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Feminine Wiles

Early on, a college painting professor labeled me a colorist; I’ve always been drawn to color and color theory, and one of my first color experiences was with fashion in classic films. As a little girl, I imagined myself in those beautiful clothes, becoming those charismatic leading ladies. Now as a grown woman, I’ve found myself analyzing the use of color in the establishment of character – the reasoning behind why the film’s costume director chose a particular gown, in a particular shade, for a particular scene. For this first series, which I’ve tentatively titled “Feminine Wiles”,  I’m focusing on the fashion of iconic female film characters. Each painting is a small abstract portrait of a character, of how that character is defined by a particular costume choice.   The first painting is a study of Audrey Hepburn’s Holly Golightly from Breakfast at Tiffany’s. While the character’s series of elegant little black dresses is synonymous with the character, I’ve always been drawn to the pink Givenchy cocktail dress. The character is wearing this confection in the midst of wooing her Brazilian milimages found here here and here 17

The Woven Tale Press Vol. II #4  

An Eclectic Culling of the Creative Web: This Month, Something Extraordinary, Feminine Wiles, Cartoon/Photo Mash-Ups, and more.

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