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a collection of activities Sandra Andrei

/CV SANDRA ANDREI | +40722 201 898 | @orhideae | issuu: sandrandrei date of birth: 02.01.1992 | address: Str. Ghirlandei no.1, 300231, Timișoara, Romania


Integrated Masters in Architecture - M.Arch., Architecture and Urbanism Faculty, Polytechnic University of Timișoara, Romania 2017: Masters Project and Dissertation titled Old Cigarettes Factory of Timișoara Refurbishment, graded 9,10 (0-10 grade system)

2015 - 2016

Architecture Department, Universidade de Coimbra, Portugal Erasmus Program scholarship

2013 - 2015

Didactic Staff Preparation Course - education psychology, Polytechnic University of Timișoara, Romania

PROFESSIONAL EXPERIENCE 2018, march present 2018, april present 2017, november 2018, february 2017, august october 2016, july november 2016 - present

2015, july september 2015, june - july

BETA – Timișoara Architecture Biennial 2018, Romanian Order of Architects, Timiș Branch Communication and events coordinator, part of the extended team of organizers of the On Housing exhibition TA - Architecture guided tours in Timișoara, Romanian Order of Architects, Timiș Branch Project assistant - promo & communication Corpo Atelier – Vilamoura, Portugal Architect Vitamin Architects, Timișoara, Romania Architect - CH competitions in collaboration with Digitconstruct (CH) BETA – Timișoara Architecture Biennial 2016, Romanian Order of Architects, Timiș Branch Conference, workshops and events coordinator De-a Arhitectura (“Let’s Play Architecture”) Volunteer teacher - optional discipline: architecture and urbanism for 3rd and 4th grade primary school children (10-11 years old) MSB Arquitectura e Planeamento Lda., Funchal, Madeira, Portugal Intern Vitamin Architects, Timișoara, Romania Intern - collaboration on the Europan13 competition

PUBLICATIONS 2018, january june

Andrei, S., Spiridon, A., Zamfira, R. (2018), Unde Locuiesc Eu – Ghid practic pentru cei care caută un apartament, Timișoara, a MOJAR Association editorial project in collaboration with the Romanian Order of Architects. „Where Do I Live – Practical guide for those looking to buy an apartment“, ISBN 978-973-0-27668-8, is an educational material that will be launched on the 1st of October (international housing day), as part of the Timișoara Architecture Biennial BETA 2018.

EXHIBITIONS 2018, may present

On Housing. Collective Housing: In-between Product and Process, BETA 2018 part of the extended organizing team of the main exhibition of the biennial; contributing photographer

2017, 29 october 8 november

The Answering Machine, Vienna Design Week, Europaplatz 1, Vienna Co-curator of the exhibition representing the Architecture and Urbanism Faculty, Polytechnic University of Timișoara, Romania Research on Romanians’ migration, specifically on the alumni of FAUT and the “brain drain” phenonmenon that Romania is currently undergoing

2017, june august

A saudade se traduz, Polytechnic University of Timișoara Library Portugal travel photography exhibition - collaboration with Alexandra Trofin

PRIZES 2015 2013

2012 2010 2002 2001

BAUMIT competition - socialist collective housing thermal rehabilitation Honorable mention Hodoni Mansion garden pavilion 1st prize + construction All Eyes on Nadăș Extracurricular activities and discourse prize Studio project prize Ambient Café – photography competition, Cărturești Bookshop Finalist International Children’s Art Exhibition Japan, painting competition Bronze medal Olympiades 2001: Francophonie, Culture et Arts, painting competition Silver medal



2013 2012

Creative Industries Led by Nana Radenkovic (Nova Iskra, SRB) Architect’s Backstage Led by Daniella Patti and Levente Polyak (, Eutropian, IT & HU) Radical Islands Led by Luca Marullo, Stefano Colombo, Eugenio Cosentino (Parasite 2.0, IT) Workshop de portfolios Led by Ovidiu Hrin (Synopsis, RO) Workshop de urbanismo Led by Mihai Danciu (FAUT, RO) CUCA – vernacular architecture restoration workshops, design and construction of the festival stage Led by Bogdan Isopescu (FAUT, RO) and Dala Cultural Foundation (RO) Hodoni Mansion garden pavilion - building workshop Led by Oana Simionescu and Alex Cozma (FAUT, RO) Sky Hill International Multidisciplinary Workshop Led by Marius Miclăuș (ARCHAEUS Foundation, RO)

SOFTWARE 3D Modelling Render engines Adobe Suite Microsoft Office

Graphisoft ArchiCAD, Rhinoceros, AutoCAD, SketchUP Cinema4D CineRender, V-ray, Artlantis Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign Word, Excel, Powerpoint


Romanian – native language English – advanced – Cambridge Certificate C2, grade A Portuguese, French – upper intermediate level German, Spanish – beginner level, good understanding of written texts, some difficulties in oral and written expression

OTHER INTERESTS cycling / theatre and scenography / cultural projects


Lernplattform Schulhaus Diessenhofen competition

2017, Vitamin Architects (RO), Digitconstruct (CH) Project location: Diessenhofen, Switzerland Work on concept, drawing, visualisations and part of the technical elements

The competition was launched by the Diessenhofen Municipality in the hope of creating a more exible secondary school building, connected to an existing early 20th century primary school. The main challenge of the project was creating the required Aula (multifuncional space) and library open to both volumes, while all the same changing the rigid and uneventful landscape of the schoolyard. Thus, our team’s main proposal was to center the focus on the northern access - the main one, previously dark, unaccessible, with abrupt stairs and narrow paths - and to propose a more endemic landscape, with lots of free space to roam and explore.

Atmospheric view with both schools (existing and proposed) and the main path, leading towards the covered connection

Functional concept

Graphisoft ArchiCAD, Rhinoceros, AutoCAD, Revit, SketchUP Corona, Cinema4D CineRender, V-ray, Artlantis Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign Word, Excel, Powerpoint

Ground floor

First floor

Southern facade

Facade expression and ďŹ nishes

Western facade - main entrance


Diploma Project Old Cigarette Factory Refurbishment (RO) 2016/2017, coordinator: Oana Simionescu Project location: Timișoara Theoretical work + full site reactivation strategy (100.000+ sq.m.) + middle volume conversion project + structural reinforcement project

Coworking space - atmosphere

Ground floor renovation plan

First floor renovation plan

planned new elements Second oor renovation plan

planned demolitions

First floor: - coworking spaces - restaurant

Ground floor: - TM2021 headquarters - café - administrative office


The Answering Machine - Vienna Design Week

2017, Faculty of Architecture and Urbanism, Polytechnic University of Timișoara Project location: Vienna, Austria Co-curator, preparatory drawings

Romania was Vienna Design Week 2017 edition’s guest country and the Architecture Faculty has been invited to showcase something for this event. Considering usual architecture students’ exhibitions featuring futuristic models and eye-catching designs, we realised that it would be more intimate to study the paths of alumni and current students, rather than focusing on objects. What resulted was an extensive study on migration - former and current FAUT students and wherever they end up in the world - all connected to the migration issue in Romania: in 2017, 17% of the country’s population had emigrated (current estimates range at about 18% already in 2018). So we marked the white, blank space that we had been given with a bright yellow volume - a table, that featured migration paths and the entire study - a volume that took exactly 17% of the room and that directly took upon this uncomfortable subject: Romania’s brain drain phenomenon.

Axonometric view of the 17% yellow space and the table


Collage visualisations for an olympic pool project

2017, collaboration with Alexandra TroďŹ n


BMM System Houses

2015, MSB Arquitectos Project location: Madeira Island, Portugal Research on further BMM houses configurations, drawings, visualisations

MSB Architects have developed the BMM System - an innovative metalic structure bringing the best of modular construction to the market, with advantages in all of the construction processes; logistics, reduced construction costs, reduced construction schedules and deadlines, and a rapid construction process – resulting in reduced timescales. My stay in Madeira resulted in attempts to adapt the structure to floorplan types preferred by the local portuguese community and producing visual materials to join them.

Exterior view of one of the BMM Houses - rendered in 3DS max during the internship



ongoing - usually results of cycle trips and brutalist landmark hunting not shown for their photographic quality, but rather as a pretext to showcase my interests


thank you


A short collection of activities 2018


A short collection of activities 2018