Renata Menezes & Ms. Camila Teixeira

JK JK in in action action



Antonio Magalhaes Rodrigues

Arthur Dias Gomes Machado

Arthur Edward Cyril Lynch

Arthur Gasparini Froes

Beatriz SimĂľes Lannes

Benjamin Carneiro Monteiro Seixas

Bernardo Nascimento Teixeira

Celina Vasconcelos Pontes Oliveira

Daniel George Oliveira Dougall

Eduarda Brites Queiroz Ribeiro

Eduardo Pestana Coser

Fiorella Almeida Pessanha

Gabriela Ferreira e Silva Safini Gama

Giulia Terziani Lang

Gustavo Otoch M. Maya Ferreira

Heitor Evangelho Alves de Brito

Helena Barreto Ribeiro

Helena de Souza Lima Bezerra

Helena Guelber de Andrade


Henrique Daltro de Barros Emilio

Isabela Freire Figueiredo

Joaquim Jeffrey Carvalho Fick

Laercio MagalhĂŁes Pellegrino III

Luiza Estevez de Matos

Marcelo de Souza Lima Bezerra

Maria Antônia Môcho Argetojanu

Maria Beatriz Siqueira Mattos

Maria Luisa Junqueira Barros

Maria Luiza de Souza Campos Alves

Maria Luiza N. F. Palma Monteiro

Maria Luiza Sumares Biar

Maria Thereza Kessler Palhares

Mateus Leonardo Lopes

Matheus Pereira da Silva

Moysés Vasques Pimentel

Olívia Arada Martins Leite

Pedro Debellian Viveiros

Pedro Lauterjung Straccini P. da Silva

Rafael Luís M. Raymundo

Sofia Leal Murad

Valentina Egypto Rosa Rodrigues

Pedro Marques Aguiar de Souza

Valentina Pitangueira Cardoso Carrancho

Pedro Vidal da Trindade Amorim

Vitória Duarte Paiva de Brito


NURSERY A Ms. Janaina Pires Mr. Gustavo Sampaio Ms. Aline Negrão

NURSERY B Ms. Idalina Farias Ms. Ana Carolina Benchimol Ms. Thais Cannavezes

NURSERY C Ms. Jailma Barbosa Ms. Fernanda Bessa Ms. Déborah Passeri


Nursery Nursery in in action action


Alice Maranhão Moreno

Bernardo Lacerda Kalache

Eduardo Vargas Delgado

Isadora de Souza Lima Bezerra


Amanda Hirata Galvão

Antonia Albuquerque Piragibe

Carolina Bosschart Borghoff

Felipe Moreira Leite

Antonio Amorim Ramos De Oliveira

Carolina Braga Muniz Azevedo

Gabriel Carneiro Leão Verbicario

João Felipe Costa Melo Gurgel

Bernardo Antunes Guimarães

Daniel Alejandro Salas Teran

Gabriel de Mello Machado

João Felipe E. da Silveira

Barbara Ann Khader Salem

Daniel Puppin Cwajgenbaum

Isabela dos Passos Rodriguez

Joaquim Silvestre Vivas

Isabella Acatauassú Xavier Mendes

Julia Addor Ximenes

Júlia Guissi do Outeiro

Maria Julia Lobaro Ribeiro

Melissa Cerqueira Braga

Rafael Fernandes Von Kriiger

Laura Fintelman Fonseca

Luiza Melo de Lima Costa

Mariana de Souza Pereira

Nícolas Schubert Andreetto Perillo

Sofia Bueno Saltz

Luiza Thomé Garcia

Mario dos Passos Basilio de Oliveira

Pedro Mendes de Almeida

Matheus Morolli Cabral de Menezes

Pedro Nicolau Colares Monteiro de Almeida

Sofia May Khader Salem

Maria Alice B. de A. Barata Magalhães

Rafael Araújp V. de Oliveira

Tomas Ingouville

Maria Eduarda C. da Silveira Fernandes

Maya Kirila Carmo

Rafael Chame Lima

Valentina Cohn Pires



Ms. Lucineide Nascimento Ms. Gisele Costa Ms. Pamina Pinhão

PRENURSERY B Ms. Márcia Vidal Ms. Valéria Luna Ms. Paula Rodrigues



Alba Valéria Marinho Roberta Ramos Isabelle Medina Renata Aragão

PreNursery PreNursery in in action action



Alice Calegari Ronay

Ana Clara Borges Lins Rangel

Anna Magalhães Pellegrino

Antonella Moreira Peruffo

Beatriz Nesello Bela

Bernardo Fernandes P. Alberto Monteiro

Bruno Alves Reaiche

Carolina Foresti Barros Costa

Catarina Pizzolante dos Guaranys

Cecília Guedes Veronese

Cecília Selvatici Mucci

Clara Prucoli Hadid

Ellen de Oliveira Rios

Felipe Fortuna D´Aguiar

Giovana Leal Murad

Giovana Leonardo Lopes

João Gabriel Guillaume Soares

João Pedro Oliveira Belaciano

Joaquim Abel Mendes Lumer

Juliana Nascimento Teixeira

Livia Rebello Dutra

Luisa Sepulveda Lustosa

Manuel Batista Oreiro

Manuela Sbaffi Kendler

Maria Alice Kessler Palhares

Maria Alice M. de Castro G. P. de Souza

Maria Fernanda Cabral Scarlato

Maria Luiza Coelho Rodrigues

Miguel Thomaz AltoĂŠ

Miguel Vasques Pimentel

Olivia Bridge Solberg

Olivia Quintella Maciel

Patrick Varela Gomes

Pedro Estevez de Matos

Pedro Otakar Braga Svacina

Pedro Pinelli Caldas da Cunha

Rafael Moreira Leite

Rafael Pestana Coser

Victor Dias Gomes Machado

Yuesheng Luo


Children's Week Preschool






Chef’s Club

M. I. B: Men in Blue gels n A s ’ harlie



the t ha

ee s t on’ d es ey


“crossfiteiros” 115

Adriana dos Santos Paulino

Adriana Lago Lourenço Costa e Silva

Adriana Rebello Horta Cahill

Adriano Gomes Carmo de Carvalho

Agair Sousa Bento

Alba Valeria Marinho Pedro

Alessandra Ainbinder

Amanda Leal Barroso <After School>

Ana Carla R. Rodriguez Scavarda do Carmo

Ana Carolina Benchimol

Ana Gisela de Oliveira Duniec

Ana Laura Ammirabile d´Altério

Ana Lucia da Cunha Ramos


<Business Office Trainee>

Aline Izecksohn <Teacher>

Ana Clara Buçard Teixeira <Teacher>




<Business Office>

Adriana Seiffert dos Santos

<After School Teacher>


<Teacher Assistant>

Aline Negrão Santos <Substitute Teacher>

Ana Cristina Tavares de Moura <Nurse Assistant>


AAdriane Amaro da Silva Sampaio de Oliveira <Business Office>

Alexei Henriques Rodrigues

<After School Teacher>

<Resource Center Teacher>




Ana Mirian Coelho Soares da Silva

AndrĂŠ Thiago Jonathas Alves

<Business Office>


Antonio Carlos Gomes da Rosa

Antonio Carlos Pereira <Maintenance>

Anna Claudia dos Santos Pereira da Silva <Secretary>

Anna de Souza Lima Junqueira

<Substitute Teacher>

Antonia Jaclene Soares de Souza

Aoife Maria Burke

Aparecida Goreth da Cruz

Beatriz Parreiras Horta Napolitani

<Resource Center Teacher>


Bruno dos Santos <Maintenance>

Camilla Ramalho Duarte <Teacher>

<Substitute Teacher & After School Coordinator>


<After School>

Camilla Regina dos Santos Teixeira

Carla Mendes de Almeida

Carla Souza de Mello

Carolina Vieira Cavaliere

Christopher Lamar Leftridge Rucker

Claudia de Oliveira Barcelos


<Substitute Teacher>

<Substitute Teacher>

Carlos Antonio Constancio da Silva <Maintenance>

Carolina França Sena da Silva

<Resource Center Teacher>





Claudio Luiz de Oliveira Santos Junior

Cleide Vitorino Lima Sousa do Nascimento

Cristiane Moreira Aguiar

Daniel Simoes Santos Massa

Daniela Daflon Yunes

Darlan Mendes Matheus

Davidson Santos Rosa

Debora Anne Regis


<Business Office>

DamiĂŁo Linhares de Lima <Business Office>

<Teacher Assistant>




Davi Bento de Lima <Kitchen>





Davi Santos da Silveira Mousterou

<After School Teacher>

<Dean of Students>

Deborah Rodrigues Lopes Passeri

<Substitute Teacher>

Dirceu Luna da Silva

Daniel dos Santos Junior

Douglas Alves dos Santos <Business Office Trainee

Douglas Ferreira Pereira <Maintenance>

Diogo de Oliveira Simones

Dirce Correa de Lima

Eder Gomes Rezende

Edno Vieira Ruas Filho

<High School Secretary>



<Resource Center Teacher>

Eduarda Studart Hipolito da Costa

Eliane de Sousa da Silva

Elson Flauzino de Souza

Emerson Ferreira da Silva


Elias Soares da Silva <Driver>

<Business Office>



Elisangela Ribeiro Pessanha Abrantes

Erika Brock <Teacher>

Fabiano Felix Pereira <Security>


Fátima Yung Menezes <Substitute Teacher>

Fernanda Barrozo Teixeira Bessa

Fernanda Batista Leite

Flávia Nery Botelho

Flavio Malaquias dos Santos


<Substitute Teacher>


Fátima Regina Pessoa Teixeira <Business Office>


Fernanda Tôrres Pereira <Business Office>

Fernando Augusto M. Gondim de Sousa

<Business Office Trainee>


Flavia Maira Taube Malouk Gulyas

Elizabeth Cristina Venceslau Freire

<IT Dept>

Francesco Jordani Rodrigues de Lima

Frank Joseph Larangeira <Resource Center Teacher>



Frederico Amarante Damiano

<After School Teacher>

Gustavo Feio Radelsberger <Librarian>

Gabriela Falcão da Costa Leite Neves Cunha <Teacher Assistance>

Gustavo Sampaio Rego <Teacher>

Giovanna Quagliani Pereira de Andrade

<After School Teacher>

Jaidir Ramos Barbosa <PS Principal>

Idalina Farias Felicio <Teacher Assistant>

Jailma Araujo Barbosa <Teacher Assistant>



<Business Office Manager>

Herika Nunes Sodré da Silva <Librarian>

Hilda Souza Armstrong Dantas <After School>

Ingrid Alves de Aguiar

Isabel Cristina Fernandes Auler

Isabelle de Medina e Silva Pieri Ferreira

<MS Principal>


Jean Luciano Cassiano Iglesias

Jéssica de Lima Vieira

<Registrar Office>

Janaina Oliveira Pires <Teacher Assistant>



Gisele Vidal da Trindade Amorim

Helaine de Andrade Aguiar <Substitute Teacher>

Hugo Nunes Machado Sales

Gisele da Costa Souza

<Teacher Assistant>

Joana Sherrill Duarte <Teacher>

Jorge Luiz Viana da Silvas

Jorge Roberto dos Santos <Kitchen>



José Cláudio da Silva <Kitchen>

José Airton Ferreira da Silva

José Claudio da Costa Falque <Security>

Joselaine Rodrigues de Farias

Joseph Dean Lepage

<Headmaster Secretary>

Juliane Faria de Oliveira

<Teacher Assistant>

Kátia Jacintho Gomes de Souza

Katia Martins Araki de Abreu

Kelly Ann Schreiber

Leandro Macedo Janke

Leonardo Lomba Resende

Leonardo Martins Barbosa

José Constancio da Silva <Maintenance>

José Rodrigues da Silva <Maintenance>



Josinete Maria da Silva <Cleaning>

Katia Suzane Sant´Anna Valente

<Athletics Coordinator>

Juana Maria Leira Martins


<Guidance Counselor>


<Laboratory Technician>




Leonardo Pacheco Moraes <Substitute Teacher>

Leonardo Pereira da Silva

Luana Breno Ferreira Figueiredo

Luana Fransolino Monteiro Nobre

Lucia Dutra Franklin dos Santos

Luciana Pereira do Prado

Lucimar Targino da Silva

Lucineide Sousa do Nascimento

Luis Virginio do Nascimento

<Business Office Trainee>

Luciana Oliveira Nogueira





Luiz Fernando Freire <HS Princiapl>


<Teacher Assistant>

Maíra Fagundes Tomazini <Substitute Teacher>

Mamudo Djante

<Business Office>



Marcia Lourenço Vidal <Teacher>

Marco Antonio Ferreira Teixeira <Teacher>


Manoela Maranhão Bosschart

Marcelo Camera Fernandes Pinto

Marcos Paulo Gomes de Oliveira

Maria Alice Gouvêa Loureiro Pícoli

<Business Office>

Marcia do Amaral Prudencio




<Elementary Secretary>

Maria Cristina de Souza Machado

Maria Bernadete Constancio Pereira

Maria Cristina de Barros Telles <Teacher>

<Guidance Counselor>

Maria José da Conceição

Maria José Teofilo da Silva

Maria Neide dos Santos

Marisa Tavares Vieira de Mello

Maxwell da Silva Souza



<Registrar Office>


Marina Vanderput Stanton <Elementary Principal>


Monica Ramaciotti <Teacher>


Maria Eduarda Moreira Machado Alencar <Business Office Trainee>

Mariana de Souza Pinto Freire

Mariana Mouriño

<After School Teacher>


<IT Dept>


Monica Palhano Daher Merchak

Maria da Penha Luna

Melissa Cardoso Carvalho Fernandes

Mônica Maciel <Nurse>

<PreSchool Secretary>

Olga Leira Martins

<Special Education Teacher>

Otaciano Miguel da Silva <Maintenance>

Pamina Pinhão

<Substitute Teacher>


Patricia Ribeiro Ameijeira <Teacher>

Paulo Rogerio Ferreira do Nascimento <Maintenance>

Rafael Santos da Silva <Teacher>

Renata Aragão Gomes de Araujo <Teacher>


Paula Maria Gomes Pacheco Barreto

Paula Rodrigues Alves <Teacher>

Paulo Cesar Fernandes <Security>

<Religion Secretary>

Pedro dos Santos Coppelli

<After School Teacher>

Raphael Capella Medeiros <Security>

Renata de Freitas Ghiotti <Teacher>

Paulo Roberto Barreto Matos

<After School Teacher>

Rafael Alberto de Almeida Costa

Rafael Costa de Oliveira

Raphaela Corrêa Ferreira Portela

Raquel da Silva Braga

<Business Office>




Renata Faria de Freitas <Guidance Counselor>

Rafael Nascimento de Souza


Renata Maria Gomez de Menezes <Teacher>

Renan Neves Micha <Teacher>

Ricardo José da Silva Feitosa <Kitchen>

Richard Nicolas Hill <Teacher>

Roberta Pereira Alves Ramos <Teacher>

Roseli Ferreira da Silva de Lima

Sandra Rosana Xavier

Sérgio Barros Santos

Silvano Constancio da Silva



Steven Michael Paone <Dean of Students>

Rodrigo Silva de Souza

Rosana Stepanski Paes



Sandra Suzano Silva de Andrade

Savio Lucio França Vieira

Selma Rodrigues

Simone Campos Fernandes de Lima

Simone Rangel de Souza

<IT Dept>




Rodrigo Sacramento da Silva

Suzana Gonçalves Weber <Teacher>

Silvia Patricia de Paschoal Zilli

<Middle School Secretary>

Suzana Vergaças Rodrigues <Business Office>

<IT Dept>

<Business Office>


<Guidance Counselor>

Tadeu Marcos Alves <Security>

Tereza Angelique Biggers <Teacher>


Thaís de Almeida Cannavezes

<Substitute Teacher>

Valeria Luna da Silva

Thais Machado Sampaio Silvestre <Teacher>

Vera Lucia Marsden

<Teacher Assistance>


Walmir de Souza

Wanderley de Oliveira da Silva


Thiago Oliveira Santos

Vagner Evangelista Silva

Vincent F. Spevack

Vladimir Ferreira da Conceição Felizardo

Waldeir Leite de Souza



<Business Office Trainee>




Thays Maria da Silva

Wilson Dias Mello <Business Office>






s t n Eve


Based on the story and characters from the OscarÂŽ-winning DreamWorks Animation film, this hilarious and spectacular production turns the world of fairytales upside down in an all-singing, alldancing, must-see musical comedy.

Cast: Agatha Nunes, Ana Beatriz Ferreira, Beatriz Cardoso, Betina Silva, Carlos Eduardo Scavarda, Carolina Caldas, Carolina Escher, Eduarda Rezende, Gabriel Abreu, Gabriela Eyer, Giovanna Nogueira, Isabela PiĂąa, Isabela Rodrigues, Jorge Pereira, Juliana Dantas, Lais Loureiro, Leticia Machado, Luiza Padovano, Luiza Seda, Maimuna Jawo, Maria Clara Albuquerque, Maria Clara Studart, Maria Eduarda Monteiro, Maria Julia Scavarda, Maria Julia Wellisch, Martine Vik, Nicole Weiss, Ravi Nedungadi, Rebecca Weber, Sabrina Laver, Samantha Lemseyan, Sophia Leira, Teo Cores, Thomas Fonseca, Vitoria Penteado & Zeno Camera 130

“Chama o bombeiro que isso aqui vai pegá fogo...” Grupo “Pé de Serra”

“Eu já plantei caninha verde com três palmos de fondura...” (class of ‘20)


work it!



?????????????????????????????????????????????????? ??? ??



Six grade students were very pleased to present their sketch about Thanksgiving to elementary students. They used their body language to tell the story in an engaging way



First Communion

(from left to right, top to bottom): Ms. Kátia Souza, Manuela Souza, Mariana Ferreira, Helena Gea, Manoela Brandão, Ms. Luciana Prado, Pedro Araújo, Beatriz Strino, Natália Diniz, Lucca Pavetits, Luiza Correia, Arthur Rodrigues, Msgr. André Sampaio, Gabriel Braga, Mariana Santos, Maria Fernanda Dias, Estela Scheel, Bernardo Lardosa, Beatriz Castro, Bento de Oliveira, João Victor Souza, Bruno Barros, Pedro Fróes, Luiza Dubeux, Leonardo Rezende, Lina Anda, Mariana Guimarães, Joaquim Portinho, Valentina de Souza, Ms. Prudêncio, Ms. Duniec, Giulia Barradas, Valentina Pires de Almeida, Manuela Viana, Carolina de Faria, Marina Fernandes, Julia Andrade, Gabriel Dantas, Rafael Capucci & Sophia Oliveira


Maria Guadalupe Neves Pereira

(from left to right, top to bottom): Sarita Carratte, Maíra Tomazini, Msgr.André Sampaio, Luísa Biasoli, Bernardo Miranda, Paula Rodrigues, Ana Rodrigues, Ms. Luciana Prado, Marcia Honorato & Ms. Kátia Souza


Christmas Celebration





Memories of the granddaughter of one of the Society´s founding members

You can say that I was born into the Our Lady of Mercy Society as my grandfather Edmund L. Lynch was one of the three founding members. At that time, 1918 or thereabouts, he was always called upon to find English speaking priests, for the sacraments and especially “extreme unction”, as it was called the, for seamen and other due to the epidemic of Spanish Flu at that time. The society started when Edmund Lynch saw an advert in the newspaper calling for other English speaking Catholics to meet to promote Catholic life. This group of Englishmen, Americans and Irishmen formed the Society with the Brazilian Ecclesiastic approval. At first, Mass was celebrated on Sunday for the Englishspeaking community downtown, center of Rio. My mother Stella Lynch Light remembers going to Mass there as a child with her grandmother and other members of her family. The group eventually was able to acquire through the “Curia” the use of the Nossa Senhora da Piedade Chapel (which had been the Brazilian Emperor’s private Chapel) in Botafogo in Rua Marques de Abrantes; now the Polish Chapel. Mass was celebrated in English on Sundays and during the week in Portuguese and all the Sacraments were given, including Special devotions in the evenings during some months. In May, there was Benediction every day. In 1943, a group of children were prepared for their First Communion and Confession by an American nun from Notre Dame School in Ipanema. Three girls and four boys (picture attached). I was one of them. Throughout the years, many people may not know that one of the most significant accomplishments was the conversion to Catholicism of many men, including my own father, Kenneth E. Hansen Light who became a Catholic in 1934/35 before marrying my mother Stella L. Light. The conversions have continued up to today. Kenneth E. Hansen Light was a devout Catholic and faithful member of the Society working mostly as Treasurer and once as President when the property in Visconde de Caravelas was bought. There were many members as all the Embassies were in Rio de Janeiro and the American Embassy had large Army, Navy and Air Force personnel as well as aid to Brazil FOA, ICA and others. Cel. Collins-Cona (RIP), who was the Director for all American Embassy Buildings and Properties in South America, was an active member of the Society, and he was instrumental in the planning and construction of the school building together with the architect Wit Olaf Prodnik (RIP). The first part of the school building was constructed at the back of the property. Mass was celebrated also at the back in a simple structure with a zinc roof. Coffee was served after Sunday Mass out in the open patio. Until the chapel and cafeteria were built. In the front part of the property, there was a large house, which housed the nuns and priest, and was eventually pulled down to build the rest of the school. These buildings were financed by donations and money lent by members and some Catholic Brazilians also. The school grew until they had all grades up to the end of High School, where most of the teachers were


nuns from the Felician Sisters from the American Congregation - they are a Polish Order. The nuns left in the seventies just before the time of the terrible crisis. The school was threatened with closure and lost half its students. The chaplain Father Tiblier S.J., Claire Collins-Cona, and Claire from the PTA together with parents, teachers, parishioners, and some members of the Society were fundamental in saving the school. At that time, women were not allowed on the Board of the Society. They could participate in the Parish Council, in the PTA and the Ladies Guild, and be a member of the society. The Ladies Guild collected donations, got together regularly for sewing and preparing American homemade food for the annual XMas Bazaar, raising funds for the poor and those in need. I remember updating the contact cards of the members of the Society, telephones and addresses, and contacting the members for future meetings. No computers or cellphones at that time. Information was through letters in the mail, or telephoning directly. I also remember Father Tiblier mending tables and chairs in the school classrooms, just as St. Joseph would do. Claire once said to me that she was determined to save the school, and she did. Since then, the school has grown and expanded in every way and provides American and Brazilian diplomas as well as Religious Education. The Society of Our Lady of Mercy has faced many challenges throughout the years. But, interestingly enough, if you read the minutes of the Board meetings of the late 30s and 40s, you will find beautiful script handwritten in old fashioned English but, with exactly the same problems as today! Of the world has been constantly changing throughout the years and therefore the Society, rightly so, has had to change, always keeping the perimeters of the original concept which was – A Parish for English-speaking Catholics and the Sacraments including the last one “Sacrament of the Sick” and a Catholic, English-speaking school for the children. It is important to recognize that being a non-profit organization the Board of Director is a nonpaid function that is time consuming and requires a lot of dedication. It is important to recognize that without Dr. Charles Lyndaker - school Headmaster/Director/Administrator/Superintendent (name changes throughout the years) – his hard work, dedications, professionalism, vision for the future of over 35 years, OLM would not be what it is today. Thank you Dr. Lyndaker! The Society represents everything to me. It is important to carry on the good work, both spiritual and educational. I encourage the Society members, the current OLM students, parents, teachers and admin, current and past parishioners as well as OLM alumni, ex-teachers and parents to keep the school spirit alive by visiting periodically and participating in events, especially by attending Sunday Mass.

Mary Elizabeth Light Murchie

Parish Fair

Juliana Toledo Pires - 3rd





Community Service - 20 years Walkathon Against Cancer

In 2018 we celebrated a very important milestone, the 20-year anniversary of our Community Service project. This project came to fruition in 1998, inspired by our school mission, and was incorporated into the High School curriculum. Although the program has gone through several changes throughout the years, we cannot deny the positive impact it has had on our students’ lives. Through community service, they have discovered the inner happiness that comes with sharing their blessings with the less privileged and also accomplishing Jesus’ commandments of love. Through this experience, the students discovered that the joy of giving can be so much greater than receiving. They see the positive impact their actions have in people’s lives, without expecting anything back, though the smiles they get in return are always rewarding.

Operation Smile - free surgeries for anyone who is born with cleft lip or cleft palate

Even though the program is a requirement for graduation, little by little, we have seen a growing interest in serving for the sake of fulfilling the desire to do good. Nevertheless, there is still so much to do! May the Lord continue to bless our young people with the desire and strength to continue the beautiful work they started at OLM. May they spread their wings with confidence and touch as many hearts as they can throughout their life journey. May we all keep the fire burning with the desire of becoming peacemakers and fight for a just and equal world. 

Kátia Souza - Religion Department Coordinator Casa Vila do Sol - Home for elderly

URECE - Goalball social inclusion of people with visual impairment Adapt Rugby - social inclusion of people with disabilities


Creche Tia Maura Community Service Activities

União das Operárias de Jesus Easter Party

Adapt Surf - social inclusion of people with disabilities

Community Service - Mc Happy Day

Every year in Brazil, on the last Saturday of August, all McDonald´s restaurants promote what has become a tradition, the nationwide campaign “McDia Feliz” whose objective is to raise funds for the Ronald McDonald´s houses-homes for kids and adolescents who fight against cancer. For 5 years, OLM HS volunteers have helped at McDonald´s Rio Sul. It is a mixture of solidarity and fun.

Community Service - Christmas Campaign

The Religious Education Department, along with the OLM Parish (Fraternal Christmas Campaign) and PTA- Parents Teachers Association (Santa Claus Helper Campaign), would like to express our sincerest thanks to all families who participated this year. Without your solidarity, we would not have been able to help 425 families with the grocery packages and make 658 kids happy.

Besides our service staff, the grocery packages were donated to NEAM, Abrigo União das Operárias de Jesus, Creche João Evangelista and Instituto Veras. The toys were sent to Creche Mundo Infantil, Creche João Evangelista, Associação Solidariedade em Marcha, Instituto Veras, Instituição Abrace and the sons and daughter of our service staff. We greatly announce that the Senior Kinder is this year’s winner of the Fraternal Christmas Campaign. 143

Community Service - Festa de Natal

ESM Project


Community Service - Clean Up Rio

Above 14yrs: Maria Luisa & JĂşlia Martins 10 - 13 years: Gabriela Eyer & Walter Eyer

Up to 9 years: Gabriel Inchausti & Gabriel Malheiros

For 10 years, OLM has been a part of Clean Up Rio. In celebration of an entire decade of Saturdays dedicated to cleaning up Copacabana, Pedro Chames (´19) designed a logo to mark this special anniversary. Thanks to all of those who have participated and contributed to helping the world be a bit cleaner this day. Congratulations to the winners of all categories.


Community Service - Vila dos Sonhos

Onda SolidĂĄria is a non-governmental non-profit organization with headquarters in Rio de Janeiro (Brazil) and Devon (UK). â&#x20AC;&#x153;VILAâ&#x20AC;? is a centre for learning and training which aims not only to provide opportunities for individuals of any age to develop their personal talents and create better living conditions for themselves and their families, but also to share ethical values and structures that aim towards a truly sustainable life model. It is based on an inspirational model of social action at local level which can, however, be replicated elsewhere in the country and abroad.


Community Service - Vila dos Sonhos


Community Service - Basquete Cruzada

Ao lançar ações culturais e educativas, o Basquete Cruzada utiliza o esporte como ferramenta de agregação e inclusão social


Community Service - Tenis na Lagoa

O projeto Tênis na Lagoa atua em comunidades carentes do RJ, promovendo o desenvolvimento e a inclusão social de crianças e adolescentes. A metodologia orientada com a prática do esporte desenvolve os princípios de construção coletiva, de respeito à diversidade, de educação integral e de autonomia.


n e r d l i h C in Christ Day



Maria Laura Ingouville, Olga Martins, Gabriela Falcão, Giovanna Quagliani & Herika Sodré

Simone Fernandes, Joselaine Rodrigues, Giovanna Quagliani, Gabriela Falcão & Herika Sodré


Books Before Breakfast & Pancake Breakfast


An opportunity for the children to experience the true Lancerâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s spirit.



(from left to right, top to bottom)

Maria Roberta Dias, Mariana Cunha, Bruna Neves, Nicole Weiss, Luiza Padovano, Juliana Souza (C), Catarina Jurema, Catarina Costa, CecĂ­lia Gimena, Maria Eduarda Silva, Maria Clara Perez, Maria Carolina Perez and Manuela de La cerda Coach - Waldeir de Souza




(from left to right, top to bottom)

Arthur Weiss, Rafael Tavares, JoĂŁo Pedro Nascimento, Teo Cores, Pedro Silva (C), Gabriel Abreu, Enzo Sekito, Bruno Santos, Thiago Costa, Caio Dieckman and Matheus Souza Coach - Waldeir de Souza



(from left to right, top to bottom)

Gabriela Pires, Maria Clara Araujo, Mariana Cunha, Ana Sofia Gonzalez, Daniela Santos, Bruna Neves, Maria Roberta, Juliana Souza (C), Nicole Weiss, Maria Clara Perez, Maria Eduarda Silva, Bruna Pompeu, Isadora Silva, Catarina Jurema, Maria Eduarda Vilhena, CecĂ­lia Gimena and Manuela de la Cerda Coach - Walmir de Souza Ass. Coach - Daniel Santos



(from left to right, top to bottom)

Theo Carvalho, Jonas Cantalice, Caio Dieckman, João Pedro Nascimento, Felipe Paz, João Pedro Silva, Bruno Castro, Matheus Souza, Rafael Tavares, Teo Cores, Bernardo Fontes, Pedro Americo Chaves, Lucca Menta, Gustavo Bandeira (C), Antonio Barreto, Enzo Sekito, Pedro Dutra, Pedro Mendes and Nicolas Lemseyan Coach - Walmir de Souza Ass. Coach - Daniel Santos



(from left to right, top to bottom)

Gabriela Cohen, Carolina Escher, Manuela Pinheiro Fernanda Teixeira, Luiza Padovano (c), Maria Clara AraĂşjo, Bruna Neves, Isadora Silva, Maria Fernanda Nazar, Catarina Jurema, Sofia Beraldo, Beatriz Garios, Sofia Feinstein, Isabella Signorini, Maria Eduarda Vilhena, Julia Rocha and Mariana Cunha Coach - Luana Nobre Special thanks to Enzo Sekito, Teo Cores, JoĂŁo Pedro Nascimento, and Caio Diekmann for helping the team


Big 8 Scholarship Recipients: Pedro Silva, Teo Cores, Luiza Padovano & Nicole Weiss

Inter 6 Scholarship Recipients: Theo Carvalho & Isadora Silva

Big 8 Soccer Tournament - Green Card Theo Carvalho & Ana Sofia Herdy

Big 8 Basketball Tournament - Green Card Juliana Dantas & Caio Dieckman

Inter 6 Tournament - Green Card Theo Carvalho & Isabela Simonson

Inter 6 Tournament - All Star Team Members Futsal: Theo Carvalho Volleyball: Juliana Dantas & Isabela Simonson


Futsal Boys

(from left to right, top to bottom)

Theo Carvalho, Teo Cores, Caio Dieckmann, Felipe Paes, João Pedro Nascimento, Rafel Tavares, João Pedro Silva, Antonio Barreto, Nicolas Lemseyan, Lucca Menta, Gustavo Bandeira, Jonas Cantalice, Bruno Castro, and Bernardo Abramof Coach - Walmir de Souza


Volleyball Girls

(from left to right, top to bottom)

Juliana Souza (C), Bruna Pompeu, Isadora Silva, Camila Santâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;Anna, Isabela Simonson, Bruna Neves, Maria Roberta Petrelli, Paula Itzaina, and Maria Clara Albuquerque

Coach - Marcos Teixeira




The goal of the program is to offer creative extra-curricular activities based on the idea of a relaxing space. The students have the opportunity to discover new talents and interests, such as cooking: Jiu-jitsu, judô, capoeira, dance, art & music ... within the familiar surroundings of their school - an area both safe and convenient.













Arte e Movimento


HistĂłrias e Brincadeiras de Roda

Arte com Massinha

Jiu Jitsu





Yearbook Staff

Daniela, Arnaldo, Juliana, Zeno, Luiza & Sandra Xavier



Ana Sofia






Pedro Arthur

The book is over but the memories stay forever Senior´s first YBK pictures






Maria Clara



Thomas 165



Index A

Adam Martin Cruz Smith, 2nd, 88-91 Adriana dos Santos Paulino, Staff, 115-128 Adriana Lago Lourenco Costa E Silva, Staff, 115128, 150 Adriana Rebello Horta Cahill, Staff, 115-128 Adriana Seiffert dos Santos, Staff, 115-128, 162-163 Adriane Amaro Silva Sampaio de Oliveira, Staff, 115128, 139, 132-133 Adriano Gomes Carmo de Carvalho, Staff, 115-128 Agair Sousa Bento, Staff, 115-128 Ágatha Sirigni Nunes, 7th, 58-61, 130, 70-71, 73 Alba Valeria Marinho Pedro, Staff, 115-128 Alessandra Ainbinder, Staff, 115-128136-137 Alessandra Murtinho, PTA, 4 Alex Saltz, PTA, 4 Alexandre Vieira Theodoro Nogueira, 3rd, 84-87 Alexei Henriques Rodrigues, Staff, 115-128, 139, 134, 162-163 Alfredo Albuquerque Piragibe, 3rd, 84-87 Alice Calegari Ronay, PN, 110-113, 132-133 Alice Derraik Barbosa Schwierskott, 11th, 28-31 Alice Hirata Galvão, SK, 98-101 Alice Maranhão Moreno, N, 106-109 Alice Melo de Lima Costa, 3rd, 84-87, 145 Alice Monteiro Ferreira, SK, 98-101 Alice Mortagua Byron, 1st, 92-95 Alice Seixas Dubeux, 2nd, 88-91 Aline Izecksohn, Staff, 115-128, 139, 132-133, 36137, 150, 162-163 Aline Negrão Santos, Staff, 115-128, 150 Alix Cunha Mellin, 3rd, 84-87 Alyssa Elizabeth Bautista Gonçalves, 6th, 64-67, 70-71 Amanda Corzo Raposo Lopes, SK, 98-101 Amanda Hirata Galvão, N, 106-109, 72 Amanda Leal Barroso, Staff, 115-128, 162-163 Amanda Lopes de Carvalho de Moura Estevão, 6th, 64-67, 70-71, 134, 136-137 Ana Beatriz da Silva Raposo, 4th, 80-83 Ana Beatriz Duarte Maya Ferreira, 7th, 58-61, 130, 3, 70-71 Ana Blume de Figueiredo, 9th, 40-43, 145, 132-133, 149, 148, 140-141 Ana Carla Roris Rodriguez Scavarda do Carmo, Staff, 115-128, 152 Ana Carolina Benchimol, Staff, 115-128 Ana Clara Borges Lins Rangel, PN, 110-113, 106 Ana Clara Buçard Teixeira, Staff, 115-128, 134 Ana Cristina Tavares de Moura, Staff, 115-128 Ana Gisela de Oliveira Duniec, Staff, 115-128, 145, 139, 143, 136-137, 135, 150 Ana Laura Ammirabile D Altério, Staff, 115-128, 152, 132-133 Ana Lucia da Cunha Ramos, Staff, 115-128 Ana Luiza Moutella Carvalho de Almeida, 1st, 92-95, 131 Ana Mirian Coelho Soares da Silva, Staff, 115-128 Ana Paula Carvalho, PTA, 4 Ana Rodrigues, 135 Ana Sofia Herdy Francisco Gonzalez, 12th, 6-7, 8, 25-27, 145, 143, 50, 156-157, 132-133, 159 Ana Teresa Roris Scavarda de Souza Pinto, 10th, 34-37, 131, 139, 143, 132-133, 149, 150, 136-137, 148, 140-141, 150 Anabel Elena Sherratt Márquez, 3rd, 84-87 Anabella Miranda Amorim, 3rd, 84-87 Anamar Lacerda, PTA, 4 André Guelber de Andrade, 3rd, 84-87, 72 André Sampaio de Oliveira, Board, 4, 139, 136-137, 135 André Thiago Jonathas Alves, Staff, 115-128 Andrea Carolina Salas Teran, 3rd, 84-87 Ângela Blume, Board, 4 Anna Carolina Carvalho Visco, 11th, 28-31, 145, 132-133 Anna Claudia dos Santos Pereira da Silva, Staff, 115-128 Anna de Souza Lima Junqueira, Staff, 115-128 Anna Magalhães Pellegrino, PN, 110-113, 132-133 Anne Marques Linhares de Almeida, 2nd, 88-91, 152 168

Antonella Moreira Peruffo, PN, 110-113 Antonia Albuquerque Piragibe, N, 106-109 Antonia Jaclene Soares de Souza, Staff, 115-128 Antonino Miranda Amorim, 1st, 92-95 Antonio Alvariz de Lucena, 3rd, 84-87 Antonio Amorim Ramos de Oliveira, N, 106-109, 106 Antonio Carlos Gomes da Rosa, Staff, 115-128 Antonio Carlos Pereira, Staff, 115-128 Antonio Magalhaes Rodrigues, JK, 102-105 Antonio Milman Plotkowski, 2nd, 88-91 Antonio Pacheco Barreto, 10th, 34-37, 131, 3, 139, 48-49, 156-157, 132-133, 149, 148, 150, 160 Antonio Pedro Vieira Borgerth, 7th, 58-61, 70-71 Aoife Maria Burke, Staff, 115-128 Aparecida Goreth da Cruz, Staff, 115-128, 136-137, 162-163 Arnaldo Hartmann Santhiago Lopes, 12th, 6-7, 9, 25-27, 132-133, 134, 164 Arthur Calazans Velasco, 3rd, 84-87, 96 Arthur de Oliveira Penna Coutinho Mendes, 12th, 6-7, 10, 25-27, 145, 132-133 Arthur Debellian Viveiros, 2nd, 88-91 Arthur Dias Gomes Machado, JK, 102-105 Arthur Edward Cyril Lynch, JK, 102-105 Arthur Fábregas Ferreira, SK, 98-101 Arthur Freire Figueiredo, 3rd, 84-87, 152, 153 Arthur Gasparini Froes, JK, 102-105 Arthur Johann Reis Rodrigues, 4th, 80-83, 96, 72, 135 Arthur Marinho Vieira Weiss, 11th, 28-31, 3, 50, 154155, 149, 148 Arthur Montenegro Gomes, 6th, 64-67, 70-71, 73 Artur Machado Miranda, 4th, 80-83 Ashur Fraidon Palis, 3rd, 84-87, 72


Barbara Ann Khader Salem, N, 106-109 Beatriz Camillo Coura Campos Cardoso, 6th, 64-67, 130, 70-71 Beatriz D’Almeida Costa , 8th, 52-55, 70-71 Beatriz Franklin Castro, 4th, 80-83, 135 Beatriz Garios de Miranda, 10th, 34-37, 131, 3, 145, 139, 143, 48-49, 132-133, 149, 150, 158, 146-147, 148 Beatriz Jardim Lima, 11th, 28-31, 139, 143, 48-49, 140-141 Beatriz Milman Plotwoski, 5th, 76-79 Beatriz Nesello Bela, PN, 110-113 Beatriz Parreiras Horta Napolitani, Staff, 115-128 Beatriz Pessoa Strino, 4th, 80-83 Beatriz Rodrigues Scheel, 1st, 92-95 Beatriz Rosa Simão de Lima Linhares, 10th, 34-37, 131, 139, 48-49, 132-133, 134, 47, 146-147, 148 Beatriz Simões Lannes, JK, 102-105 Beatriz Terencio de Queiroz, 6th, 64-67, 70-71, 136137 Benjamim Plaga Rebouças Diniz, 1st, 92-95, 145, 152 Benjamin Carneiro Monteiro Seixas, JK, 102-105 Bento Amorim Ramos de Oliveira, 4th, 80-83, 96, 135 Bento Cardoso Pitangueira Carrancho, SK, 98-101 Bernardo Antunes Guimarães, N, 106-109, 48-49 Bernardo Costa Barros Emilio, 4th, 80-83, 96, 135 Bernardo Fernandes Palma Alberto Monteiro, PN, 110-113, 106 Bernardo Fontes Abramof, 10th, 34-37, 131, 156157, 149, 148, 160 Bernardo Lacerda Kalache, N, 106-109 Bernardo Miranda, 135 Bernardo Nascimento Teixeira, JK, 102-105 Bernardo Otakar Braga Svacina, SK, 98-101 Bernardo Pessoa Santos Lardosa, 4th, 80-83 Bernardo Ressiguier Ribeiro Esposito, 6th, 64-67 Betina Lago Lourenço Costa e Silva, 6th, 64-67, 130, 3 70-71, 136-137 Bianca de Viegas, 9th, 40-43 Bruna Magalhães Neves, 8th, 52-55, 3 70-71, 154155, 156-157, 158, 161 Bruna Sahdo Pompeu, 10th, 34-37, 131, 3, 139, 50, 156-157, 132-133, 149 146-147, 148, 150, 161 Bruno Alves Reaiche, PN, 110-113, 132-133 Bruno dos Santos, Staff, 115-128

Bruno Garcia Lopes de Castro, 9th, 40-43, 154-155, 156-157, 132-133, 149, 148, 140-141, 160 Bruno Junqueira Barros, 4th, 80-83, 145, 135 Bruno Munhoz da Fontoura Tavares, 4th, 80-83, 145, 132-133 Bruno Rivas Vaz Pinto, 6th, 64-67, 70-71


Caio Dieckmann, 11th, 28-31 3, 154-155, 156-157, 160, 159 Camila Sarti Bruno Sant’anna, 8th, 52-55, 3 70-71, 161 Camilla Ramalho Duarte, Staff, 115-128 Camilla Regina dos Santos Teixeira, Staff, 115-128 Carla Mendes de Almeida, Staff, 115-128 Carla Souza de Mello, Staff, 115-128 Carlos Antonio Constancio da Silva, Staff, 115-128 Carlos Derraik, Board. 4 Carlos Eduardo Roris Scavarda de Souza Pinto, 8th, 52-55, 130, 70-71 Carol Melo Malheiros, 3rd, 84-87, 72 Carolina Bosschart Borghoff, N, 106-109, 106 Carolina Braga Muniz Azevedo, N, 106-109 Carolina Castro de Alencar Machado, SK, 98-101 Carolina Chicralla Marinho, 4th, 80-83, 96, 153 Carolina Daibes Rachid de Faria, 4th, 80-83, 135 Carolina Escher Canalini, 10th, 34-37, 130, 131, 145, 139, 143, 150, 158, 148 Carolina Fiuza Maia, 6th, 64-67, 70-71 Carolina Foresti Barros Costa, PN, 110-113, 132-133 Carolina França Sena da Silva, Staff, 115-128, 134 Carolina Moreira de Gouvêa e Silva, SK, 98-101 Carolina Tomé Caminha Caldas, 7th, 58-61, 130, 70-71 Carolina Vieira Cavaliere, Staff, 115-128, 130 Caroline Hoara Santos Cavalcante, Staff, 115-128 Catarina de Albuquerque Mello da Costa, 8th, 52-55, 3, 154-155, 134 Catarina de Castro Góes Bentes Jurema, 8th, 52-55, 154-155, 156-157, 73, 158 Catarina Pizzolante dos Guaranys, PN, 110-113, 132-133 Cecília Guedes Veronese, PN, 110-113, 132-133 Cecilia Quintella Maciel, PTA, 4 Cecília Rodrigues Gimena, 8th, 52-55, 154-155, 156-157, 72 Cecília Selvatici Mucci, PN, 110-113, 132-133 Cecília Sepulveda Lustosa, SK, 98-101 Celina Vasconcelos Pontes Oliveira, JK, 102-105, 106 Charles Richard Lyndaker, Staff, 115-128, 130, 139, 136-137 Chloe Mascarenhas Müller, 7th, 58-61 Christopher Lamar Leftridge Rucker, Staff, 115-128 Clara Carvalho de Oliveira Pires dos Santos, 1st, 92-95 Clara Prucoli Hadid, PN, 110-113 Clarice Miranda Toledo, 1st, 92-95 Claudia de Oliveira Barcelos, Staff, 115-128 Claudia Jannuzzi, PTA, 4 Claudio Luiz de Oliveira Santos Junior, Staff, 115128 Cleide Vitorino Lima Sousa do Nascimento, Staff, 115-128 Cloe Viegas Schmall Santos, SK, 98-101, 136-137 Cristiane Moreira Aguiar, Staff, 115-128, 162-163 Damião Linhares de Lima, Staff, 115-128, 132-133 Daniel Alejandro Salas Teran, N, 106-109 Daniel Esteves Silva Bandeira de Mello, 3rd, 84-87 Daniel George Oliveira Dougall, JK, 102-105 Daniel Martins Cassar Magdalena, 7th, 58-61 Daniel Puppin Cwajgenbaum, N, 106-109, 136-137 Daniel Simoes Santos Massa, Staff, 115-128 Daniela Daflon Yunes, Staff, 115-128 Daniela Figueiredo Ventura Bechara Santos, 12th, 6-7, 11, 25-27, 48-49, 156-157, 132-133, 134, 164 Dante Navaza Honorato, 8th, 52-55, 70-71, 73 Darlan Mendes Matheus, Staff, 115-128 Davi Bento de Lima, Staff, 115-128 Davi Lucas Brito Gomes, 1st, 92-95 Davi Santos da Silveira Mousterou, Staff, 115-128, 131

Davi Soter Maul de Oliveira, 7th, 58-61, 73 Davi Tardin Anda, 6th, 64-67, 70-71

Davidson Santos Rosa, Staff, 115-128, 162-163 Dayse Pastore, Board, 4 Debora Anne Regis, Staff, 115-128, 132-133 Deborah Rodrigues Lopes Passeri, Staff, 115-128, 136-137, 162-163 Denise Cesar Oliva, 5th, 76-79, 96 Diego Hasselmann de Sousa, 8th, 52-55, 70-71, 72, 73 Diogo de Oliveira Simones, Staff, 115-128 Dirce Correa de Lima, Staff, 115-128 Dirceu Luna da Silva, Staff, 115-128 Douglas Ferreira Pereira, Staff, 115-128 Dylan Ades Walsh, SK, 98-101

Flavio Malaquias dos Santos, Staff, 115-128 Francesco Jordani Rodrigues de Lima, Staff, 115128 Francisco Bicudo de Miranda Costa, SK, 98-101 Francisco Salatino Araújo de Mazza Pessanha, 7th, 58-61, 73 Frank Joseph Larangeira, Staff, 115-128 Frederico Amarante Damiano, Staff, 115-128, 162163 Frederico Filgueiras Sauerbronn, 7th, 58-61, 70-71, 73 Frederico Tavares, 9th, 40-43, 145, 48-49, 132-133, 149 , 148, 140-141



Eder Gomes Rezende, Staff, 115-128 Edno Vieira Ruas Filho, Staff, 115-128, 162-163 Eduarda Ammirabile D´Altério, 5th, 76-79 Eduarda Brites Queiroz Ribeiro, JK, 102-105 Eduarda Haddad Mahfoud, 2nd, 88-91 Eduarda Pacheco de Lima Camara, 3rd, 84-87, 152, 72 Eduarda Rebello Dutra, 5th, 76-79, 96 Eduarda Ruffo Rezende, 6th, 64-67, 130, 70-71, 132-133, 73 Eduarda Studart Hipolito da Costa, Staff, 115-128, 130, 134, 136-137 Eduardo Nader Duarte, SK, 98-101, 72 Eduardo Peres Almeida, 7th, 58-61 Eduardo Pestana Coser, JK, 102-105 Eduardo Sá Ramos Barbosa Rodrigues, 2nd, 88-91, 72 Eduardo Vargas Delgado, N, 106-109 Eliane de Sousa da Silva, Staff, 115-128 Elias Soares da Silva, Staff, 115-128 Elisangela Ribeiro Pessanha Abrantes, Staff, 115128 Elizabeth Cristina Venceslau Freire, Staff, 115-128, 47 Ellen de Oliveira Rios, PN, 110-113, 132-133 Elson Flauzino de Souza, Staff, 115-128 Emanuele Ferreira Vieira, 3rd, 84-87 Emerson Ferreira da Silva, Staff, 115-128 Enzo Cardoso Sekito, 10th, 34-37, 131, 139, 143, 50, 154-155, 156-157, 149, 150 148, 140-141 Enzo Gurgel Torres, 9th, 40-43, 145, 139, 48-49, 150 148, 140-141 Eric Costa Pitanga Maia, 2nd, 88-91, 96 Eric Moura da Fonseca, 6th, 64-67, 132-133 Erika Brock, Staff, 115-128, 130, 136-137 Estela Rodrigues Scheel, 4th, 80-83, 96, 135 Fabiane Yingyi Huang, 11th, 28-3, 3, 145, 143, 4849, 132-133 Fabianne Maria Quaglia Pereira, Staff, 115-128 Fabiano Felix Pereira, Staff, 115-128 Fátima Regina Pessoa Teixeira, Staff, 115-128 Fátima Yung Menezes, Staff, 115-128, 136-137, 162-163 Felipe Alvariz de Lucena, 2nd, 88-91 Felipe Bosschart Borghoff, 2nd, 88-91, 153 Felipe Daltro de Barros Emilio, SK, 98-101 Felipe Fortuna D´Aguiar, PN, 110-113 Felipe Huffard Gonçalves, 1st, 92-95 Felipe Mauricio Magacho dos Santos Paes, 11th, 28-31, 50, 48-49, 156-157, 160 Felipe Moreira Leite, N, 106-109 Felipe Murtinho Botelho Ferreira, 5th, 76-79 Felipe Sartore Guimarães, 2nd, 88-91 Fernanda Barrozo Teixeira Bessa, Staff, 115-128 Fernanda Batista Leite, Staff, 115-128 Fernanda Lacerda Ferreira, 3rd, 84-87, 145, 72 Fernanda Moreira de Gouvea e Silva, 3rd, 84-87 Fernanda Stockler Teixeira, 10th, 34-37, 131, 139, 143, 132-133, 158, 148, 140-141, 150 Fernanda Tôrres Pereira, Staff, 115-128 Fernando Augusto M. Gondim de Sousa, Staff, 115128 Fernando Lima, Board, 4 Filipe Batista Gomes Netto, 1st, 92-95 Fiorella Almeida Pessanha, JK, 102-105 Flavia Maira Taube Malouk Gulyas, Staff, 115-128 Flavia Miguez, PTA, 4 Flávia Nery Botelho, Staff, 115-128, 136-137

Gabriel Almeida Braga, 4th, 80-83, 139, 134 135 Gabriel Carneiro Leão Verbicario, N, 106-109 Gabriel Curvelo de Oliveira Bueno do Prado, 8th, 52-55, 70-71, 73 Gabriel de Mello Machado, N, 106-109 Gabriel Eduardo Chaves Fernandes, 5th, 76-79 Gabriel Haddad Mahfoud, 5th, 76-79 , 153 Gabriel Kneip Navarro Ribeiro Dantas, 4th, 80-83 , 153, 135 Gabriel Madeira Borges, 1st, 92-95, 96 Gabriel Martins Barcelos de Abreu, 10th, 34-37, 130, 131, , 3, , , 139 154-155, , , , , , 149, 150, , , , , 47, , , 148, 140-141, 150 Gabriel Melo Malheiros, 3rd, 84-87, , , , , , 145 , , , 153 Gabriel Rafael da Fonseca , Staff, 115-128 Gabriel Rezende da Costa, SK, 98-101 Gabriel Riente Inchausti, 3rd, 84-87, , , , , , 145 , , , 153 Gabriel Teles Correia, 7th, 58-61 Gabriela Addor, PTA, 4 Gabriela Antunes Guimarães, 1st, 92-95 Gabriela Borsoi Cohen, 10th, 34-37, 131, 143, 158 Gabriela Coelho Eyer, 6th, 64-67, 130 , 70-71, 136137 Gabriela Curado Martins, 7th, 58-61, 70-71, 73 Gabriela Falcao C. Leite Neves Cunha, Staff, 115128, 132-133, 136-137, 151 Gabriela Ferreira e Silva Safini Gama, JK, 102-105, 106 Gabriela Huffard Gonçalves, SK, 98-101,, 131 Gabriela Souto Maior Pires, 10th, 34-37, 131, 145, 50, 156-157, 132-133 Gabriela Tefili, PTA, 4 Gabriela Xavier da Silveira Calazans Velasco, 5th, 76-79 Giovana Leal Murad, PN, 110-113, 132-133 Giovana Leonardo Lopes, PN, 110-113, 132-133 Giovanna Borges Resende, 9th, 40-43, 145, 139, 132-133, 150 148, 140-141, 150 Giovanna Ellen Silvério Jardinette, 3rd, 84-87, 96 Giovanna Ferreira Orlando, 7th, 58-61, 70-71 Giovanna Quagliani Pereira de Andrade, Staff, 115128, 132-133, 151, 162-163 Giovanna Tefili Cardoso Kubitschek da Rocha Vianna, SK, 98-101, 136-137 Giovanna Vieira Theodoro Nogueira, 6th, 64-67, 130, 70-71, 132-133, 136-137 Giovanni Luiz Pedone Lopes, 8th, 52-55, 70-71, 72 Gisele da Costa Souza, Staff, 115-128, 132-133 Gisele Vidal da Trindade Amorim, Staff, 115-128 Giulia Salvini Barradas, 4th, 80-83, 145, 96, 135 Giulia Terziani Lang, JK, 102-105 Giuliano Alves Dominici, 2nd, 88-91 Giulio Graziani, 7th, 58-61 Guilherme de Faria Milet Pereira, SK, 98-101, 72, 136-137 Guilherme Riente Inchausti, 1st, 92-95, 145 Guilherme Rivas Vaz Pinto, 8th, 52-55, 70-71 Gustavo Bandeira de Mello Azeredo Santos, 10th, 34-37, 131, 139, 156-157, 132-133, 149, 160 Gustavo Cerri Bräuniger, SK, 98-101 Gustavo Feio Radelsberger, Staff, 115-128, 72 Gustavo Otoch Martins Maya Ferreira, JK, 102-105, 145 Gustavo Sampaio Rego, Staff, 115-128 Gustavo Tinoco Signorini, 3rd, 84-87, 153, 149


Heitor Evangelho Alves de Brito, JK, 102-105, 106 Helaine de Andrade Aguiar, Staff, 115-128, 150 Helena Barreto Ribeiro, JK, 102-105, 132-133 Helena Basile Gea, 4th, 80-83, 135 Helena Brock Fleming de Almeida, 2nd, 88-91, 153 Helena Carreiro Ribeiro de Sena, 8th, 52-55 Helena de Souza Lima Bezerra, JK, 102-105 Helena Guelber de Andrade, JK, 102-105 Helena Lago Lourenço Costa e Silva, 11th, 28-31, 145, 132-133, 150 Helena Magalhães, Board, 4 Heloísa Saint Martin Cadete, SK, 98-101, 131 Henrique Daltro de Barros Emilio, JK, 102-105 Henrique Nesello Bela, 7th, 58-61, 70-71 Herika Nunes Sodre da Silva, Staff, 115-128, 152, 132-133, 72, 151 Hilda Souza Armstrong Dantas, Staff, 115-128, 162163 Hugo Nunes Machado Sales, Staff, 115-128, 162163 Hugo Quintella Maciel, SK, 98-101 Humberto Bressan Sotto Mayor Wellisch, 2nd, 88-91


Idalina Farias Felicio, Staff, 115-128 Ingrid Alves de Aguiar, Staff, 115-128 Isabel Cristina Fernandes Auler, Staff, 115-128 Isabel Milman, PTA, 4 Isabela Corrêa Borges, 3rd, 84-87, 132-133, 72 Isabela dos Passos Rodrigues, N, 106-109 Isabela Freire Figueiredo, JK, 102-105, 152 Isabela Oliveira Siffert Pereira de Souza, SK, 98101, 132-133 Isabela Sá Ramos Barbosa Rodrigues, 6th, 64-67, 130 Isabela Simonson Rodrigues, 6th, 64-67, 70-71, 161, 159 Isabella Acatauassú Xavier Mendes, N, 106-109 Isabella Chame e Couto, 11th, 28-31, 145, 143, 132-133 Isabella do Prado Aboim Lazaro, 1st, 92-95 Isabella Ferreira Meneses dos Santos, 3rd, 84-87, 139, 96 Isabella Tinoco Signorini, 10th, 34-37, 131, 139, 143, 48-49, 132-133, 158, 146-147, 148 Isadora Coelho da Silva, 10th, 34-37, 131, 145, 143, 48-49, 156-157, 132-133, 158, 148, 161, 159 Isadora de Souza Lima Bezerra, N, 106-109 Isadora Ninhaus Charnaux Sertã, 7th, 58-61, 70-71, 73 Isadora Vargas Delgado, 1st, 92-95 Isadora Vasques Silva Provençano, 4th, 80-83


Jaidir Ramos Barbosa, Staff, 115-128, 132-133 Jailma Araujo Barbosa, Staff, 115-128 Janaina Oliveira Pires, Staff, 115-128 Jean Luciano Cassiano Iglesias, Staff, 115-128 Jéssica de Lima Vieira, Staff, 115-128 Joana Sherrill Duarte, Staff, 115-128 Joana Studart Hipólito de Lima Cavalcanti, 1st, 9295, 139 João Augusto Sauerbronn Derraik, 5th, 76-79 João Felipe Costa Melo Gurgel, N, 106-109 João Felipe Evangelista da Silveira, N, 106-109 João Gabriel Castro de Alencar Machado, 4th, 80-83 João Gabriel Guillaume Soares, PN, 110-113, 106 João Gabriel Pires Rebelo Lins e Silva, 1st, 92-95 João Marcelo Machado Jannuzzi, 6th, 64-67, 70-71 João Marcelo Moreira Leite, 1st, 92-95 João Marcio Caldas Marinho, SK, 98-101, 136-137 João Pedro Alcantara dos Santos da Silva, 10th, 3437, 131, 139, 156-157, 149, 150, 146-147, 150, 160 João Pedro Campos da Rocha, 10th, 34-37, 131, 143, 48-49 João Pedro Fidalgo de Melo, 5th, 76-79 João Pedro Gomes Imperial, 3rd, 84-87 João Pedro Guillaume de Souza do Nascimento, 9th, 40-43, 139, 50, 154-155, 156-157, 132-133, 148, 160 João Pedro Oliveira Belaciano, PN, 110-113, 132-133 João Victor Ghiotti de Souza, 4th, 80-83, 96, 134 135


João Vitor Batista Christovão, 9th, 40-43, 48-49, 132-133, 148 João Vitor Venancio Amaral, 9th, 40-43, 145, 149, 148 Joaquim Abel Mendes Lumer, PN, 110-113, 132-133 Joaquim Corzo Raposo Lopes, 6th, 64-67 Joaquim Fernández y Fernández Lopes, 5th, 76-79 Joaquim Hideoshi Botelho Okabayashi, 1st, 92-95 Joaquim Jeffrey Carvalho Fick, JK, 102-105 Joaquim Macintyre Portinho, 4th, 80-83, 152, 135 Joaquim Magalhães Cavalini, 5th, 76-79 Joaquim Silvestre Vivas, N, 106-109 Jonas Muniz Cantalice, 11th, 28-31, 50 , 48-49, 156157, 146-147, 160 Jorge Luiz Viana da Silva, Staff, 115-128 Jorge Pastore dos Santos Pereira, 6th, 64-67, 130, 70-71 Jorge Roberto dos Santos, Staff, 115-128 Jose Airton Ferreira da Silva, Staff, 115-128 Jose Claudio da Costa Falque, Staff, 115-128 José Cláudio da Silva, Staff, 115-128, 152 Jose Constancio da Silva, Staff, 115-128 Jose Rodrigues da Silva, Staff, 115-128, 136-137 Joselaine Rodrigues de Farias, Staff, 115-128, 151 Joseph Dean Lepage, Staff, 115-128, 136-137 Josinete Maria da Silva, Staff, 115-128 Juana Maria Leira Martins, Staff, 115-128 Juca Pinheiro Camera, 8th, 52-55, 70-71, 132-133, 73 Julia Addor Ximenes, N, 106-109 Júlia Afonso Addum, 7th, 58-61, 70-71 Julia Curado Martins, 10th, 34-37,, 131, 149 Júlia de Freitas Madeira, SK, 98-101, 131 Julia Fidalgo Féres, 2nd, 88-91 Julia Furtado Martins, 11th, 28-31, 145, 143, 48-49, 132-133, 149, 150, 146-147, 148 Júlia Guissi do Outeiro, N, 106-109, 72 Júlia Maciel Fernandes Guedes, 8th, 52-55, 70-71 Júlia Miranda Toledo, 5th, 76-79 Júlia Seixas Calixto Andrade, 4th, 80-83, 153, 135 Júlia Terencio de Queiroz, 1st, 92-95 Julia Vianna Rocha, 8th, 52-55, 3 70-71, 72, 158 Júlia Vitória Lourenço Raphael, 5th, 76-79 Júlia Wendling Piske Silvério, 3rd, 84-87 Juliana Dantas dos Santos de Souza, 12th, 3, 6-7, 12, 25-27, 130, 139, 50, 48-49, 154-155, 156-157, 132-133, 134, 46, 47, 150, 161, 159, 164 Juliana Kloh de Toledo Pires, 3rd, 84-87, 139 Juliana Nascimento Teixeira, PN, 110-113, 132-133 Juliane Faria de Oliveira , Staff, 115-128, 136-137, 162-163 Julieta Plaga Rebouças Diniz, 3rd, 84-87, 72 Julio Cesar Campos Fernandes de Lima, 3rd, 84-87, 152, 153


Katia Jacintho Gomes de Souza, Staff, 115-128, 145, 139, 143, 134, 135 Katia Martins Araki de Abreu, Staff, 115-128, 136-137 Katia Suzane Sant Anna Valente, Staff, 115-128, 131, 159 Kelly Ann Schreiber, Staff, 115-128


Laercio Magalhães Pellegrino III, JK, 102-105 Lara Gurgel Torres, 7th, 58-61, 70-71 Larissa Azevedo, PTA, 4 Laura Addor Ximenes, 2nd, 88-91 Laura Fintelman Fonseca, N, 106-109 Laura Sarti Bruno Sant´Anna, 3rd, 84-87 Laura Soares de Mendonça, 3rd, 84-87 Leandro Macedo Janke, Staff, 115-128, 145 Leïa Albane Evelyne Le Luherne, 4th, 80-83 Leonardo Bastin Smith, 5th, 76-79 Leonardo Lomba Resende, Staff, 115-128 Leonardo Martins Barbosa, Staff, 115-128, 3 Leonardo Pacheco Moraes, Staff, 115-128, 136-137 Leonardo Pereira da Silva, Staff, 115-128 Leonardo Ruffo Rezende, 4th, 80-83, 135 Letícia Albagli Gentil Machado, 6th, 64-67, 130, 70-71, 73 Letícia Freitas Troncoso, 5th, 76-79 Leticia Hoehl Loureiro Souza Santos, 6th, 64-67 170

Lina Flor Sodré dos Reis Mac Niven, SK, 98-101 Lina Tardin Anda, 4th, 80-83, 135 Livia Amaral da Fontoura, 4th, 80-83 Livia Rebello Dutra, PN, 110-113, 106 Louise Marie Bergold Barros, SK, 98-101, 132-133 Luana Breno Ferreira Figueiredo, Staff, 115-128, 162-163 Luana Fransolino Monteiro Nobre, Staff, 115-128, 130, 158 Luca Terziani Lang, 3rd, 84-87, 72 Lucas Barroso Lopes de Almeida Ramos, 1st, 92-95 Lucas Carneiro Leão Verbicario, SK, 98-101 Lucas Coreixas Fonseca, SK, 98-101, 72, 136-137 Lucas Curvelo de Oliveira Bueno do Prado, SK, 98101, 132-133 Lucas Fernández y Fernández Lopes, 7th, 58-61, 70-71 Lucas Kubis Baumeier, 7th, 58-61, 70-71 Lucas Longo de Almeida, 7th, 58-61, 73 Lucas Marinovic de Almeida Rego, 7th, 58-61, 70-71 Lucas Reis Lockmann, 5th, 76-79 Lucas Seixas Calixto de Andrade, 2nd, 88-91, 145 Lucas Vidal da Trindade Amorim, 2nd, 88-91, 145 Lucca Amaral Mauro Menta, 9th, 40-43, 145, 48-49, 156-157, 132-133, 149 , 148, 140-141, 160 Lucca Chernicharo Pavetits, 4th, 80-83, 134 135 Lucia Dutra Franklin dos Santos, Staff, 115-128, 132133, 136-137 150 Luciana Oliveira Nogueira, Staff, 115-128 Luciana Pereira do Prado, Staff, 115-128, 139, 143, 135, 150 Lucimar Targino da Silva, Staff, 115-128 Lucineide Sousa do Nascimento, Staff, 115-128, 132-133 Luis Philipe Hawtrey de Laport, 5th, 76-79 Luis Virginio do Nascimento, Staff, 115-128 Luísa Asturiano Bento de Souza, 2nd, 88-91 Luísa Biasoli, 135 Luisa Carolina Faissol Gilberto Oliveira, 9th, 40-43, 139, 149 , 148 Luisa Franklin Castro, 8th, 52-55 Luisa Sepulveda Lustosa, PN, 110-113, 132-133 Luiz Fernando Freire, Staff, 115-128, 134 Luiz Henrique Sauerbronn Derraik, 2nd, 88-91 Luiza Bertoldo Seda, 6th, 64-67, 130, 70-71 Luiza Carneiro Padovano, 12th, 6-7, 13, 25-27, 130, 3, 145, 139, 50, 48-49, 154-155, 132-133, 134, 150, 158, 159, 164 Luiza Duncan Schmid, 2nd, 88-91, 145, 96 Luiza Estevez de Matos, JK, 102-105 Luiza Lopes de Carvalho de Moura Estevão, 3rd, 84-87 Luiza Melo de Lima Costa, N, 106-109, 106 Luiza Nesello Bela, 3rd, 84-87, 153, 72 Luiza Seixas Dubeux, 4th, 80-83, 96, 153, 135 Luiza Teles Correia, 4th, 80-83, 153, 135 Luiza Thomé Garcia, N, 106-109 Luiza Torres Brandão, 3rd, 84-87, 132-133, 72


Maimuna Jawo, 10th, 34-37, 130, 131, 143, 149, 140-141 Maíra Fagundes Tomazini, Staff, 115-128, 135, 150 Maitê da Luz Fonseca, 1st, 92-95 Mamudo Djante, Staff, 115-128 Manoela de Lennhoff Reis, 9th, 40-43, 145, 132-133, 149, 148 Manoela Maranhão Bosschart, Staff, 115-128 Manoela Torres Brandão, 4th, 80-83, 96, 153, 135 Manuel Batista Oreiro, PN, 110-113 Manuela Araujo Gomes Sousa da Silva, 7th, 58-61, 3 Manuela Benzi Georges Freitas de Souza, 4th, 8083, 135 Manuela Cardoso de La Cerda, 9th, 40-43, 145, 48-49, 154-155, 156-157, 132-133, 149, 150 148, 140-141, 150 Manuela Gomes Rangel, SK, 98-101, 136-137 Manuela Pessoa Santos Lardosa, SK, 98-101, 135 Manuela Sbaffi Kendler, PN, 110-113, 132-133 Manuela Simões Campos Pinheiro, 10th, 34-37, 131, 139, 143, 132-133, 149, 158, 146-147, 148 Manuela Taboada Viana, 4th, 80-83, 135 Manuela Vasconcellos da Cruz Salomão, 6th, 64-67,

136-137 Manuela Vieira Borgerth, 5th, 76-79 Marcela Gomes, PTA, 4 Marcella Chernicharo Pavetits, 7th, 58-61, 70-71 Marcelo Basile Gea, 7th, 58-61, 70-71 Marcelo Camera Fernandes Pinto, Staff, 115-128, 130, 132-133, 134, 136-137 Marcelo de Souza Lima Bezerra, JK, 102-105 Marcelo França Fernandes, PTA, 4 Marcia do Amaral Prudencio, Staff, 115-128, 145, 139, 143, 134 135, 150 Marcia Honorato, PTA, 4, 135 Marcia Lourenco Vidal, Staff, 115-128 Marco Antonio Ferreira Teixeira, Staff, 115-128, 50, 161 Marcos Paulo Gomes de Oliveira, Staff, 115-128 Maria Alice Barros de Alarcão Barata Magalhães, N, 106-109 Maria Alice Gouvêa Loureiro Pícoli, Staff, 115-128, 136-137 Maria Alice Kessler Palhares, PN, 110-113, 132-133 Maria Alice Maranhão de Castro Gonçalves Pereira de Souza, PN, 110-113 Maria Antônia Curvelo de Oliveira Aleksandrowicz, SK, 98-101 Maria Antônia de Souza Pinto Menes, 1st, 92-95 Maria Antonia Freire Lourenço Gomes, 5th, 76-79 Maria Antônia Môcho Argetojanu, JK, 102-105, 106 Maria Beatriz Siqueira Mattos, JK, 102-105, 106 Maria Bernadete Constancio Pereira, Staff, 115-128 Maria Bicudo de Miranda Costa, 3rd, 84-87, 96 Maria Carolina Perico Perez, 9th, 40-43, 145, 139 154-155, 132-133, 149, 150 148, 140-141, 150 Maria Cecília Mendonça Raymundo, 1st, 92-95, 131 Maria Clara Albuquerque de Araújo, 12th, 6-7, 14, 25-27, 130, 3, 6-7, 143, 50, 48-49, 156-157, 132133, 134, 158, 46, 140-141, 161 Maria Clara de Carvalho Bastos, 1st, 92-95 Maria Clara de Carvalho Rivelli, 9th, 40-43, 145, 48-49, 149, 148 Maria Clara Montenegro Gomes, 6th, 64-67, 70-71, 73, 136-137 Maria Clara Périco Perez, 10th, 34-37, 131, 3, 145, 139, 48-49, 154-155, 156-157, 132-133, 149, 150, 146-147, 148, 140-141 Maria Clara Pires e Albuquerque de Berrêdo, 7th, 58-61 Maria Clara Quintella Bobsin, 1st, 92-95 Maria Clara Studart Hipolito Mendes, 6th, 64-67, 3 70-71, 132-133, 134, 136-137 Maria Cristina de Barros Telles, Staff, 115-128, 136137 Maria Cristina de Souza Machado, Staff, 115-128, 134, 46 Maria da Penha Luna, Staff, 115-128 Maria de Fátima Oliveira dos Santos, Staff, 115-128 Maria Eduarda Alcantara dos Santos da Silva, 10th, 34-37, 131, 3, 145, 139, 143, 48-49, 154-155, 156157, 132-133, 149, 150, 146-147, 148, 150 Maria Eduarda Carvalho da Silveira Fernandes, N, 106-109 Maria Eduarda Fabregas Ferreira, 2nd, 88-91, 96 Maria Eduarda Fintelmam Fonseca, SK, 98-101 Maria Eduarda Gama Froes, 1st, 92-95 Maria Eduarda Lacerda Kalache, 1st, 92-95 Maria Eduarda Moreira Machado Alencar, Staff, 115-128 Maria Eduarda Rocha de Vilhena, 10th, 34-37, 131,145, 139, 143, 50, 156-157, 132-133, 158, 46, 148, 150 Maria Fernanda Almeida de Camargo Penteado, 9th, 40-43, 132-133, 148 Maria Fernanda Batista Gomes Netto, 5th, 76-79, 96 Maria Fernanda Cabral Scarlato, PN, 110-113, 132133 Maria Fernanda Capotorto Cotta Pereira, 7th, 58-61 Maria Fernanda Cunha da Rocha Nazar, 10th, 3437, 131, 139, 143, 48-49, 132-133, 158, 146-147 Maria Fernanda de Moraes Soares, 11th, 28-31 143 , 132-133, 146-147 Maria Fernanda Petrelli Silva Dias, 4th, 80-83 , 153, 135

Maria Guadalupe Neves Pereira Bastos Tigre, 10th, 34-37, 131, 139, 143, 48-49, 132-133, 150, 135, 146-147, 150 Maria Isabel Magalhães Rodrigues, 2nd, 88-91, 96, 132-133 Maria Isabela Curvelo de Oliveira Bueno do Prado, 5th, 76-79 Maria Jose da Conceição, Staff, 115-128 Maria José Teofilo da Silva, Staff, 115-128 Maria Julia Lobato Ribeiro, N, 106-109, 72 Maria Julia Roris Scavarda de Souza Pinto, 6th, 6467, 130, 70-71 Maria Julia Sotto Mayor Bressan Wellisch, 6th, 6467, 130 Maria Kneip Dantas, PTA, 4 Maria Luísa Biasoli de Miranda, 3rd, 84-87, 132-133 Maria Luisa Junqueira Barros, JK, 102-105, 106 Maria Luisa Ramalho Pessoa Albuquerque de Brito, 11th, 28-31, 145, 143, 48-49, 132-133, 148 Maria Luísa Selvatici Mucci, 1st, 92-95 Maria Luiza Coelho Rodrigues, PN, 110-113, 132133 Maria Luiza de Souza Campos Alves, JK, 102-105, 106 Maria Luiza Nicacia Fernandes Palma Monteiro, JK, 102-105 Maria Luiza Sumares Biar, JK, 102-105 Maria Manuela Chermont de Britto Santos Pereira, 5th, 76-79 Maria Mello Franco Caldas Bertoletti, 2nd, 88-91, 152 Maria Neide dos Santos, Staff, 115-128, 139, 132133, 162-163 Maria Roberta Petrelli Silva Dias, 9th, 40-43, 145, 50, 48-49, 154-155, 156-157, 132-133, 149, 146147, 148, 161 Maria Thereza Kessler Palhares, JK, 102-105 Maria Valentina Cavalcanti de Lucena Sanches, 5th, 76-79 Maria Vasconcellos Quartucci, 2nd, 88-91 Mariana Bastos Cunha, 8th, 52-55, 70-71, 154-155, 156-157, 72, 158 Mariana Carvalho de Oliveira Pires dos Santos, 4th, 80-83, 96, 135 Mariana Corrêa Azevedo, 2nd, 88-91 Mariana Costa Barros Emilio, 1st, 92-95 Mariana de Souza Pereira, N, 106-109 Mariana de Souza Pinto Freire, Staff, 115-128 136137 Mariana Duarte Maya Ferreira, 4th, 80-83, 96, 135 Mariana Mourino , Staff, 115-128 Mariana Passos, PTA, 4 Mariana Sartore Guimarães, 5th, 76-79, 135 Marianna Harfield Brasil Vianna Araújo, 8th, 52-55, 3 70-71 Marina Aguilar Itzaina, 9th, 40-43, 3, 145, 132-133, 149, 150, 146-147, 148, 150 Marina Chaves Fernandes, 4th, 80-83 Marina Duncan Schmid, SK, 98-101 Marina Lamas Koria, 11th, 28-31, 3, 145, 139, 143, 50, 48-49, 132-133, 134, 149, 46, 47, 140-141, 150 Marina Vanderput Stanton, Staff, 115-128, 132-133, 134, 136-137 Mario dos Passos Basilio de Oliveira, N, 106-109 Marisa Tavares Vieira de Mello, Staff, 115-128, 136137 Mateus D’Avila Franca de Souza, 3rd, 84-87, 153 Mateus Leonardo Lopes, JK, 102-105 Mateus Rodrigues do Coutto Gil, 1st, 92-95 Mateus Sze Cosenza, 12th, 6-7, 15, 25-27, 48-49, 132-133 , 47 Matheus Andrade Honório, 2nd, 88-91 Matheus Benzi Georges Freitas de Souza, 9th, 4043, 145, 50, 154-155, 156-157, 149, 148, 140-141 Matheus Morolli Cabral de Menezes, N, 106-109 Matheus Pereira da Silva, JK, 102-105, 106, 132-133 Matteo Fidalgo de Melo, 2nd, 88-91 Maxwell da Silva Souza, Staff, 115-128 Maya Kirila Carmo, N, 106-109 Melany Avila Andrade, 5th, 76-79 Melissa Cardoso Carvalho Fernandes, Staff, 115128, 132-133, 162-163 Melissa Cerqueira Braga, N, 106-109, 131

Mia Bridger Kurtz, 3rd, 84-87, 96 Miguel Araujo Gomes Sousa da Silva, 2nd, 88-91 Miguel de Sá Kempers Vieira, 5th, 76-79 Miguel Fernandes Fontes, SK, 98-101 Miguel Sbaffi Kendler, SK, 98-101 Miguel Thomaz Altoé, PN, 110-113, 132-133 Miguel Vasques Pimentel, PN, 110-113, 132-133 Milena Monnerat Yoshino, 1st, 92-95, 72 Miranda Juanita Teixeira de Mello Barros, 2nd, 88-91 Mônica Maciel, Staff, 115-128 Monica Palhano Daher Merchak, Staff, 115-128, 130, 132-133 Monica Ramaciotti, Staff, 115-128 Moysés Vasques Pimentel, JK, 102-105


Natália Maciel Guedes, 10th, 34-37, 131, 3, 139, 143, 48-49, 150, 46, 148, 140-141, 150 Natália Rodrigues Abreu Diniz, 6th, 64-67, 136-137, 135 Natália Silva de Lima, 7th, 58-61 Nicholas Hoara dos Santos Cavalcante, 9th, 40-43, 149, 148 Nicholas Reis Lockmann, 1st, 92-95 Nicolas Espasandin Lemseyan, 8th, 52-55, 70-71, 156-157, 72 Nícolas Schubert Andreetto Perillo, N, 106-109 Nicolas Vieira Gabriel José, 4th, 80-83 Nicole Marinho Vieira Weiss, 12th, 3, 6-7, 15, 25-27, 130, 50, 154-155, 156-157, 132-133, 134, 136-137, 47, 140-141, 159 Nicollas Colens de Carvalho, 5th, 76-79 Nisia Crespo, Board, 4


Olga de Souza, Board, 4 Olga Leira Martins, Staff, 115-128, 151 Olívia Arada Martins Leite, JK, 102-105 Olivia Bridge Solberg, PN, 110-113, 106, 132-133 Olivia Cerqueira Braga, SK, 98-101, 136-137 Olivia Cunha Lima, SK, 98-101, 152 Olivia de Albuquerque Mello da Costa, 3rd, 84-87 Olívia Mendes Lumer, 2nd, 88-91 Olivia Quintella Maciel, PN, 110-113, 132-133 Olivia Romano Daudt, SK, 98-101 Otaciano Miguel da Silva, Staff, 115-128


Pamina Pinhão, Staff, 115-128, 132-133 Paola Formica, 8th, 52-55, 70-71 Patricia Ribeiro Ameijeira, Staff, 115-128, 132-133, 136-137 Patrick Varela Gomes, PN, 110-113, 132-133 Paula Aguilar Itzaina, 8th, 52-55, 3, 161 Paula Figueiredo, PTA, 4 Paula Maria Gomes Pacheco Barreto, Staff, 115-128 Paula Rodrigues Alves, Staff, 115-128, 135, 150 Paulo Cesar Fernandes, Staff, 115-128 Paulo Roberto Barreto Matos, Staff, 115-128 Paulo Rogerio Ferreira do Nascimento, Staff, 115128 Pedro Albuquerque de Araújo, 6th, 64-67, 135 Pedro Américo Soares de Paula Chaves, 9th, 40-43, 48-49, 156-157, 149, 148 Pedro Arthur Hawtrey de Laport, 12th, 6-7, 17, 2527, 143, 134, 146-147 Pedro Augusto Boller Jacy Monteiro, 9th, 40-43, 3, 149, 148 Pedro Carvalho Pinto Corrêa Justo, 1st, 92-95 Pedro Chames Carvalho, 12th, 3, 6-7, 18, 25-27, 139, 50, 48-49, 132-133, 134, 149, 14 Pedro Debellian Viveiros, JK, 102-105 Pedro dos Santos Coppelli, Staff, 115-128 Pedro Dutra Vieira Ferreira, 2nd, 88-91 Pedro Estevez de Matos, PN, 110-113 Pedro Freitas Madeira, 1st, 92-95 Pedro Furtado Camacho, 2nd, 88-91 Pedro Gama Froes, 4th, 80-83, 135 Pedro Gondim Sabát, 5th, 76-79 Pedro Henrique Silva de Lima, 4th, 80-83 Pedro Henrique Venancio Amaral, 5th, 76-79 Pedro Lauterjung Straccini Pires da Silva, JK, 102105

Pedro Marques Aguiar de Souza, JK, 102-105 Pedro Mendes de Almeida, N, 106-109, 106 Pedro Mendes Inocencio da Silva, 9th, 40-43, 145, 48-49, 156-157, 140-141 Pedro Moura da Fonseca, 3rd, 84-87 Pedro Murtinho Botelho Ferreira, 7th, 58-61, 70-71 Pedro Nicolau Colares Monteiro de Almeida, N, 106-109 Pedro Otakar Braga Svacina, PN, 110-113 Pedro Pacheco de Mello Dutra, 10th, 34-37, 131, 156-157, 149, 148 Pedro Pinelli Caldas da Cunha, PN, 110-113 Pedro Podcameni da Costa Lima, 9th, 40-43, 145 Pedro Quagliani Andrade Silva, 12th, 6-7, 19, 25-27, 154-155, 132-133, 134, 149 146-147, 159 Pedro Valladares Filgueiras, 10th, 34-37, 131, 145, 149, 150, 148 Pedro Vidal da Trindade Amorim, JK, 102-105 Pietra Canuto Lima Recchioni, 1st, 92-95 Pillar Cavalcanti de Lucena Sanches, 2nd, 88-91, 145


Rachel Nemitz, 3rd, 84-87 Rafael Alberto de Almeida Costa, Staff, 115-128 Rafael Arada Martins Leite, 2nd, 88-91 Rafael Araki Barcelos de Abreu, 1st, 92-95, 96 Rafael Araújo Varanda de Oliveira, N, 106-109 Rafael Capucci d´Ávila, 4th, 80-83, 96, 135 Rafael Chame Lima, N, 106-109, 106 Rafael Coreixas Fonseca, 2nd, 88-91 Rafael Costa de Oliveira, Staff, 115-128 Rafael Fernandes Von Kriiger, N, 106-109 Rafael Linhares da Silva Sanches, 6th, 64-67 Rafael Luís Mendonça Raymundo, JK, 102-105 Rafael Moreira Leite, PN, 110-113, 132-133 Rafael Nascimento de Souza, Staff, 115-128 Rafael Oliveira Nedungadi, 2nd, 88-91 Rafael Pestana Coser, PN, 110-113, 132-133 Rafael Ribeiro Nunes, 2nd, 88-91 Rafael Santos da Silva, Staff, 5, 115-128 Rafael Simões Lannes, 7th, 58-61 Rafael Sumares Biar, 1st, 92-95 Rafael Tavares, 9th, 40-43, 145, 48-49, 154-155, 156-157, 132-133, 149, 148, 160 Rafael Vergili Hansen, 7th, 58-61 Rafaela Bastos de Mello, 1st, 92-95 Rafaela dos Santos Ciampolini, 7th, 58-61, 70-71, 73 Rafaela Otoch Martins Maya Ferreira, 2nd, 88-91, 96 Rafaella Portella Ferreira Drumond de Avellar, 11th, 28-31, 145 Raffaela Sauerbronn, Board, 4 Raphael Capella Medeiros, Staff, 115-128 Raphaela Correa Ferreira Portela, Staff, 115-128 Raquel da Silva Braga, Staff, 115-128 Ravi Oliveira Nedungadi, 7th, 58-61, 130, 70-71 Rebeca Roris de Oliveira, 9th, 40-43, 145, 132-133, 149, 148, 140-141 Rebecca de Faria Milet Pereira, 3rd, 84-87 Rebecca Gonçalves Basilio Weber, 6th, 64-67, 130 Renan da Silva Venâncio Loureiro, 3rd, 84-87 Renan Neves Micha, Staff, 115-128 Renata Aragao Gomes de Araujo, Staff, 115-128, 150 Renata de Freitas Ghiotti, Staff, 115-128 Renata de Oliveira Allevato, 5th, 76-79 Renata Faria de Freitas, Staff, 115-128 Renata Maria Gomez de Menezes, Staff, 115-128, 152 Renata Rezende, Board, 4


Ricardo José da Silva Feitosa, Staff, 115-128, 3 Ricardo Safini, Board, 4 Richard Nicolas Hill, Staff, 115-128 Roberta Pereira Alves Ramos, Staff, 115-128 Roberta Rebello, PTA, 4 Rodrigo Médici de Oliveira Barroso, 10th, 34-37, 131, 145, 48-49, 132-133, 148, 150 Rodrigo Sacramento da Silva, Staff, 115-128 Rodrigo Silva de Souza, Staff, 115-128 Rodrigo Vasques Silva Provençano, SK, 98-101 Rosana Stepanski Paes, Staff, 115-128, 130, 134, 46 171

Roseli Ferreira da Silva de Lima, Staff, 115-128 Rubens Americano Alves de Brito Araujo, 12th, 6-7, 20, 25-27, 48-49, 134


Sabrina Maestrello, 11th, 28-31, 130 Samantha Espasandin Lemseyan, 6th, 64-67, 130, 70-71, 160 Samuel Mendonça Cresta, 8th, 52-55 Samuel Munhoz Fernandes Ferreira da Silva, 5th, 76-79, 96 Sandra Rosana Xavier, Staff, 115-128, 164 Sandra Suzano Silva de Andrade, Staff, 115-128, 134 Sarita Carratte, 135 Savio Lucio França Vieira, Staff, 115-128 Selma Rodrigues, Staff, 115-128 Sérgio Barros Santos, Staff, 115-128 Silvano Constancio da Silva, Staff, 115-128 Silvia Patricia de Paschoal Zilli, Staff, 115-128, 145, 136-137 Simone Campos Fernandes de Lima, Staff, 115-128, 136-137, 150, 151 Simone Rangel de Souza, Staff, 115-128 Simone Rivas, Board, 4 Sofia Bueno Saltz, N, 106-109, 106 Sofia Carvalho Fick, 9th, 40-43, 145, 139, 132-133, 149, 150 148, 140-141, 150 Sofia Cunha Lima, 5th, 76-79 Sofia Cunha Mellin, 1st, 92-95 Sofia dos Passos Basilio de Oliveira, 2nd, 88-91, 145 Sofia Leal Murad, JK, 102-105 Sofia Lopes Beraldo, 8th, 52-55, 70-71, 158 Sofia Maciel Fernandes Guedes, 11th, 28-31, 143, 149, 150, 148 Sofia Magalhães da Silveira Sbalchiero, 1st, 92-95 Sofia Matos de Almeida Feijó Sampaio Berwanger, 10th, 34-37, 131, 139, 143, 48-49, 134, 146-147 Sofia May Khader Salem, N, 106-109 Sofia Principe Schmidt, 11th, 28-31, 145, 50, , 48-49, 132-133, 140-141 Sofia Sad Conde de Miranda Costa, SK, 98-101 Sofia Tenório del Campo Benchimol Feistein, 10th, 34-37, 131, 145, 139, 48-49, 132-133, 149, 158, 148, 140-141, 150 Sophia Cappa, 3rd, 84-87, 96, 132-133, 72 Sophia Caroline Rodrigues Leira, 6th, 64-67, 130 , 70-71 Sophia Helena Silvério Jardinette, 5th, 76-79 Sophia Kneip Rezende Auton, 8th, 52-55, 70-71 Sophia Ravazzano Rothier Dias Leite de Oliveira, 4th, 80-83, 135 Stephanie Agarez de Brito Rosa, 12th, 6-7, 21, 2527, 48-49 Steven Michael Paone, Staff, 115-128, 136-137 Suzana Goncalves Weber, Staff, 115-128 Suzana Vergaças Rodrigues, Staff, 115-128


Tabatha Duarte Albertassi, 6th, 64-67, 70-71, 136137 Tadeu Marcos Alves, Staff, 115-128 Tatiana Pizzolante, PTA, 4 Teo Cores Bertin, 12th, 6-7, 22, 25-27, 50, 130, 143, 152, 48-49, 154-155, 156-157, 132-133, 134, 149, 146-147, 148, 160, 159 Tereza Angelique Biggers, Staff, 115-128 Thaís de Almeida Cannavezes, Staff, 115-128 Thais Machado Sampaio Silvestre, Staff, 115-128 Thais Vianna, PTA, 4 Thales Rodrigues Gonçalves de Oliveira, 7th, 58-61, 70-71, 73 Thays Maria da Silva, Staff, 115-128 Theo Lopes Franco, 2nd, 88-91 Theo Magalhães Bubolz, 6th, 64-67, 70-71 Théo Sirigni Nunes, 2nd, 88-9 Theo Vasconcelos de Carvalho, 11th, 28-31, 3, 145, 50, 48-49, 156-157, 149, 150, 160, 159 Thiago Camara Peralta, 7th, 58-61, 70-71 Thiago Daibes Rachid de Faria, 8th, 52-55, 70-71, 73 Thiago de Albuquerque Mello da Costa, 8th, 52-55, 154-155, 73 172

Thiago Oliveira Santos, Staff, 115-128 Thiago Salles Coelho Schmitt Silva, 4th, 80-83, 96, 153 Thomas Alistair Oliveira Dougall, 1st, 92-95, 96 Thomás Campos Fonseca, 12th, 6-7, 23, 25-27, 130, 145, 152, 48-49, 132-133, 148 Thomaz Pereira Dolce, SK, 98-101 Tomás da Costa Brasil, 11th, 28-31, 48-49, 149 Tomas Ingouville, N, 106-109


Vagner Evangelista Silva, Staff, 115-128 Valentina Cohn Pires, N, 106-109 Valentina de Andrada, 9th, 40-43, 145, 139, 132-133, 149, 148, 140-141 Valentina de Carvalho Bitetti, 5th, 76-79 Valentina Egypto Rosa Rodrigues, JK, 102-105 Valentina Moura Calmon de Britto, 1st, 92-95 Valentina Pitangueira Cardoso Carrancho, JK, 102105 Valentina Rabelo Pires de Almeida R., 4th, 80-83, 139, 96, 153, 135 Valentina Rocco de Souza, 4th, 80-83, 96, 135 Valentina Silveira Eyler Póvoa, 1st, 92-95 Valeria Luna da Silva, Staff, 115-128 Vera Lucia Marsden, Staff, 115-128 Vicente Sodre de Amorim e Castro Lyra, 2nd, 88-91 Victor Carratte Cherman, 10th, 34-37, 131, 143, 132-133 Victor Dias Gomes Machado, PN, 110-113, 132-133, 72 Victor Ferreira e Silva Safini Gama, 2nd, 88-91 Victor Matheus Lourenço Raphael, 8th, 52-55, 70-71, 73 Victor Monteiro Carneiro Carvalho, 7th, 58-61 Victória Fonseca do Amaral Assunção, 7th, 58-61 Vincent F. Spevack, Staff, 115-128 Virginio do Nascimento, Staff, 115-128 Vitória Almeida de Camargo Penteado, 7th, 58-61, 130, 70-71 Vitória Duarte Paiva de Brito, JK, 102-105 Vladimir Ferreira Conceição Felizardo, Staff, 115-128


Waldeir Leite de Souza, Staff, 26, 115-128, 154-155 Walmir de Souza, Staff, 115-128, 156-157, 160 Wanderley de Oliveira da Silva, Staff, 115-128 Wilson Dias Mello, Staff, 115-128


Yuesheng Luo, PN, 110-113, 132-133 Yuri Vasconcelos de Carvalho, 8th, 52-55, 70-71


Zeno Pinheiro Camera, 12th, 3, 6-7, 24, 25-27, 4849, 50, 130, 132-133, 134, 146-147, 164









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Escola Nossa Senhora da Misericórda - Our Ladyof Mercy School - OLM - Yearbook 2019  

One of the best parts of going to school is the year-end yearbook. It gives a memorable account of an entire educational year that is enjoye...

Escola Nossa Senhora da Misericórda - Our Ladyof Mercy School - OLM - Yearbook 2019  

One of the best parts of going to school is the year-end yearbook. It gives a memorable account of an entire educational year that is enjoye...