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I am a resolute person. I frequently implement new tools in order to increase the effectiveness, emotional intelligence and productivity of the work of a team. I love working in coordination with other people and help them achieve shared goals and create synergy together. Communication, drawings, visual thinking, schemes and conceptualizing complex ideas into diagrams are my passion and I truly believe they are the key tools for transmission of ideas.

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INDEX VISUAL & DESIGN THINKING Examples of my strongest skill: Visual Thinking

ARCHITECT EXPERIENCE Design with supervision. On site visits. Management of budgets, deadlines, resources, regulations.

01_ Mobile App, meetings, planning, mentoring,

02_ Conceptualizing complex ideas into diagrams

05_ Hangar San Fruitรณs de Bages Barcelona. Spain.

06_ Interior design. Bonasport Gym. Barcelona. Spain.



Individual design and management of interdisciplinary team to reach common goals. Leadership

Final projects of Engineer Architect Degree and Master in Sustainability.

03_ Air traffic Control Tower. Alfonso Bonilla Aragรณn. Cali.

07_ Coworking center for R&D&I. Engineer Architect Final project. E.T.S.A. Valladolid. Spain.

04_ Terminal Expansion. Alfonso Bonilla Aragรณn. Cali

08_Master dissertation. Gent, Belgium. International Master of Sustainable Architecture. KU Leuven. Gent. Belgium.

VISUAL & DESIGN THINKING Mobile app, meetings, planning, mentoring Visual Thinking or Graphic Facilitation is a way to organize thoughts. When we use words (signifier) we transmit the idea (meaning) to allude reality (reference). With Visual Thinking we create a shortcut and show meanings directly with images. It’s tremendously helpful to conceptualize input data to simple transmittable ideas, order objectives and step by step strategies. It’s useful in meetings, brainstorming sessions, and in every step of a project. Just to name a few examples, I used Graphic Facilitation in my collaboration to the development of the App “Planning Tool”. The results of 3 years of research in the topic of productivity in life and business. It’s based in the book “7 habits of highly effective people”. I also use it in meetings and conferences to reach the mind of the receptor more effectively. I encourage people to participate and to do summaries after each session in big murals, or in a piece of paper that I hand to the assistant. Moreover, in my free time I mentor people that want to achieve specific goals in their professional life. I have studied public speaking, assertiveness, productivity, effectiveness and psychology in team groups. I try to help people through these diagrams and sketches that I share with them. I translate complex mentoring and coaching concepts into drawings that they can understand with ease and remember with good results.

Deciding interface (UI/UX design) for the beta version of “Planning Tool”

Planning Tool

Front page of app “7 habits of highly effective people”

Notes of conferences using Visual Thinking

Examples of working decission processes in meetings.

Example of Mentoring of a person looking for a job

Example of Mentoring of a person that seeks to be more effective his day


VISUAL & DESIGN THINKING Conceptualizing complex ideas into diagrams Usually there is an amalgam of data from different sources, references, clients and coworkers. Giving an order to everything seems impossible at the beginning. Starting a design project is always a frightening task and using these graphic schemes help to lead you to a clear future. Also they help transmitting ideas to others who may not be well documented into this particular project. Moreover, the brainstorming of ideas among a group of people usually get lost. Visual Thinking gives us the opportunity to have everything documented. You can remember the meetings in just a direct glance instead of having to read long documents.

Graphic recording. Summary of a meeting for the development of the Precheck of the Terminal 1 building in the airport of Charleroi (Belgium)


PROJECT MANAGER ARCHITECT Terminal expansion Aertec Solutions was asked to develop the design for the expansion of the international terminal of Alfonso Bonilla Aragรณn in Cali, Colombia. I did an exhaustive study using visual mapping where I research the climate, weather, traditional architecture, humidity, solar exposure to achieve conclusions that we used later in the design of the Air Traffic Tower Control and Terminal. The sketches were the tool that could order and clean the excess of data and the means to decide the step by step strategy. In addition, we had to follow IATA recommendations in terms of security controls to design the passenger flows through the connexion between the preexisting terminal and the new. Using diagrams, arrows and colouring I could solve the complexity of the several different security controls between internationalinternational, international-national, national-international and the different levels of the buildings. During the design process I had frecuent meetings with the client. There, I learned the power of marketing skills and public speaking.

Sunlight research

Weather and context research

Where? Alfonso Bonilla Aragón Airport, Cali, Colombia What? Basic and Execution Project Who? Design and drawn by Sandra G. Meléndez. Supervision Alejandro Martín Cardinaal Within? Aertec Solutions


PROJECT MANAGER ARCHITECT Air Traffic Control Tower After the aerospace engineers and Aertec Solutions Team calculations of maximum height and position of the new Air Traffic Control Tower I started the design process of the Tower using the analysis of the sun incidence, using visual maps. In Colombia, the north was virtually equal to the south because the sun goes through the sky from east to west 6 months through the south and 6 months through the north (something odd for those who live in the north hemisphere, where the sun goes through the firmament always through the south). It was clear it was going to be a building about different facades facing different orientations: mostly closed facades to east and west and open to north and south. Furthermore, I had to respect the normal way of disposition of the program: installation rooms in the ground floor, then offices and in the head of the tower machinery, rest room and fanal (from down to up) and minimum thickness of false ceilings and floors. The final principle idea was simple: a rectangular piece well oriented with east and west opaque facades and north and south mostly open facades. Two vertical communications reach the tower cap with a third in the extreme. In section, allow natural ventilation and cantilevers to avoid too much solar exposure and humidity. Summary of design ideas

Main project ideas

Where? Alfonso Bonilla AragĂłn Airport, Cali, Colombia What? Basic and Execution Project Who? Design and drawn by Sandra G. MelĂŠndez Within? Aertec Solutions


PROJECT MANAGER ARCHITECT Air Traffic Control Tower After the initial design approach, drawings and technical plans I worked leading with a multidisciplinary team of architects, industrial draughtsmen, engineers, structure calculators, clients and sponsors to deliver the execution architectural project. I had to manage delivery dates, resources and budgets. Again I transmitted the concepts of constructive details through schemes enriching the common autocad files. I speed up the processes through Gantt diagrams to deliver the project on time.

Exterior Render

Fanal sketches

Main elevation Where? Alfonso Bonilla AragĂłn Airport, Cali, Colombia What? Basic and Execution Project Who? Design and drawn by Sandra G. MelĂŠndez Within? Aertec Solutions


ARCHITECT Hangar San Fruitós de Bages The new hangar of San Fruitós de Bages is part of a complex in Manresa (Barcelona), and belongs to the company “Saltamos Barcelona” for parachuting activities. Initially, my tasks in this project included designing the space to allocate two airplanes, along with the classrooms and other spaces in two levels, under the supervision and feedback of my coworkers. During the construction of the hangar, I was responsible of the management of the project:, including meetings with suppliers, planning deadlines, comparing budgets, studying urban and aeronautic regulation, writing technical documentation for the city hall, choosing materials and drawing of details and carpentry, among others.

Sketches for building site

Building site

Building site

Ground floor


Main elevation

Where? San Fruitós de Bages, Manresa, Spain What? Basic Project Who? Design Marcos Castejón, Marc Paré and Sandra G Meléndez. Drawn by Sandra G. Meléndez Within? Ubbu Arquitectura S.L.Barcelona, Spain Sections


ARCHITECT Interior Design. Bonasport Gym. In the gym of Bonasport in Barcelona, we were asked to design some interior spaces. Beauty Space is a room were the ladies have their manicure done. We did a reformation under the staircase where we recover more square meters. The result was a room big enough to relocate Beauty Space. Having in mind the idea of luxury from antique Roman baths we bet for marble and leather finishings. The furniture was entirely design by us answering to human measurements: wrist to elbow, knee to feet to increase comfort of the users. We did a game of lights that were hide in the extremes of the ceiling.

Sketches for building site


Golden false ceiling Led light

Translucent Glass

Glass urn separates shower

Translucent Glass Mirror

Darker Paint


Sitting chair with drawer behind

Tub for feet

Glass urn with nail polish samples

UBBU design panel Leather drawer

Marble Wood Drawer that you push to get closer to the client Where? Bonasport Gym, Barcelona, Spain What? Interior Design Who? Design Marcos Castejón, Marc Paré and Sandra G Meléndez. Drawn by Sandra G. Meléndez Within? Ubbu Arquitectura S.L.Barcelona, Spain



Asiento modular * :

Interior Design. Bonasport Gym. There was another important space, the lobby. We created again a customized furniture according to the environment and necessities. I approached the design process through various meetings with the client in which I presented the proposals using sketches along with Photoshop collages. I These helped immensely with the delivery dates. There was not a lot of time for changes so I had to show the client how everything could look with only one day in between meetings. Working with sketches combined with Phososhop and layout plans the result was a success and everyone was really happy with the result. Thanks to this approach we closed the deal. Asiento modular * :

Sketch for the design of UBBU furniture



7 3


8 5





5 1

Sofá 23

1’ y sofá 2

3 7



Sofá 28


Mesa 60


Mesa 4


Butaca 7


Alfombr 220 x 2









Floor plan















ENE 17


Photoshop of intentions

Where? Bonasport Gym, Barcelona, Spain What? Interior Design Who? Design Marcos Castejón, Marc Paré and Sandra G Meléndez. Drawn by Sandra G. Meléndez Within? Ubbu Arquitectura S.L.Barcelona, Spain


STUDENT EXPERIENCE Coworking Center for R&D&I In a decayed industrial area closed to the city center of Valladolid (Spain) , there is a seek for a seed that will grow contrary to the perpetual industrial typology. A new center for coworking will attract the people that no longer comes to the industrial park.

1. Continuous folded sheet

There is a return to the “fundaments� of architecture: each facade for each use. Every facade is design to allow a low energy consumption. The massive opaque folded sheet gives continuity to the whole building . The glazing support the daily work with homogeneous light. Brisoleis with green balconies support inner comfort.

2. Glazing facade

3. Green facade

4. Green roof

Constructive axonometric detail

Volumetry Longitudinal “free section” with double spaces

Interior spaces Where? Brussels, Belgium What? Final Engineer Architecture Project Who? Sandra G Meléndez. Tutor: Fernando Díaz-Pinés Mateo Within? E.T.S.A Valladolid, Spain


STUDENT EXPERIENCE Master dissertation In the neighborhood of Brabantwijk, Brussels, there is a lack of communication between the different actors: prostitution, visitors, homeless, travellers that go to the train station, old people... The complexity of the space and the lack of program or space to build required an analysis that concluded in a diagnosis that provided a “matrix of the project�. In terms of materiality, there is a choice for microsurgery in a corner where different types of transport meet each other. A roof made by recycled wood combines three uses into one space: Salad bar, workshop for elder people and renting of bikes. In this project, I built a sustainable micro environment where the sources meet the applications of the buildings where the different actors interact.

2. Matrix of the project.

3. Workshop elder

2. Salad bar

1. Rent bike

Where? Brussels, Belgium What? Basic Project Who? Sandra G MelĂŠndez. Tutor: Christophe Polak Within? International Master of Sustainable Architecture. Sint Lucas KU Leuven. Gent, Belgium


ABOUT ME Painting, Origami, Photography.

Research and Volunteering.

Since an early age I felt very attracted to painting and drawing. I went to contest of speed painting where I was highlighted with awards several years. In my free time I still paint and do some commissioned illustrations or portraits.

Geometry is something hidden in every aspect of life. My research in Reciprocal Frame Architecture was a fun and enriching experience in which I tried to dismember the functioning of a beam disposition system that was created by Leonardo Da Vinci.

I always had the drawing as my friend. Of course I enjoy representing reality from time to time but what I like the most is using it is a tool to transmit ideas or to solve problems. It allows me to order my ideas and to achieve goals in a visual and organized way.

Following my interest in people, in the past I assisted to some volunteering work once a week during the year of 2011. I helped people in wheelchair entertaining them with games, cards, reading to them or taking walk with them. It was an experience that I must say helped me most that I helped them. I learned about empathy, patience, sense of humor and the importance of small compartment moments of life for happiness and well being.

In addition I have high sensitivity to capture lights and shapes. It’s like I want to achieve to comprehend the hidden nature and order of reality. That’s why photography and origami are also sources of my creativity


First award. Annual Contest Speed Painting “San Pedro Regalado”. 2007, Valladolid, Spain.


Own research in reciprocal frame structures.

First award. Annual Contest Speed Painting “San Pedro Regalado” (Valladolid, Spain) 2008 Córdoba

Speed Painting



Aspaym organization. Volunteer helping handicapped people (2011, Valladolid, Spain)

Cv portfolio4  

Welcome to my Portfolio in Architecture. You will find information about my career, interests and capabilities. Do not hesitate to contact m...

Cv portfolio4  

Welcome to my Portfolio in Architecture. You will find information about my career, interests and capabilities. Do not hesitate to contact m...