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Facial Rejuvenation: Get Natural, Long Lasting Results Nowadays, people are spending too much money in buying beauty products to revitalize their skin. But most of them are quite unhappy with the results. Those desiring a better facial appearance could consider facial rejuvenation, one of the most recommended cosmetic treatments at present that will help achieve natural and enduring beauty. Talk with an expert plastic surgeon and learn how facial rejuvenation helps to get natural and long lasting results. A complete and successful facial rejuvenation approach involves a combination of procedures and treatments. All these treatments help to stimulate the body’s regenerative process of creating new and tightened skin. Eye lift is a less invasive plastic surgery procedure, which removes excess skin and fat above your eyelid. Irregular eyebrows are lifted using an endoscopic technique in a brow lift. MACS lift is a minimally invasive procedure ideal for sagging skin in the face and neck region. Special sutures are used to lift the skin, and the procedure reduces wrinkles. Moreover, this procedure brings about excellent results in terms of a natural, more youthful appearance. Local anesthesia is provided to avoid pain and discomfort during the surgical treatment. Another popular method is fat injection, in which fat collected from other parts of the body is injected in the mid face areas. Injectable dermal fillers                                                               Facial Rejuvenation 

Faces and Figures

Call: (302) 656-0214

namely BOTOX Cosmetic, Restylane and Juvederm are also used to add extra facial volume. All these non-invasive cosmetic treatments create only minimum scars and hence, the recovery period is minimal. Nutritional supplements and pain medications are usually prescribed to reduce bruising and swelling, and to support quick healing. Other treatments such as application of topical creams, facial toning, collagen injection, chemical peeling, cosmetic acupuncture, skin care and laser treatment are also offered in well-established cosmetic clinics.

Is There Any Potential Risk Associated with Facial Rejuvenation? Even though no serious risks are involved, some may experience mild complications







irregularities, burns and scars. Most of the facial rejuvenation treatments require follow ups for maintaining the good results obtained.

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Facial rejuvenation facilities offer comprehensive treatment packages to eliminate sagging of facial skin, wrinkles and dark spots. State-of-the-art techniques and equipment are used to achieve superior results. Only an expert plastic surgeon can provide complete information about the various alternatives in rejuvenation treatment, the cost of each procedure, and its related risk factors. Facilities accredited by AAAASF maintain a clean and private atmosphere to perform cosmetic surgery customized to meet individual patient requirements.

                                                              Facial Rejuvenation 

Faces and Figures

Call: (302) 656-0214

Only an expert surgeon can tell you the potential benefits of face rejuvenation. So schedule an appointment, leave behind your worries, and get prepared for facial rejuvenation to get natural, long lasting results.

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                                                              Facial Rejuvenation 

Facial Rejuvenation: Get Natural, Long Lasting Results  

Facial rejuvenation is an effective cosmetic procedure to restore the natural beauty and softness of your face. Facial rejuvenation procedur...