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PROFESSIONAL LEARNING COMMUNITIES SESSION 1 - PROPOSAL Date: Monday Friday 4th October 2013 Group: Generic to be adapted

Time: 2.05 – 3.30 Venue:

Aim: to introduce the Learning Communities for 2013-14 and start the process of sharing best practice in Post-16 learning, differentiation and literacy in a challenging and supportive environment. Time

Item & aims



Speed dating Promote sharing and openness whilst celebrating success. Gather information on participants’ needs.

LC programmes • 2 rows (A & B), facing each other • 2 minutes for pair to discuss 1 thing you are proud of and


Record wishes Make record of participants’ needs so LC can be tailored.

• Record wishes on flipchart / sugar paper


Ground rules Identify components of a great LC / groundrules.


• •

hopes from this LC Row A moves along one space and repeat Repeat 1-2 more times

Sentence snakes • Individually, write a stream of consciousness for 1 minute on topic A Great Learning Community – no stopping, no punctuation • Group[s of 3-4: create a sentence snake. First person starts with 1 word (jot it onto post-it), second person continues the sentence with second word (jot onto post-it and place next to first), third person adds third word post it. Continue until you have a full sentence which explains A Great LC. • Whole group: make a sentence snake with the whole group – 1 facilitator leads and one facilitator scribes on flipchart/whiteboard • Overview of the LC process

Flipchart / sugar paper Pens Scrap paper Pens Post-its

Whiteboard/ flipchart Pen


Input / take away activity To develop aspects of great practice.

G&T: what does G&T look like in the classroom? EAL: planning for inclusion and developing language SEN: TBC Literacy: TBC Post16: exploring the outstanding criteria



Audit current practice • Explore current practice in literacy/differentiation/Post-16

• Introduction to individual audit of current practice • Sharing current good practice and focus for development

Audits Post-16 OFSTED


Resources & reading • Introduce resources and allocate responsibility to leading on various aspects




Session ends

with partner / triad

Task: each person to select one of the resources in the pack to look at before the next session on 17.10.13. Think about how the strategy might be used the students; how it could be tailored to your subject area and perhaps try something out in lessons. Facilitator: Share research tasks and divide responsibilities within the group. You can organise this according to interest; however, try to have two people looking at the same resource. • Distribute resources and readings • Identifying pair / triad to be responsible for exploring in depth and trialling 1 strategy ready to report back in session

• In groups of 3-4, evaluate LC 1

Evaluation forms

All resources are available in T:\Staff Resources\Professional Development\2013-14\Learning Communities PHS G&T information can be found in T:\Staff Resources\Gifted & Talented

Lc session 1  
Lc session 1