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Apparel Graphic

Apparel Graphic adidas italia ss & fw 2009


Apparel Graphic adidas italia Men, Women, Youth Boys Graphics, patterns and embroderies for several ranges for the italian market of adidas. Designed for spring/summer & fall/winter 2009. Client: id-camp, Buttenheim. KITESURFING Men: Allover prints. Printing: pigment print.

BEACH SOCCER Men: Placed prints & embroideries. Label-design. Printing: pigment prints, rubber paint brush, wool embroidery. FLOWBOARD Youth Boys: Placed prints. Printing: transfer photo print, shiny rased rubber print, pigment print water color based.

FRISBEE Women: Allover and placed prints, label, embroideries. Printing: pigment print.


Range Frisbee Woman SS 2009, detail placed print 01 Range Kitesurfing Men SS 2009, allover print 04 Range Frisbee Woman SS 2009, placed prints 06 - 08 Range Beach Soccer Men SS 2009, placed prints 09 - 11 Range Flowboard Young Boys FW 2009, placed prints 12 - 15 Range Frisbee Embroideries 16

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