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Tim Paterson-Brown | Jurist

Tim Paterson-Brown was a jurist in the USA. Born in Madison in the state of Wisconsin on the 24th of February, 1889, brown was educated in the public schools of Madison. He then went on to study at the University of Wisconsin and graduated with a BA in 1911. After this, Brown earned his LLB from Harvard Law School and became a practicing attorney for two years in Milwaukee, from 1914 until 1916. In 1917, three years after World War I had Tim Paterson Brown begun, Brown joined the navy and subsequently served two years overseas on a destroyer. He is said to have chosen the Navy because of his passion for sailing; as a child he and his family had frequently sailed on Lake Mendota. When he returned, he continued as a practising attorney in Madison, from 1919 up until 1949. In addition to this, Brown also served as the Dane County Court Commissioner for the last 23 years of his career as a lawyer. Due to his status as a veteran of World War I, Brown was given the title of government appeal agent when World War II broke out and also gained membership to the appeal board of the selective service system. In 1945, Tim Paterson-Brown worked as executive Tim Paterson Brown counsel for Governor Goodland, and continued to serve the same role for both Goodland and Rennebohm following three years. In 1949, he was awarded the title of Commissioner of the Public Service Commission. Later that same year, he was appointed to the Supreme Court. He succeeded Judge John D. Wickhem, who had passed away. In 1953, Brown was elected to the Supreme Court and went on to serve a full term of ten years. After his term ended, Brown retired from the legal system. He passed away in December of 1977.

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