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Screening For The Herpes Simplex Virus Herpes simplex virus is common among university students. Hence, pilot study that is conducted among such student groups in the form of serologic screening is bound to show results. The pilot studies are conducted in order to understand whether it is feasible to conduct serologic testing for the virus. The herpes simplex virus is called HSV-2 and there is much psychosocial impact of the ailment. Treatment for the same thus should help to address the pathological as well as the social issues. Those who conduct the study usually need a sample population of 100 students who are aged between 18 to 39 years. The sample population is chosen in such a way that they have not had previous history of the genital herpes condition. Those who receive the HSV-2 antibody testing were also assessed psychologically. Many of the participants were asked to fill in a questionnaire both before and after the antibody testing period. The tests conducted helped to ascertain that psychological confidence is reduced in people who were tested positive. Those who had positive HSV2 results had to be supported with substantial resources. The conclusion that was drawn from the test is that, HSV testing programs require considerable resources. Those who are tested positive with the virus need to be supported with the right medication and treatment. Gel to help fight herpes How about a gel that can not only reduce risk of HIV infection but also reduce the chance of getting afflicted by herpes? Indeed, the medical cure for herpes has been a subject of research for quite sometime now. Though there has not been much advancement in finding the right drug to eliminate the chances of herpes, another preventive medication has been unveiled that can help to address this condition as well. A vaginal gel has been found that can help to reduce the risk of infection in women. This gel has been formulated to reduce the risk of contamination with the AIDS virus. It has been found to be effective against genital herpes as well. This disease is a common ailment found among young American women who are sexually active. The gel is a microbicide gel which was developed in order to aid the African population against the infliction of AIDS. This gel was later used on tests for herpes cure and was found to lower the incidence of the ailment considerably. Such a preventive gel is sure to find widespread use among American women since they can arm themselves with this protection from both kinds of viruses. Tenofovir is the drug that has been developed for AIDS prevention. It forms the main ingredient in the gel. However, to get the product ready for the American market can take years, especially to get the approval of the Food and Drug Administration. Leaving aside the administrative implications of a patent drug, one should be aware that genital herpes is a condition that is far more common than AIDS. It has been estimated that more than twenty percent of the world population of sexually active adults in the world are afflicted by the condition. In America itself more than twenty one percent of American women are afflicted by this condition, more of black women than white women. The symptoms of the herpes condition are akin to formation of blisters in the vaginal area. These resemble cold sores that form on the lips. The virus which causes cold sores is a

related virus to the HSV-2 virus. Though the infection is not fatal, the symptoms are painful. Those who experience vaginal herpes are unable to enjoy the pleasures of sex until the symptoms are cured. Though the infection is not fatal, it can lead to HIV, syphilis among other genital infections which are more severe and even fatal. The infection is transmitted when the sores have not yet formed. Even if one uses a condom the prevention of spread of the disease is not absolute. Even with skin to skin contact herpes can be transmitted. Here is where the condition differs from AIDS where the infection is transferred through vaginal fluid or semen and not through skin contact. Some related herpes papers include one minute herpes cure, cold sore free forever and pearly penile papules removal. The condition of herpes is curable with the acyclovir drug but not curable completely. Thus, the study conducted on the anti HIV gel has received applause from the medical community worldwide. The clinical trials were done in 2010. The gel has proven to be effective in women who have not been afflicted by herpes before. The gel proves to be more effective in preventing herpes from occurring than from the AIDS virus. The gel has already proved its effectiveness towards prevention of HIV infections. About thirty nine percent of cases have been protected from the deadly virus. This is the first effective tool for women to be protected from the virus without the involvement of their male partners. When it comes to herpes, the gel has been proven to be more effective in its protective power. It has helped to reduce the possibility of the disease by 51 percent. The drug Tenofovir which is the active ingredient in the gel, works by entering the human tissue and converts into a form that disrupts the working of an enzyme that the herpes virus requires in order to replicate inside the human tissue. The drug is effective as a pill in the protection against the AIDS virus but it is effective only as a gel on the vaginal wall against genital herpes. After laboratory tests, such a gel has to find acceptance among people. The gel was accordingly tested on heterosexual couples of South Africa and America. They did not find the texture and the odor of the gel unpleasant. It is to be used before or after sex. There are even indications that regular use of the gel will improve its protection against herpes and AIDS. The former condition is prevented even more successfully than AIDS. Herpes is a common condition among young, sexually active women. When afflicted by such a condition, more than the ailment, the psychological impact is greater. The infection being easily transmitted and not fully curable, it is important to find preventive measures than solutions for the same.

Screening For The Herpes Simplex Virus  

Herpes simplex virus is common among university students. Hence, pilot study that is conducted among such student groups in the form of sero...