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Anderson County, SC Wills (Digital Images) How Anderson County was formed. In 1777 after Cherokee Indians signed a treaty ceding its lands to the state, part of the Indian Land became known as Pendleton District (the old deeds also refer to it as the Washington District). In 1790, the town was Pendleton was founded, later becoming a popular summer resort for low country planters in the nineteenth century. In 1826 Pendleton district was divided into Pickens and Anderson Counties. Anderson County was named after the Revolutionary War General Robert Anderson (17411812). Most of the early settlers of this area were Scotch-Irish farmers who moved south from Pennsylvania and Virginia in the eighteenth century. The original will documents for Anderson County, South Carolina have been added. To view these documents, you must be a member. Wills, Estates, Documents Available to Members of South Carolina Pioneers.Net • Anderson County Will Book A (Abstracts) • Map of Anderson County • Anderson County Will Book A (Abstracts) • Index to Anderson County Will Book A (1791-1834) <blockquote>Digital Images of Original Will Documents: Names of Testators: Compton, James; Corben, Peter;Dalrumple, Samuel;Findly, Samuel;Gantt, Giles;Gibson, Randolph;Harris, James S., LWT (1831); Major, Elijah, estate (1865);Perkins, Isaac;Pickens, Robert;Pollack, John;Shelton, Lewis;Simms, James;Sinkler, Charles;Smith, John; Thompson, James; Thompson,Mathew;West, Jonathan • Index to Anderson County Will Book B 1835-1845 <blockquote> Digital Images of Original Will Documents: Testators:Alexander, Aaron; Bowie, Charles;Bowie, Wesley;Brown, George;Browne, Elijah;Buchanan, Ebenezer;Burriss, James;Burriss, John;Burt, Francis;Burt, Moody;Carson, James;Clarke, Matthew; Clinkscales, Francis;Clinkscales, Levi;Corr, John;Cox, William;Cox, William(2); Dalrymple, Sarah; Dean, Gwinney;Earle, John; Elliott, William;Elliott, William (2);Elrod, Isaac; Elrod, Jeremiah;Emerson, Samuel;Fant, Jesse;Forsythe, William; Gentry, John;Gillison, Archibald;Goode, Lewelling;Gordon, Robert;Griffin, James;Guttry, David;Guyton, Aaron;Guyton, Robert;Harper, John; Harper, William; Harris, James; Harris, John; Harris, Nathaniel; Ingram, John;Jennings, John; Johnson, John; Junkin, Margaret; Junkin, Robert;Kelly, Elisha; Keown, William; Lewis, Eleanor; Lewis, Sarah;Linley, John; Major, Joseph; Martin, David; Martin, David (2);Mason, Ambrose;

McAllister, Nathan;McCoy, James; McCurday, William; McFee, Samuel;McGee, Jesse;McGill, Samuel; McLin, Hugh; Milford, John; Miller, Crosby; Mills, Elizabeth; Moorhead, John; Morris, John;O'Briant, Jesse; Oldham, George; Poole, Robert; Poor, Hugh; Pressly, Rachel; Pritchard, William; Ragsdale, Frances; Ralston, Robert; Reese, George; Richardson, Turner; Ritchie, John; Scott, James; Scuddy, Agustine; Sherrill, Lewis;Smith, John; Stanton, George; Stegall, Hensley;Stevenson, Joseph; Storey, Charles;Todd, Robert;Tucker, Bartley; Turpin, William; Warren, Samuel; Warnock, James;Warnock, John; Watson, David; Watson, David(2); Watson, Thomas;Webster, James; Williams, Stephen; Wilson, James; Wilson, Ralph;Winter, Dinah; Wright, Larkin </blockquote> • Index to Anderson County Will Book C 1791-1798 • Map of Anderson County

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Anderson County, SC Wills  

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