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THE 7TH DAY ROCK OF YAHSHUA 1910 CHAMBERS ROAD, McDONOUGH, GA 30253 SABBATH, December 21, 2013 Scripture Reading: Ezekiel 20 Memory Verse: Ezekiel 20:8 Rebellious Israel Inquires of Yahweh Who came to inquire of Yahweh? What answer did they receive? When did this occur? Ezekiel 20:1-3 2. What judgment was Ezekiel told to bring against the elders? What did Yahweh swear to their fathers? What were the conditions? 20:4-7 3. How did they break the covenant? Nonetheless, what did Yahweh do? Why was the Sabbath important? 20:8-12 4. What hindered Yahweh from pouring out His wrath on Israel in the desert? What oath did He make at this point? What advice did Yahweh give their children? 20:13-20 5. Did the children keep His edicts? What suppressed the wrath of Yahweh? What promise did He make them? Because they rejected His commands, what did Yahweh allow? 20:21-26 6. What additional blasphemy did the Israelites commit? 20:27-29 7. Why will Yahweh not accept their inquiry? 20:30-31 8. Like disobedient children, what did the Israelites desire? What did their Father have to say about that? 20:32-38 9. Did Yahweh force Israel to serve Him? What did He tell them to do? When they repented, what grace will He extend to them? 20:39-44 10. What message did Yahweh send to Judah? 20:45-48; Jeremiah 20:14 and 52:13 11. Although they came inquiring of Ezekiel, what did they say about his message? Ezekiel 20:49 Conclusion: Yahweh is not mocked, whatever we sow, we shall reap. 1.

Sabbath lesson ezekiel 20  
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